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Season 1 - League Description / Rules / Sliders

Discussion in 'Southern Fried Dynasty' started by PIG BOMB, Jul 21, 2013.

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    PIG BOMB Walk On

    May 26, 2011

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    Southern Fried Dynasty League Description

    We, like all other leagues at TSO, are a sim "style" league. This means that your game play should reflect real life NCAA football ideals as much as possible. Sometimes the expectations have to be altered from real life because it is, in the end, a video game.
    Non-sim game play will not be tolerated. We don't want to see stat-whoring, 15 yard QB drop backs, excessive QB scrambling, etc.

    We look to advance every 48 hours. Sooner if everyone finishes their games.

    In the Southern Fried Dynasty users will start their coaching career at a school in the MAC or the Mountain West.
    League commissioners will assign schools based on request and discussion with the coaches.

    The objective is to get an offer to coach at school in a Southern based conference via COACHING CAROUSEL.
    The Big12, The SEC, or The ACC will be an acceptable destination and users should declare their most desired school as their Alma matter to have an extra shot at getting the job. Accepting a role as a coordinator in one of these conferences is also acceptable on your road to becoming the king of Southern Fried Football.

    All users are required to provide content for our league that will be posted here at TSO. Please check out some of the Premier leagues for ideas. The commissioners will discuss content ideas and options with all the users and assign “jobs” as needed.


    League Settings – These are the base settings and we can adjust as we progress as needed and as recommended by the TSO community.

    Difficulty: Heisman
    Quarter Length: 7
    Speed: Normal
    Threshold: 15

    Game Play Sliders: User/CPU
    Adjusted during the season.

    QB Accuracy: 15/15
    Pass Blocking: 15/35
    WR Catching: 35/40
    RB Ability: 50/50
    Run Blocking: 0/35
    Pass Coverage: 70/85
    Interception: 35/45
    Rush Defense: 55/100
    Tackling: 55/55

    Special Teams

    FG Power: 40/45
    FG Accuracy: 30/50
    Punt Power: 35/35
    Punt Accuracy: 50/50
    Kickoff Power: 35/35

    Offsides - 75
    False Start - 40
    Holding - 50
    Facemask - 50
    OPI - 15
    DPI - 15
    KR/PR Int. - 55
    Clipping - 50
    Int. Grnd - 75
    RTP - 50
    RTK - 50

    General League Rules

    Our league follows the TSO generally accepted rules. We may tweak the rules based on our needs and changes in the game due to patches etc.

    Just don’t cheese. Play sim-ball. This is not a win at all costs league and if you play that way chances are it won’t be sim and you’ll get the boot.

    Always recruit before you play to avoid the league advancing after your score posts.

    Coaching Jobs
    All users must finish 2 seasons with their fist school before accepting a new job in one of the approved southern conferences.

    All users must declare offensive/defensive playbooks at the start of the season and stick with it through the season.
    No custom playbooks.

    Game adjustments: Run Commit is not allowed and Pass commit is only allowed in obvious situations. Tempo can be adjusted at appropriate times per the rules (basically winning and losing in the second half). Running a hurry-up offense all game long is not allowed.

    Recruiting Restrictions
    Restrictions may be added after season one based on results and feedback on the new recruiting system. For season one you are free to go after the big fish if you like.

    Player's Leaving Restrictions
    Nobody can sway a player > 90 or anyone > 85 that has won an award (Thorpe, Maxwell, Biletnikoff, etc).

    Running Up the Score
    Good sportsmanship is a major part of TSO, so running up the score on user opponents will not be tolerated. This includes both User and CPU games. Please use good judgment when leading by a large margin. There isn't a reason to see multiple 70-80 point scoring games.

    There are things you should do when on the positive end of a blow out. Removing your starters, punting, running the ball and chewing the clock should be staples of your gameplan. Starters should not be scoring when up by four scores. Late scoring will also not be tolerated. When up big, there should not be a reason to score in the closing minutes of the game.

    Position Changes
    *** Note that position changes only apply to recruits being switched to position different from their natural positions and current players. Players recruited as ATHs can be 10 lbs and 2 speed points away from the restrictions and still qualify. A petition can be made for an exception to an ATH who may be close to the restrictions and is not capable of playing other positions well. A post should be made in the forum explaining the situation with full attributes of the ATH and OVR ratings at different positions.

    Pos Notes
    QB: No Restrictions
    RB: No Restrictions
    FB: Restricted
    - Weight restriction > 230 lbs
    - Speed restriction < 84
    WR: No restrictions
    TE: Restricted
    - Height restriction > 6'0''
    - Weight restriction > 225lbs
    - Speed restriction < 86
    OL: No restrictions
    DT: Restricted
    - Weight restriction > 265 lbs
    DE: Restricted
    - Height restriction > 6'0''
    - Weight restriction > 240 lbs
    - Speed Restriction < 83
    OLB: Restricted
    - Weight restriction > 215 lbs
    - Speed Restriction < 85
    MLB: Restricted
    - Weight restriction > 225 lbs
    - Speed restriction < 85
    DB: No restrictions
    KR: Restricted
    - Speed restriction < 90
    PR: Restricted
    - Speed restriction < 93

    If you experience a freeze in game please find some sort of way to provide proof the game has actually frozen (video proof is the best way). All of us probably have some sort of recording device. Once I determine if the restart is valid or not (video proof will show that) you may restart. DO NOT RESTART UNTIL YOU RECEIVE PERMISSION! If it's not valid it's going to be sim'd.

    The amount of scholarships that can be offered at any given time will be dictated by the following formula:
    A = number of seniors on your team that will graduate
    B = 70 minus the current amount of players currently on roster (many teams have 70, some a few less).
    A + B = total number of available scholarships.
    Example: 8 seniors, roster has 68 players on it, 8+2=10, you can sign 10 kids.

    Coach Skill Tree
    We are starting as level 10 coaches with no restrictions as to how you distribute those points. After the dynasty launches newly earned points must be evenly distributed between management and recruiting. Coaching trees may not be reset.

    Player Editing

    Editing of player ratings is prohibited and cause for immediate expulsion from the league. Equipment can be edited if you are into that kind of thing and if it doesn’t cause problems with the file.
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    PIG BOMB Walk On

    May 26, 2011
    After Week 3 (Season 1) sliders were adjusted. (Minor Tweaks mostly - toughened up CPU run & pass DEF mainly).

    After week 4 - sliders were tweaked and penalty sliders were also tweaked for the first time (based on a study that showed they effect game play)
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