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Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Mozaaik, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Mozaaik

    Mozaaik Walk On

    Aug 5, 2014

    The Browns continue their two game winning streak tonight (2-2) as they were able overcome the Miami Dolphins (0-4) late in the fourth quarter.

    The win didn't come the way the Browns would've liked but are happy nontheless to have another victory under their belt. They opened the game up with a hard fought touchdown drive for 77 yards, but their offensive luck ended there after Manziel hit Harvin for an easy 10 yard TD. Miami answered with their own drive all the way to the CLE 4 before getting stopped on what looked to be an easy Dolphins TD. Former Browns kicker Billy Cundiff knocks in the 21 yard FG, to make the game 7-3. The Browns came out swinging, when Manziel hit Newsome for an 8 yard gain then Arrington for a 48 yard gain on a spectacular catch over the defender (pic below). However their offensive efforts ended there as they were forced to kick a 38 YD FG. 10-3 Browns at half time.

    Miami started the second half, but are forced to punt the ball away less than 4 minutes in. After being punted inside their own 2, Manziel makes a horrible decision to throw the ball into coverage, and Jones takes the pick 6 (pic below). We must give Manziel credit on the pointless tackle efforts though. Miami ties the game 10-10.

    Miami kept momentum going as they have an outstanding drive that carries them all the way the CLE 3 before getting knocked back 6 YDs on a Pendelton run, who has torched the Browns Defense all night. Cundiff gives Miami their first lead with an easy 20 YD FG attempt 13-10 MIA. The Browns turned on their passing attack that is missing star WR Percy Harvin, due to injury, and work their way all the way to MIA 11 before Manziel hits Josh Gordon on a WR screen for 5 yards, to take the lead back 17-10 with 3:48 left in the game. Miami fires back working their way up to the CLE 45 with 1:42 left when Romo throws his first pick of the night, Dansby takes the ball all the way home giving the Browns comfort at 24-10. Romo throws his second interception of the night on his next snap, Whitner takes the ball 12 yards before diving onto the ground. Backup RB Terrance West and backup QB Barr come into the game, but only gain 6 yards on three plays on the back of West. Okafor kicks a 27 YD FG with 1:03 left securing the Browns their second victory of the season at 27-13.

    WR Percy Harvin is expected to miss 4 weeks with a shoulder tear, his presence will be missed on the field, but Browns fans hope that WR Andrew Hawkins and WR Rioll Black can step up and take the roll of Harvin until he is able to return.

    Good game DadiBlanki I caught a huge break towards the end with that pick 6, good luck the rest of the season and good time chatting/playing you.Your defense had me locked down and my own mistakes didn't help lol.

    Will post stats when they become available!

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  2. greatnessdc

    greatnessdc Walk On

    Aug 9, 2014
    Hmm gonna be my shortest summary in the history of summaries everywhere.

    Final Score: ATL 20 DEN 17 ( I almost lost this game keeping it close for you :p Automatik )

    Our played game was a real barn burner. Denver controlled the ball earlier and forced Atlanta to punt on a regular basis. Denvers offense came out strong but ran into BALL problems (see what i did there). Montee Ball would fumble 3 times in this game. 2 of which i know for sure were in Atlanta territory. Atlanta couldn't make much of the first 2 fumbles. But the second half offense finally came around. In the end the game d/c'ed with about 15 seconds left and we did set up a 15 second game to decide the winner.

    It was a good game and its interesting to finally get to play some AFC contenders.
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  3. McStrauss

    McStrauss Walk On

    Aug 5, 2014
    Pretty amazing game vs. arlennnn and the Chiefs today. Went down 10-0 real early after a big opening kick return and getting intercepted on my first offensive play. Battled to come back and win 27-30, though, off of some big interceptions by Demario Davis and David Harris. Not gonna summarize the whole game, so here's a little reel of Jets highlights from the game:

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  4. Masterfocker

    Masterfocker Walk On

    Aug 5, 2014
    The New York Giants defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road 45-14 as they advance their record to 3-1 and join the ranks of the current 6 NFC teams destined for the playoffs. It was a decisive victory for the Giants, as they celebrate and get to work to get ready for life after the bye week.


    Camdren Ware: 18-23 236 yds. 2 TD 1 INT

    Ware came in for the injured Nassib last week and did what he had to do. He did the same this week. He was efficient, put the ball on point most of the time, and only once made a costly mistake - which was the interception. Although he overthrew ODB on a deep ball earlier in the game, he hit him right in stride the second time he tried for a long TD that effectively sealed the deal.

    Ben Tate
    : 17 rushes for 77 yds. 1 TD

    The run game wasn't super effective this week as the Steelers did a good job of slowing it down. Tate just kept pounding and pounding, however, and while he didn't break 100 yards, he helped a lot and took the pressure off of Ware.

    Abraham Riddick: 13 rushes for 41 yds. 2 TD

    Because of the struggles of Ben Tate in the game, Riddick didn't get much time. However, once the game became out of hand, he got a lot more rushes, more noticeably on the goalline, as he scored the final TD at the end of the 4th. Riddick currently leads the team in TD's.

    Victor Cruz
    : 5 catches for 67 yds. 0 TD

    Cruz'z stats may not be flashy, but he was the safety blanket for Ware. If they needed a catch, or a first down, Cruz was there to catch it.

    ODB: 3 catches for 72 yds. 1 TD

    ODB found himself going deep a lot more against a team that didn't always have a safety to help the cornerback. That's exactly what happened when Ware threw a beautiful 62 yard bomb to ODB, whom he hit in stride. It was time for ODB to be relevant again.

    Ken Ballard: 2 catches for 33 yds. 1 TD

    Ballard finally caught a TD as he, once again, didn't get too many targets. However, this game showed that Ballard has hands, and can catch balls that he shouldn't catch. Once this Giants' passing game gets going, Ballard will be a big part of it.

    Johnathan Hankins
    : 1 tackle 1 FF

    Johnathan Hankins got behind the Steelers' QB at one point and took him down before he was able to throw it, which forced him to cough the ball up and allowed the Giants to recover in Steelers territory. Johnathan Hankins has been quiet so far this season, but he's a driving force behind this #1 ranked run defense.

    Prince Amukamara: 5 tackles 1 INT

    Prince once again effectively shuts down his side of the field as he had 5 tackles and a pick. He allowed a few catches on Out routes, but no corner in man coverage will ever defend those. He allowed nothing deep, and nothing outside of those few catches that netted less than 40 yards.

    Mario Williams: 3 tackles 2 sacks

    Williams took advantage of the Steelers' LT and beat him for 2 sacks, while also bringing consistent pressure. Mario Williams is happy to be a Giant, and the Giants are happy to have him.

    Dondi Franklin: 9 tackles 2 INT

    Dondi Franklin was an absolute force this game. In the run game, he constantly took down Dri Archer along or behind the Line of Scrimmage. In the pass game, he knocked down multiple passes, along with catching a few himself. He didn't force a fumble this game, but he didn't need to as the Giants were always in control.


    Dondi Franklin, for his 2 interceptions and for being an absolute force in the run game.
    Pershing Rodgers, for his early punt return TD that got the Giants off to the early lead and kept it that way.​
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  5. Hordan54

    Hordan54 Walk On

    Aug 8, 2014
    I beat the CPU Ravens. It was gud.
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