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S4 Week 1 Saints @ Dolphins

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by yogibear, May 4, 2013.

  1. yogibear

    yogibear Walk On

    Nov 9, 2012
    A new season brings new hope to the Miami Dolphins and their fans as they open the season at home against the New Orleans Saints.

    1st qtr

    The Dolphins opening drive was not what the team was hoping for as they quickly went 3 and out and had to punt from their own 30yd line. The Saints offense seemed to be hitting on all cylinders with their new starting QB P. Ledbetter. Ledbetter lead the saints on a 60yd drive to score a touchdown on a 13 yd throw to Mustafaa to take a 1st qtr 7 - 0 lead over the Dolphins.

    2nd qtr

    The Dolphins finally started to get their offense rolling by once again letting their franchise back, Reggie Bush, take control of the game with one big run after another. Capping off a 72yd drive with a 3yd run to tie the score 7 - 7. Miami’s defense also stepped up their game as they constantly stifled the Saints run game (who ended the game with 0 yds rushing), and kept pressure on Ledbetter; keeping the Saints from crossing midfield for most of the quarter. Miami managed to score two more times in the qtr with a 29yd pass to last years top receiver TE Fleener, and a 1yd TD reception by FB D. Spriggs. Miami led at halftime 21 - 7.

    3rd qtr

    Miami was content in the 3rd qtr to run the ball, and run the clock; and while the strategy worked, as neither team scored in the qtr, running back Reggie Bush was injured and carried off the field. The team hopes that the injury is not serious; as they sorely missed Reggie for the last 6 weeks of last season when he suffered a broken collarbone. GET WELL SOON REGGIE!

    4th qtr

    The Dolphins continued with their strategy to run the ball with backup running back P. Hillis (who carried the ball 11/50yds). Although the Dolphins did try a few passes in the second half, it was mostly futile as the Saints defense sacked Tannehill five times. Eventually Tannehill completed another touchdown pass (15yds) to his favorite target TE C. Fleener; for the Dolphins to take a commanding lead 28 -7 over the Saints. After the last touchdown the Saints offense seemed to have lost their fire as they dropped balls on several key plays. However, the Saints defense was not ready to give in so easily, as they rocked Dolphins RB Hillis causing him to fumble the ball and returning the fumble 58yds for a touchdown with 3:50 left in the game. To add insult to injury, Hilis suffered a bruised sternum and had to leave the game. Luckily that was all the Saints had as a comeback; and with a Miami 44yd fieldgoal with a 1:48 left in the game, the Dolphins finished off the Saints and won 31 - 14.

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