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Season 1 Draft Review

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by mmorgan184, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. mmorgan184

    mmorgan184 Walk On

    Sep 15, 2011
    I figure we can all review our drafts here and maybe even use this as a rookie discussion thread for the season. I will spruce this post up a bit in the morning, but the Saints defense is looking a lot better after using 7 out of 8 draft picks on that side of the ball.

    New Orleans Saints Season 1 Draft

    I came into this draft with the #4 overall draft pick. There were 2 big name QBs and, a WR, and a CB I felt would be taken in the top 4. I don't need anyone except the CB but figured I would be better off with trading down in the draft and trying to get more draft picks this season and next season to address more needs on defense. I got offers from a few teams but ended up settling on a trade with the Ravens. I ended up trading my #4 overall pick and amassing the Raven's 2013 1st and 2nd round picks, their 2014 1st and 3rd picks and WR Johnny Knox. So having said that here is how my draft ended up.

    Round 1 pick 32. LE Jakhari Hopkins Boston College

    This guy is the perfect size for a 4-3 Left End at 6'4" 286 lbs. He isn't exceptional at any facet of the game but he is well rounded and a great balanced player who can shed blocks to defend the running game and has both finesse and power moves when rushing the passer. Most importantly he has Superstar potential and looks to be an anchor on the defense for the next 10 years.

    Round 2 pick 4. SS Calvin Evans Stanford

    Calvin Evans hopes to add a different skill set to this position on the Saints. Current SS Roman Harper is great in run support and rushing the passer whereas Calvin Evans excels in coverage and should be able to help our slow secondary by providing some solid coverage if the offense decides to go vertical. Most important Calvin Evans possesses the Superstar development trait.

    Round 2 pick 32. CB Christian Reyna Syracuse

    Christian Reyna should start the season as the nickel back until he makes the complete adjustment to the defense where I will then expect him to be my #1 corner due to his athleticism and hopefully developing coverage skills. Reyna is a quick learner and should develop quickly in our scheme.

    Round 3 pick 4. FS Jabari Edwards Stanford

    The teammate of SS Calvin Evans, Jabari Edwards comes in to his rookie year as a very raw talent. He should get plenty of playing time as current FS Malcolm Jenkins will be lining up as a corner in the majority of packages we deploy this year. Jabari Edwards excels in coverage and projects as a superstar talent.

    Round 4 pick 4. OLB Taurice Sears UCF

    We had him graded out as one of the better OLB in the draft but didn't intend on drafting him. Unfortunately the pick right before this one the OLB we had at the top of our board at this position was chosen so we had to settle with Sears. Sears comes in as a developmental talent but has the quick development package. Hopefully he can take over at OLB in the next year or two while mainly playing on special teams and 3rd and long packages this year.

    Round 5 pick 4. OLB Sam McCurdy Oklahoma

    This pick was the result of me having a few guys left on my board that I had actually scouted so I knew exactly what I was getting with this pick. McCurdy will add much needed depth at the LB position and hopefully develop into a specialized player over the next few years. He is just an average talent.

    Round 6 pick 4. MLB Blaine Lee Bloomsburg

    MLB Blaine Lee was scouted as an average linebacker with high intangibles. He can position himself well because of his high awareness and play recognition skills which allows him to put a lot of hits on the ball carrier and amass a lot of tackles. He is an average talent and should see plenty of playing time this year spelling Curtis Lofton as MLB and playing on special teams.

    Round 7 pick 4. K Sterling Henslin Manitoba

    This canuck ended up on my team because I simply had nobody left on my board that I wanted. I decided to let the CPU pick this player and I couldn't be happier with the result. He comes in as a rookie with 93 kick power and 84 kick accuracy. Not bad for the 7th round and a position of need, eh?
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  2. Jmustang1968

    Jmustang1968 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010
    Colts 2013 Draft Review

    Rd 1 Pick 24
    WR Jaquante Wright
    With the Jaguars taking WR Lake, we had to go to our next WR on the board. Wright is a big target at 6'4 240 and has great receiving skills. He is a bit slower with mid 80s speed, acc, and agi, but Wright knows how to get open. He will be an immediate impact player looking to mix it in with Wayne, Simson, and Collie. He should take over for Wayne as our #1 next season. He also has superstar potential which will help him develop rapidly.

    Rd 1 Pick 31
    RT Bob Krautman
    We traded with Carolina for this one prior to the draft and put it to good use striking gold on Krautman. The mauler RT has super star development and at 83 overall, is an immediate upgrade over the previous RT Justice (who we cut). Another immediate starter and future Oline cornerstone.

