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Information Season 1 ACC Team Previews

Discussion in 'Pushing for Paydirt' started by I Peench, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
  2. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010

    North Carolina Tar Heels Football Preview

    Offensive scheme: UNC will be adopting the spread option in 2012
    Defensive scheme: TBA (4-3 or 4-2-5)

    Impact player HB Giovanni Bernard

    Offensive outlook: The Tar Heels boast several explosive football players on offense. Anchored by an offensive line that consists of two pre-season all ACC players in Jonathon Cooper and James Hurst, this seasoned unit should be successful. Giovanni Bernard, who rushed for over 1200 yards last season, will be the unit’s impact player. Bernard was a 1st team freshman All American last season, so it’ll be interesting to see how his talents translate in the new offense. The WR corps is steady: Erik Highsmith and TJ Thrope lead a unit that should fit into the new offense well. The loss of Dwight Jones to the NFL will hurt, but it’s nothing the offense can’t overcome.

    Offensive question mark: Who will be the quarterback? Bryn Renner had a record setting season for the Heels, but is more of a pocket passer. Marquise Williams, a RS Freshman from Mallard Creek, NC, has looked sensational this spring. Williams has a skill set more conducive to running the spread, as he’s very mobile and has a stronger arm. This competition will be intense.

    Defensive outlook: The Heels have had incredible amounts of talent on the defensive side of the ball over the last few years. Robert Quinn, Marvin Austin, Zach Brown, Quinton Coples, and a host of other high draft picks have departed, leaving this unit relatively inexperienced. Having said that, UNC still has some difference makers on this side of the ball. there are still some gamechangers on the defensive side of the ball left MLB Kevin Reddick is a preseason All ACC player who will anchor the unit, while DT Sylvester Williams and DE Kareem Martin will solidify a good front 7.

    Veteran LB Kevin Reddick will lead the defense

    Defensive question mark: Which defense will we run? The man alignment issues in the 4-2-5 might be a bit much for me to look past, but I really want to see if I can make this defense work. If not, I will fall back on the old and steady 4-3.

    Season Expectations: I think winning the division will be a tall task for this team. Buc’s Miami team and DerekC’s VaTech team are going to be really tough to beat. I’d be surprised if I beat more than one of them, and see Virginia Tech winning the coastal. I think 9 wins is the goal this season.

    Circled Game: NC State. Coach Papaloke comes highly regarded by some of his old league mates. Combine that with the fact that he is a user rival, this is my biggest game.

    Recruiting Needs: The #1 priority will be to find another quarterback who fits my system. After that, I’ll need to find a suitable replacement for Giovanni Bernard, as he may leave after this year. I also need to beef up my secondary.
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  3. Bucs

    Bucs GT: ThruTheSmoke47

    Jun 30, 2010
    2012 Miami Hurricanes Football Preview


    Offense: Pro Style

    Defense: 3-4

    Expectations: 8-9 wins is our goal for this season. Do I think we can win more? Possibly, but 8-9 is where we want to be.

    Offensive Outlook: A ton of transition here for the offense, new starters at QB,RB,WR, and TE. The line should bea strength and will have to help out these positon players tremendously. The QBs have potential though and with the proper play calling this unit can score pretty well.

    Defensive Outlook: Chikillo leads the line, Perryman the backers and Ray Ray leads the Defensive backs. How those three fare will tell you how the defense fares. The D will have to be the bedrock of the team, they have the talent but is it mature enough yet? We will see.

    Offensive Impact Player: Will have to go with the entire offensive line. If they play like they should then look out.

    Defensive Impact Player: Denzel Perryman, hes young, but hes hungry, expect to see him flying all around on gameday.

    Circled Game: Any ACC opponent, were going to take every match up as if its the only one of the season. We need every W after a 6-6 season.

    Recruiting Needs: WR and HB, On defense we want to get a few more LBs in place and some help in the secondary.

    Position by Position Breakdown:


    Quarterback: At QB Miami is replacing 3 1/2 year starter Jacory Harris, he holds many passing records at The U including yards, TDs, but also interceptions. Option 1 is Stephen Morris, he comes in with more experience and has the stronger arm. Option 2 is QB Ryan Williams, he is a south florida native but went to Memphis, now he is back home and is a strong contender for the starting job. Williams has the edge accuracy wise and is no slouch, he won a state title in Florida back in High School. Some experts have Morris as the starter while others have Williams, don't be surprised if the starter in week 1 is different from the starter in week 15.

