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S5: Texans Wild Ride... Super Bowl Champions

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by KnightNoles, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009
    East Rutherford, NJ-- The Texans and Jets started off hot, putting up 28 points like it was nothing. The Jets would take a 10 point lead and Dozier, Co would come back and cut it to 3. The Jets and Sanchez would throw a beautiful pass to end the first half to Morgan to put the lead back to 10.

    Coach Forever didn't mess around coming out of half going right up top to Sidney Rice on an 81 yard pass, pushing the lead to 17. Houston decided to turn it up a notch, offensively and the defense decided to show up like the previous games. Texans score 21 straight points to take a 4 point lead, but that only lasted two plays as Hardy housed his next touch for 76 yards, giving New York back a 3 point lead. The fourth quarter was then controlled by the Texans first Weatherford would give them back the lead and then extending the lead to 11 with 4:15 remaining.

    good game forever97

    1st Quarter
    (HOU) A.Johnson 54 Yd pass from D.Dozier(B.Mitchell kick), 7:51
    (NYJ) O.Hardy, 3 Yd run(J.Scobee kick), 2:42
    (HOU) A.Johnson 86 Yd pass from D.Dozier(B.Mitchell kick), 1:27
    (NYJ) S.Rice 60 Yd pass from M.Stafford(J.Scobee kick), 0:05
    2nd Quarter
    (NYJ) K.Chow, returned interception 30 Yds(J.Scobee kick), 5:20
    (NYJ) J.Scobee, 26 Yd FG, 3:03
    (HOU) J.Gardner 14 Yd pass from D.Dozier(B.Mitchell kick), 1:06
    (NYJ) J.Morgan 54 Yd pass from M.Stafford(J.Scobee kick), 0:29
    3rd Quarter
    (NYJ) S.Rice 81 Yd pass from M.Stafford(J.Scobee kick), 9:12
    (HOU) B.Edwards 71 Yd pass from D.Dozier(B.Mitchell kick), 7:05
    (HOU) J.Baldwin 32 Yd pass from D.Dozier(B.Mitchell kick), 5:19
    (HOU) C.Weatherford, 53 Yd run(B.Mitchell kick), 1:50
    (NYJ) O.Hardy, 76 Yd run(J.Scobee kick), 1:00
    4th Quarter
    (HOU) C.Weatherford, 12 Yd run(B.Mitchell kick), 6:22
    (HOU) J.Baldwin 9 Yd pass from D.Dozier(B.Mitchell kick), 4:15
    D. Dozier 17/26 452 Yards 6 TDs 2 INTs
    C. Weatherford 18 Att 139 Yards 2 TDs
    A. Johnson 3 Rec 150 Yards 2 TDs
    J. Gardner 5 Rec 97 Yards TD
    J. Baldwin 4 Rec 78 Yards 2 TDs
    B. Edwards Rec 71 Yards TD
    R. Hopkins 4 Rec 56 Yards
    B. Reed 4 Tackles INT
    J. Beason 3 Tackles 1.0 Sack INT
    J. Watt Sack
    G. Quin Jr. INT
    M. Stafford 13/23 319 Yards 3 TDs 3 INTs
    O. Hardy 16 Att 142 Yards 2 TDs
    S. Rice 4 Rec 162 Yards 2 TDs
    J. Morgan 2 Rec 76 Yards TD
    C. Campbell 4 Tackles 3.0 Sacks 2 FF
    D. Harris 4 Tackles
    D. Revis INT
    K. Chow INT
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  2. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009
    Pheonix, AZ-- Well cliff note version, since our game was lost with 0:03 remaining with Zik on the 1 yard line down 35-28. Texans started off the game hot, going to Andre Johnson for a 7-0 lead. The Rams countered and added two more pushing the lead to 21-7. Texans were able to fight back and get in position to tie the game going into half but TE Hopkins fumbled the ball at the 1 yardline as the Rams recovered.
    Down 21-14, Texans came out of the half on fire and finally timed the lag, causing Bradford to throw his yearly interception total in one game with 6. Houston took a 27-21 lead into the third quarter but the Rams found some offense taking a 28-27 lead and the Texans came back with another INT. Finally taking the lead with a few mintues left, converting the two point conversion forcing a 7 point lead. Rams would get the ball back but with under 30 ticks left and facing a fourth down from the one with 0:03 left the game loses connection...
    good game Zikry
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