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Season 1: Team Previews

Discussion in 'Pushing for Paydirt' started by Philstyle3005, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Philstyle3005

    Philstyle3005 Walk On

    Oct 19, 2011
    The Kansas Jayhawks approach this upcoming season with low expectations from the outside, but the coaching staff believes they will surprise a lot of people in the country. They are a team that finish 1-11 last season and had 0 conference wins. Their lone win was against South Dakota St. however, they did have several competitive games that were within one score including against Texas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma St.
    Jr. Jake Heaps - The Former transfer from BYU, also the former #1 overall QB in his HS class, will finally have his shot at starting at KU. He had a very solid Freshman season at BYU followed by a not so spectacular sophomore year where injuries caught up to him. He had to sit out a season and redshirted last year, so needless to say, Heaps is ready to get back on the field. Heaps is a pro style QB who has decent throwing power and accuracy. He also has decent speed, but with a new coaching staff that has made it no secret that they love to run a spread option type offense, it's wondered by most how they'll use Heap.
    Player to watch in the future at this position
    Fr. Montell Cozart - Montell is the true definition of a Spread QB but currently, his skills are way too raw for him to start right away, or even next season. Cozart was the Kansas Gatorade Player of the Year in 2011 and was a finalist for the award again in 2012. Many are expecting Cozart to take over after Heaps graduates. Depending on how he develops, he could be a great player in the near future for the Jayhawks.
    Running Backs
    Sr. James Sims- The Dallas, TX native is happy to have a head coach from his home state. Sims became just the 11th Jayhawk in history to rush for over 1000 yards in a season last year and looks to do it again this year. Sims is more a power back so look for him to get a lot of carries each game. With a pro style QB, and a more ground and pound type starting RB, the coaching staff has to be looking at options outside the spread to get the most out of the talent in Lawrence.
    Jr. Tony Pierson- Pierson is more of a speed back and should see a fair amount of carries. Look for the Jayhawks to get him involved any chance they get. He has the big play ability that can change a game in a few seconds. He will take over full time as the feature back next season and should be ready.
    Wide Receivers
    Jr. Justin McCay- McCay is from Kansas City, a former 5 star recruit, that signed with Oklahoma and transferred after 2 years of seeing playing time in only 3 games. He comes into Lawrence as the best receiver on the team, and at 6'2, is more of a possession receiver. Coaches normally don't allow players to transfer to conference opponents, but OU must not have thought a lot of about this guy. McCay has a chip on his shoulder and is poised for a huge season.
    Jr. Andrew Turzilli- Andrew is a little taller, a little faster, but doesn't catch as well as McCay, but the redshirt Junior out of New Jersey has been solid for the Jayhawks in the past. With only about 500 yards total in 2 seasons, the Jayhawks will lean heavily on him to make plays as the 2nd option in the passing game.
    Tight End
    Jr. Jimmay Mundine- Another Texas Native was on the Big 12 honorable mention team last year. Mundine isn't great at anything really, but he's decent enough at the position and let's face it, he's the best Kansas has. He can't block well, doesn't have much speed, not a lot of size, but the kid plays with HEART!
    Offensive Line
    JR LT Pat Lewandowski- This guy has switched from defensive line and will be the starting tackle for the offensive line this year. The coaching staff is worried about this, but again, he's been the best we have. He has decent enough pass blocking and impact blocking, so Heaps is hoping to keep the pass rush away from him.
    SO LG Damon Martin- Damon is another Texas native who is decent at both aspects of blocking. He is young, so the staff is hoping he can end up being a 3 year starter for them. If he can stay healthy, he could be something to watch when he's a Sr. Unfortunately for Jake Heaps, he will be gone by the time this guy is really good at anything.
    SR RT Riley Spencer- The lone SR on the line, and the most talented lineman, missed every game but 1 last year due to injury. He's hoping to have an injury free year, and hoping to play very well to possibly get some NFL looks. Riley is a pretty good pass blocker and can really lay you out. He will be the one leaned on HEAVILY to block. If he cannot hold up, the Jayhawks offense will be in trouble.
    Defensive Line
    SR LE Jordan Tavai- Decent speed and good finesse moves could lead to some big plays for Jordan. As a Sr., his experience will be heavily leaned on. The Jayhawks will be switching to the 4-3, something they're not used to playing, so it will be interesting to see how Jordan reacts.
    JR DT Andrew Bolton- The Junior College transfer from Hinds CC will come in and start right away in the 4-3. Bolton is kind of a wildcard as not many know much about him. A lot of division 1 schools stayed away from him when he was in High School due to academic reasons, which is why he ended up at a Juco. He did turn down an offer from LSU so the kid can't be bad.

    ROLB Jr Ben Heeney- Ben is a Kansas native and is probably the best player on this KU roster. He's very quick with great pursuit of the play and isn't going to miss too many tackles. The Jayhawk defense is going to look for him to call the plays and make several plays throughout the game. The coaching staff has given Ben the defensive captain name and expect him to have a huge season.
    LOLB SO Jake Love- Jake has football in his blood as his father player at Northwestern and OK st. back in the day. Jake played in every game last year as a redshirt freshman, and started 4 games. He'll be a full-time starter this season. He needs to improve his coverage a lot, but like Ben, he's not going to miss many tackles.
    FR CB Greg Allen- Allen, out of Houston, TX, redshirted last season, but his senior year of high school, he was rated as one of the top 25 defensive backs in Texas. Right now, Allen is slated to start at the #2 spot. He has decent speed and coverage and uses his strength to really press receivers and knock them off their routes. They'll need him to be a playmaker this season and for seasons to come.
    Sr. FS Dexter Lincoln- Dex, another Texas native, is looking to have a huge Senior Season. He's played in every game the last two seasons and will finally get his chance to be a starter. He has great speed for Safety and plays very well in zone coverage. He does struggle with man, but should only be matched up against Tight Ends, so the Jayhawks are hoping that won't be exposed as much.
    On Paper, this team doesn't look like a contender, and surely doesn't look like a bowl eligible team. However, I wouldn't count this team out.
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  2. Bucs

