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Season 1 Recruits - Revisited

Discussion in 'After Midnight' started by Dru50, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009
    Saw bravejaf do this in T1, and thought we'd take a look in here. I'd like everyone to go to your season 1 recruiting board at http://forums.traditionsportsonline.com/threads/season-1-recruiting-boards.81356/ and comment briefly on the impact each kid has had on your team. I would imagine that many of these guys are current starters by this point.

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  2. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009
    Georgia Bulldogs Season 1 Recruiting Class
    15 available scholarships

    1. :5stars: #1 ATH Evan Brooks, 78 OVR
    Was moved to CB and stepped in as the nickel back in year 1. Moved to the #1 CB in season 3 but is now the #2 CB behind Julian Hollis (year 2 recruit).
    2. :4stars: #26 ATH Bryan Carr, 79 OVR
    Was moved to WR even though he was a better fit at HB. Sat in year 1 and redshirted in year 2, but is now the #3 WR. He isn't great at catching but is an elite athlete who can stretch the defense.
    3. :4stars: #2 FS Zach Hayden, 80 OVR
    Moved into the starting role day 1 on campus and has started every game in his career. I wished he made more big plays via the INT but he patrols the middle well enough and has the type of elite athletic ability to make plays all over the field.
    4. :4stars: #2 OLB Cedric Freeman, 79 OVR
    He is the current starter at LOLB, but doesn't play a ton due to the amount of spread offenses in the SEC. He is a 91 OVR and effective when he plays.
    5. :4stars: #2 MLB AJ Cade, 78 OVR
    He has been the starter at MLB for 2 seasons, and at a 93 OVR is one of the stars of the defense.
    6. :4stars: #3 DE Craig Davis, 79 OVR
    He was a situational pass rusher until last season when he took over the starting duties at RDE. He had double digit sacks last season and has 4 this season.
    7. :4stars: #3 SS Anthony Daniel, 74 OVR
    The current starter at SS, he redshirted last year. He isn't special but does his role.
    8. :4stars: #6 OLB Marcus Smith, 75 OVR
    The surprise of this class. He has developed into a 90 OVR, and has been a 3 down starter at ROLB for 3 seasons. This kid has played above his ratings since he first moved into the starting lineup and is really effective playing in space.
    9. :3stars: #62 WR Brian Palmer, JUCO, 79 OVR
    He never really played due to depth at the position.
    10. :3stars: #51 HB Titus Graham, 78 OVR
    Ah, the Keith Marshall clone. He played behind Marshall for 2 seasons, then redshirted last year. He is the current starter and with his speed is a home run threat whenever he gets the ball. He has 644 yards and 4 TD's on the season.
    11. :3stars: #30 T Nick Irvin, 79 OVR
    In his 2nd year as a starter after a redshirt year in season 2. He is a 92 OVR redshirt junior and if is a bookend of the line.
    12. :3stars: #68 G Matt Higgins, 78 OVR
    Not sure what happened to him, but he isn't on my roster now.
    13. :3stars: #28 DT Ryan Espinosa, 79 OVR
    Ryan started for 2 seasons before going pro after his junior season. He was drafted in the 3rd round as I recall.
  3. whygodwhy1111

    whygodwhy1111 Walk On

    Oct 18, 2009
    1. :3stars:Sam Johnson K POS kicker Unscouted 78 overall
    Was cut via not being moved to P, a tragic tale of wasted talent​

    2. :4stars:Michael Robbins ATH *Super Star* 75 overall 33% scouted, combination HB/QB/DB/WR skill set
    Greatest ever? certainly answered question, what if Allen Iverson had chosen football. 3 year starter and most likely the #1 pick in the draft.​

    3. :3stars:Victor Davis WR 73 overall 100% scouted, Good speed SO JUCO
    Never achieved better than 6th on the depth chart. Wasted scholarship some might say.​

