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Scheduling: The Right Way

Discussion in 'Game Scheduling' started by Snake Eyez, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Snake Eyez

    Snake Eyez Walk On

    Oct 31, 2012
    (this thread comes courtesy of our good friend RRAHx2)

    Guys, let me take a minute to share with you the most, productive way to get a game scheduled. Your scheduling post should include:
    • Your opponent's username via a "tag", done by placing an '@' symbol before the username. Ex: @ + RRAHx2 = RRAHx2
    • The week you are scheduling for (Week 5,6,7)
    • YOUR availability (include SPECIFIC times WITH THE TIME ZONE, not just 'free whenever' or "thursday night")
    • If possible, the best, or an ALTERNATIVE way to reach you (in case plans change, eg. cell #, e-mail address, skype name, AIM, etc)
    • If you can not give your an opponent an exact time, at least post when you will be able to give them an exact time. (Hey not sure when I can play yet, but I will let you know by tonight @ 5PM CST)

    Examples of good scheduling attempts:
    • "Hey @Example, for our Week 7 game I am free between 7PM CST and 11PM CST, Mon/ Tues. I am not available Weds. If you can't reach me here text @ 777-xxx-xxxx."
    • "@Example, I can only play our week 3 game tomorrow night (Wednesday) @ 8PM PST. I am unavailable the rest of the week. Will this work for you?"
    Examples of bad scheduling attempts:
    • "Hey Dolphins owner, when can you play?"
    • "@Example. I'm free thursday."
    • "@Example, I can play @ 7PM." (no day or time zone)
    If you are unavailable to play for whatever reason, then you need to go on AP so your opponent can play. Thanks, guys.
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