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S4 Week 8 Summaries

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by cyhiphopp, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. cyhiphopp

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    Aug 2, 2012
    Louisville survives the Citrus
    This game was a straight up slobber knocker. Both defenses came to play but only one could come out on top. The Orange D gave it all they had but didn't have enough in the tank to take down the Cardinals. A couple big plays for UL decided this game.
    Both offenses failed to get anything going in the first as neither scored. THe second quarter saw Louisville getting on the board on a 3rd and long pass to Junior WR Brandon Snell from 24 yards out. The Orange D was frustrating all day limiting the Louisville running game forcing Fr Mike Young to pass with mixed results. He ended up only 9/18 for 151 yards, but he made key connections when he needed to.
    A late play in the first half proved to be pivotal. Syracuse seemed happy to be going into the half only down 7-0, but HB Kris Cole, returning just this week from a 3 week injury, had other ideas. With 1:34 left in the half Mike Young connected on a deep bomb to Cole to put a dagger in Syracuse's back. Their D had given max effort but this was a heavy blow.
    The third quarter also saw both D's battling back and forth with no point on the board, but Louisville sustained a long drive and scored shortly into the fourth on a 1 yard QB sneak on 3rd and goal. 21-0 Louisville.
    The Cardinals defense won this game. They frustrated Syracuse QB Kasey Nichols all game and stifled the Orange power running game. In the fourth the UL offense was able to play keep away, never giving their opponent a chance to sustain a drive. The running game was able to string together a clock draining drive late and UL kicked a mid range field goal to go up 24-0 with under 2 minutes left.
    The dagger came on the next offensive play. With Syracuse doing all they could to break the shutout, Kasey Nichols threw a pick six to Sr Linebacker Nick Dawson who rumbled in from 28 yards out like a boss.
    The Syracuse defense was stout all game, frustrating UL all day and only giving up a few big plays, making the Cardinals earn every yard. In the end, the Lousville defense was just better and the Orange couldn't get anything going all game.
    Player of the Game: Fr QB Mike Young accounted for all of the TDs, 2 passing and one rushing. The SU defense made it tough on him but he completed key passes and got some tough yards on the ground to sustain drives.

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