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screwed again

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by voltool16, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. voltool16

    voltool16 Walk On

    Jun 29, 2011
    another pitiful display of ai on Heisman level. after not being able to do a damn thing and getting down 21 to 0, i lucked into a 24 - 0 run. of course with 1 minute left garcia throws to a double covered jeffery who of course makes the grab. meanwhile, throughout the course of the game i have 3 balls picked thrown to absolutely wide open receivers in single coverage. THIS GAME IS COMPLETE BS. i may not be able to remain in this league because it just isnt fun. im tired of wasting my time on Heisman level because even after wins, im just over it and turned off form the game.

    its one thing to lose games, its another to actually feel the cpu kick in their bs heisman catchup or cheat code and simply put, make every play possible. ive thrown over 3 picks every single game this year. i have never thrown more than 10 picks a year and i have played this game on heisman since the ps1 days of ncaa 98. i probably have 20 or so picks this year and it isnt over yet.

    i dont know if its the sliders we are using, but clearly having wide receiver catch and qb accuracy lower than the cpu int slider is killing this game. it just isnt fun to throw to wide open receivers all day to have db's make impossible plays. it would be one thing if they just broke them up, but every single time i throw to a receiver on a route over 15 yards, no matter how much separation is had or no matter how far i overthrow it, a db warps in front of my receiver and makes an over the shoulder pick...EVERY DAMN TIME.

    i enjoy the league and pace of everything, i just cant stand this game for a couple days every time i play a hesiman game....even if i win. again....im not bitching because i havent taken a b rated tennessee team undefeated. im bitching because i know god damn good and well im being punished multiple times every game for making the correct plays. i played this game 2 nights ago....thats how unhappy i am about it....2 days later and still feel this way...not just a heat of the moment rant.

    again....nothing against the league and how it is run, playing the games just isnt fun and doestn represent real football on heisman level....especially with sliders in favor of cpu....it kills the ai engine.
  2. Cimmy24

    Cimmy24 Candy Ass Self

    Jul 6, 2009

    In all honesty, if you don't like the gameplay...nobody is forcing you to compete in this league. You're the only one I see or have heard blow up this big about it...last time you made a deal about it in the forums, I asked you to bring video's to show me the gameplay...was it being forced? Was it a bad throw? Was it a SuperHuman CPU play...on EVERY play? You say it is EVERY pass you throw over 15 yards...well save some video's of it then.

    As far as the sliders go, no...WR Catch and QB accuracy is not lower than CPU INT. The sliders for this league are as follows....



    PASS RUSH 45

    That is it...everything else is base 50 Heisman.

    You are also Tennessee, playing with a Sophomore QB who is 84 OVR and has 72 awareness.

    In the two games you have made separate posts in the forums complaining about the settings you played Alabama and South Carolina. For this one, South Carolina's defensive awareness and ratings.

    OLB Anotnio Allen - 87 OVR 93+1 AWR
    MLB Rodney Paulk - 81 OVR 75 AWR
    ROLB Damario Jeffery (Q. Smith the starter is injured) - 82 OVR 78 AWR
    CB Stephon Gilmore - 90 OVR 87 AWR
    CB CC Whitlock - 84 OVR 91+1 AWR
    CB Akeem Auguste - 84+1 OVR 95+1 AWR
    FS Devonte Hollomoan - 89 OVR 88 AWR
    SS DJ Swearinger - 86 OVR 80 AWR

    Those are pretty good numbers to make a pretty tough defense and Alabama's is even better than that. Welcome to the SEC.

    Have other guys mentioned issues with the sliders...yeah, some guys have voiced small concern but nothing to this extent. Maybe try running the ball more? If you continue to throw the AI is going to adapt. Hell, against Alabama you threw 47 times and only ran 8 times with your starting stud HB Poole and 3 with other RBs (3 times with Bray, but I will assume those are the 3 sacks Bama recorded) So you only ran the ball 11 times. 47 pass to 11 rush. Your top receiver Hunter had 6 receptions for 267 YDs...which leads me to believe you liked a certain route? Idk, I'm not a EA Wizard, but if you continue to feed the same receiver and the same route, they'll adapt.

    At the end of the day, I'm not trying to be an asshole, I am just simply saying you are the one with the biggest problem thus far, and I haven't seen any video evidence to help me adjust the settings if it is in fact a major issue. Until I get conclusive evidence besides your rants that this is really that insanely unrealistic or start getting more feedback from other guys that it is really that damn bad that you can't throw the ball, I am sticking with the sliders and moving on.

    Also, if you have this big of an issue with anything, PM me. Don't throw it on the forums.
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