    Halfback: Miami is replacing its first 1000 yard rusher since Clinton Portis in Lamar Miller. Mike James is a great locker room guy and leader of the team, he filled in great as the back up last year scoring 7 TDs. At 5'11 222 he is a guy who will run through and not around you. Behind him is Eduardo Clements, he proved to be a great third down back in limited action last year and is good at getting the tough yards. Two freshman round out the corp with Danny Dilliard out of South Plantation High, he flew a bit under the radar on the recruiting trail to other freshman RB Randy "Duke" Johnson.Johnson set all time florida rushing records in his career and many pundits say he is the best talent to come out of Florida in quite some time. Dillard is a more balanced back who can do it all, Johnson is a scat back a bit undersized but he doesn't play like it, he is quick but is known to run over a few guys here and there.

    Wide Receiver: Santana Moss and Reggie Wayne wont be walking through the door but the cupboard isn't bear.JR Allen Hurns leads the group at 6'3 he provides a nice target, Soph. Rashawn Scott is the #2 guy with tiny Phillip Dorsett in the slot. The position is really up for grabs, one of them will need to emerge as the leader.

    Tight End: A usual strong position at Miami has been in a slump lately, Asante Cleveland leads the group with Clive Walford not too far behind. Both guys can run and catch, but nobody has jumped out to grab the position by the horns and stake claim to it.

    Tackles: Seantrel Henderson will anchor the Right Tackle spot at 6'8 350 he can be menacing, but he hasn't played up to his potential and can be a bit immature. He will need to grow up fast if his career will mean anything. At Left Tackle is Malcolm Bunch, 6'7 325 , another big tackle, he has shown to be solid throughout his career and has a bit of a mean streak.

    Guards: Jermaine Johnson holds the Left Guard spot another 300 plus pound guy he will be key in the run game. Brandon Linder will take the Right Guard Spot. He is a great run blocker and is excellent at pulling and laying some lumber.

    Center: Shane McDermott will be the guy here, at 6'4 290 he is the smallest of the starting lineman but he is a smart kid and will be able to hold his own. The thing about this offensive line is that none of them are seniors so they should have room to grow and mature, and there are some talented freshman behind them.


    Defensive End: 3rd Generation Anthony Chikillo came in as a freshman and grabbed the position by the balls and hasn't let go. He is already a leader on the team as a sophomore and will look to make big plays. Shayon Green will be at the other end spot, he hasn't had much chance to show his stuff but he finally is in the lineup and has shown promise in the spring.

    Nose Tackle: Big ole Darius Smith will be playing this spot, at 6'2 360 pounds he is a monster out there, he expects to cause some mayhem for opposing backfields and free up the linebackers to make tackles.

    Outside Linebacker: Jimmy Gains will hold the LOLB spot, he has shown promise in past seasons and hopes to have a solid year, at 6'3 230 he has a little bit of size but still has nice speed. True Sophomore Gionni Paul will take the ROLB spot, he came in from day one and worked his butt off, but that may not be enough, he will need to play above his ratings if he hopes to maintain his spot.

    Middle Linebacker:True Sophmore Denzel Perryman mans the middle, he wears #52 and hopes to live up to Former Cane Ray Lewis, he was explosive last year and clearly the hardest hitter on the field, its now his defense to run with Sean Spence gone. He is the star of the defense and he has one goal. Win. Behind him is True Freshman Raphael Kirby, he wavered a bit on his commitment but he never really wanted to go anywhere else. He is a solid prospect who will be thrown into the mix right away. He is essentially a Perryman Clone, but lets see if he can produce.

    Cornerback: Brandon McGee has the most experience and will be the starting corner, but LaDarius Gunter is breathing right down his neck for the second spot. Thomas Finnie saw limited action last year as a true freshman but the boy can play, he will see time at the 3rd corner spot. A couple of quick speedy freshman round out the position , but EA's lack of Tracy Howard, arguably the best defensive back on the team as a true freshman is uber gay.

