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Season 1 PAC-12 Team Previews

Discussion in 'Pushing for Paydirt' started by Bulldog, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Bulldog

    Bulldog Coach Richt is my Dawg!

    Jul 1, 2010
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  2. Bulldog

    Bulldog Coach Richt is my Dawg!

    Jul 1, 2010
    USC Trojans Football Preview
    Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

    Offensive Scheme: We will be using USC's playbook as a base and adding Pistol and Shotgun formations.

    Defensive Scheme: 3-4


    Offensive outlook: The Trojans have a STACKED offense starting off in 2012 with Barkley at QB and Curtis McNeal at TB it may just be too easy to score. We also have alot of depth at wide-receiver with Robert Woods and Marquise Lee heading the WR core Matt Barkley should have no problem throwing for 2000+ yards this season.

    Offensive question mark: Will McNeal get it done at HB this year or will one of the Sophomores have to step in. George Farmer and DJ Morgan both could see alot of playing time if something happens to McNeal.

    Defensive outlook: We have a sturdy defense this year and hope to shut down those strong PAC-12 offenses. I can't complain with guys like TJ McDonald at FS and Nickell Robey at CB. I think if we can shut down the pass our defensive line and linebackers will be able to handle the run very easily.

    Impact Player Matt Barkley


    Veteran FS TJ McDonald will lead the defense this year

    Defensive question mark: Our middle linebackers. We have a pretty young defense this year and hope to bring in some talented recruits to keep the defense dominant but if our middle linebackers can get it done this year I will be happy.

    Season Expectations: UNDEFEATED! No doubt we expect nothing short of a National Championship this year. It would be a disappointment if we didn't with having a 99 rated team and it being tUSC I think my expectations are fair.

    Circled Game: Oregon. If we can beat Oregon I like our chances they are our strongest test this season with Washington and Utah being a close 2nd and 3rd. I wonder which uniform they will wear in our game Danthraxxx there's no doubt about it they have plenty to choose from.

    Recruiting Needs: Our secondary and defensive line. We look to recruit a good Quarterback as well. I'm hoping we can get a good HB and we need to work on the offensive line as well but the number one priority is the defense in 2012.

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  3. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011
    Team Motto: "Fear the Beaver"
    Offensive Style: Pro Style
    Defensive Style: 4-3
    2012 Recruiting Class:
    Beaver's Offensive Starters:
    Field General
    QB: Sophomore Sean Mannion (6'5"/215lb)
    FB: Senior(RS) Clayton York (6'0"/235lb)
    RB: Sophomore Malcolm Agnew (5'8"/204lb)
    Receiving Corp
    WR: Senior Markus Wheaton (6'0"/180lb)
    WR: Sophomore Brandin Cooks (5'9"/177lb)
    WR: Senior(RS) Jordan Bishop (6'3"/207lb)
    TE: Senior(RS) Colby Prince (6'3"/262lb)
    Hog Miley's
    LT: Freshman(RS) Darryl Jackson (6'6"/286lb)
    LG: Junior(RS) Josh Andrews (6'2"/297lb)
    C: Sophomore Roman Sapolu (6'2"/284lb)
    RG: Sophomore(RS) Michael Beaton (6'3"/292lb)
    RT: Junior(RS) Michael Philipp (6'4"/324lb)
    Offensive Redshirts:
    RB: Sophomore Terron Ward (5'7"/192lb)
    FB: Sophomore Tyler Anderson (5'10"/210lb)
    WR: Sophomore Obum Gwacham (6'5"/224lb)
    Beaver's Defensive Starters:
    The Frontline
    LE: Sophomore Scott Crichton (6'3"/263lb)
    DT: Senior(RS) Andrew Seumalo (6'3"/287lb)
    DT: Junior(RS) Mana Rosa (6'3"/275lb)
    RE: Sophomore Dylan Wynn (6'2"/265lb)
    Linebacker Corp
    LOLB: Sophomore DJ Welch (6'2"/220lb)
    MLB: Senior(RS) Feti Unga (6'1"/248lb)
    ROLB: Junior Michael Doctor (6'0"/223lb)
    CB: Senior Jordan Poyer (6'0"/190lb)
    FS: Senior(RS) Anthony Watkins (6'1"/217lb)
    SS: Freshman(RS) Peter Ashton (6'1"/211lb)
    CB: Junior(RS) Rashaad Reynolds (5'10"/186lb)
    Defensive Redshirts:
    [​IMG] N/A [​IMG]
    LOLB: Sophomore Jabral Johnson (6'0"/234lb)
    ROLB: Junior Cade Cowdin (6'2"/220lb)
    FS: Sophomore Tryequek Zimmerman (5'11"/206lb)
    Beaver's Special Team:
    People who kick the ball
    K: Sophomore Trevor Romaine (5'11"/200lb)
    P: Junior(RS) Keith Kostol (6'3"/232lb)
    Season Outlook:
    Oregon State is a young team and will look to win 5-6 games. Depth is going to be an issue since they lack a lot of talent behind the starters and if any injuries occur the season will be a long one. In recruiting Coach Sawemoff will start his search for 3-4 defensive players, a big TE, and FB.
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  4. MartyWebb

