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Seahawks make noise in offseason

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by Matt54987, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Matt54987

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    Jul 23, 2010
    Before a single trade was made or a single free agent signed, the Seahawks had already made a huge offseason acquisition.

    That acquisition was Coach Davis from the Miami Dolphins, who just a few days ago, were most likely an overtime coin toss away from the Super Bowl.

    But the Seahawks were not done. Once the phones opened up and trades were allowed to be discussed, Seattle immediately hit the war room.

    "Corner was a huge concern for us," Davis said. "We knew we had to fix that situation first."

    With former 1st round pick Marcus Trufant an RFA, the Seahawks could have been left with Walter Thurmond III at starting corner.

    So the Seahawks did some digging. They found a Texans team looking to clear some cap space and CB Jonathan Joseph's $9.8 million contract was at the top of their list. Not wanting to part with much on their roster, the Seahawks decided to send the 4th overall pick to Houston for the all-pro corner.

    "We really wanted Joplin," Davis said of the rookies in the draft. "But we didn't want to risk him not dropping to us at 4. So we sent it packing."

    But Seattle wasn't done yet. They had plans to get back in the first round by dealing Sidney Rice, whose cap was a bit too high for a coach who prides himself on running the football.

    The Ravens came calling, but were distracted by Megatron. By the time the Ravens came back, the Jets had already made an offer Seattle could not refuse.

    The offer was not a 1st round pick; it was better. Antonio Cromartie, a young up-and-coming star at corner was offered by the Jets. In an NFC West full of tall receivers (Fitz, Sims Walker, Edwards, Crabtree), the Seahawks knew they needed a tall corner.

    "Antonio is 6 foot 2. That alone is impressive for a corner," Davis said. "We plan on him and Joseph holding down the fort on the out for a long time."

    The deal sent Sidney Rice to Jets, eliminating a deep threat from the Seahawks roster, but Seattle had a bigger concern with Rice.

    "His 65 injury rating just had us worried," Davis said. "We felt it was a big risk to keep him."

    Seattle then signed free agents SS Tyvon Branch and MLB Tavaris Gooden.

    Branch is a young, speedy corner with A potential who should create a scary safety duo with Earl Thomas. The Seahawks paid a large amount for Branch (over $7 million) but they feel it'll be worth it.

    Gooden comes in to join Hawthorne in the middle of this 3-4 linebacking core. His 86 speed and 91 acceleration should help Seattle contain outside runs.

    With their first two picks gone, the Seahawks turned to the 3rd and 4th round to replace Sidney Rice. What they got were two great replacements in Markus Watkins and Anjuan Bowers. The receivers are 6 foot 3 and 6 foot 5 respectively.

    Seattle's lone remaining decision in front office will be whether or not to resign Marcus Trufant.

    Time will tell.
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