    Free Safety: 3 year Starter Vaughn Telemaque returns as the starter for his final season, he has been solid all throughout his career and hopes to finish it out on a high note. Former QB A.J. Highsmith is near equal in talent and will push him for the job.

    Strong Safety : Ray Ray Armstrong holds the strong safety spot, he is a second team NCAA All American, if he plays up to his talent he could go down as one of the greats at Miami, but his immaturity has lead to some large question marks and hindered his ability to flourish. Kacy Rodgers is the back up, not near as talented but solid for a back up.

    Kicker/Punter: Jake Wieclaw and Dalton Botts will handle kicking and punting respectively , both are on watch lists for awards and should be solid.

    KR/PR: Expect to see Brandon McGee and Randy Johnson back here, if Johnson is redshirted then Thomas Finnie will take his spot.


    There are your 2012 Miami Hurricanes , hope you enjoyed.
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  4. papaloke

    papaloke Fifty Shades of NCAA

    Aug 9, 2011
    NC State 2012 Football Preview
    Offense: One Back
    Defense: 3-4

    Season Outlook and Expectations:
    NC State is coming off a 8 win season where they finished the year with 3 straight wins. 8 wins will do a lot for a fan base and like in most cases, fans want more. In steps Coach Papaloke who will have the daunting task of trying to improve the win total. The wolfpack are made up of mostly 2 and 3 star recruits, most who have redshirted and have gained experience and strength in their time in the program. With a beastly schedule ahead of them, the Pack fan base expects a big year. Being realistic and considering a tough schedule with great coaches in the conference, an 8 win season would be a success.

    Offensive Outlook:
    The head of the wolf in the offense is RS Sr. Mike Glennon. Glennon passed for 2790 yards and 28 TDs last season. At 6’6” he’s a pro style QB that will sit in the pocket and look to pick apart defenses with a strong arm. The O line is the big question mark here, if they can give Glennon time to pass then the Wolfpack should put up some big numbers this year.

    Defensive Outlook:
    If Glennon is the head of the wolf then 4 Star All American David Amerson is the teeth. At cornerback Amerson set an ACC record with 13 interceptions last year. He’ll return kick offs and punts while he roams the secondary looking to make big plays. Amerson is the stand out, the rest of the D will have to follow his lead if the Wolfpack hope to contend this year.

    Circled game:
    North Carolina…the rivalry isn’t quite on the level of Auburn/Alabama but it might be getting there soon. Both teams want to “own” the State.

    Recruiting needs:
    Just about everywhere. The team is full of upperclassmen who will be leaving the program soon. Replacing a Sr QB will be a priority as well as adding depth to the offensive and defensive line.
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  5. DC

    DC Shake n Bake

    Jul 22, 2009
    OFFENSE: Josh Oglesby-TB, Danny Coale-WR, Jarrett Boykin-WR, Chris Drager-TE, Andrew Lanier-OT, Greg Nosal-OG, Jaymes Brooks-OG, Blake DeChristopher-OT, David Wilson-TB (NFL)
    DEFENSE: Eddie Whitley-ROV, Cris Hill-CB, Jayron Hosley-CB (NFL)
    QB Logan Thomas
    Defense / Quarterback
    Longtime defensive coordinator Bud Foster has one of his better groups of athletes coming back, ten starters in all. 6'6 Logan Thomas is proving to be a championship level quarterback.
    Offensive Line
    This is the one area that has some glaring replacement issues. With only one returning starter on this offensive line and very little depth from tackle to tight end, the rest of the college world will wait to see how this unit shakes out before jumping on the Hokies as a Top Ten contender.
    CB Kyle Fuller

    Returning Starters/Key Players
    QB Logan Thomas-Jr Mark Leal-So
    FB Joey Phillips-Sr ..
    TB Daniel Dyer-So Tony Gregory-Jr
    WR Dyrell Roberts-Sr (inj.) ..
    WR D.J. Coles-Sr ..
    WR Marcus Davis-Sr Corey Fuller-Sr
    TE Eric Martin-Jr Randall Dunn-Sr
    OT .. ..
    OG .. ..
    C Andrew Miller-Jr ..
    OG David Wang-Jr (inj.) ..
    OT .. ..
    K Cody Journell-Jr ..

