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(S7) Coppa Tradizione Qualification Stage Review

Discussion in 'TSL Cup' started by Broncos218, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    Group Stage Roundup

    The group stage, or Qualification stage, of this season's Coppa has been completed and all games are in. Here are the final tables:

    As always, first let's breakdown how each Serie did against one another:

    Serie A: 5 in first, 4 in second, 1 in third, 1 in fourth
    Serie B: 3 in first, 3 in second, 4 in third, 2 in fourth
    Serie C: 0 in first, 1 in second, 3 in third, 5 in fourth, 1 in fifth

    Serie A vs. Serie B: 9-2-3
    Serie A vs. Serie C: 11-1-1
    Serie B vs. Serie C: 10-2-3

    Another year older, and another year wiser! Serie A set the standard in terms of group placement and H2H record. There was a somewhat predictable outcome to the games between the Series, as the higher-ranked Serie team won 71% of the matches. Serie B nearly outperformed Serie A in the Season 6 Coppa group stage, but took a step back this time around. Furthermore, Groups A, B, C, and H all finished in Serie order, with Serie A clubs taking the highest spots and Serie C the lowest in those groups.

    Goals, Goals, GOALS!
    1) It's been no secret that FIFA 13 is offensive-friendly. But just how friendly is it? Well, following the group stage of this season's Coppa, there were more goals and goal scorers than any previous Coppa- including their knockout rounds! That means in 42 games in this season's group stage, there have already been more goals than in approximately 55 games from each previous Coppa. In the entire Coppa (so group & knockout stages) from Seasons 3-6 (not including own goals), there were 170, 203, 189, and 200 goals from 92, 91, 93, and 95 different goal scorers. But just this season in the group stage only, there's already been 208 goals from a whopping 119 different players!
    2) Where's there's lot of offense, there's rarely any defense. 4 teams allowed 10 or more goals, something that no team has done since Season 4's Coppa. With goals flying in left and right, only 1 keeper, Sao Paulo's Rogerio Ceni, recorded multiple clean sheets.

    But enough with the goal scoring... what else happened?
    Key Takeaways
    1) Group G was voted the "Group of Death," and unfortunately, the Serie A vet writing this review suffered a beat down and was the lone Serie A representative to finish in last in their group. Group D also received some votes for toughest group, and with heznfire stumbling to 3rd with Parma, the Italian club will be the only other Serie A team accompanying Bordeaux in the new Coppa Confederazione.
    2) After some lackluster Coppa's in the past and a club that often finds itself in the Group of Death, could this finally be the time RedAL925 can breakthrough with Real Sociedad? The Spanish squad sported the highest goals per game average (4.7) in crushing their opponents with ease. Group C was nothing to sleep on either- 2 strong Serie B sides and in unknown coming into the Coppa with Aston Villa and MiaFLSurf made Sociedad's stomping all the more impressive.
    3) Group E was voted as the "Group of Life," for its easy outlook, but don't tell Frenchie1916 and VfB Stuttgart that after the Serie B club finished last. Defending Coppa Tradizione champion snake3249 barely reached the Coppa Tradizione again with just 4 points for Swansea City, the low among all teams that reached the coveted tourney.
    4) Perhaps the team that bounced back the best from a crushing upset was Anzhi and shiftee. shiftee has been known to rip apart the Coppa group stage in the past, yet Santos and krtgolfing handed the Russian Romper his first ever Coppa group stage non-win. Not just a loss, but simply a non-win. shiftee was 12-0-0 in the previous 4 Coppa group stages, so the 3-2 loss to Santos came as a shock. However, Anzhi still recovered to win Group F. It is worth noting though that shiftee has never been placed with another Serie A team in his group, luck that had a 3.1% chance of happening after 5 Coppa's.
    5) The pride of Serie C in the Coppa Tradizione now rests in the hands of redwings8831 and PSV Eindhoven. The Dutch club was the only Serie C side to get first or second in their group. But after a Matchday 3 loss to Anzhi, will PSV Eindhoven be able to carry any momentum into the Round of 16?
    6) With one group containing an extra team, our first ever 5-team group turned out to be... well, just another ordinary group. The two Serie A clubs finished 1-2, Serie B's Roger and RCD Espanyol finished 3rd, and the two Serie C sides finished 4th and 5th. In Group H, the dropping out of Friz left us with no Serie A team in the group, which helped the two Serie B squads in Celtic managed by BigSmooth33 and QPR run by Serie B vet BESHIKTAS reach the Coppa Tradizione.
    7) I was trying to touch a bit on every group, but I've got nothing for Group B. Just watch out for "Coppa King" Zikry and Sao Paulo if you have to play him in the knockout stage. I'm sure glad I won't be playing him.

    Biggest Matchday 3 Group-Changers
    Santos 2-2 1899 Hoffenheim
    With an Anzhi win over PSV likely, Santos and krtgolfing needed a win to potentially force a 3-way tiebreaker. A draw or loss, and they'd need help. Well, after 1899 Hoffenheim and IJGator scored in the 16th and 18th minutes, it posed quite the challenge for Santos. Neymar and friends were unable to overcome the deficit, and only managed an equalizer in the 90th minute. Once Anzhi defeated PSV later on, Santos' 3rd place finished was set.

    VfL Wolfsburg 3-1 Ein. Frankfurt
    Simply put, this game was a "Win and you're in" for both teams. Whoever won would reach the Coppa Tradizione, but a draw would still be good enough for Isaac Oyer and Ein. Frankfurt to advance. After dropping down to an early deficit, VfL Wolfsburg and LasVegasFC jumped out to a 2-1 lead by the half and needed to just maintain the result in order to reach 2nd in the group. Vieirinha's 68th minute brace gave Wolfsburg a 3-1 lead, and sent Frankfurt down the the Coppa Confederazione.

    And that concludes this season's group stage round-up. Well done by all for getting all games completed by Wednesday and good luck to everyone in their upcoming matches!
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