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Season 1 Previews

Discussion in 'Pushing for Paydirt' started by hornfaninbama, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    Season of Change
    Tuscaloosa, AL- Many Tide fans were shocked in February with the abrubt departure of Nick Saban for the Dallas Cowboys. Alabama hired Coach Trey, the reigning National Pee-Wee coach of the year to take over, and keep Nick Saban's well oiled machine running.

    The Tide are expected to keep the Pro Style offense for, at the very least, this season. It's not Coach Trey's preferred system, but Alabama has the players for the Pro Style, and the staff doesn't want to try to make round pegs fit square holes. As with any Pro Style offense the success will start with the QB and the RB's.​
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    AJ McCarron has returned for his senior season, and he's changed a lot from the tall, skinny kid from St. Paul's in Mobile. When McCarron got to campus he looked like SEC defenses might be able to break him in half. He was 6'4" 190 pounds, and despite offers from all over the country, not someone the Tide faithful expected to become the QB at Alabama. Star Jackson got to campus the year before, Phillip Sims joined the Tide the following season, and McCarron looked like he would be a career backup or have to transfer. But he beat out Jackson and Sims for the starting gig after Greg McElroy graduated and has led the Tide to back to back National Titles. McCarron has earned a place alongside Bart Starr, Joe Namath, Kenny Stabler and Jay Barker in the pantheon of all-timers in Tuscaloosa and figures to be a high draft pick in next season's NFL draft. There are rumors he could fall because of the sheer awfulness of his chest tattoo.

    TJ Yeldon and Kenyan Drake are the top 2 RB for Alabama this season. Yeldon is the latest in a string of excellent tailbacks in T-Town. Mark Ingram was the first truly excellent RB Alabama had seen since Shaun Alexander, the Tide transistioned smoothly to Trent Richardson and then Eddie Lacy and now to Yeldon. Yeldon had some issues hanging on to the football last season, and the coaching staff hopes that changing his carrying style to high and tight will help him with his fumbulitis. Drake was also a freshman last season, but didn't see much playing time. He figures to see time only to give Yeldon a spell. Jalston Fowler will see 5-10 touches a game from the FB spot. The 242 pound former RB will be a very tough guy to drag down.

    Good skill players can't do anything without a good offensive line, and despite all the losses from last season's squad Alabama looks to be in good shape up front. The Kouandijo brothers will play next to eachother on the left side. Austin Shepherd and Anthony Steen will hold down the right side with Ryan Kelly anchoring the OL from the center spot.

    Going back to Bear Bryant, Alabama has always hung their hat on the dominance of their defense. Nick Saban continued that tradition, and Coach Trey knows that he needs to continue the tradition if he's to be beloved by the fanbase. He's got a good base to build from thanks to a defense stocked with former :4stars: and :5stars: commits. The Tide will stick with the 3-4 employed under Nick Saban, but may eventually change over to a different style.

    The 3-4 is dependent on excellent LB play, and the Tide figure to have it this season. Adrian Hubbard and Xzavier Dickson will play the outside spots, and Hubbard will have oppotunities to put his hand on the ground to rush the passer on occasion. CJ Mosley and Trey DePreist will play the all important MLB spots.

    Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix and Vinny Sunseri will be the QB's of the secondary from the safety spots, with Landon Collins backing both of them up. Clinton-Dix led the SEC in interceptions last season, and the staff hopes he can continue to be a gamechanger for the secondary. The CB are experienced but are a step down from Kareem Jackson, Dre Kirkpatrick, Antonio Langham and Javi Arenas. Both Sunseri and Clinton-Dix will have to be on their game all season long for the defense to play up to their potential.

    The Alabam fans waited a long time for a return to the summit of College Football. After Gene Stallings and Jay Barker led the Tide to the 1992 National Title it took 17 years before they won the next title. Hopefully the change from Saban to Coach Trey doesn't lead to the same desert wandering scenario.

    Sorry Bucs, best defensive play of all time, except it didn't count.

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  2. Philstyle3005

    Philstyle3005 Walk On

    Oct 19, 2011
    QB- SR. Barry Brunetti 6'0 211

    Most expected the Junior Bo Wallace to be the Starter in Oxford but Barry has looked good in practice and has been named the starter for now. He only threw 36 passes last season but will surely throw a lot more this season. He'll be on a short leash though with Bo ready to go in at any moment, but the coaching staff has a lot of faith in this senior. They'll also use his speed to make plays in the run game and keep defenses off balance.

