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Season 1 Previews

Discussion in '4th Horseman' started by Wyrmreaver, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
  2. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    Season 1 Preview
    OFFENSE: The team will be employing the Reaver Spread this year. This offense is a shotgun based system that focuses on the run first from a variety of looks with a ball control approach to passing and the occasional shot down the field just to keep the defense honest. The QB is expected to be able to run the ball and often there will be 2 HBs on the field. WRs will be asked to run the ball in limited circumstances as well.
    QB: Fifth year senior CJ Brown (88 OVR) will be asked to lead this team. Brown and backup Ricardo young (a Junior 84 OVR) have all the tools to effectively run this offense, but Coach Wyrm needs to get some recruits in to carry the torch soon.
    HB: The team will be relying on a pair of sophomores to share the load. Wes Brown (83 OVR) and Brandon Ross (82 OVR) are talented enough to keep the offense rolling, though neither is really a game breaker at this stage of their career.
    FB: The team will rarely employ a FB, but when they do, Tyler Cierski (76 OVR) has enough athleticism to catch the defense if they don't account for him.
    WR: Sophomore star Stefon Diggs (88 OVR) is the most explosive player on the roster. Stefon will have to have a big year and draw a lot of attention in order to open things up for his running mates. Deon Long (82 OVR) will be the #2 WR while Levern Jacobs (75), Nigel King (74), and Amba Etta (73) should all see spot duty in the spread.
    TE: Senior Dave Stinebaugh (79 OVR) has the right kinds of skills to be successful for us. #2 TE PJ Gallo (70 OVR) is just a freshman, so we are hoping he develops into a heck of a player.
    O-Line: Senior G De'Onte Arnett (84 OVR) is the anchor of this group. As a whole the line is mediocre, but there is enough youth in the mix that they should develop nicely in our system.
    DEFENSE: The team will run the 3-3-5 hybrid defense. This defense strives to make up for what it lacks in size with speed and scheme. Expect us to be aggressive and creative. We could be rushing just 2 or as many as 7 on any given play, so offenses will need to make good pre and post snap reads to have success against us.
    D-Line: A pair of Juniors will be pivotal in our front 3 this fall. Darius Kilgo (85 OVR) at the nose is just the kind of big body we need in the middle and there is depth behind him. Keith Bowers (86 OVR) at DE will hope to make up for a lack of talent opposite him and behind him on the depth chart.
    LB: This unit will be a trio of Juniors. MLB Cole Farrand (86 OVR) will be moving outside as the team transitions away from a 3-4. Opposite him will be Alex Twine (85 OVR) while LA Goree (85 OVR) mans the middle. As a unit, this group is athletic and tough though we will have to recruit some speed at LB if we want to keep the same level of production after these first two seasons.
    CB: Seniors Dexter McDougle (84 OVR) and Isaac Goins (82 OVR) will start while Junior Jeremiah Johnson (82 OVR) will see the field a lot in the nickel. None of these guys are shut down corners and we return only 3 corners after this year, so this is an area of immediate need on the recruiting trail.
    Safety: These postions are critical in the 3-3-5. The deep middle will be patrolled by Sophomore Sean Davis (80 OVR) who should provide stability there for a few years. The two SS spots will also be held by Sophomores. Anthony Nixon (81 OVR) on one side and Zach Dancel (77 OVR) on the other should be a good combo. Both players are well suited to the 3-3-5.
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  3. Automatik

    Automatik Walk On

    Jun 4, 2012

    On Offense the Wildcats will be led by one of the Nation's top backs in Ka'Deem Carey who will look to improve on his 1900+ yards and 23 TDs last year. With JUCO transfer QB Jesse Scroggins struggling with accuracy issues during Spring Football, don't be surprised if Carey is asked to do more for the Wildcats this year.

    Coach Automatik will not hesitate to pull Scroggins for RS Freshman Javelle Allen if Scroggins can't get the ball consistently to 6-3 WR Austin Hill and 6-5 TE Michael Cooper (89 CTH).

    Arizona's Offensive line might be their weakest link(other than Special teams). Don't be surprised to see plenty of 2 TE sets if this unit struggles protecting Arizona's QBs or creating holes for Carey. Coach Auto will definitely make recruiting top tier O-linemen a priority.


    This side of the ball will definitely need improvement(118th last year) if the Wildcats want to have a shot at the Pac-12 championship.

    Experience is a non issue for this defense as the Wildcats will be fielding 6 seniors starters this year. With the speed of their LB core, Arizona will not be afraid to keep all 3 Linebackers on the field on passing downs.

    In the backfield, CB Jonathan McKnight will be asked to shutdown opposing #1s while FS Jared Tevis(90 speed) and SS Tra'Mayne Bondurant(88 speed) will be asked to take chances at creating Turnovers.

    Special Teams:

    Kicker Jake Smith is awful and Punter Drew Riggleman is ok...


    Look for the Wildcats to put up a fight vs the top teams in the conference but they're a year or two away from contending for the Pac-12 let alone a BCS bowl game.

    Prediction: 9-3
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  4. Jamie

    Jamie Walk On

    Mar 27, 2012
    On offense, UCF will look to a balanced gameplan to win games this year. Blake Bortels leads this team with an accurate, although not a very strong arm. Quick, short passes will be in play. His back up is Tyler Gabbert. If Gabbert sounds familiar, it's because his older brother Blaine, currently resides in Jacksonville.

    Storm Johnson leads the ground attack. Cedric Thompson is his back up but it is clear that Johnson will be the workhorse. FB Blake Davis is a good blocker and has the speed to be a surprise out of the backfield. The recieving corps are led by Rannell Hall. He, J.J. Worton and Jeff Godfrey could spend a lot of time on the field together in three reciever sets. Justin Tukes and Kevin Miller are the Tight Ends and like most teams, can open the field down the middle and block very well. The offensive line are better than the overalls might suggest. All five starters are three tool talents; (run blocking, pass blocking, impact blocking) and will provide holes and lanes for this offense to work.

    Defensively we will live and die on our ability to stop the run. With five good to great Corners and very good safeties, We aren't too concerned with defending the pass. But our DT's will have to eat space so that MLB Terrance Plummer has the room to make plays. LE Deion Green and RE Thomas Niles will provide a decent pass rush. I expect us to only rush four most times, which four though is another story all together. LOLB Troy Gray can eat space in a hurry and he will be counted on to help guard those increasingly iritatingly speedy TE's.
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