    4. :3stars:Keon Meyers T 74 overall 100% scouted (+9) 349 lbs diamond in the rough
    93 overall RS junior C, dominating opposing DTs​

    5. :3stars:Dave Minor T 75 overall 100% scouted (+5 ) decent all around
    88 overall starting RS junior RT​

    6. :3stars:Leon Robinson T 76 overall 60% scouted (+6) More O-Line Depth ( Grow my children, Grow )
    91 overall starting RS junior LT​

    7. :4stars: Mark Copper FS 75 overall 100% scouted. pretty good speed not so good coverage
    89 overall starting RS junior FS​

    8. :4stars: Donovan Jones MLB 77 overall 100% scouted. Much needed LB help
    4 year starter at MLB, Jones if finishing up a solid senior year proving speed is not everything​

    9. :3stars: Kyle Roberts OLB 76 overall 29% scouted. more LB help
    Came in as a juco sophmore and started all 3 years at Defense end and was drafted in the 3rd round​

    10. :4stars:Derek McRae Ath 74 overall 74% scouted, Looks like a WR.
    RS Junior is the current 85 overall nickle back​

    11. :3stars:Will Chase OLB 71(+9) overall 100% scouted more more more much needed LB help
    Odd man out when Kyle Roberts subbed in at OLB. Started most of his career but saw limited playing time​

    12. :4stars:A.J. Clarke DT 77(+4) overall 42% scouted, Nicely fills DT Need
    Clark was a 4 year starter now star 96 overall DT​

    13. :4stars: Matt Dodds 78 (-1) overall 100% scouted, More OLine help.
    RS junior now the 92 overall starting LG​

    14.:3stars: Orlando Johnson 64 overall 66% scouted, 6'7 good TE speed, Good Receiving skill, can not block.
    Improved to 80 overall as a RS Junior, made a few big plays in limited playing time​

    15. :3stars: Talib Jackson 71 overall 88% scouted, Desperate need a LB
    Constant backup Jackson will finally get his shot next year as a RS senior​

    16.:4stars: DeMarcus Henderson WR 76 (+3) overall 100% scouted, Good all around, big time hops
    Progressed well to an 89 overall RS Junior but after being the #2 WR last year felt to #4 this year​

    17.:4stars: Sean Wright WR 79(+5) 100% scouted, 6'5" good all around WR
    Put up great number in all 4 years. A real difference maker in SEC battles. Makes amazing game winning catch in triple coverage.​

    18.:3stars: Marcus Sanders SS 64 overall, OLB convert Experiment.
    Experiement failure. As an OLB Sanders never came close to starting, as a RS senior he might occasionally see the field base on his only redeeming skill: big hits.​
  4. gowazzucougs

    gowazzucougs WSU is better than UCLA

    Jul 18, 2010
    1. Kicker Will Scott/Neal Hennessey :3stars:Rating 81-Will comes in with average kick power, but pretty decent accuracy. He will the be "star" kicker for the Tide over the next four years.​
    Hennessey has kicked all four years at Bama, his power rating is 91, while accuracy is 99. I should sim all kicks​

    2. Tackle Anthony Thomas :4stars:Rating 77-During the scouting period Thomas improved only 1 point. His run and pass block ratings are 82 a piece.​
    Thomas is a redshirt junior who is starting, currently he is an 88 OVR with 89 PB and RB​
    3. D. Tackle Skyler Gipson :4stars:Rating 77-Skyler's rating was in lined with prospected ratings, SEC West Division QBs should be afraid of Skyler because he seen as a pass rusher.​
    Gipson has been a contributor to this team from day 1. Without looking he has at least 20 career sacks, upon checking it was 16​

    4. Athlete John Richardson/Zachary Deuel :5stars: Rating 81-John Richardson may play several positions, he may wind up in hte secondary, or wide receiver.​
    Richardson decided to change his name to Deuel his sophomore year, and things took off from there. Deuel played three seasons for the Tide, and was a star.​

