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S5: W8 Summaries

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by controllerabuser, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. controllerabuser

    controllerabuser Purple People Eaters

    Jul 6, 2009
    Post in here.
  2. wayers50

    wayers50 Walk On

    Oct 17, 2011
    Greg Jennings Puttin Da Team on his Back Doe
    Green Bay 35 Buffalo 7
    Greg Jennings caught 5 balls for 118 yards and 2 TD's.
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  3. thegman2.0

    thegman2.0 Walk On

    Jan 30, 2012
    the kansas city chiefs lost 16-15 to denver broncos as team falls to league worst now 0-8. Jay Cutler threw 8 for 13 for 124 yards. charles and wells combine for total of 123 rushing yards , charles had 77 rushing yards while 42 yards for wells , both each scored a td. the defense stop the denver offensive attack and allowed 208 to denver , evans had 68 yards passing on 6/11 but denver rushing attack had 150 rushing yards , moreno had 103 of those . Ryan Succop missed two extra points he was almost kick out by coach sporty for tearing up gatoride cooler but coach said it be ok as Succop did connect on his one field goal. cutler would of had breaston for td but cutler over threw him by a mile. Coach sporty says it happens but i asked him and he said thats on me . coleman muff a fumble towards the end with 58 secs left and worst part couldnt recover it. Coach said it happens we moved on and get ready for the jets.
  4. HAL9100

    HAL9100 TSO's Resident Antagonist

    Jul 15, 2011
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    Boone And The Patriots Win The Brady Bowl
    Beat The Bears 27-24 In OT
    Pretty incredible how even all the stats were.
    Tom Brady had been the face of the Patriots for over the decade and had won 3 Superbowls with New England. Then last offseason despite being financially secure, Brady shocked the Patriot administration and fan base by leaving and signing a contract with the Chicago Bears valued at around $23 Million per season. Still having a competitive roster, the Patriots needed to do something so they signed Matt Ryan to a long term deal. That ended up being a gigantic mistake as he led the Patriots to a 3-13 record. Tom Brady leaving had that large of an effect. This season, the Patriots were finally fed up with Matt Ryan and signed free agent Jaxon Boone in a move of desperation. That move would be a huge success and put the Patriots back on the right track. Now on a 4 game winning streak, the Patriots were back on their feet just in time to face the very man who left them in this position. All this combined with both teams having some of the best records in the NFL thus far made it an epic setting for a regular season game.​
    The Bears got the ball first and, rather than have Brady try to show his old team up, they would feed the ball to Jacquizz Rodgers. Rodgers was on fire and would carry the Bears down the field on a long TD drive. The Patriots were looking to show off their new QB though and they came out passing. Boone would tear apart the Bears defense and the Patriots would answer back with a TD pass to Antwan Barksdale.​
    The 2 defense started to stiffen up though and keep the offenses in check. The Bears would finally crack through with just 33 seconds remaining in the half and regain the lead at 10-7. They were forced to settle for a FG after Rodgers had dropped a pass that could've gone for a TD. Through his first 4 games, Boone has shown an ability to come through in the clutch and get points when they're needed most. He did that again here. With just 30 seconds and 3 TOs, Boone led the Patriots down the field and was able to set up Jaren Twitty for a 46 yard FG who tied the game at 10-10 right before halftime.​
    The defensive dominance continued into the 3rd quarter. However, the Patriots started to get the offense moving. They would get down near the Bears' 20 yard line but Jaxon Boone would throw an INT as he took at shot into the endzone. On their next possession though, the Patriots would take their 1st lead of the game as Boone connected with Jerricho Cotchery on an out route that he would turn up field for a TD and 17-10 lead. The Bears would continue to struggle and the Patriots would get the ball back. Harrison Anthony took over on this drive. He would have numerous big runs and eventually cap it off with a 25 yard TD run and a 24-10 lead.​
    Now down 14 points in the 4th quarter, the Bears needed to start moving the ball and quickly. So they turned to Brady who would start to pick apart New England's defense. Brady would put together the Bears' first real drive of the 2nd half and close the lead to 24-17. Then after a stop by the Bears defense, Brady would do it again and would tie the game at 24-24 with just 22 seconds left in regulation. The Patriots would try to get down the field but were unsuccessful and ended up opting to take the game into overtime.​
    The Patriots won the toss in overtime and elected to receive but the Bears' defense continued to be stiff and ended up forcing a punt. However, the Patriots defense would find themselves again after having given up 2 consecutive TD drives. They would force the Bears to punt back and then Boone would take the field for the final time this game. He would come through in the clutch once again and get the Patriots down into FG position. A few runs later, Twitty would line up for another FG. He would nail the 48 yard FG to seal the road victory as the Patriots continue to be undefeated with Jaxon Boone as the starting QB.​
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  5. BG

    BG On The Rize!

    Oct 5, 2009
    Change of the Times
    The New York Jets won a pivotal game against the highly talented Titans to keep up with division leading New England Patriots. Having run the 3-4 defense for the past four and a half years, Coach Forever made a judgement call to switch to the 4-3 defense. "Our personal has changed a lot over the years and we just dont have the same players we used to. Not that our guys aren't good players, they're just a different type of player and we feel this scheme better fits our team. "
    The defense played rather well against the Titans as they held the team to just 162yds of total offense in the game. MVP caliber HB Chris Johnson was limited to just 27yds on 13 carries. Tennessee QB Jake Locker was also held in check as he completed 6 of his 12 passes for 55 yards and 1 score; but he was also sacked three times and hurried on numerous occasions. On the offensive side of the ball, Jet QB Matthew Stafford was great, but did what the team has had trouble with not doing all year long.....he didn't turn the ball over. For the first time all season, The Jets played a turnover free contest which was probably the single best factor for the team victory. WR Sidney Rice is having probably his best season as a Jet as he caught four balls for 118yds and 1 td. Next up for the Jets, a road trip against the Kansas City Chiefs.
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  6. cp0990

    cp0990 Walk On

    Aug 23, 2011
    Running black birds win 40-7
    Ravens welcome the jags into baltimore and the game started out bad for the black birds. A 65 yard pass to eric decker that CB powers try to pick and missed. After that the ravens controlled every aspect of the game. Holding gabbert under 100 yards passing and coverboy peyton hillis under 100 yards rushing. The ravens also ran over and around the jags with every running back on the roster over 40 yards rushing except for dorial washington . Also ravens had an easy pick six but played the sportsmanship role and ran out at the 1 and kneeled to end it. Only down fall is the ravens lost rb sanders for 12 weeks

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