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(S9) Coppa Tradizione: Previews/Reviews

Discussion in 'TSL Cup' started by Broncos218, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    Group Stage Roundup

    After a brief hiatus, the Group Stage Roundup is back! One game remains unplayed, but here are the final tables excluding the unplayed West Brom/Sao Paulo game:

    First let's breakdown how each Serie level did against one another (standings as of now):

    Serie A: 6 in first, 3 in second, 1 in third, 1 in fourth
    Serie B: 1 in first, 4 in second, 2 in third, 3 in fourth, 1 in fifth
    Serie C: 1 in first, 1 in second, 5 in third, 2 in fourth, 1 in fifth

    Serie A vs. Serie B: 10-2-2
    Serie A vs. Serie C: 6-4-3
    Serie B vs. Serie C: 5-5-3

    Serie A appears to set the standard again. Perhaps the most surprising thing here though is that despite more Serie B sides advancing to the Coppa Tradizione knockout stage than Serie C'ers, Serie C actually had the better head-to-head record against Serie A. Yet despite Serie C's strong showing in the H2H portion, only 2 teams from the lowest league against to the Coppa Tradizione. Furthermore, only the shortened Group F and Group G finished in A-B-C order.

    Key Takeaways
    1) One team finished the group stage with wins in all of their matches (although Sao Paulo and juanchoCT14 could also if they defeat West Brom in their final game). I'll give you 1 second to guess just who that might've been... yep, "Coppa King" Zikry and his Udinese side! The Italian club also finished with the third-highest goals per game average.
    2) The "Group of Death," Group D, was perhaps the most entertaining group. rschwep and Hannover 96, one of the two Serie A sides in the group, finished last. A_Touch_Of_Class and Saint-Etienne, a heralded Serie B club, finished third. The two that survived, vipermansa and Swansea City and also bbrech0610 and Atalanta, are actually the two from the group struggling the most in league play.
    3) "shiftee 's Slaughterhouse," better known as Group H... didn't quite turn out that way. shiftee is known for tearing apart the Coppa group stage year-after-year, yet his Gremio side failed to dominate the voted upon "Group of Life." shiftee did still manage to take first in the group though after winning a tiebreaker over thebouncer24 and Atl. Mineiro.
    4) While every side managed to score at least once (although 7 clubs had exactly one goal), only one club posted a clean sheet in all of their matches. That club would be B. M'gladbach and Selvy9. With 7 points in the group, B. M'gladbach barely held off VfL Wolfsburg and defending Coppa champion LasVegasFC.
    5) Group F, the tiebreaker group! With only 3 total games played due to a team dropping out, Group F all finished with 3 points and +0 GD. After digging deep into the tiebreaking procedures, Serie C stalwart WingedHelmet and his Sporting CP side was the odd man out.
    6) With the West Brom/Sao Paulo game still unplayed, a whopping 12 clubs finished undefeated in the group stage. However, two of those clubs, kaptainkracker1 's Athletic Bilbao and gyroman912 's Getafe CF, earned plenty of draws in the process and thus failed to qualify for the Coppa Tradizione knockout stage.

    Matchday Group-Changers
    Matchday 1: West Brom 3-2 Lille OSC
    Talk about a welcome to TFS moment. Serie C newcomer Kella quickly jumped out to a strong start in Group A by downing Serie A vet RedAL925. With the loss, Lille OSC quickly fell into a hole, but still finished Group A with 6 points. West Brom would rattle off 2 draws, and now face a pivotal game against Sao Paulo. With the 3-2 win from this match, West Brom would advance to the Coppa Tradizione via a win or draw in their final group game. Lille OSC can now only nervously await the result.

    Matchday 2: Ajax 1-1 West Ham
    In a 3-team group, every result is huge. Group B appeared to be CxMacx10 's to lose, being the lone Serie A side in the group. But with a draw against Claven and Ajax, coupled with Ajax's big Matchday 1 victory over Everton, quickly put West Ham into a battle for 2nd place. West Ham would go on to secure that second spot, but will now be tasked with having to face off against against Group A's winner, Sao Paulo, as a result.

    Matchday 3: Saint-Etienne 1-2 Swansea City
    Saint-Etienne needed a win to survive the Group of Death, as a draw would've had them still take third on a tiebreaker. A_Touch_Of_Class jumped out to a lead in the first half, but two Swansea City goals, including one in the 80th minute, sealed Saint-Etienne's fate. The win put Swansea City atop the group as they managed to go undefeated in a tough group.