    Returning Starters/Key Players
    DE James Gayle-Jr Tyrel Wilson-Jr
    DT Derrick Hopkins-Jr Isaiah Hamlette-Sr
    DT Luther Maddy-So Antoine Hopkins-Sr / Corey Marshall-So
    DE J.R. Collins-Jr ..
    ILB Bruce Taylor-Sr Jack Tyler-Jr
    ILB Tariq Edwards-Jr Chase Williams-So
    WHIP Jeron Gouveia-Winslow-Sr Alonzo Tweedy-Sr / Nick Dew-So
    CB Detrick Bonner-So ..
    CB Kyle Fuller-Jr ..
    ROV Boye Aromire-So ..
    FS Antone Exum-Jr James Hopper-Jr
    P Scott Demler-Sr Michael Branthover-So
    • Virginia Tech is an offensive line away from being a team capable of running the table.
    • There is no question Virginia Tech is the team to beat in the ACC Coastal Division once again. This will mark for the sixth time in eight seasons the Hokies will have claimed this honor.
    • The emergence of David Wilson as an All-American running back completes one-third of Frank Beamer's coaching philosophy...run the ball, defense and special teams.
    • Logan Thomas will soon be a household name. The passing numbers will continue to climb as the next two seasons progress. His immense physical stature makes him tough to bring down and his leadership qualities will keep the Hokies on top, bank on it.
    • Based on experience and depth factors, this Hokie defense has the makings of being one of Blacksburg’s best. This was the nation's 13th rated total defense in 2011. Returning are 10 starters (eight of them are juniors or seniors) and most of the back ups.
    • Once again, the Virginia Tech schedule is borderline embarrassing. The non-conference opponents for a second year in a row will be void of a Top 25 team. Will this university ever find an athletic department with a scheduling backbone?
    non-conference opponents
    09/15 - at Pittsburgh
    09/22 - Bowling Green
    09/29 - Cincinnati @Landover, MD
    TBA - Austin Peay
    TBA - Duke
    TBA - Florida State
    TBA - Georgia Tech
    TBA - Virginia
    TBA - at Boston College
    TBA - at Clemson
    TBA - at Miami FL
    TBA - at North Carolina
  6. Mike E

    Mike E Earth Rocker

    Dec 30, 2009
    2012 Florida State Seminoles
    Season Outlook: The 2012 Florida State Seminoles come off a somewhat disappointing 9 win season in 2011 have sky high hopes for greater success this year. Both sides of the ball return 9 starters, and a whopping 9 defensive players are on many people's pre-season All-ACC teams. A lot of people point to FSU being over-rated year in and year out, last year was no exception. For the coaching staff, last year's ranking to start the season was not one that they particularly liked, as all along they had been pointing to this, the 2012 season as the year when it would all come together.​
    Offensive Outlook: There are play-makers all over the field for this offense. With 3 running backs that could carry the load for most teams in the country, and a pack of big wide receivers this could be an explosive year for the 'Noles. Quarterback E.J. Manuel will be the man in charge of the offense this season, as last. The biggest question mark will be; can he lead the team and live up to the hype that came with him when he came out of high school?​
    If there is a glaring weakness on this team, it is the offensive line. There is a distinct possibility that by the time ACC play rolls around there will be 4 freshmen starting on the line. While these kids are talented, there could be some growing pains...​
    Defensive Outlook: Few teams can boast of having this many talented athletes on the defense. 9 starters comeback from the 2011 #8 ranked defense and look ready to dominate in 2012. The key to this defense lies within the defensive line. led by two all american candidates in DE Brandon Jenkins, and DT Everett Dawkins, this front 4 will be a force all season. Behind them lie the usual 4-5 star athletes. With the potential for as many as 5 all-americans, will this Seminole defense live up to the hype and allow the team to push for a BCS Title?​
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    2012 Predictions​
    With a tough game against Oregon to open the season, and a monstrous ACC schedule, the Florida State Seminoles have a lot to overcome if they wish to represent the ACC in a major bowl game. If the leaders of this team, EJ Manuel, Brandon Jenkins, and Greg Reid can get these kids to come together, the sky is the limit. As well, if the offensive line can gel and minimize mistakes and missed assignments things could be exciting in the ACC.​
    Prediction: 9-3, 3rd in the ACC​

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