    5. Center Anthony Dickson :4stars:Rating 79-The future center of the Crimson Tide, he strength is pass blocking, PB rating 84​
    Anthony Dickson-doesn't start at center, but at LG. He is 90 OVR, the starter is a RS Senior and he is currently 92. ​

    6. M. Linebacker Cornelius Henderson :4stars:Rating 77 OVR-a position of need, Henderson has above average speed, coverage skills could use improvement, but that is why we have redshirts.​
    Henderson has played all four years he comes in at 87 OVR. I have been happy with his production​

    7. WR Micheal Burks :4stars:Rating 70-Burks is a speedster, 92 speed and 89 acceleration, probably could use a redshirt as well.​
    Another player signed with Deuel, but Burks hasn't played this season until now. He is the slot receiver, does have tremendous speed 95 Speed, and 95 ACC​

    8. Guard Reggie Vincent :4stars:Rating 70-Vincent comes in a little lower than expected, most likely will redshirt to improve his strength and run blocking​
    Vincent really is a disappointment. He is only 82 OVR, doesn't start. Maybe he starts next year?​
    9. Tight End Justin Grisby :4stars:Rating 76-He comes in as a "balance" tight end, but clearly his strength is catching the ball, because all his catching attributes jumped up during scouting​
    Grisby-A good player who just doesn't get the looks this type of player deserves. 17 career receptions, but is rated the third best receiver for the Tide.​

    10 D. Tackle David Sims :3stars: Rating 72-Sims is probably the less heralded player in this recruiting class. But to Coach F'NG Leach he is a hidden gem.​
    Sims-I believe he transferred, I can't remember where. He is no longer on my team.​

    11. QB Brian Flowers :4stars:Rating 81-Flowers is a gem. He is labeled as a scrambler with his great speed of 85, and great acceleration 87 look for this guy to cause opponents headaches with his feet. When he is not running with the ball, he will be throwing pin point passes with his 96 throwing accuracy rating.​
    Flowers-If this MFer had just waited a year things would be awesome in Alabama. But no this momma's boy had to get home sick and transfer to Virginia. He doesn't even start. If he was at Bama he would be starting. He is stilling lightening fast, 88 Speed, 90 ACC. His arm is just as good 86 THP, 99 THA. MFer why the fuck did this guy transfer.​

    12. Tackle David Johnson :4stars:77 Johnson is a skilled pass blocker, and not a half bad run blocker as well.​
    Johnson-no longer on the team, I don't remember this guy transferring, of course it could be Sims who I don't remember transferring​
  5. recchem2000

    recchem2000 UCLA > WSU

    Feb 24, 2009
  6. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
    So.... apparently I didn't do a good job of updating my board late in the year, I'll have to reconstitute by looking at my roster and seeing if I put any other guys in the "discussion" for that year.....

    1. Chris Jones, WR, :4stars:73 (41%) 6-0, 183. Adds needed depth with lots of departing seniors
    Now a RS JR, 80 OVR. Chris is a career backup and has played okay when called upon.

    2. Alex Thompson, DE, :4stars: 72 (100%) 6-4, 239. gives the team a future presence up front on D
    Now rates 85 OVR. Thompson is a senior and has started for multiple seasons at end. He is having an okay season but not special

    3. Marvin Cooper, WR, :4stars: 69 (95%) 6-2, 199. Could develop into a star with his speed
    an 82 OVR RS JR. Marvin plays in the slot and has great speed but marginal hands.

