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Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Mozaaik, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Mozaaik

    Mozaaik Walk On

    Aug 5, 2014
    The Browns receive the ball to start what turns out to be an interesting chain of events on the night. Crowell takes the first snap and carries it for 5 yards.On 3rd and 5 on CLE 31, Manziel fake snaps drawing JJ Watt off sides to get an easy first down. Balancing between some decent runs from Crowell and some key passes, the Browns work their way up the field to the HOU 27 before having to settle for a field goal, Jordan Okafor connects on the 44 yarder. Houston takes the field and Ryan Mallet is off on his first pass to Griffin, following passes to Hopkins and Johnson gain Houston around 8 yards before having to punt the football. CLE has a quick 3 and out and punt the ball back to Houston. Houston begins moving the ball, relying mostly on the pass for the rest of the first quarter.

    Houston leans on the run to start the second quarter, before Griffin drops a key pass on 3rd down. Highly chased in free agency Tucker has no problem hitting the 43 yarder. The Browns continue to try to get a run game going but at risk of having another 3 and out, Manziel connects with Arrington for 13 yards. The Browns keep their passing attack going until Newsome takes the ball 21 yards and gets stopped on the HOU 3. Crowell takes it the rest of the on a 3 yard carry. 10-3 Cleveland. The Browns force another quick 3 and out on Houston and take the ball back on their own 20. Manziel missed Arrington on 1st down, but hits him wide open for a 48 yard catch. Their next set of downs doesn't go as well and ends even worse with Okafor shanking a 46 yard FG. Luckily however, the Browns defense are able to force Houston to punt after 3 incomplete passes from Ryan Mallet. With 3:03 left in the first half, Manziel throws his first interception on first down. Ryan Mallet comes out and throws one of his own on their first play. Manziel hits Arrington for 14 yards, but then sails a ball way over Gordon and harris is there for the easy pick. The Browns look like they are in trouble as Houston starts making some huge passes all the way to CLE 12. Houston looking to for the TD, but Mallet misses his target and Desir takes the pick. Manziel hits Gordon and Harvin for a combined 25 yards to get into field goal position, but.... Okafar shanks another field goal, this one from 46 yards. Cleveland has the lead 10-3 at half time.

    Houston and Cleveland struggle offensively to start the 3rd quarter, both having quick 3 and outs until Cleveland's passing attack carries them all the way to the Houston 9 where Cameron drops an easy TD on a key 3rd down, Okafor miraculously hits the 26 yard field goal. Cleveland lead 13-3 entering the 4th quarter.

    The first play of the 4th quarter, Ryan Mallet throws towards the end zone but Skrine takes the spectacular interception in the end zone (wish I had a pic of this, but Madden didn't give me a highlight :(). The Browns lean on their running game again trying to kill as much time off the clock as possible, only throwing it on 3rd down to keep the chains moving. Arrington with a 7 yard reception, sets the Crowell up for an easy touchdown, Cleveland lean 20-3 with 3:24 left in the game. Houston breaks out their own passing attack, but Mallet misses his first target and Joe Haden makes a snag for the ball, giving Cleveland another possession. After a quick 3 and out, Okafor keeps interest in the game and misses another field goal, this one from 42 yards. Houston fights their way up to the CLE 35, looking to put up a quick scoring drive, but Ryan Mallet's pass falls into the hands of Joe Haden once again. The Browns run the final seconds off the clock securing their first win of the season.

    Browns move to 1-2 with MIA next week and NYJ the week after before the BYE. Browns hope to keep this momentum going and take on their first winning record since Coach Blankenship has taken the helm.

    Johnny Manziel 22/33 - 270 YDS - 2 INT - 0 TD
    Ryan Mallet 22/39 - 177 YDS - 5 INT - 0 TD

    Isaiah Crowell 27 ATT - 86 YDS - 2 TD
    Arian Foster 8 ATT - 16 YDS

    Dominique Arrington 7 REC - 116 YDS
    Josh Gordon 6 REC - 78 YDS
    Percy Harvin 3 REC - 28 YDS
    Jameill Newsome 2 REC - 34 YDS
    Jordan Cameron 2 REC - 11 YDS
    Chuck Moody 1 REC - 5 YDS
    Terrance West 1 REC - -2 YDS
    Ryan Griffin 5 REC - 41 YDS
    Arian Foster 4 REC - 32 YDS
    Andre Johnson 3 REC - 30 YDS
    Greg Little 3 REC - 27 YDS
    Travis Benjamin 3 REC - 13 YDS
    DeAndre Hopkins 2 REC - 28 YDS
    Tori Gurley 1 REC - 5 YDS
    Jordan Todman 1 REC - 1 YD


    Good game Brian I think Madden was just giving me a break tonight. Goodluck the rest of the season.
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  2. ZCar352

    ZCar352 Keep Pounding...Go Panthers!!!

    Aug 26, 2010
    Jacksonville 37
    Minnesota 27

    This week the Jaguars played host the the Minnesota Vikings who are one of the top teams in the NFC and no one was giving Jacksonville a chance in this one. The story of this game was Telvin Smith and Jamaal Charles for Jacksonville as Telvin Smith recorded 4 Tackles 1 Sack 3 interceptions 1 FF and 2 of the 3 interceptions were returned for touchdowns. On the offensive side it was all Jamaal Charles as he had a dominating performance rushing for 153 yards and a touchdown.