    RB- Sr. Jeff Scott 5'7 170

    Jeff is a speed back who should work out perfectly with Barry starting. He's a very shifty back who can hit the whole quickly and if he gets into open space, you can forget about catching him. To be a speed back, he also has really good carry. He will be a playmaker this year for the Rebels.

    WR- Fr. Laquon Treadwell 6'3 190

    Laquon was the #1 recruit at WR last year and the standout from Illinois is hoping to make a big impact on the SEC this season. Originally, it was thought that he would redshirt this season because of the depth at WR, but the coaching staff has decided that he has too much talent to sit out a season and will start immediately. Treadwell has good height to put pressure of cornerbacks, and solid speed, fast enough to get a few deep balls and to make plays when given space. Needless to say, the coaching staff is expecting a big season from the freshman.

    The Offensive line is filled with 4 SRs and a Junior, so this unit has a lot of experience. They're expecting them to provide a lot of protection for Barry and to open up holes for Jeff. The line will be the reason that Ole Miss is successful this season or the reason Ole Miss has a mediocre season.

    DE- FR Robert Nkemdiche 6'4 282

    Robert was the #1 recruit in the nation and everyone was after him. Ultimately, he chose to come to Oxford, which just like Treadwell, surprised everyone. Robert will start on the right side of the defense immediately and even though he's a Freshman, the coaching staff, and everyone else, is expecting him to have a huge season. He has good speed and great ability to get to the QB. It should be fun to watch him develop over the next few seasons.

    MLB- RS Sr. Mike Marry 6'3 256

    Mike is the anchor of the defense, and one of the best middle linebackers in the country. He's a great tackler and can really make hits that can cause a lot of fumbles. The Defense will depend heavily on him playing well and look for him to lead them.


    Overall, Ole Miss is expecting a pretty solid season and a bowl game. They have the ability to win the conference this season, but it won't be easy. A 2 loss season is more likely with this team.
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  3. Bulldog

    Bulldog Coach Richt is my Dawg!

    Jul 1, 2010

    The Bulldogs start the year with a new defense and an experienced offense. Last year Georgia lost to Alabama 32 to 28 in what was said to be the best SEC Championship game ever. This year the Dawgs have alot of new faces on defense but also alot of talented young players. The offense is led by Senior quarterback Aaron Murray and should be very explosive with Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall the best duo in the SEC.
    Quarterback: SR(RS) #11 Aaron Murray(96 ovr)[​IMG]
    • Aaron Murray returns for his senior year in hopes to get an SEC Championship ring and hopefully a National Championship ring. He is going to be the best quarterback in SEC history(statistically). Murray has a very good arm, 95 throw power rating and 90 throw accuracy rating. He isn't the fastest player but that doesn't matter because he is a pocket passer, don't be surprised if he takes off on occasion though.

    Running-backs: SO #3 Todd Gurley(92 ovr) and SO #4 Keith Marshall(89 ovr)
    • Georgia will be a run team mainly because of these guys. Todd Gurley has been called the best back in the nation and people have said Marshall would start anywhere else and I have to say I agree. Gurley is just a flat out beats, he breaks tackles almost every time he touches the ball, he's fast and quick. Marshall is faster than Gurley but isn't a power back which is perfect for us. Look for these two to have a big year.

    Wide Receivers: JR #26 Malcolm Mitchell(85 ovr) and JR #31 Chris Conley(84 ovr)
    • Mitchell is our best receiver without a doubt but Conley is good also. Malcolm is a play-maker and seems to always make some spectacular play every game. Conley is very consistent and catches everything you throw his way.
    Tight End: SR(RS) #88 Arthur Lynch(86 ovr)
    • Lynch is a perfect NFL tight end and could have went pro last year but he decided to return with Murray and try for the ring. At 6'5 258 pounds Lynch is a huge receiver and can also block pretty well. Look for him to be very involved in the offense.
    • The defense is talented but very young like I said above. We look forward to seeing what they can do this year and I think we will be ok. SOme standouts on defense are LE Garrison Smith, RE Ray Drew(The Pastor of Disaster), SR LOLB Chase Vasser, JR MLB Amarlo Herrera, SO ROLB Jordan Jenkins, JR CB Damian Swann, JR FS Corey Moore and SO SS Josh Harvey-Clemons.

    Special teams
    • We have two pretty good kickers. SO K Marshall Morgan can make 60 yard field goals in his sleep. SO P Collin Barber has a heck of a leg and can punt the ball a mile.
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