S5 Week 8 Power Rankings/Playoff Predictions

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    1. New England Patriots 5-1
    The Patriots are off to another stong start this year. Their offense has been lighting everyone up, while playing some very solid defense. With the Vikings, Lions, Colts, and Broncos left on the schedule, only time will tell if they can keep their #1 spot.
    2. Detroit Lions 6-1
    Since losing the super bowl a year ago, the Lions have been playing like they have something to prove. Their lone loss came from a surprise Cardinals team, but with wins over the Vikings and Seahawks this team doesn't look to be going anywhere.
    3. Oakland Raiders 5-1
    Oakland currently sits atop, in my opinion, the best division in HaW. They are going to get to test their metal though in the next 4 weeks. With 2 games against the Broncos and their 2nd game with the Chiefs, whom their lone loss came from.
    4. Atlanta Falcons 5-1
    The Falcons have made it through, what some might say is the rougher part of their schedule. They have games against the Lions and Seahawks left but look poised to get that first round bye. Possibly home field advantage.
    5. Dallas Cowboys 5-1
    Dallas has shown the are the best in the NFC east year in and year out. This year is no different. They have been bull dozing through opponents and are set up to take the division crown once again. With games against the Redskins, Seahawks, Lions, and Colts the 2nd half looks to be a little tougher than the first.
    6. Minnesota Vikings 5-2
    The Vikings traded their franchise QB Teddy Bridgewater to bring in a rookie Zachary Wright. It was a head scratching move this offseason but seems to have paid off for them. Wright has played very well and is a top contender for ROTY. Games against the Cardinals, Patriots, Seahawks and Lions will be big test for this team with the rookie at the helm.
    7. Denver Broncos 5-1
    The Broncos high flying offense has kept them in games this year, never scoring less than 30. The Broncos have the toughest schedule left. 2 games against the Raiders, 2 against the Chiefs, and just for good measure the Seahawks and Patriots, too.
    8. Arizona Cardinals 4-2
    Arizona has gotten off to a strong start. With a Monday night win over the Lions this team is riding high. They are going to need that confidence because it isn't going to get any easier for them. Games against the Broncos, Vikings, Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders, and Seahawks still to come.
    9. Buffalo Bills 4-2
    The Bills got through the most brutal first 7 in the NFL at 4-2. They now have a much easier schedule to finish off the season with only the Lions above .500 left.
    10. Seattle Seahawks 4-1
    New management out in Seattle has given this team life we haven't seen in the past couple seasons. They have the talent to be a top team and in weeks 11-13 they will got their shot at some of top teams. Playing Vikings, Falcons, and Cowboys. That will be a tough stretch for this team and give us all a better idea on where they stand.
    11. Kansas City Chiefs 4-2
    A team that hasn't made much noise in HaW, due to being held down by that tough AFC West, but they seem to have found something this year. Their win over the Raiders has this team believing. A little bit of belief in what you're doing can be a dangerous thing in this game. A tough schedule ahead with a lot of divisional games but watch out for this team because they are rolling.
    12. San Diego Chargers 4-2
    The team sits at the bottom of the AFC West but things can change in hurry in the wild west. 2 games left against the Raiders, and games against the Seahawks and Cardinals will decide if they can sneak into the playoffs. It wasn't too long ago they did just this thing and made it to the AFC championship.
    13. Washington Redskins 5-2
    The Redskins have been the benefactor of a somewhat easier schedule this year. They have taken advantage and won the games they should win. But when faced against top opponents they have not looked good at all. Their only game left on the schedule against an above .500 team is the Cowboys in week 11.
    14. Indianapolis Colts 5-2
    The Colts sit atop a struggling AFC South. The play the Patriots in week 14 which may very well be a game for a first round bye. Other than that they play the Cowboys in week 17 which will probably be a 2nd string game for both teams.
    15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-2
    Tampa Bay went out and got themselves a new QB Teddy Bridgewater this offseason. He has made a huge difference for this team, that has struggled in seasons past. They have some tough games left on their schedule but a very legitimate chance at a wild card.
    16. Pittsburgh Steelers 3-3
    Pittsburgh currently has a one game lead in the AFC North but is going to need to play some better football if they want to stay there. The Steelers have a top 10 defense but the offense needs to help them out.
    17. Houston Texans 3-3
    The Texans are a team with a top 15 offense and top 15 defense but need to limit their turnovers. They are at -5 on the year. Big games against the Colts twice, Bills, and Cowboys still looming, they might have to hold off tell next year for their playoff hopes.
    18. New Orleans Saints 3-4
    A team that started off 0-3 than won 3 in a row than a loss to Cleveland. They have a chance to claw their way back into the race but need to get back on that hot streak in a hurry.
    19. Cleveland Browns 3-4
    The Browns have the most talented group of WRs ever assembled, but that hasn't translated to wins yet. I don't see this team challenging for a playoff position but they are going to wreck some peoples days along the way.
    20. San Francisco 49ers 2-4
    A very talented 49ers team that has the toughest schedule in football. Only 4 games all year against opponents below .500. With the emergence of the Seahawks and Cardinals this year, I think they will be on the outside looking in.
    21. New York Giants 2-4
    The Giants are team that we all wondering what happened? They started off 2 years ago going 9-1 and looking like a super bowl contender. Since they have gone 7-22 and are still looking for their mojo, some say they lost it in Cleveland, others say Washington, either way they need to find it soon.
    22. Cincinnati Bengals 2-3

