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Scouting Report: lilmaggie

Discussion in 'The Dirty Dozen' started by TheCrumbIsHere, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. TheCrumbIsHere

    TheCrumbIsHere Walk On

    Jun 5, 2010
    Scouting Report: lilmaggie

    Offensively: Ran the multiple set offense. Used a variety of formations and used a lot of motion in his attack. He used a variety of rushing attacks ranging from sweeps to draws to delays to counters, etc. Liked to attack the outside of the field but also attacked the middle of the field when it was available with his passing game. Very smart and efficient as well running his offense as he seemed to read what I was doing pretty effectively.

    Likes to get his offense to the line quick to adjust to anything he sees, but overall runs a more ball control, convert third downs at an efficient tick based offense.

    Defensively: Solid defensively overall, made a lot of good reads playing as the Linebacker. Scheme wise, didn't really notice anything too out of the norm. Admittedly, going to look good considering the team he was playing.

    This is the first of the 30 scouting reports I will probably end up giving while I wait for EMU to develop in three years. ;)
  2. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    Offense: Loves to air it out. Wants to hit his big WR (#85?) immediately, he'll hike the ball and laser it over to him. One time it worked well and one time it was picked.

    Defense: (vs crappy WKU) loves to show blitz and makes good on that promise. He brings a lot of 5 or 6 man blitzes using his LBs out of the 4-3 in man coverage. I passed from under center so that didn't help me out too much as his Dline ate me alive.

    A very sim player.

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