    The Vikings made it interesting late after Bridgewater cut the lead to 10 when he hit wide receiver Bolajii Ajala for an 80 yard bomb touchdown as Ajala was able to get behind the secondary and was pretty much wide open. The Jags defense was able to shut the Vikings offense out the rest of the game to preserve the win. Next up for Jacksonville is a trip to the motor city to take on the defending superbowl champs the Detroit Lions.

    Good game again Coachmedicis good luck the rest of the season.

    Geno Smith 12-19 110 Yards 1 TD 4 Att 21 Yards
    Jamaal Charles 17 Att 153 Yards 1 TD 2 Rec 25 Yards 1 TD
    Allen Robinson 3 Rec 41 Yards
    Telvin Smith 4 Tackles 3 Int 1 Sack 2 TD

    Teddy Bridgewater 22-39 386 Yards 3 TD 4 INT
    De'Anthony Thomas 21 Att 85 Yards
    Bolajii Ajala 5 Rec 154 Yards 2 TD
    Linval Joseph 4 Tackles 1 Sack
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  3. integra14

    integra14 Walk On

    Aug 7, 2014
    Buffalo Bills @ Seattle Seahawks


    Seattle has just come off of two big wins and was 2-0 and heavily favored against the 0-2 Buffalo Bills. However the game was completely in the Bills control, not allowing a single Seattle score until the end of the 3rd quarter. (I did have a missed FG in the 2nd due to lag). Seattle's top 5 rushing Defense was absolutely trashed as Bryce Brown gashed Seattle mostly right through the middle of the field. Seattle fell behind quickly and was forced to abandon the run game, which had been average until that point. EJ Manual and coach Keller picked apart Seattle's defense calling numerous audibles at the line and causing coach Davenport to be constantly guessing run or pass.


    This week Russel Wilson was terrible completing 15/32 for 166 yrds and his first two INTs of the season. The Seattle Offense at time showed flashes of brilliance and seemed to gather it together twords the end of the third where Wilson threw as 35yrd bomb over defenders to Brandon Marshall and a beautiful 17 yrd TD to Doug Baldwin. It happened to be too little too late as the Seattle offense slipped back into its anemic ways. Many of Wilsons passes were batted down or simple dropped out of receivers hands most likely due to the heavy 11MPH winds and rain. Wilson's first pick was a fluke, where he threw the ball away as he was sacked, and the LB picked it before it hit the ground and ran it to the house. Wilson's second pick of the game game on a very under thrown ball to Brandon Marshall in the 4th, which effectively sealed the game for Seattle. In addition Wilson made many poor reads on options and end arounds simply refusing to hand the ball off to coach Davenport's bewilderment.

    Buffalo's secondary shadowed Seattle's receivers all day, allowing little to no room to catch. Seattle's O-Line held up well, allowing room for Lynch to run most of the time, but struggled to maintain a pocket on 3rd downs which lead to a terrible 10% 3rd down completion rate. The handful of times Buffalo was force to punt, their punter consistently pinned Seattle within the 20 yard line, twice within the 10yrd line. Coach Davenport was quoted in the post game as saying improvement was needed in all three phases as they have a tough divisional game onhj the road against the 49ers. Buffalo finally returns home after a grueling 3 road games to start the season. They face the Arizona Cardinals who are currently 1-1.

    GG Keller , you made mincemeat of my D line and LBs. I was almost done with a video recap but the file got corrupted....and I didnt want to redo and hour and a half of work.
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  4. Hordan54

    Hordan54 Walk On

    Aug 8, 2014
    It's rivalry week as the Dolphins host the Patriots!

    I sort of forget the play by play, but the story of this game was defense by both teams.

    The Dolphins were stingy on the day allowing under 40% on 3rd down conversions. The Patriots had to punt or kick field goals many times.

    Two plays broke this game open. One was a 69 yard TD run by QB Paris Chapman. The next was CB Darelle Revis picking off a pass and returning it for a TD.

    The Dolphins offense struggled all game and ended the day with 4 turnovers.

    Game stats http://daddyleagues.com/haw/gamerecap/678611

    Injury notes:
    • Multiple Dolphins players missed this game with injury from a simulated game the week before
    • Patriots WR Julian Edelman will be out the next 5 weeks with an injury
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  5. Big Suge Knight

    Big Suge Knight Walk On

    Mar 1, 2009
    Chicago 20
    Philadelphia 27

    The battle of 0-2 teams on a primetime Thursday night stage between Chicago and Philly at the Linc. Philly's offense finally got on track putting up a total 460 yards while the defense held the Bears to 247 yards. If not for three turnovers this one would likely have ended in a much bigger point spread. Nick Foles threw three TDs but added two more INTs to his season total. LeSean McCoy ran for 96 yards with 18 receiving yards. McCoy put the team on his back in the second half as the team put the game away. Cody Latimer caught six passes for 134 yards including an 84 yard bomb as the first half was ending and provided a big answer for a Chicago score.

    Defensively ends Connor Barwin and Trent Cole sacked Chicago signalcaller Earnest Cole three and two times, respectively. Philly put constant pressure on Cole as he was under constant pressure all night. Second year corner Jaylon Gayton sealed the win picking off Cole in the endzone to end their final attempt at tying the game up.

    GG GDip
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