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(S9) Season Preivew

Discussion in 'TSL B' started by Go Devils, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. Go Devils

    Go Devils Agnostic Pastafarian

    Jun 21, 2011
    With lots of reshuffling taking place among the 3 ranks of the TFS, Serie B will become the new melting pot of talent both young and old. With juanchoCT14, IJGator, @BigSmooth, and vipermansa being promoted to Serie A and he who shall not be named moving on to greener pastures there was an opening of five slots in the division. In comes Serie C champion A_Touch_Of_Class not to mention, count it, five additional owners to re-stock what has always been one of the more competitive levels of this league. The breakdown of teams: four from Germany, three from Brazil, two from the Netherlands, two from France, and one from England. Owners were polled in the off-season and asked their thoughts on their fellow managers. Their thoughts below:

    Ajax / Claven
    Finishing in a tie for 4th in his first TFS campaign, this newcomer showed he had it where it counts to stick with the big boys in the division. His fast moving club relies on the movement of Ryan Babel and the poaching of Siem de Jong.
    Claven, is improving very fast so he should be better”

    Atl. Mineiro / thebouncer24
    Finished Season 8 tied with Frenchie1916 near the bottom of the table with his live and let live Brazilian outfit. Ronaldinho 11 goals (tied for 5th in league), 8 assists (3rd in league), 4 MoTM (2nd in league)even in his decline years is the heart and soul of this team.
    solid all-around opponent. DO NOT sleep on Atl. Mineiro they are a very fast paced team and bouncer can hit you on the counter real quick, keep your guard up on this guy. I predict a top 5 finish from this man.

    Corinthians / dooz
    Another newcomer to TFS last season who maintained the 4th best offense in the bottom division. Werder could be thought of as a better all-around team than the Corinthians team he now manages. But there is no doubting the skill possessed offensively by this outfit. With the addition of The Duck this team has a stellar group of play-making midfielders anchored by Paulinho and Renato Augusto.
    could be in trouble with Corinthians. That team has NO defense”

    Eintracht Frankfurt / Isaac Oyer
    Finished tied for 6th in the division with PSV, and 4th back in Season 7. Isaac Oyer does a very good job of dictating the game offensively with players like Takashi Inuiand Stefan Aigner providing them a lot of flash down the left and right side.
    He is really good at attacking but not that good when it comes to defending s goal. He will get the 3rd position in the end in my opinion !”

    Hamburger SV / UcanHateMeNow
    Escaped relegation from Serie C with the massive transformation of ownership in the league after amassing 11 points in 21 games during Season 8. Goal scoring was a major issue for this German club averaging exactly one goal a game through the stretch of the season. This is a relatively young team, but it is led by Dutch attacking midfielder and Serie B veteran Rafael Van der Vaart.
    “His fall is one of the biggest falls of the history of TFS! He was in A and he was almost relegated to C in matter of couple of seasons.”

    Fluminese / ezio
    ezio moves from a Wigan side that might have been lacking in attacking prowess to a Brazilian side with lots of vets that now to how produce goals. Be it Fred up front or Spanish legend Deco and his play-making ability slotted in the back of the midfield, one this is for sure, ezio is going to be able to produce more goals. Especially with the likes of one of my favorite CM players in Wellington Nem, the guy is an absolute stud up-and-comer and will provide the youth and exuberance this group of seasoned footballers need up front. As always, however, it comes down to how this samba loving side can hold up on the back line in front of one of the best keepers in Serie B.
    This man has a never say die mentality and was dangerous with a so-so Wigan side and I'm a little nervous to see what he can do with a more talented Fluminese side.”

    Olympique Marseille / Go Devils
    The butt of many jokes when it comes to success in the TFS. The manager of this French side has now run 7 teams in 9 seasons collecting just 118 points in 139 games played over that run. But Go Devils inherits a highly talented French squad that is probably the most balanced of his TFS career. With Mandanda in the back in front of a very stout backline, the manager can certainly look to play his strong defense counter-attacking style, but will results finally come with it?
    some talent team…just need to find the right formation and should be able to hang around in B.”

    PSV Eindhoven / redwings8831
    Just finished up his 6th season in the league and is quietly developing into one of its more solid players. redwings8831 took over the PSV team a few seasons back and has steadily risen up through the ranks after mediocre play early on with the LA Galaxy. He produces a good balance of his goals off his front line with Matavz, Lens, and Toivenen all among the Top 15 scorers in the division.
    PSV is deadly in the air and redwings knows how to utilize that threat to a "T"
    “He looooveees his wing play! He is some decent and fast wingers! I wouldn't be surprised if he gets the 3rd spot from Oyer and play a playoff game against LasVegas , and make it to Serie A”

    Saint-Etienne / @A_Touch_Of_Class
    One of the most in-form players in TFS at the moment. He took Serie C by storm and dominated with speed and precision on the counter attack. Looks to have one last season with venomous striker Aubameyang. What else can be said that hasn’t been said already by the teams PR department? J
    “Very dangerous player to play against…caught me on my bad day and destroyed me. As he attacks he lets the back loose a little though . He also relies on couple of players, and you know who they are. He doesn't really play a team-play , he always looks for those 2 guys.”

    Stoke City / COLDPredator
    Former owner of the much traveled Athletic Bilbao. COLDPredator goes from one team that believes in wing play leading to its big man up front, to another. Stoke has a very solid mix of offensive pieces up front to support the man-giraffe known simply as Crouchie. Pennant and Jerome provide the speed on this team with a mass of bulk at the back and up the middle. Best reference I’ve ever heard of this squad comes from the Men in Blazers who refer to them as the White Walkers from Stoke.

    VfL Wolfsburg / LasVegasFC
    A classy manager that usually has one of the better team pages a guy could follow in this league. He also plays a very entertaining brand of FIFA that you can’t help but enjoy, even when he is beating you. Vieirinha was the leading goal scorer back in Season 7, and the Dutchman Bas Dost is tough to handle out in front. Good keeper, strong CBs, this team has a bit of everything.
    “you HAVE to set your team up on defensive from the get-go. He's the only player I've played against where he's going for long-ball, over the top shit where he's trying to get behind you back four the whole match. When I played him, he had 15 passes that he attempted that were over 30 yards from his back four or defensive midfield all the way up to strikers, who were smokin' and jokin' with my CBs. If you have a high line, he'll just lob you to death.”
    “He attacks on fast pace. He likes to wing play …. He will get the second spot after ATOC in my opinion !”

    VfB Stuttgart 1893 / Frenchie1916
    Not an extremely talented team, but long-time manager Frenchie1916 knows his teams ins and outs better than anyone in the TFS. Ibisevic and Cacau are good at converting when they get their chances, but they aren’t going to do much to create their own space. Speed is not the strength of this team, it’s all about possession and build-up play.
    “He is getting better and better at controlling the possession in his half, but not good enough when it comes to creating chances and turning them in to goals! If he can get better at last touches and creating some more chances up front he might be able to get a 5th spot.”
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  2. Frenchie1916

    Frenchie1916 Just a clodhopper of footballer, running pell mell

    Sep 22, 2011
    You best believe my boys are gonna eat, sleep and breathe this quote for the next 10 days. Serie B, look upon my squad, ye Mighty, and despair!
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  3. Claven

    Claven OMFL-Redskins

    Oct 8, 2009
    Can't wait to get the new season rolling.
  4. A_Touch_Of_Class

    A_Touch_Of_Class Walk On

    Nov 20, 2012
    Hey ladies, Squad Update available today :)
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