    MartyWebb C.R.E.A.M.

    Jul 25, 2010
    2012-13 UCLA Football Season Preview
    The Bruins don't only want to call the Rose Bowl home just for regular season games anymore.
    Offensive Scheme : Air Raid​
    Defensive Scheme : 3-4​
    Defensive Outlook :
    We'll start on the other side of the ball, because Coach Marty Webb will be implementing his Modernized version of the 3-4 in Los Angeles this year. A system that usually has growing pains due to lack of ideal roster, this year shouldn't prove to be entirely difficult with the roster he has inherited. The most important part of the 3-4 defense, the defensive line, comes loaded with the big uglies that should provide not only a pass rush but problems for a team attempting to run it up the middle. At Noseguard, a rotation of Senior Donovan Carter(6'2", 313lbs) and Junior Seali'l Epenesa(6'2", 323lbs) should demand a double team due to pure size. While the Defensive End positions, playing more like DTs, will be Junior Cassius March(6'4", 295lbs) on the right side, and Senior Datone Jones(6'5", 280lbs) on the left side. ​
    While they're decent pass rushers, they'll have excellent company next to them from the next level, the all important outside linebacker positions. While LOLB Anthony Barr lacks weight(238lbs) his 6'5" height will keep any quarterback having to release a little higher to keep balls from being batted down, and his counterpart at ROLB Jordan Zumwalt at 6'4" should provide the same situation for left-handed QBs and any quarterback attempting to throw to his weak side. Anchoring the middle of the second level, and assisting in both pass coverage and run defense will be MLB Patrick Lattimore(6'3", 253lbs) and MLB Eric Kendricks(6'2", 230lbs.) This senior and sophomore tandem, respectively, with their excellent length and good speed should prove to be difficult to read from opposing offenses, and "a lot of fun to play around with" as quoted from Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator Marty Webb. "These guys can play just about anywhere on the field, so it's my job to put them where they'll be the most successful and where they'll cause the most problems for the other side." ​
    As far as defensive backs go, UCLA is sitting in a good position for this year, while future years might come with question marks. Their best three cornerbacks, all seniors, can not only keep receivers frustrated, but can make running backs weary of whether or not they want to take their luck up the middle. Andrew Abbott, Aaron Hester and Sheldon Price will certainly be the key for UCLA's success on defense, because with constant movement on the front 7 will make defenses hard to read, their jobs remain pretty easy; to keep guys from getting open. They'll be backed up by Sophomore FS Tevin McDonald and Junior SS Deitrich Riley. This Safety tandem, while not the best in the country, will rely on athleticism and their teammates ahead of them to force opponents in what they refer to as "interception alley." ​
    Defensive Questionmark :
    Besides the adjustment to the new scheme, the major questionmark comes in depth. If injuries plague the defense, you'll find UCLA looking remarkably thin at nearly every position that isn't defensive line. Strong side LB Anthony Barr also has a lot to prove, transitioning from the offensive side of the ball, and as one of the leaders on defense, and sometimes lackluster ability to make tackles, he'll be in charge of making sure his defensive teammates are all in the right spot play in and play out. ​
    MLB Patrick Larrimore looks to bruise opposing quarterbacks egos
    Offensive Outlook :
    The UCLA Bruins will change offensive scheme, for seemingly the millionth time in the last decade, heading into the 2012-13 season. The Air Raid, ala Houston Cougars, will be charging up and down the beautiful field at the Rose Bowl this season. ​