    That wraps up this round-up. Good luck to all in the knockout stage!
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  2. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    Quarterfinals Preview

    COPPA PREVIEWS!!!!! As noted in the Discussion thread, a record 7 of the 8 Quarterfinalists this season are from Serie A. So which top clubs will move on to try and take the crown this season? Or will the lone non-Serie A club spoil the party?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    CxMacx10 (2nd in Serie A, 6-5-1; Cup Results: D 1-1 vs. Ajax, W 2-0 vs. Everton, W 3-2 vs. Sao Paulo)
    Broncos218 (4th in Serie A, 5-3-5; Cup Results: W 2-1 vs. PSV Eindhoven, D 1-1 vs. Athletic Bilbao, W 3-1 vs. Marseille, W 3-1 vs. Atalanta)
    First up, we have a battle between two of the most successful managers in Coppa Tradizione history. West Ham has been impressive thus far in Serie A, leading the league in goals scored and ranking second in goals allowed per game. With a GD of just under 1.0 per game in the top flight, West Ham has the highest points earned per game and appear just as hot as any team in all of TFS. Furthermore, their attack isn't dependent on any one player- three players have between 5 and 8 goals in Serie A play, while Matt Jarvis is second in Serie A in assists. Meanwhile, Anzhi is still looking to atone for their Coppa Final loss a season ago. It's no secret that Samuel Eto'o and Lacina Traore define the Russian club's attack, and they'll certainly be called upon to lift Anzhi back into the Semifinals. The recent history between these two managers is a bit surprising however- in the two managers' first 5 career meetings, Bronc won 4 of the 5. But in the 8 matches since? 7 consecutive Mac wins, followed by a draw earlier this season. These clubs will play twice this week (league and cup) with plenty on the line in both matches.
    Prediction: West Ham 2-0

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Selvy9 (4th in Serie C, 5-5-3; Cup Results: D 0-0 vs. Hamburger SV, W 2-0 vs. VfL Wolfsburg, W 4-0 vs. Lyon, W 1-0 vs. VfB Stuttgart)
    Zikry (1st Serie A, 7-3-4; Cup Results: W 2-1 vs. Olympiakos, W 4-1 vs. Aston Villa, W 3-1 vs. Corinthians, W 3-1 vs. Atl. Mineiro)
    Borussia Monchengladbach is the lone non-Serie A team left in the Coppa Tradizione, but the road to the Semifinals sure won't be an easy task. The German club was impressive in Group E, not allowing a single goal and finishing a point ahead of last season's Coppa Tradizione champion, VfL Wolfsburg. Monchengladbach then continued their defensive dominance with a 4th consecutive clean sheet by defeating Stuttgart in the Round of 16. Marc-Andre ter Stegen will need to be in top form again this week, as Serie A powerhouse Udinese will be firing rockets at the keeper for much of the match. As for Udinese, they currently sit atop the Serie A table and their manager has a long list of cup triumphs. The Italian side is led by striker Antonio Di Natale, the club's workhorse up top. The small yet speedy attacker leads the club in both goals and assists in Serie A matches, and expect one of each in this match as well. Monchengladbach's cup run would certainly take on a cinderella-eqsue storyline should they advance to the semis, but don't expect the German side to be ready for the hurricane that's about to hit them.
    Prediction: Udinese 3-0

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    RedAL925 (3rd in Serie A, 5-5-3; Cup Results: L 2-3 vs. West Brom, W 3-0 vs. Palermo, L 2-3 vs. Sao Paulo, W 1-0 vs. Fluminense, W 1-0 vs. Ajax)
    vipermansa (11th in Serie A, 2-3-8; Cup Results: W 3-0 vs. Hannover 96, D 1-1 vs. Atalanta, W 2-1 vs. Saint-Etienne, W 2-0 vs. Marseille)
    With a 4-1-1 record since Matchday 9 of the Serie A season, Lille appears to catching fire at just the right time. And when Lille is playing at their best, one word quite simply sums up the club: balance. Lille is not the team that records numerous lopsided wins and defeats while living and dying by their best player. For example, Lille hold the 5th best goals scored per game average and the 5th best goals allowed per game average in Serie A. Furthermore, Lille doesn't have a top-20 goal scorer in Serie A, as the club relies on the sum of its parts. Yet Lille has often stumbled in the Coppa Tradizione by this stage, something Swansea's manager often avoids. Back at Montpellier, viper had cup success by reaching multiple semifinals and narrowly losing out in a Final. But that was back at Montpellier. Since taking over at Swansea, viper hasn't quite been able to achieve the same level of success. In Serie A this season, the Swans sit in last, plagued by issues both offensively and defensively. Swansea City did claim first place in this season's Group of Death though, and there may still be a bit left in the tank this season for another trip to the Coppa semifinals.
    Prediction: Swansea City 2-1