    Rd 2 Pick 31
    HB Nathan Campbell
    Big whiff here. We panicked when the OG we had targeted went right before and didn't have a good 2nd option ready. We had scouted Campbell and liked his athletic abilities, but wanted him later in the draft. He is buried in the depth chart and will only see special teams action.

    Rd 3 Pick 24
    DE Corey Thomas
    We wanted a QB Anderson, but ran out of time and the cpu picked Thomas. He is actually a pleasant surprise as he is a very athletic DE that came in as a 77 ovr in the 4-3 scheme edge rusher. He has low block shed, but we will work on that.

    Rd 4 Pick 24
    QB AJ Cleary
    After missing on Lucks backup in the previous round, we went with the best available this round. Cleary is bad, with no arm. But he has no potential, he has been cut.

    Rd 7 Pick 24
    C Rico
    Rico is terrible and was cut from the team.

    Grade B-
    A decent draft overall. We picked up 2 starters with high potential in the first, but missed in the 2nd. Our 3rd rounder was a gem as Thomas will eventually fill in for aging Mathis and Freeney. The rest of the draft was a wash.
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  3. Jmustang1968

    Jmustang1968 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010
  4. DaveIV82

    DaveIV82 Walk On

    Aug 27, 2012
    Texans 2013 Draft Review

    Rd 1 Pick 9
    QB Ryan McNeilly
    This was my 2nd rated QB on the board behind Bell. It turns out, that I like Ryan just as much now that I have him. The main drawback is that Ryan's development is QUICK and Bell's is STAR. Extremely happy with this pick. This was my biggest need.

    Rd 2 Pick 9
    WR Keshawn Bouie
    I had him as the 3rd best receiver in the draft. This was my 2nd biggest need. I look forward to developing this guy. 95 speed, 83 catching, 87 catch in traffic. The main thing he needs to work on right now is route running (65). Looking forward to him taking over the #2 WR spot in the near future.

    Rd 3 Pick 9
    LT Ashley Curry
    Needed a backup LT and the starter Duane Brown has been difficult to resign (had to tag him). Turns out this was not too bad of a development pick. While Curry is a weak 65 OVR, he has 87 Pass block. This is the most important stat for an LT in my opinion. I will work with him to get his run blocking where it needs to be. This pick will hopefully develop into a solid backup.

    Rd 4 Pick 9
    FS Terraine Langi
    Free Safety was a big need for me but the draft proved to be thin at this spot. I waited to pick one up later and this turned out to be a waste. Doubtful this guy makes the roster at 59 OVR with 80 SPD. Was able to pick up a FA FS who is 77 OVR and 27 years old.

    Rd 5 Pick 9
    FS Dareyon Vincent
    See previous comment. This guy MIGHT have a punchers chance as he is 92 speed. Depends how he performs in the preseason.

    Rd 6 Pick 9
    CB Matt Taylor - 52 OVR wont make the cut, was able to pick up decent corners in FA

    Rd 7 Pick 9
    CB Antonio Timmons - 59 OVR wont make the cut

    Noteable FA Rookie Pickup:

    Mr. Irrelevant WR Devin Lewis
    Needed some depth at WR so checked the FA list. Check out his attributes as he was drafted and then cut 7th round, pick 32.
    OVR 66
    Catching: 80
    Catch in Traffic: 76
    Route Running: 82 (very valuable stat IMO)
    speed: 90
    Acceleration: 98

    While he may not develop into a star, having good depth at receiver cannot be overlooked. I am very happy with this pickup. He had 5 receptions for 78 yards and a TD in his preseason debut.

    Grade B-
    This cannot be a higher grade as the bottom half of the draft gets an F. Ryan and Keshawn were great additions and Curry will develop into a good backup. Overall I am pleased with this draft. My team was already deep so I was not too worried later in the draft, as long as my early picks worked out.
  5. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    Well the jaguars went into this draft looking to trade out of the 1st for more picks, trying to fill as many holes as possible with this team. The plan worked as they traded away the 2nd pick in the draft for future picks and the 13th pick in the draft, but we werent able to get rid of the 13th or 19th picks. With those picks, the draft went something like this.

    1st Rd

    WR Ross Lake 6'5" 81 OVR
    FS Fernando Jones

    Ross lake was the best available WR in the draft at the time. We tried to work out a deal with the Colts for the pick however we were unable to do so because of the issues with pausing the draft. The next pick was a simulated pick because I ran out of time :( Fernando Jones is HORRIBLE and would be cut but his huge bonus makes that impossible. Ross Lake is a monster however, but I'm sure anyone who scouted the WRs knew that.