    Anchoring the offense is an experience offensive line, from left to right with LT Jeff Baca, LG Greg Capella, C Chris Ward, RG Albert Cid and RT Xavier Su'a Filo. While experience is a good thing, the new offensive system will rely on them doing something they don't like doing, and that's defending the quarterback instead of enforcing their will on defensive lines. "It isn't as much fun, I'll agree with that, but as long as it leads to wins just about any of us will do whatever it takes," said Xavier Su'a Filo when asked about his willingness to focus on the pass rush. As a pre-season All-American, Su'a Filo will certainly have the displeasure of getting attacked more than not, but with not only teammates, but friends alongside him, the UCLA offensive line looks to be it's best for the first time in a long time. ​
    At wideout, WR Shaquelle Evans, WR Jerry Rice Jr and WR Ricky Marvray have all been on campus for three years, and suffered through at best impotent offenses. With the Air Raid, their shackles shall become broken, and their freedom to roam about the open field become more commonplace. Speed is the first thing that comes to mind, but while none lack an incredible ability to catch, they do have the benefit of lining up with one of the best tight ends in the country in TE Joseph Fauria. Fauria's speed, and excellent size(6'7", 258lbs), will prove to be difficult for the land's best linebackers to cover, and even moreso the cornerback and safety attention he'll grant. ​
    Senior RB Johnathan Franklin would likely be the least excited player of this bunch. While his willingness to do whatever it takes to win, his role as running back in an Air Raid system will change from being able to run whenever he needs to, to adjusting to what the game gives him. "We're going to use him alot, he knows that, but his route running and pass protection are now just as big of a part of his game as his running back ability," spoke Marty Webb concerning Franklin. The Senior from Diamond Bar, California had an option to transfer out, but stayed because let's be honest, it's a freaking video game he can't transfer, and said, "I want to win, so for my last year of eligibility I want to bring these great fans a PAC-12 title." ​
    Now we come to the most important part of this system, the quarterback. We'd normally be talking about Senior QB Kevin Prince, who's been with the team this now his 5th season, but instead, Coach Webb decided to go in another direction. Freshman(RS) Brett Hundley out of Tuba City, Arizona will be leading the Bruin offense this season. "We like Prince, we do, but fact is we're not in Bel Air, and we need to worry about this team's ability to not only win now but down the road. I believe Hundley gives us that option;" said Coach Webb after the Bruins Spring game. Brett's arm and accuracy won't be the only thing that makes him vital to this system, but his ability to tuck the ball and run as he's easily the most athletic quarterback on the roster, and his ability to lead blocks in front of him will prove to be vital. ​
    Offensive Questionmark :
    The offensive line. While it's scattered with talent, it also is in unfamiliar territory with PAC-12 defensive lines chomping at the bit. While they should adjust fine, expect growing pains between their ability and QB Brett Hundley's ability to read the defense quickly and get rid of the ball. Also the great Jerry Rice's son, Jerry Rice Jr's growth between a decent season last year, as he'll be looked upon to bring the ability and maturity his father brought to the game. ​
    Recruiting Needs :
    Cornerbacks, cornerbacks and more cornerbacks. This team is set for the 2012-13 season, but with their top three cornerbacks all being seniors, they'll need players immediately. Look for UCLA to possibly take a JuCo or two to help the transition in the defensive backs adjustment to next season. ​
    Game to look for :
    USC. Was there ever any doubt? While this year might not be the year, UCLA does plan on ending USC's dominance in not only the PAC-12 South but in the National Championship race every year. Let's just hope they can do it without having to cheat like the Trojans have made a habit of doing.​
    Season Expectations :
    With a new starting quarterback, new coach, and new offensive and defensive scheme, we expect the UCLA Bruins to go 8-4, and 10-2 at best depending on their out of conference schedule success. ​
    Freshman(RS) QB Brett Hundley looks to make his first start and first season a special one.
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  5. Baron