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    BESHIKTAS (T-8th in Serie A, 2-8-4; Cup Results: W 4-3 vs. VfB Stuttgart, L 0-1 vs. Sporting CP, W 5-4 vs. VfL Wolfsburg)
    shiftee (T-8th in Serie A, 3-5-2; Cup Results: D 1-1 vs. Getafe CF, D 2-2 vs. Atl. Mineiro, W 2-0 vs. Stoke City, W 5-1 vs. Spartak Moscow, W 3-0 vs. Aston Villa)
    Lastly, we have QPR and Gremio. These two managers met at the same stage two seasons ago, when QPR defeated Anzhi. QPR now has the longest current streak for consecutive trips to the Quarterfinals, but has yet to ever reach a Coppa Final. The club has been addicted to drawing in Serie A- 8 of their 14 played matches have resulted in a draw. QPR has also been hard to predict in the Coppa this season, twice winning in shootouts and once losing in a 1-goal game. It appears this club may need to work on their penalty kicks if they are to force another draw here (and they drew Gremio 2-2 earlier this season). On the other side Gremio has quietly begun to warm up to their new manager's play. Gremio started the season 1-3-1 after the first 2 matchweeks and only managed two draws in their group stage during that same timespan. Gremio has started to see better results in Serie A more recently and looked solid in their 3-0 win over Aston Villa in the Round of 16. But has Gremio improved enough to earn a trip to the semis, a round that their 4-time Serie A title winning manager has yet to ever reach?
    Prediction: 1-1, first ever draw prediction! Gremio advances 4-2 on PK's
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  3. Selvy9

    Selvy9 Walk On

    Dec 22, 2011
    With everyone betting against Borussia Mönchengladbach, the pressure will be squarely on the Serie A powerhouse Udinese. Will this allow ze Germans to play without restraint? It is a tall mountain to climb, but Manager Selvy has just one message for his players...

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  4. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    Semifinals Preview

    This season in a mostly Serie A-laden Quarterfinals, we now move on to see who will raise the cup between 3 Serie A'ers and a lone Serie C side looking to continue its run. CxMacx10 has a chance to secure his second league-cup double, but Serie C's Selvy9 has impressed many in his debut season and may just have the tools to move on to the Final. vipermansa has a successful Coppa past, but will that be enough to slow down shiftee, appearing in his first ever Coppa Semifinal? With two entertaining semifinal matches on the horizon, let's find out just who will be moving on...



    CxMacx10 ~ West Ham
    1st in Serie A, 9-5-1
    Cup Results (Group): D 1-1 vs. Ajax, W 2-0 vs. Everton
    Cup Results (Knockout): W 3-2 vs. Sao Paulo, W 3-1 vs. Anzhi

    Selvy9 ~ B. M'gladbach
    3rd in Serie C, 6-6-3
    Cup Results (Group): D 0-0 vs. Hamburger SV, W 2-0 vs. VfL Wolfsburg, W 4-0 vs. Lyon
    Cup Results (Knockout): W 1-0 vs. VfB Stuttgart, W 2-1 vs. Udinese

    Mac is no stranger to the Coppa semis. In the 7 Coppa Tradizione's to date, this will be his 6th semifinal appearance. But in the past, Mac has been just 2-3 in the semis. However, if we look at his more current form, such as Serie A this season, he has been by far the best manager in TFS throughout Season 9. West Ham sits 5 points ahead of second place... AND has 3 games in hand. Really only Udinese and Gremio have a legitimate shot to dethrone West Ham, but even they would need impressive late season runs and help from West Ham's opponents. With West Ham having both the best goals for and goals against averages in Serie A, and already two Coppa knockout wins over fellow Serie A clubs, the English side is firing on all cylinders at just the right time. At the same time, if you look through the Serie A and Coppa stat sheets, there aren't too many West Ham players atop the charts. Instead, West Ham has relied on quality performances from all 11 players and has the ability to defeat anyone with, well, anyone. As for Borussia Monchengladbach, they are fighting for promotion in Serie C, yet appear closer to winning that fight with other A and B managers dropping out. And with only one league match left, the German side can begin to focus squarely on this match. The club has been great defensively, allowing less than a goal per game in Serie C. Plus, Marc-Andre ter Stegen has been a beast for his club in Coppa play, allowing just 1 goal over 5 games. But let's be frank here, following M'gladbach's Round of 16 win over Stuttgart, the club had still yet to prove that they really belonged in the Quarterfinals among 7 Serie A clubs. Until they beat Udinese that is. With an extra-time thriller match, B. M'gladbach's shocked the Coppa King and now sits just one match away from representing Serie C in the Coppa Tradizione Final. GK ter Stegen will need to be in top form, but they'll need more than just ter Stegen to knock out West Ham.