    2nd Rd

    HB Dezrick Johnson
    HB Kedron Thompson

    The Jags needed help at RB since trading away MJD. The additions of Dezrick Johnson as a balanced feature back and the home run hitter Kedron Thompson really makes Jacksonville's offense scary. And the offseason signing of Isaac Redman as a power back really solidifies the Jags running game.

    3rd Rd

    DE Cory Caine

    Jacksonville struggled with putting pressure on the opposing team last year. The offseason signing of Andre Carter is huge for the D-Line, but the presence of Cory Caine is huge as well. Caine is a big guy at 270 lbs considering he is 6'3" but he has 90 speed with 89 acceleration. Pair that up with his 81 FMV and we have a VERY physically gifted lineman. He has INJ problems (65 INJ) but hopefully he can tough it out (85 TGH)

    4th Rd

    CB Shaquille Carillon

    Shaq is a big corner at 6'1" and we already have Ross and Cox at 6'0" and 6'1" so the secondary of Jacksonville is looking to compete with the bigger athletic WRs in the NFL. His 85 MCV pairs up well with his 79 ZCV and was the best CB at that point in the draft. Rashean Mathis was sent packing this offseason and we needed someone to fill the gap. We may have found the next Rashean Mathis.

    5th Rd

    Traded to Minnesota for WR Jenkins last year.

    6th Rd

    SS Jeron King

    King is a coverage safety which is what we needed. His 79 ZCV was the highest of all the remaining safeties at this point in the draft and with a few seasons he could be a very good cover 2 guy. His catching is awful (12) so i dont think he will ever record an INT. Maybe he will pan out like Carlos Rogers, perhaps i'll buy this guy some contacts. Or maybe he was involved in some sort of horrible lab experiment which resulted in him having stone hands. Whether he is some freak from Chernobyl or just blind, he will be roaming in the secondary for those Quarters and Dollar packages.

    7th Rd

    CB Beau Elliott

    Well Jacksonville still needed help in the secondary and this guy looks like a mini Revis. Well, he is 5'8" and will probably never be matched up with a #1 or #2 WR, he has 87 MCV and should be a good Nickel CB for those Man to Man plays. He's a role player, and will NEVER see the field in a zone defense.

    If i had to give myself a grade, I'd go with an A because i addressed every position i wanted to and then some. But im also bias. :D
  6. mmorgan184

    mmorgan184 Walk On

    Sep 15, 2011
    Wow Jags, that looks like an A draft to me.
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  7. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    Seattle Seahawks Draft

    1st Round: RG - Cale Welch - Overall 90 - Development: Quick
    Welch fits perfectly into the power run system in Seattle. He also addresses our biggest weakness in the starting 22. His upside is one of the great ones, his downside is a very productive RG for the next decade.

    2nd Round: WR - Anton Lee - Overall 71
    Possesion receiver adds depth to a group in need of playmakers.

    3rd Round: WR - Tyhre Robinson - Overall 68
    DIsappointing pick in an attempt to double down on the WR need. May not make final 53.

    4th Round: QB - Tony Thompson - Overall 72
    Slides right in to 3rd QB role with upside of moving to #2. Average arm, good accuracy.

    5th Round: RT - Kyle Ryan - Overall 64
    Adds Depth to OL unit.

    6th Round: RE - Kerry Taris - Overall 67
    Fringe player that will be fighting to make final 53.

    7th Round: CB - Geneo Parr - Overall 57
    Fringe player that will be fighting to make final 53.

    Rookie Free Agents:
    RE - Jameel Smith - Overall 75
    WR - Chase Foreheand - Overall 74 (Jumping 99, Release 95, Speed 90)
    LOLB - Amos Brown - Overall 70
    HB - Ty Gainer - Overall 69
    MLB - Jamar Fuller - Overall 69
    DT - Patrick Winter - Overall 68
  8. bringbackjimmy

    bringbackjimmy WTFWTTD

    Feb 10, 2009
    Dallas Cowboys Draft

    1st-HB Julio Caulder 80ovl
    This guy comes in at 6'1" 238 with 92 speed. It doesn't get better for opponents and comes packing a 93 SFA and 92Trk making him almost impossible to take down with just one guy. He's basically a bigger faster stronger version of Frank Gore.

    2nd- RG Andrew Shaw 70 ovl
    Hes got a few yrs to grow behind FA pickup Moore, but should be ready to take over the spot in 2 yrs and will be a quality swing G until then.

    3rd- TE Kent Mask 70 OVl
    I am considering this a miss pick as i should of been paying attention to the stories, because obviously he was hurt or i would have a backup TE with 89+ spd. If i didn't pick Mask thinking i got a superstar i would of drafted Anderson as romo's future successor. Mask does have good hands, but will most likely be a backup during his tenure.