    Baron "I'm PFP's reckoning."

    Jul 5, 2011
    2012-13 Utah Football Season Preview
    Expect to see a ton of this under new Utah Head Coach Baron
    Offensive Scheme : Spread Option​

    Utah will utilize spread, shotgun formations to spread the defense horizontally, fast wide receivers and tight ends to stretch the defense vertically and, most importantly, the zone read to create a numbers advantage up front. And, for a further wrinkle, the fullback and tight end will be brought inside the formation as a wing back to aid in power running. "The key thing about this offense is optioning off defenders and making sure that no matter what the defense does, they're wrong."
    Head Coach Baron hopes to get his defense on Bama's level soon
    Defensive Scheme : 3-4​
    The single most important position in coach Baron's 3-4 is the NT, and Utah has one of the best in the game. Having a beast up front will allow the Utes to get pressure and stuff the run without having to resort to as many blitzes as most 3-4 teams. But then they do blitz, they'll look to create confusion and mismatches to make opposing QBs lives hell. "Transitioning on defense is probably harder than transitioning on offense. Blocking is blocking on offense. Getting the ball in your hands and running with it is the same across all offenses. But going from a 4-3 to a 3-4 involves a ton of changes for everyone involved. But we've got some talented guys to hopefully compensate for that."
    Defensive Outlook:
    Defensive Line
    Star Lotalekei (95 OVR) could not be more appropriately named for the Utes. At 6-4 and a massive 325 lbs, with incredible strength (95) power moves (89) and block shedding (85), Lotalekei will be the lynchpin for Utah's defense."As he goes, so goes our defense. A great NT can cover up for a lot of things in this scheme, and he'll need to as we make sure everybody's in the right spots."
    And he'll have to be as the Utes make the transition to Baron's 3-4 defense. There will likely be a switch of responsibilities between LE Nate Fakaltaua (82 Ovr) and RE Joe Kruger (82 Ovr) because of their different sizes and specialties (6-4, 240 lbs and 6-7, 275 lbs respectively). Kruger looks to be the ideal LE for helping stop the run and plugging holes. And while Fakaltaua might lack ideal size, his pass rushing abilities should see him pair nicely with Kruger and Lotalekei.​
    A solid group that has the skills to make the transition to the 3-4 not terribly painful, but this year no one will confuse the middle 4 for an Alabama squad just yet. Of concern is the second MLB in VJ Fehoka (75 OVR, 5-11, 223 lbs). Hopefully the defensive front will keep these guys, especially VJ, untouched and let them go make plays. "These guys may not be familiar with the scheme and they could do a few things better, but if the DL holds down their blocks, they'll probably find that they like this scheme a whole hell of a lot."
    Talented and fast at Corner and FS, with a smack-you-in-the-mouth SS, the only thing the Utes secondary lacks is depth. While they have 3 corners all above 83 OVR with 95, 91, and 95 speed, there is a steep drop off to the 4th corner. "This secondary has got to get ready for the offenses we're facing this season. We don't need them to shut anybody, but we need them to slow these great Pac-12 offenses down for us to have the best chance to succeed."
    Defensive Questionmark:
    Can the Utes stay healthy? Even great defenses have been undone by injuries and the Utes certainly can't afford any major starters on the sidelines. Schemes can only make up for so much. Look for Utah to utilize the standard nickel formation to keep their best players on the field and guard some of the holes they have. "We've got a chance to be great this year, but we can just as easily shit the bed. These guys need to realize just how thin the margins will be this season."

