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S3W9: Chargers @ Chiefs

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Ace847, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Ace847

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    Jun 15, 2012
    After a last minute FG loss last week against the Panthers the Chargers were itching to get back on the field and remember what a win felt like! The Chiefs recently fired their HC and brought in a TSO rookie to take the reigns in KC. nicknick68 made his debut at home with a rowdy crowd with high expectations. The only problem is that he had Tim Tebow to work with at QB! Don't get me wrong, I like Tebow but he is not the easiest player to handle on madden especially in your first game as HC.

    The Chargers scored first on 45 yard TD on 3rd and 17 to Maclin which had to take the wind out of the first year head coaches sails in the first 4 minutes of his career. On the ensuing drive the Chargers forced a fumble and managed to score again on an uncovered WR goaline mishap making it 14-0 Chargers lead. Everything was going the Chargers way in this one with 3 forced fumbles all ending in points and 4 interceptions! at half time the score was 33-0 Chargers lead. The second half the Chiefs were able to get on the board with a pick 6 and the game ended at 36-7 Chargers victory. Phillip Rivers is the player of the game with 4 TD and over 300 yards.

    The Chargers Defense is what made this game so one sided and nicknick68 just had everything go against him in this one. From dropped passes from his WR's to the unlikely 3 fumbles. On a positive note: Tebow picked up 3 huge 3rd and longs (one 3rd and 17) with his legs and showed signs of promise, but when the Chiefs were one dimensional he was pretty sloppy.....

    GG nicknick68 Its good to have you in the league. I hope you enjoy yourself here. Its a solid league! I remember my first game in TSO, it was the first season of TLY a few months ago..... Kidofcrash23 beat me by over 30 and picked off Rivers 6 times! After that, I made sure to familiarize myself with the playbook and figure out how to compete against kid..... I still haven't beat him but have at least progressed a little and won 6 straight after that demoralizing loss! But here I am, 3rd season sitting at 3-5 going to play Kidofcrash23 next week! I love the competition in this league. You never know how each week is going to turn out! That is, unless your playing Kidofcrash23. It's not that he can't be beat, its just that for me, he's got my number every time so far. It's too bad he's a Raiders fan!:(
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