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S3W15: Broncos @ Chargers

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Ace847, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Ace847

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    Jun 15, 2012
    Correction: It was actually Chargers @ Broncos.....

    The Chargers barely get out of Denver with a victory on a last second FG 24-23!

    This is the first time the Chargers have matched up against the Broncos since the new HC T.B.A.R. has taken over. The Chargers were coming off an overtime win last week against the Dolphins and were riding a 4 game winning streak coming into this one. The Broncos were eliminated from the playoff's but looked to play spoiler in this one against the Chargers. And boy did they come close! Here's how it broke down:

    The Broncos came out of the gates firing on all cylinders relying on a successful running game and a few timely passes. The mix of run/pass and quick release of Osweiler kept the Chargers on their toes and unfortunately for the Broncs the great drive ended with just a FG. River's gave the ball back to the Broncos on the ensuing possession for the Broncos to add another FG to their tally while the Chargers were scoreless. Chargers Kicker then missed a long 56 yarder to give the Broncos great field position but the Chargers defense forced a punt. However, the Chargers simply couldn't get anything substantially going in the first half and Rivers threw another interception giving the Broncos great field position once again! Prater was lights out today and added another 51 yard FG to give the Broncos a 9 point lead with about 2 minutes to go in the half. The Chargers decided to really open it up at this point and got lucky on a few possible interceptions but were ultimately able to drive the ball down field to end with an 8 yard TD pass to Eddie Royal making it 7-9 at the end of the half.

    The Chargers would get the ball back at half-time but on their first drive Joe McKnight fumbled on a screen pass to give the Broncos possession once again.... Ex-Charger Vincent Brown made a great catch and 62 yard run for a back breaking TD for the Broncos making it 7-16. At the end of the 3rd Quarter the Chargers would strike again on another TD pass to player of the game Eddie Royal who had his overwhelmingly best game as a Charger today making the score: 14-16.

    Once again, for the second week in a row, the game would be decided in the last seconds of the 4th quarter. However, the path to the finish was quite a roller-coaster to say the least. Osweiler had a considerably good game compared to his 6 interception breakdown last week against the Raiders but his interception problem would plague him again in this game as he threw an untimely interception in the 4th quarter when the Broncos were approaching FG range. The Chargers took over with about 7 minutes left and were able to get the ball across midfield but were stalled and with about 6 minutes to go Coach Ski decided to make a very aggressive call and go for it on 4th and 10 at about the 44 yard line.... He said after the game that it was one of the most risky calls he has ever made as a head coach but being behind in the 4th quarter he decided to gamble and be aggressive and go for it. On a side note, he was hopeful that he could hold the Broncos to another FG should they not convert and still be within striking distance for the win, but that's just hypothetical because Eddie Royal would dig the team out of the hole again and pick up a huge 25 yard catch out of the slot to get the first down!!! The drive would end with a TD catch by Ryan Mathews to give the Chargers their first lead of the game 21-16 with only 2 minutes left.

    But just like last week against the Dolphins, the Chargers gave up their lead and couldn't stop the Broncos offense as Osweiler found Tamme for what seemed to be the game winning TD with only 18 seconds left on the clock. Oddly enough, the Broncos HC decided to kick an extra point instead of going for the two point conversion giving the Broncos only a 2 point lead instead of 3. If he missed the two point conversion he would have still been up by 1 but for some odd reason he settled for the extra point making it 21-23 Broncos lead with 18 seconds left in the 4th quarter.

    The Chargers were not new to this situation since it happened to them last week against the Dolphins so they were determined to get that FG attempt with 18 seconds to go and 3 time-outs. Rivers hit Royal on a 40 out pattern and he got out of bounds with about 13 seconds left at about mid-field. Rivers would then find Jeremy Maclin on a sideline route and he caught it in bounds and the Chargers took their first TO with 9 seconds left. They were within FG range at that point but it would have been over a 50 yard attempt so with two timeouts left they tried to improve their field position and hit the aging but trusty Malcolm Floyd for about 15 yards to set up a 41 yard game winning FG by Nate Kaeding! Chargers win it 24-23 and continue their winning streak with 5 in a row!!!

    gg T.B.A.R.

    Player of the Game: Eddie Royal- 10 catches 182 yards and 2 TD's
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