    Offensive Outlook :


    The Utes have a full blown quarterback controversy on their hands. Between more traditional quarterback Jon Hays (6-0, 205 lbs, 89 OVR Senior) and the faster Jordan Wynn (6-2, 207 lbs, 89 OVR RS-JR) things could easily come down to a coin flip between the two. But that coin is probably weighted in favor of Wynn because of the shift in offensive philosophy that Coach Baron brings. "I think it's great that we have two guys that I can plug into my system if the other one goes down. But schematically, I think Jordan probably gives us the best chance to do what we want to this year."


    While the Utes might have a controversy at QB because of two equally talented signal callers, the Utes will be able to give offenses fits because of their potential for a thunder and lightning ground game. John White is a paltry 5'10, 186 lbs and might not be able to handle some of the hits from the PAC-12's LBs. That's if they can catch him of course. With 93 speed, 94 acceleration and 91 Elusiveness, White is the ideal scat-back to help spread the defense laterally on the zone read. And to help lighten the load, they have 5-11 225lbs Kelvin York. York is a big, old fashioned bruiser (89 trucking) that can pound defenses inside on the inverted veer to keep the LBs and Safeties of opposing defenses from flying out to the perimeter. "We're probably going to run a few more two back sets than I usually do. It's all about getting the best players on the field and then getting them the ball."

    Wide Receivers:

    Easily the deepest position for the Utes this year, the top 5 wide receivers all have speed above 90, and 4 out of those 5 have acceleration above 90, with the odd man out having a respectable 87 acceleration. Led by 6-1, 200 lbs Senior Devonte Christopher (91 OVR) the Utes can create mismatches just by having 3 or 4 WRs on the field at a time. "Some spread teams get into trouble because that third or fourth guy doesn't really command attention from the defense. This year, I'm really hoping opposing teams make that mistake for us. And, heck, if they don't, things get easier on the interior."

    Tight End / H-Back:

    Kendrick Moeai may just be the player best suited for his role in HC Baron's offense. At 6-5, 240 with good blocking ability (79 Pass, 76 Run with 86 Impact Blocking) means that he'll be more than capable of performing his H-back lead duties in wing formations. But his speed (83 speed, 85 acceleration) and ability to go over the middle and snatch the ball (86 CIT) is what makes a truely versatile weapon for the Utes. "Other than Star, Kendrick might just be the most important guy on this team. He's going to be asked to do a lot this season but I think he's up to the task."


    While they may not have the most talented offensive line in the country, the Utes certainly don't lack for size up front. Averaging at 6-2.5 and 310 lbs, the Utes have a monstrous O-line. But their ability might not match their size as only center Tevita Stevens (87 OVR) is above 83 overall. Of particular concern is LT Percy Taumoelau (77 overall). While only a sophomore, Taumoelau will be expected to stop up his game if the Utes want to keep pace with the great offenses of the PAC-12. "These guys are young with the ability to grow into real bruisers but we don't have time for them to grow up. We need them to be set from the get go if we want to have the kind of season we want to."

    Offensive Questionmark :
    The offensive line has to play above expectations or at least not be disastrous. "We have the playmakers at every spot on offense we could possibly want. The only question is whether or not our guys up front can do their jobs well enough to allow our playmakers time to do their thing."
    Recruiting Needs :
    There are three key areas of need: Corners to help shore up the secondary after two starters depart, a strong MLB to solidify the 3-4 in Salt Lake, and a ton of offensive line talent. While the Utes will have to replace some key starters next season, those three areas are the biggest concern. "We've got some holes right now, and some new ones going into next year. But if we get a couple of key guys, we can keep rolling right along."