    4th-WR Cody Becker 80 ovl(route runner)
    hes got 86 cth and 90 rte makes this my 2nd best pick. looks to be the 3rd WR the cowboys have been missing since....well since ever.

    5th-DE Felix Goins 66 ovl
    probably wont see the field much, but is a decent insurance policy with a 85 power move and good tck/hit power 81//86

    6th-QB Scotty Brown 68ovl
    Has a good arm, but really needs to work on his accuracy. the real bright spot is his speed coming in at 92 so if we can get romo back for a yr or 2 he will be dangerous after some work..

    7th WR Ben Dittmer 63ovl
    I really don't know why hes rated so low as all his wr categories are in the 70's and has great speed. he will get some playing time yr, but will most likely be used as a returner

    undrafted FA
    WR Antonio Barros 64
    LE Derrick Simpson 69
    RE Isiah Foose 70

    Caulder and Becker make this draft class solid i would give it a B as it only got 2 guys that will help out right away.
  9. RyanC

    RyanC Walk On

    Feb 21, 2011
    Cpu drafted most of my players. But getting Robb Bell was a huge move, as he will be the franchise QB and will fit the West Coast offense like a charm
  10. DirtSouthDan

    DirtSouthDan Walk On

    Oct 17, 2012
    My draft was a bust. Of the 6 picks I had (4th round pick must have been traded IRL), only 4 players made the team. And two of them are on shaky ground.

    1st round pick:

    83 OVR LT Daven Rabasa 21 yrs old 87 PBK 80 RBK 84 IBL 91 STR and 70 SPD

    This monster with SUPERSTAR development will be the replacement for Backus.

    2nd round pick:

    74 OVR LE Chuck Grandon 20 yrs old 79 FMV 76 BSH 72 SPD 92 ACC

    Nothing special, but a solid backup for 4th yr player Everette Brown

    3rd round pick:

    62 OVR LB "Don't recall 'cause he hit the door so fast"

    4th round pick:


    5th round pick:

    63 OVR FS Vincent Beckwith 22 yrs old 86 PWR 85 JMP 76 CTH 87 SPD

    Picked to fill a need and I knew there wasn't much left. i was right. Only has a job due to my lack of
    quality backup safety. Will more than likely hit the door once a trade or other option comes available.

    EDIT: Cut

    6th round pick:

    62 OVR FS Jabri Snead 22 yrs old 80 ZCV 88 SPD 90 ACC

    This was the only pick besides my 1st round that saved my draft. Although the OVR is ugly, he has QUICK development and nice speed. Should make a decent backup one day.

    7th round pick:

    48 OVR TE "Jobless Bum"

    See ya. Have fun on the Arena league practice squad.

    Draft Grade: D-

    EDIT: D- Three players make the final squad. Addressed the LT position but the safety spot could use some additional depth.
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  11. stryder24

    stryder24 Walk On

    Aug 18, 2010
    1st round

    Michael dudzik TE, 81 overall... New starting TE already has 2 100 yard games under his built... Love this pick

    2nd round picks

    Garrett ocarroll 67 OVR. Bust of a pick.... He is fast, but very very raw, 3rd safety right now
    Jamaal butler... 70 OVR. Speedy but needs time to develop, currently is a backup and is on special teams.

    3rd round picks

    Marion green WR 67 OVR. Raw as well, had a good preaseason, hopefully will be starting next year.
    Sean Hamilton-lecky... 75 OVR Starting ROLB, has 2 TFL already this year.

    4th round pick

    Marcus Harper. 72 overall, but quick development, 2nd TE, but Miami runs a lot if 2 TE sets so he will get plenty of PT

    5th round pick

    Harold clowney WR 67 overall, but fantastic potential with good speed, and 88 catch..... Cracked the starting lineup and already has 3 TDs. Love this guy


    Kevin Arthur, 71 OVR, starting FB, nothing flashy but fills the hole
    MLB frank gutekunst 67 OVR. Buried on depth chart... But 20, has potential
    Dj Oliver 66 OVR CB, made the team because of special teams play

    Overall, love clowney, dudzik, and Hamilton-lecky.....

    Grade b-
  12. recchem2000

    recchem2000 UCLA > WSU

    Feb 24, 2009
    Cleveland Browns

    Round 1 - 1st overall (2nd in game, draft snafu)
    Clinton Faulk, WR, FAU
    Clinton is not a big dude by any means, checking in at 6'1", 185 lbs. However, the guy can play football. He's got speed to burn (98) and can take the hits the NFL has to offer (DUR 94). Faulk gets off the LOS quickly with his 97 ACC. He joins the Browns and becomes the best hands on the team (CTH 86) as well as the best route runner (80). Faulk will have an immediate impact in the starting lineup and for years to come.

