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Season 1 Scores

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Bl0ndeRedHead, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Bl0ndeRedHead

    Bl0ndeRedHead Official TSO Pothead

    Jul 31, 2010
    Thought we might as well put all the recaps in one thread, you guys have been slacking, this makes it easier to keep track.
  2. fuzzyl0gic

    fuzzyl0gic No new friends

    Apr 14, 2010
    Week 1

    TTU - 34​
    Tulane - 21​

    Red Raiders get first win of the season with a balanced attack

    Texas Tech dominated most of this game, but the defense did give up some big plays in the 4th quarter, which allowed Tulane to sneak back in it with two TDs. Tulane would receive the ball first, and they had a nice drive going down the field, until FS DJ Johnson made a read on a pass, and jumped in the air to make the interception and give his team the ball. They marched down the field with ease, and Doege threw his first TD of the game to WR Austin Zouzalik (8 yds).​

    Texas Tech's defense made a stop, and they marched down the field again; this time it was HB Eric Stephens who ran it in for the score. Tulane responded with a 14 yard TD pass, and TTU tacked on a FG before ending the first quarter. In the second quarter, TTU's backup HB Aaron Crawford ran it in from the 1 yard line. Those were the only points scored in the quarter. The Red Raiders had a 27-7 lead going into half-time.​

    The freshman QB Scotty Young was called upon to lead the Tech offense in the second half, as there is currently a battle for the starting position. He made some good throws, but did throw 1 pick as he was taking a sack and his pass was deflected in the air. The only points in the third came from a Tech FG, increasing the lead to 27-7 going into the fourth. Tulane would put 14 consecutive points on the board after the turnover committed by Young, but TTU responded with a long TD drive capped off by another Stephens TD to end the game.​

    S. Doege 10/19 161 yds 2 TDs 1 INT
    S. Young 13/21 148 yds 0 TDs 1 INT

    E. Stephens 20 86 yds 2 TDs
    A. Crawford 3 11 yds 1 TD

    A. Zouzalik 7 89 yds 1 TD
    T. Swindall 3 65 yds
    A. Torres 3 59 yds
    A. James 3 43 yds
    J. Franks 3 27 yds
    E. Stephens 2 9 yds 1 TD

    DJ Johnson 3 tackles 1 INT
    J. Phillips 3 tackles 1 INT
    D. Mays 4 tackles 1 sack
    A. Barr 2 tackles 1 sack
    L. Mackey 4 tackles 1 sack
  3. fuzzyl0gic

    fuzzyl0gic No new friends

    Apr 14, 2010
    Week 4

    Texas Tech - 17​
    Syracuse - 10​

    The Red Raiders are saved by their Defense

    The experts predicted a lot of points in this match-up, but it played out very differently. Texas Tech's offense only managed to put up 3 points, while the defense put up 14 (a fumble recovery for a TD, a pick 6 by OLB Cobb), and made two very important goal-line stands that denied Syracuse any points to come away with the victory.​

    The only points in the 1st quarter came off of the fumble recovery for a TD by TTU sophmore MLB Zach Winbush, both teams were struggling to move the chains. In the second quarter, TTU OLB Daniel Cobb was in a buzz-zone coverage, and made the perfect read on a ball thrown his way. After snagging the INT, nobody from Syracuse was in a position to catch him, so he took it the house for a 46 yard pick 6. Syracuse finally managed to get points on the board with a late FG, and TTU responded with a FG after a few nice passes down the field. 17-3 TTU going into half-time.​

    There were no points in the third quarter, just more turnovers committed by both teams. Syracuse narrowed the lead in the 4th with a 15 yard TD pass to the TE Beckett Wales, 17-10 TTU. Syracuse was giving TTU headaches and looked as if they were going to tie the game. The Red Raider defense had other intentions in mind, and kept the Orange out of the endzone, penetrating their offensive line and getting tackles for losses. TTU ran the clock out on the last drive, and they feel lucky to have escaped this affair with a win. It was certainly not the game experts predicted, and TTU has to really step it up offensively if want to continue to win into conference play.​

    Great game Boom29 don't know if I've ever gotten as many lucky breaks in a game as I had in that one.​

    S. Doege 10/23 134 yds 2 INTs​
    S. Young 3/9 11 yds​

    E. Stephens 9 atts 62 yds​
    S. Deoge 3 atts 15 yds​

    A. Zouzalik 7 recs 82 yds​
    A. Torres 2 recs 26 yds​
    J. Franks 2 recs 25 yds​
    D. Moore 1 rec 14 yds​

    DJ Johnson 3 tackles 1 INT​
    C. Hubert 1 tackle 1 sack 1 FF​
    D. Langley 3 tackles 1 sack 1 FF​
    A. Barr 4 tackles 1 sack​
    D. Cobb 5 tackles 1 INT (TD)​
    Z. Winbush 2 tackles 1 FR for a TD​
    L. Mackey 3 tackles 1 sack​
  4. fuzzyl0gic

    fuzzyl0gic No new friends

    Apr 14, 2010
    Week 6

    Texas Tech 56
    Kansas 34

    The Red Raiders gain another victory in a shoot-out

    If you like offense, this was a good game to watch. Both teams totaled an astounding 90 points, but Texas Tech never really felt pressure beyond the first quarter. Kansas started things off with a quick TD and a FG, but TTU responded with three consecutive TDs to take a 21-10 lead going into the second.​

    Kansas managed another TD and FG, while holding the Raiders to one TD. The Texas Tech lead shrank to 28-20 at the half. They really pulled away in the third with two unanswered TDs. Kansas had a 99 yard kick-off return for a TD and a 35 yard TD run in the fourth, but it was not enough. TTU tacked on 14 more points of their own behind the arm of Freshman QB S. Young. Doege was pulled from the game in the third, after throwing 3 picks.​