    4. Brad Chavez, MLB, :3stars: 67 (70%) 6-2, 227. Top shelf acceleration could make him an impact player
    At 78 OVR, this RS JR has never seen sustained playing time. He has great speed but terrible agility

    5. Charlie Neal, FB, :1stars: 71 (83%) 6-2, 263. Fills a need, nice skills for a FB
    Has started for a few years now. Is an 80 OVR and plays pretty well at an inglorious position

    6. Jimmy Smith, ATH, :4stars: 77 (78%) 6-2, 190. Can play WR or secondary, has a chance to be a special player
    Jimmy was moved to FS right away, but played at CB and safety until starting full time at FS last season. At 92 OVR he is one of the highest rated position players on the team and he is a huge reason for this team having one of the best defenses in the nation the last 2 years.

    7. Nicholas Barber, OLB, :3stars: 67 (100%) 6-2, 225. Great acceleration and solid cover skills
    At 79 OVR he hasn't really developed into a star. Nick is a nice player who plays a reserve role for the LB corps

    8. Garth Franklin, TE, :3stars: 66 (66%) 6-4, 232. Solid speed and hands for a TE
    A four year starter who struggles to catch balls in traffic, Garth has been reasonably productive given that he isn't a primary target

    9. Bo Thomas, SS, :3stars: 68 (100%) 6-1, 180. An athletic kid who needs time before he won't be a liability in coverage
    This guy started as a 72 OVR RS FR. Now an 81 OVR RS JR, Bo has been the safety on one of the edges now for three seasons in the 3-3-5. He is not an excellent cover guy, but he makes up for it with good speed.

    10. Marcus Yates, OLB, :3stars: 64 (100%) 5-11, 213. Has surprising strength and block shedding for his size
    Looks like this kid transferred out at some point.

    11. Cedric Woods, T, :4stars: 77 (100%) 6-1, 310. Tremendous athlete (96 accel) to build our future o-line around
    I remember this fucker. He transferred out after his first season saying he wanted playing time, even though he was the highest rated tackle on the team!

    12. Eric Silva, ATH, I didn't have him on my board, but I did threaten to cut recchem2000 if he didn't stop calling him in the recruiting discussion
    This kid is a beast. He is a 92 OVR SR who is in his third season as the full time starter. He almost never goes down from first contact with his 230+ lb frame and his 94 speed is enough to make you pay if the first guy doesn't get help. Having this kid on the roster has tempted me to go the the old Cheez style offense, especially with how good he has been in a few late game situations holding a lead and running from pro sets.

    13. Lee Fenton, WR, I remember recruiting this kid but he isnt on my board.... he was 6'7" tall and rated at 69 year 1
    An 81 OVR RS JR, Lee starts as the #2 WR on the depth chart. He is a big target with nice speed and should have a solid season.

    I also signed a punter..... but who cares

    Ultimately I think this first class did mostly what I wanted it to. Get a couple stars and fill up the roster with roleplayers. I needed a couple years to catch up in recruiting power with the bigger name schools but I knew if I could get guys who would end up around 80 OVR give or take with a couple big time players I could stay competitive on the field. I think I have done that and then some and with the recruiting classes from seasons 3, 4, and 5, I think my roster is on a definite upswing.

    BTW, this is a great idea Dru50 , even if it's stolen!
  7. MexiRican35

    MexiRican35 ┬┐Te quieres naranjas?

    Aug 14, 2010
    1. :4stars:OLB T. Burton - Lost him in the offseason. Was a good starter.
    2. :4stars:TE M. Bowman - Easily the best recruit of the class. He was a starter from day 1 and now in his senior year is at 93 OVR. He is a go to guy on 3rd down and a big play threat. If the school records were kept track of for TE, he would probably have broken most of them.
    3. :4stars:TE C. Johnson - Guess I lost him in the offseason too. He played second fiddle to Bowman, so its not much wonder that he left.
    4. :4stars:T D. Thompson - Starting with 89 OVR.
    5. :3stars:OLB C. Bailey - Really broke out last year and is the best OLB on the team. A true gem.
    6. :5stars: DT L. Brown - Took him a while to move up the depth chart. Has not done well in the run game.
    7. :4stars:SS K. Smith - Being the #1 SS in the class, this guy might be a bust. Lost his job last year and is susceptible to the big play.
    8. :3stars:DE M. Hamilton - JUCO was a solid player on the line.
    9. :5stars: WR M. Davenport - Thought about going to aTm, but thought better. He has been a great receiver, but has had the dropsies at times. He is currently having a breakout year.
    10. :4stars:G T. Gant - Senior starter 92 OVR.
    11. :4stars:HB C. Brothers - Just hasn't progressed into a full time back. Has been good in a rotating system though.
    12. :4stars:ATH J. Clark - Brought in to potentially run the spread. After one year of running it, went to an under center. Has been a starter since a redshirt freshman. Has amazing speed that defenses have to account for.
    13. :3stars:K M. Banks - Rarely has a kickoff that's not a touchback. Can drill 60 yard FG's.