    Round 2 - Pick 1
    Cortney Callendar, CB, Nevada
    Cortney was a CPU pick as coach Recchem was caught sleeping at the wheel in round 2 of the draft. However he does fill a need for the Browns. Callendar has been seeing lots of time on the field as the #2 CB on the depth chart. He has good size (6'2", 202 lbs) and enough speed (92 SPD and ACC) to play in the league. He also has some of the better hands on the team (75 CTH...not saying much for the current state of the Browns receiving core).

    Round 3 - Pick 1
    Logan Martinek, LT, Illinois
    Logan is a project as he came in rated 72 OVR. He provides some depth at the tackle position. He has great size (6'6", 321 lbs) and is a skilled pass blocker (83). He needs to develop his run blocking (72) more if he wants to crack the starting lineup anytime soon.

    Round 5 - Pick 1
    Cejay Williams, RE, UCF
    Cleveland was in desperate need of Defensive ends and it showed with their selections in the 5th and 6th round. Cejay checks in at 6'4", 284 lbs. He's quick for a big man (SPD 80, ACC 85). Decent moves on the LOS (8O FMV and 79 PMV) will let him see some action on 3rd downs. However, he lacks some fundamentals. His tackling (67) leaves something to be desired. Williams is rate 65 OVR.

    Round 6 - Pick 1
    El Davis, LE, Texas South
    Davis is the other end selected by the Browns in this draft. Another kid with good size (6'4", 282 lbs) Davis is raw but has potential (71 OVR). He's not as fast as Williams (75 SPD, 70 ACC) but is much stronger overall (90 STR). He's a better tackler than Williams (78 TKL) but doesnt have the LOS moves that Cejay possess at the moment. Time will tell if either of these picks pan out.

    Round 7 - Pick 1
    Lakarius Powell, ROLB, Purdue
    Powell doesnt look to get much playing time at all his first season. 63 OVR. Again, good size for the OLB position (6'1", 240 lbs). 74 SPD, 79 ACC, 80 STR. Good pursuit rating of 80. Another project here.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2012
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  13. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012

    1st Round Pick (From New Orleans Saints)
    SS - Jordan Sherrod 6'0" 196 / 80 OVR - 81 ZCV, 78 TAK, 83 POW, 93 SPD, 80 AWR

    The #1 player on the Ravens big board, Sherrod was highly sought after, after his apperance in the Senior Bowl and personal workouts on campus. After Ed Reed retired there was no doubt the Ravens had to make a move to get this kid. Sherrod has played great through 3 games, second on the team in tackles and has 1 interception on the year.

    4th Round Pick
    DT - Jahmeek Orr 6'3" 304 / 66 OVR 81 BSH, 70 PMV, 78 FMV, 78 SPD

    Orr was brought end to add size and SPEED to the edge in a 3 man rush. Orr weighs in a 304, and what he lacks in strength he makes up for in speed which is at 78. Orr will mainly play LE in relief for McPhee. He will also play DT on passing downs to add a speed presence.

    7th Round Pick (Mr. Irrelevant)
    P - Lincoln Anderson 5'11" 222 80 OVR - 99 KPW, 77 KAC

    In the last pick in the 2013 Draft Anderson was taken as Mr. Irrelevant as a unscouted, projected undrafted rookie. This kid is a gem with NINTY NINE kick power. He reguarly puts the ball out of the field of play on kick offs, and has the leg to drive the ball deep on punts.


    WR - Rodney Parks 5'10" 204 / 74 OVR - 75 CTH, 78 CIT, 95 SPD, 96 ACC

    Parks an undrafted rookie was invited to mini camp after a YouTube video went viral with him out running Jeff Demps in a foot race. Parks was a SOLID addition and currently mixes in the slot and #4 reciever. He has seen plenty of playing time with early injuries to Torry Smith and Brandon Tate.

    CB - Dequarius Henry 6'2" 190 / 68 OVR - 85 MCV, 84 PRC, 73 PRS, 90 JMP, 92 SPD

    Henry was brought in because of his size, at 6'2" he provides a big body in the event the Ravens starters go down and they face a big body receiver. 6'2" with 90 jump, 84 man coverage and 92 speed Henry is a work in progress but is a workout freak who made the cut.
  14. Jmustang1968

    Jmustang1968 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010
    Nice rookie FA's.

    I think next season we will have a waiver wire type draft of the undrafted guys. Seems to be too many gems in there to let them go FFA.

    I am jealous of that Punter.

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