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S4 HOF Wk Game Summaries

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by LeatherHelmets, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. LeatherHelmets

    LeatherHelmets Walk On

    Nov 7, 2010
    Colorado (1-1) at Hawai'i (0-2)
    Last week, the Buffaloes lost 42-0 at Oregon (2-0)
    In recruiting news, there were no commitments by Colorado targets.

    Washington (0-2) at #3 Stanford (2-0)
    Last week, the Huskies lost 31-3 vs. LSU (2-0)
    In recruiting news, the following Washington targets announced their decisions:

    TE Chris Newell [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Wash

    #5 Oregon (2-0) at #8 TCU (1-1)
    Last week, the Ducks won 42-0 vs. Colorado (1-1)
    In recruiting news, there were no commitments by Oregon targets.

    #9 Georgia (1-1) vs Arkansas (2-0)
    Last week, the Bulldogs won 34-21 at South Carolina (0-1)
    In recruiting news, the following Georgia targets announced their decisions:

    QB John Williams [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] UGA

    #15 Utah (2-0) vs Arizona State (1-1)
    Last week, the Utes won 56-0 at Akron (0-2)
    In recruiting news, the following Utah targets announced their decisions:

    G Ernest Broussard [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Utah

    FB Lamont Reed [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Texas

    #4 Florida (2-0) vs #20 Tennessee (1-1)
    Last week, the Gators won 59-14 vs. Connecticut (1-1)
    In recruiting news, there were no commitments by Florida targets.

    #3 Stanford (2-0) vs Washington (0-2)
    Last week, the Cardinal won 40-0 vs. San Jose State (0-2)
    In recruiting news, there were no commitments by Stanford targets.

    #2 Auburn (2-0) vs Kansas State (1-1)
    Last week, the Tigers won 41-0 at Mississippi State (2-1)
    In recruiting news, the following Auburn targets announced their decisions:

    DE Jason Myers [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] LSU

    #7 USC (1-1) at Oregon State (2-0)
    Last week, the Trojans won 52-7 at Boston College (1-1)
    In recruiting news, there were no commitments by USC targets.

    #1 LSU (2-0) at Vanderbilt (0-3)
    Last week, the Tigers won 31-3 at Washington (0-2)
    In recruiting news, the following LSU targets announced their decisions:

    DE Jason Myers [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] LSU
  2. Fight'n Hokie

    Fight'n Hokie Walk On

    Dec 20, 2010
    #8 TCU falls to #5 Oregon
    34 - 16

    Oregon struggled to be consistent in this game as they moved the ball up and down the field in the 1st half only to have 2 FG's and a 6-3 lead at halftime. The Ducks got the ball to start the second half and drove the ball down the field on a 14 play drive to take a 13-3 lead on a 2 yard plunge by Carson with 2:10 left in the 3rd Q. TCU was 3 and out on their next series and after a 4 yard loss on an option, Bennett hit a wide open Broussard across the middle for a 54 yard score to make it 20-3 with 43 seconds left in the 3rd Q.

    Once TCU fell behind 17 points they went to a hurry up offense only took 8 plays for score on a 19 yard strike with 5:38 to play to make it 20-10.

    Oregon went on another long scoring drive, aided by a 15 yard facemask penalty. The drive took 9 plays and over 3 minutes off of the clock when Robinson followed his blockers and score from 15 yards out to make it 27 - 10 with 2:22 to play. Oregon forced a 3 and out and found the endzone one more time on a 52 yard strike to a single Wr (Thomas) for the 34-10 lead with 1:30 to play.

    TCU went back to their hurry-up offense and scored again from 42 yard pass and AMAZING CATCH! (CATCH IS IN HIGHLIGHTS) AT THE GOALINE.

    #5 Oregon moved to 3-0 on the young season but will have to travel to UTAH next week.
    UTAH IS 2-0 and playing Arizona State this week.

    UTAH is the top ranked team in the PAC12 South while OREGON is tied with several Teams in the PAC12 North

    A win by either gives them a Huge Leg Up on the season!
  3. ptown27

    ptown27 Walk On

    Aug 29, 2011
  4. LeatherHelmets

    LeatherHelmets Walk On

    Nov 7, 2010
  5. Shnoogans10

    Shnoogans10 Walk On

    Jul 19, 2011
    Stanford opened up Pac 12 North action with Mosley coaching in his first conference game in the Pac 12. The game started out as a defensive struggle with Stanford getting a field goal at the start of the 2nd quater. Then WU would get a TD, that was answered by a TD of Stanford's own.
    Stanford would get another TD first in the 2nd half and would hold on to the lead to finish the game. The key difference of the game was definitely the passing; While Nottingham only produced 173 yards and 10 for 18 passes, he never threw an interception. Washington's QB Nick Montana however threw 4, being the main difference as
    all they needed was 7 points for a victory. Another heart breaking stat was the two field goals missed by Washington, which if made would have tied the game. Mosley had this to say "Well we got the win and that is important. We aren't going to get many more though against teams like Oregon or USC if we play like this again.
    We had several special teams plays go wrong, two missed punts as the team for unknown reasons called for fakes. Although we didn't have many errors in the passing game, it didn't really produce either. Too many dropped passes and not enough open WR's. We will be ready next week though."
  6. titangator