    Difference Maker: [​IMG]
    CB Martin Stranzl, B. M'gladbach. The top defender for the German club, Stranzl's talents will be needed in more ways than one. At 6'3'', he's going to need to prevent Andy Carroll from ever getting in position to head in a goal. His high marking and tackling attributes will also be called upon to prevent West Ham from getting close to the net, and he'll have to be able to react to any deflections as well.

    Prediction: B. M'gladbach's cup run sure is a nice story so far, but downing two Serie A stalwarts in back-to-back weeks may be asking for a bit too much. West Ham appears as hot as ever and ready for another Final appearance.
    West Ham 3-1




    vipermansa ~ Swansea City
    11th in Serie A, 3-3-12
    Cup Results (Group): W 3-0 vs. Hannover 96, D 1-1 vs. Atalanta, W 2-1 vs. Saint-Etienne
    Cup Results (Knockout): W 2-0 vs. Marseille, W 3-0 vs. Lille OSC

    shiftee ~ Gremio
    8th in Serie A, 5-5-2
    Cup Results (Group): D 1-1 vs. Getafe CF, D 2-2 vs. Atl. Mineiro, W 2-0 vs. Stoke City, W 5-1 vs. Spartak Moscow
    Cup Results (Knockout): W 3-0 vs. Aston Villa, W 3-2 vs. QPR

    In the second Coppa Tradizione Semifinal, we have two Serie A clubs, yet two clubs that are headed in opposite directions. Viper has struggled after quick promotions to Serie A and a strong debut season in the top-flight. Now, Swansea sits last among active Serie A participants and appear close to falling back down to Serie B. Yet despite both offensive and defensive struggles in league play, the Enlgish side looks like a juggernaut in Coppa play this season, further complicating how the club might come out in this round. Swansea took first in the Group of Death, allowing just 2 goals. The Swans then took out French clubs Marseille and Lille with back-to-back clean sheets. Lamah has been the club's leading scorer in cup play, yet Michu and Dyer's playmaking performances have given Swansea a dynamic attack. And while Swansea appears to favor cup play, the opposing manager tends to be the exact opposite. With Russian clubs in the past, shiftee has won 4 of the 8 Serie A titles to date. Yet this marks the first time the successful manager has ever reached the Semifinals of the Coppa. However, Gremio hasn't quite been a CSKA Moscow look-alike in league play. After a slow start, Gremio has managed to pick up their play and despite currently sitting in 8th place, the Brazilian club has the 3rd-best points per game average. Quite simply, Gremio needs to get in their postponed matches in order to climb up the table. Welliton has been the focus of Gremio's league play attack, scoring 12 goals, 9 more than any other teammate. Yet in the Coppa, Vargas appears set to take the Golden Boot award. Regardless of who's scoring the goals, shiftee has long been known for his offensive prowess and appears ready to tear apart a Swansea defense that has often looked lackluster. Gremio won the sole meeting between the two clubs this season by a scoreline of 4-1, yet with Viper's prestigious Coppa past and shiftee's lack thereof, will the winner-take-all setting play mind games for the two managers?

    Difference Maker: [​IMG]
    RW Nathan Dyer, Swansea City. With Gremio's speed up top, Swansea can expect some counter-attacks coming its way. But with Gremio's quick attack, the door might just be open enough in the back for the speedy Dyer to counter with a quick goal of his own. Dyer has also shown some playmaking ability for Swansea this season, and thus will be able to find the back of the net or play to a wide open teammate if the Englishman is given any space at all.

    Prediction: Gremio appears to be the favorite here, but their manager's previous Coppa record worries me a bit. Expect this one to be closer than the two's previous meeting this season and potentially come down to a last-minute or extra-time finish.
    Gremio 2-1
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