    An AFC North team that sits a .5 game back. They have a chance at taking that division, with no clear leader, could they be the team that jumps out front? They have a tough road ahead with games against the Bills and Falcons, to name a couple.
    23. Green Bay Packers 2-5
    Green Bay has had a tough go of it so far this year. Aaron Rodgers can't seem to play a whole game and the defense has looked medicore, at best. They do play in one of the tougher divisions in HaW and will need to improve to compete.
    24. New York Jets 2-4
    The Jets offense hasn't seemed to be able to get anything going offensively. Their defense has played well enough to keep them in contention in a few of their loses but the offense wasn't able to give them any help. In a very competitive AFC East they are going to have a tough time climbing back into the playoff race.
    25. Tennesse Titans 1-5
    The Titans had a very tough first half of their schedule. Things will lighten up a little for them in the second half of the season. They won't be playing for playoffs but they will get a few more Ws.
    26. Miami Dolphins 1-5
    Miami has been struggling on both sides of the ball this year. Their schedule isn't going to help them either, with Patriots, Lions, and Bills in the next 3 weeks.
    27. Chicago Bears 1-6
    The Bears have had a tough schedule but they have done themselves no favors, by having the worst turnover margin (-20) in the league.
    28. Baltimore Ravens 1-5
    The Ravens are down, but they are not out. They are going to need to turn things around quickly but that AFC North crown is still within reach.
    29. Carolina Panthers 1-5
    The Panthers can't seem to find their groove on either side of the ball. Cam Newton has been erratic and the O-line can't seem to protect him. Giving up 29 sacks, the most in the league.
    30. Philadelphia Eagles 1-6
    The Eagles have struggled everywhere on the field. This is another team that needs to do better protecting the ball if they want to win in this league. 20 INTS through 7 games.
    31. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-5
    Jacksonville is a team that is in need of some TLC and there is no one there to give it to them.
    32. Toronto Mounties 0-6
    Possibly the worst team ever on a madden game. Its like they haven't had a coach in 6 seasons and the waterboy is running the team. But on the bright side they will almost always win the DROTY due to their horrid offense and sim stats.

    Playoff Predictions
    AFC North:
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    AFC South: Indianapolis Colts
    AFC East: New England Patriots
    AFC West: Oakland Raiders
    Wildcard: Denver Broncos
    Wildcard: Buffalo Bills

    NFC North:
    Detroit Lions
    NFC South: Atlanta Falcons
    NFC East: Dallas Cowboys
    NFC West: Seattle Seahawks
    Wildcard: Minnesota Vikings
    Wildcard: Washington Redskins

    Super Bowl: Patriots 27 - Vikings 24
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