    titangator Walk On

    Sep 30, 2010
    Florida wins conference opener, impressively

    The number 4 Florida Gators improved to 3-0 with an impressive victory over their first real test of the season. The Gators beat the number 20 Tennessee Volunteers in Knoxville 59 to 7. The game marked the 2nd week in a row the Gators have put up 59 points and the 3rd week in a row that the starters have been pulled after 1 series in the 2nd half, offensively and defensively. QB Jeff Driskel went 8 of 13 for only 69 yards, but he did throw a touchdown to his go to guy AC Leonard. Sophomore tailback Randy Griffin ran for 177 yards and 3 touchdowns on 16 carries. "Randy has been a pleasant surprise for us, he looks just about awful in practice, but his high school coach told us when we were recruiting him, that he is a gamer. Told us he doesnt have "it" in practice, but he has showed us that whatever "it" is, he has "it" on gamedays and we will take that," said Coach Hickerson. Defensively Marcus Roberson recorded his 2nd INT of the season.
  7. bigtubb_

    bigtubb_ Walk On

    Dec 10, 2009
    The Trojans hang 70 on the Beavers
    Oregon State gets "little boy'd" by the Trojans at home



    The Trojans continued their dominant play this season slapping 70 points on Oregon State. After a disappointing loss to defending National Champions (Auburn) by one stinking point, the Trojans have taken their pain out on the competiton in two consecutive weeks. The Trojan defense stepped up big forcing 4 turnovers and a defense touchdown. Special Teams also made a splash when WR Kyle Prater scored on a punt return.
  8. HAL9100

    HAL9100 TSO's Resident Antagonist

    Jul 15, 2011
    Featured Threads:
    Colorado Survives Hawaii In Wild West Shootout


    Colorado hosted Hawaii in their 1st home game of the season and it would end up being one of the highest, if not the highest, scoring games of the season with 121 points scored in regulation. Hawaii's pair of USC transfers, RB Dillon Baxter and QB Jesse Scroggins, were on display early as Hawaii took control of this game in the 1st quarter. Colorado had no answer for them and also was doing little offensively so Hawaii bolted out to a 24-7 lead.

    In the 2nd quarter though, Colorado started to get their offensive problems figured out and Jordan Marquez would keep them in the game. The Buffs were able to get 2 offensive TDs and 2 kickoff returns(from Marquez) for TDs for 28 points in the quarter. Hawaii was still moving the ball though as they put on another 13 points. This made it 37-35 at the half.

    The 2nd half was all Colorado though. The Buffs offense kept it up and their defense started to figure out the potent Hawaii offense. Colorado was able to add 14 points in the 3rd quarter...they went for 2 on their first TD and converted and then failed to convert for 2 on their 2nd TD. And Hawaii didn't do anything offensively. This made it 49-37 heading into the 4th quarter.

    Colorado got another TD early in the 4th to make it 56-37 but Hawaii answered quickly as Scroggins connected on a long pass to make it 56-44. With it being a 12 point game with 5 minutes remaining, Colorado kept their starters in to hopefully close out the game. It ended up not being too long of a drive though as CU QB Stevie Dorman connected on a deep pass to Gabe Castillo for a 63-44 game. Hawaii turned the ball over and Colorado brought in their backups. However, backup RB Mark Reese managed to break out into the open while running out the clock and would take it in for 70-44 lead. Hawaii struck back for another TD in the final minute to make it 70-51 but it was too little, too late.

    Player of the Game: CU RB Malcolm Creer - It's odd naming a RB player of the game from an Air Raid offense but he was huge in turning the game around for the Buffs. The pass wasn't working in the 1st quarter he managed to take over leading to 144 yards and 2 TDs.

    Upcoming: CU stays home to take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys. OSU started the season ranked #12 but lost at home to FCS East and did little against UNLV as well so they are no longer ranked. This looked like a tough game before the season started but the Buffs might actually be the favorite now.
  9. Shnoogans10

    Shnoogans10 Walk On

    Jul 19, 2011
    Stanford Cruises over Washington State - Move to 4 - 0

    Stanford held its conference opener against the Cougars of Washington state and this one was over before it started, moving Coach Mosley to his first 4 - 0 start of his career. "We started off a bit slow again, which is starting to become a concern but at the end of the first we started playing with some real fire. I have stressed turning the ball over, and we had another great game with no interceptions or fumbles but our defense wrecked havoc forcing many turnovers. The running game was very solid, I think Wright had over 220 yards on something like 17 carries, he really showed his strength and quickness. Nottingham connected on some more TD's but after the first half we tried to cut back a little on the throwing. When the Second half started with a TD off the Kick Off I knew we only had a limited time left with our ones in so I tried to get them running some newer plays and formations and they responded very well. The young guys stepped up and played how we wanted them too, Wilson stepped in at QB and really showed some great throwing ability and he can run in the option as well. Everyone on defense played very well also, we had some missed assignments in the secondary but they played hard and aggressive and that didn't let up at all when the younger guys got on the field. I was very pleased by this game overall and we are ready for TCU."
  10. Fred Limbo

    Fred Limbo MVP

    Feb 10, 2011
    As I am guilty of scoring 71 this week I will attempt to explain. If you look below my stats are not huge by far. My return game was a massive factor in the game most of my scoring drives where lest than 35yards because I held them on D they punted from inside the 20 and I returned it a average of 20 yards giving me great field poss. I returned a KO for a TD as well. I also forced 3 turnovers. Combined that devastated the other team. I also had 9 sacks and a safety the last play of the game. I had chew clock on starting the 4th QT and my 2nd string in before half time. War Eagle

    ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 04 09.03.gif ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 04 09.01.gif


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