    Texas Tech did a paradigm shift this week, in changing their offense from air raid to a one-back pro-style. Coach Fuzzy felt he didn't have the right QBs or athletic receivers to run the spread. The new scheme worked very well this week, producing 270 passing yards and 238 rushing yards.​

    Texas Tech travels next week to face Texas A&M​

    S. Doege 11/22 164 yds 3 INTs​
    S. Young 7/9 106 yds 3 TDs 0 INTs​

    E. Stephens 25 atts 155 yds 2 TDs​
    A. Crawford 13 atts 58 yds 1 TD​
    S. Young 3 atts 17 yds 1 TD​

    J. Amaro 7 recs 96 yds​
    A. Torres 3 recs 43 yds 1 TD​
    T. Swindall 2 recs 98 yds 1 TD​

    A. Barr 6 tackles 5 TFL 4 sacks
    D. Langley 4 tackles 1 TFL 1 sack​
    C. Hubert 1 tackle 1 INT​
    J. Phillips 5 tackles 1 INT (90 yard return for TD)​
    T. Porter 4 tackles 1 INT​
  5. Boom29

    Boom29 Walk On

    Jul 7, 2011
    Week 6


    Syracuse Fails to Come Through

    Syracuse digs itself a big hole with two early turnovers which turned into 10 points for Rutgers. The Orange manage to claw back and tie the game at 10 and then later at 17, but after another Rutgers TD, two more turnovers allow Rutgers to extend its lead to 30-17. Syracuse is able to drive down the field to bring the score to 30-24 and stop Rutgers on the ensuing possession. However, it was not to be as the Rutgers defense intercepts Syracuse QB Nassib in the endzone with no time on the clock.

    Scoring Summary
    Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
    Syracuse 0 10 7 7 24
    Rutgers 10 0 14 6 30

    Quarter Time Type Team Scoring Details
    First 4:34:00 FG Rutgers San San Te K #1 30 yard field goal
    First 1:02:00 TD Rutgers Savon Huggins HB #28 2 yard rush
    Second 5:04:00 FG Syracuse Ross Krautman K #37 41 yard field goal
    Second 2:30:00 TD Syracuse Ryan Nassib QB #12 15 yard rush
    Third 7:19:00 TD Rutgers Mark Harrison WR #81 72 yard pass from Chas Dodd QB #19
    Third 3:19:00 TD Syracuse PrinceTyson Gulley HB #23 8 yard rush
    Third 1:27:00 TD Rutgers Chas Dodd QB #19 2 yard rush
    Fourth 6:40:00 FG Rutgers San San Te K #1 30 yard field goal
    Fourth 5:34:00 FG Rutgers San San Te K #1 51 yard field goal
    Fourth 4:04:00 TD Syracuse Alec Lemon WR #15 12 yard pass from Ryan Nassib QB #12
  6. Bucs

    Bucs GT: ThruTheSmoke47

    Jun 30, 2010
    Marshall 28
    Louisville 34 (OT)

    Louisville snuck out a win in a game they should have lost. Trailing for much of the game Louisville was able to tie things up late and then finally take the lead, but marshall responded quickly to force OT. Where Preston Brown intercepted a marshall Pass into the endzoand returned it for 99 yards to cap off a great game where he had 10 tackles, 5 tfl, 2 sacks and 1 INT.
  7. fuzzyl0gic

    fuzzyl0gic No new friends

    Apr 14, 2010
    The last post in here was 12 days ago, damn...
  8. JQwon13

    JQwon13 Walk On

    Apr 15, 2010
    Yeah I don't post my recaps in here. I do them in the week we played them. This thread is The Gay.
  9. Boom29

    Boom29 Walk On

    Jul 7, 2011
    Week 9
    Syracuse 35
    West Virginia 28

    Syracuse Finds a Way to Win.

    Syracuse appeared to be in control after taking a 21-7 lead on the Mountaineers. However, a miraculous conversion on 4th and 18 gave West Virginia new life as the Mountaineers proceeded to score 21 unanswered points (details to follow). Syracuse recovered late in the game, scoring a TD with 5 seconds left, to send the game into overtime. Riding the momentum at the end of regulation, Syracuse was able to score a TD on their overtime possession, and held off West Virginia from a 1st and Goal to go situation to win the game.
  10. Boom29

    Boom29 Walk On

    Jul 7, 2011
    Week 10
    Louisville - 30
    Syracuse - 28

    Comeback Falls Short

    Louisville's halfback Victor Anderson shredded the Syracuse defense to the tune of 333 yards on 28 carries with 3 TDs, en route to a 30-0 lead entering the 4th quarter. Syracuse mounted a frantic comeback in the 4th behind backup QB Charley Loeb to bring the Orange within two points, 30-28. The Orange had one last chance to win the game, but a Hail Mary attempt was incomplete. Loeb will remain the QB for Syracuse for the remainder of the season, as Nassib has proven to be largely inconsistent and turnover prone.
  11. Boom29

    Boom29 Walk On

    Jul 7, 2011
    Week 11
    UConn - 20
    Syracuse - 24

    Complete Effort Leads to Victory

    Syracuse took an early 7-0 lead as it methodically drove down the field. UConn would control the second quarter and take a 17-7 lead going into halftime. Syracuse got back in the game with a long touchdown pass from Charley Loeb to Van Chew of 87 yards. Though UConn would extend its lead to 20-14 on their next possession, the Orange would finish by scoring 10 consecutive points in the 4th quarter and would prevent the Huskies from one final possession by forcing UConn to burn all its timeouts and then running out the clock.

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