    Overview - A good class overall. Bowman and Davenport have been amazing for the offense. Smith and Brown have been letdowns on the defense, one of the reasons why it is not as dominating as years before.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2012
  8. Cheez

    Cheez TSO's 1,000,000th Poster

    Oct 21, 2010
    I prefer "Classic Cheez" :)
  9. Boom29

    Boom29 Walk On

    Jul 7, 2011
    # Caliber Position (Rank) Name Scouting OVR Then/Now Comments
    1 :3stars: ATH (#47) Kurt Covington +10 (93%) 76/91 Kurt has turned into an All-American FS and is the reigning Bednarik/Thorpe award winner. Best play-maker on team.
    2 :3stars: CB (#76) Barry Sisk +13 (100%) 77/88 Sisk is the #2 corner on the team and has been solid throughout. This is his first year as a starter and has
    3 :4stars: G (#5) Nick Thomas +2 (100%) 78/91 Nick has started since his rFR year and has steadily improved as a blocker.
    4 :3stars: C (#14) Scott Hollis +6 (100%) 77/92 Scott did not start until his rSO year, but is the anchor of the line.
    5 :2stars: FB (#3) Andrew Hearn -4 (100%) 72/84 He probably doesn't get the ball as much as he'd like, but he does a good job opening holes for our halfbacks.
    6 :4stars: DT (#9) Luke Maxwell +7 (100%) 81/94 Maxwell is a force in the middle and continues to improve as a pass rusher. He has started since he was a rFR and now has 24 career sacks.
    7 :3stars: K (#20) Lamar Jones +4 (88%) 77/89 Lamar is a four-year starter and has been serviceable.
    8 :4stars: CB (#14) Eric Pettit +5 (100%) 78/91 Eric was a big get for the Canes and has held the #1 CB spot for the past two years.
    9 :5stars: T (#1) Ray Ramirez -6 (100%) 77/87 Ray transferred after his rFR year citing playing time concerns. He has done well for himself at FIU with a career 38 pancakes and 7 sacks given up.
    10 :4stars: DT (#17) Aaron Andrews +5 (100%) 77/91 Due to the depth at the position, Aaron has not seen the field much until this year, but now as a starter he will get his chance to show what he's got.
    11 :4stars: FS (#4) Charles Smith +1 (100%) 75/88 Charles has been a three-year starter and is an All-American caliber player.
    12 :5stars: T (#2) Raymond McKinney -2 (100%) 81/93 Ray is the cornerstone of the Miami O-Line and takes on the best pass rusher of the opposing team.
    13 :4stars: ATH (#20) Christian Smith +6 (100%) 79/93 Christian is in his second year starting for the Canes and has 67% career completion percentage to go along with 52 TDs.
    14 :2stars: K(#) Steve Sims +12 (100%) 82/93 Steve has started since his rFR year and is 18/20 for his career with a long of 58.
    15 :4stars: DT (#19) Cornelius Brown +9 (100%) 79/90 Similar to Aaron Andrews, Cornelius has been hurt by the depth at the position. He is the 3rd DT in the rotation.

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