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Scouting Report: Northwestern

Discussion in 'The Experience' started by UofCWildcat, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. UofCWildcat

    UofCWildcat Bear Down!

    Mar 13, 2011
    Since i'm sitting at my apartment about to nod off watching this National Title, I decided to do scouting reports on my user games this year, starting with the Wildcats from Evanston.

    On offense, the Wildcats have a very good duel threat quarterback. He's not the most agile guy but once he hits the hole, he can hit his top speed pretty damn quick. He's elusive but the one thing to keep tabs on is his throwing ability. You can't be lulled to sleep by the run game to forget this QB's arm.​
    At halfback, Eric Johnson looks to be a stud. He is quick but also very powerful. Wrapping up will be the key to stopping him. Gang tackling, and contain will be preached all week in practice. But Eric isn't the only big man who can carry the rock. Ron Dingle looks to be a threat blocking for Eric. He can even catch the ball if you sell out on the run.​
    The WRs for the Wildcats look to be the only weakness for them. They are speedsters but aren't pure breed receivers (as are the Arizona receivers). But if you let they get behind you they'll make you pay. The key will be to keep everything in front of us and make sure there is a safety back to not get out run. Jake Edwards at TE looks to be the biggest threat. He's a big boy with great hands. So we must pressure the QB to not let him get the ball out to his speedy receivers or to dumb offs to the FB and TE​
    The Oline is a solid group anchored by their Senior leader in Patrick Browne. The RT Jimmy McKinney also looks to be a solid spot. While the Center and Tackles are big boys, the Guards are smaller athletic guys who will be able to pull and move around to pick up the blitz. Everyone having a few years of eligibility under their belt shows they have some good experience​
    Northwestern loves to mix up the defense running a multiple looks. The Dline is full of big guys (all atleast within 20 pounds of 300) who will test the tackles of Arizona's run offense. B1G lineman are known for their aggressive and firey farmer guys and these Dlineman exemplify that to the highest.
    At Linebacker, the Wildcats look to be fast and hard hitters. Arizona will need to get their FBs and Guards up on them to keep them from terrorizing the Arizona RBs all day. Watch out for the blitz because they all can make a move on a lineman and get to the back field quick.
    If Arizona is to win this game, they will need to pick on these young and small DBs that Northwestern has. Being able to get the WRs (especially against a Freshman SS) past the secondary and even throw some jump balls where the experience of Arizona's receiver corp will be key.

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