    Game to look for:
    USC in Week 5. The Utes should be 4-0 (depending on when the user OOC game is scheduled) heading into their pivotal matchup with the Trojans in Salt Lake. The USC game kicks off a brutal stretch of three straight user games in the month of October for the Utes and how the Utes start that run will probably determine what kind of season they have. "Saying we're not looking ahead to this game would be a big fat lie. If Utah is ever going to get the national respect we crave, that road goes through Coach Bulldog and his Trojans."
    Season Expectations :
    Utah might be the team with the highest ceiling and the lowest basement as a team in PFP. If things go right in the user games, Utah could easily emerge as a national title contender and PAC-12 champion. If injuries and shoddy coaching rear their ugly heads, Utah could easily go 8-4 or even worse despite having a solid roster.​
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  6. Danthraxxx

    Danthraxxx Walk On

    Mar 17, 2011
    2012-2013 Oregon Ducks preview

    The Oregon Ducks come into the season fresh off a Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin and are looking to take the next step towards becoming a perennial powerhouse in winning a national championship. The university decided the best move to get them over this hump was to send coach Chip Kelley packing and bring in coach Danthraxxx.

    In 2011 the Ducks had the #4 ranked offense in all of the land, gaining almost 530 yards a game and averaging 46 point per game, but could not bring home a title. The new coaching staff has put emphasize on defense and getting tougher in the trenches going forward. Look for the defense to be stout this season with 6 returning starters and a more aggressive style from the new staff.

    The offense itself will go through a bit of a minor overhaul, looking to air it out more than in the past. Last season Oregon was 68th in passing yards in the country, look for that number to go up quite a bit this season.

    Impact players

    The Ducks return only 4 starters on offense but do not let that fool you, this team is loaded with talent as the new starters are athletic and looking to make names for themselves.

    First on that list is HB Kenjon Barner , who had 939 yards & 11 TD’s on the ground last season. He should be a big part of this offense not only on the ground but also through the air as he has shown good hands in the spring and looks ready to be a dual threat.


    Second on that same list is QB Bryan Bennett , who will enter the season as the new starter despite a tough fight for that spot with freshman QB Marcus Mariota. Coach Danthraxxx loves what he sees from the 6’3” 205lb Bennett , in the new offense he will be asked to throw more than originally thought and so far has looked great in the new role this spring. Look for Bennett to be the key to the offense and possible the entire season as a whole.

    Over on the defensive side of the ball the Ducks will look to the 6 returning starts to carry the load, but have a good mix of young talent to boot. The leaders of this defense will be junior OLB Michael Clay , and senior ILB Kiko Alonso. These two linebackers will look to implement the new tougher, aggressive Oregon defense installed by the new staff. The young secondary will be led by a veteran FS in John Boyett , who is looking to improve his draft stock this season.

    Season outlook

    The PAC 12 conference schedule shapes up to be pretty favorable this season for the Ducks. The North division has a few tough opponents this year, but they will all be in Autzen stadium for the most part. North home games this year are: Wazzu, Washington, Stanford. The Ducks should not sleep on the season finally against hated rival Oregon State in Corvallis, OR. This game has been known to produce big upsets and the Beavers may be looking to ruin an Oregon season by November 24th.

    In out of conference play the Ducks will travel to Tallahassee, FL to take on the Florida State Seminoles this year in an early season showdown. Look for this game to have potential national championship implications.

    If the Ducks can manage to stay healthy I look for them have 10 win season, and contend for a BCS bowl game. With so many new starters on offense and
    tough road games against FSU & USC it would be a bit of an upset for a national title this year.

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