    Bucs GT: ThruTheSmoke47

    Jun 30, 2010

    After the failure of the Rich-Rod Era and the promising start of the Hoke Era ( which was cut short due to Hoke pursuing his competitive eating dreams), Michigan once again has a new man at the helm. Coach Matt Ingram takes over one of the most storied progQrams in all of sports. He has a team that is young and is looking to not only win now, but continue winning in the future. The Big 10 looks to ultra-tough with teams like Ohio State, Nebraska , and Michigan State all looking to keep the Wolverines down.

    Offensive Philosophy : Coach Ingram is looking to run a very conventional (perhaps ancient) pro style offense. It is rumored that his playbook has no shotgun formations whatsoever and that the QB will be forced to take snaps under center. Coach Ingram hopes to use misdirection, disguise, deceit, multiple route combinations and multiple looks out of similar formations and fronts to confuse the defense and keep them on their toes.

    Defensive Philosophy : Coach Ingram is 3-4 defense to his core. Expect alot of pressure to be put on his linebackers to perform. They will be the key to the defense and an immediate recruiting focus every season .

    QB: RS JR Devin Gardner is the man under center this year, many alumni are worried that having Gardener under center all season is a recipe for disaster and will limit his ability to make plays with his feet, but Gardner has put a new emphasis on his passing this spring and is confident he can run the offense. Heralded Freshman Shane Morris will take a redshirt this season, but if Gardner struggles Coach Ingram wont be afraid to throw him in.

    HB/FB: 5'11 220 pound Freshman Derrick Green will get the nod at starting HB and will be a focal point of the offense. He abused defenses with his powerful running style in high school and hopes that he can bring some of that attitude to this offense. 215 pound JR Thomas Rawls will be the #2 back, he is also a bruiser. RS SO Joe Kerridge will be lead blocking for the duo.

    WR: Speedy RS SR Jeremy Gallon will be the main WR with SR Drew Dileo on the other side. In the slot will be 6'2 220 pound Sophmore Amarah Darboh who hopes to create some mismatches with linebackers.

    TE: A young corps of TEs will be headlined by Sophmore Devin Funchess, he is a solid pass catching TE who will make for a nice target.

    Offensive Line: All American LT Taylor Lewan headlines the group and protects the blind side while Michael Schofield has control of the right tackle spot. JR Joey Burzynski (future serial killer with that name?) is the LG and 6'4 318 pound Sophmore Chris Bryant hold the RG spot. The Center position goes to Sophmore Jack Miller.

    DE: JR Brennan Beyer is the LE, he is more of a pass rushing end at a spry 252 pounds, meanwhile Keith Heitzman is 270 pounds of grown man on the RE spot.

    DT: SR Jibreel Black will be the nose tackle, while he is a true nose tackle he has talent and can be an asset for us in the spot. RS SR Quinton Washington will be his back up and expect the two to be cycled in and out.

    LB: Jr Jake Ryan is the weakside outside linebacker and the leader of the defense. In the middle Desmond Morgan and Joe Bolden will be the starters, there are only 3 mlbs on the roster so expect to see a few guys moving back and forth from inside to outside. Sophmore James Ross is the strongside Linebacker. The corps is talented, but one or two injuries to this spot could leave us in quite a bind.

    CB: JR Raymond Taylor and Soph. Blake Countess are the starting CBs, both are clones of each other and are strong man corners with a slight deficiency in the size department.

    S: Sophmore Jarrod Wilson is the starting FS , but expect FR Dymonte Thomas to be waiting in the shadows. Hard Hitting Senior Thomas Gordon is the strong safety.

    K/P : Who Cares.


    Expectations: Fans wants a B1G title right away, so does this coaching staff, but its going to be tough transitioning into a new offense with a few guys playing out of their true position. But it should be a fun season and we fully expect to be playing in a major bowl and to Beat The Breaks off of Ohio State (gwill)
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  3. gwill

    gwill Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta

    Jul 22, 2009
    LOL spoken like a true man of scUM.
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  4. RynoAid

    RynoAid ..

    Feb 9, 2009

    The Texas Longhorns football program was looking for an infusion of youth for the upcoming 2014 campaign. The offseason saw wholesale changes in the coaching staff as Ryne Setzer takes over in Austin. Setzer was an unlikely candidate and it shocked most die hard 'Horns fans when the Aggie alum accepted the job without hesitation.

    "Texas is an iconic football destination for any head coach. I am blessed and honored that such an institution would have the faith in me that this program has shown during the hiring and transition this spring." said coach Setzer when asked about his decision.

    Setzer brings an agressive, hard hitting style highlighted by his unique 3-4 defense which has multiple looks and focuses on athleticism and beating your opponent at the point of attack. He will rely on Longhorn legend Major Applewhite to lead up the offensive side of the ball. Applewhite will be a huge part of any success this team has.


    The QB position was hotly contested this spring. But as with most everything around here these days, youth seems to be getting the nod. Freshman Jalen Overstreet has been getting more and more reps with the 1st team as the season approaches and his versatility has really started to shine. The playbook seems to open up a bit more when he gets under center. The battle tested Junior, David Ash looks to be headed for the backup role unless something dramatic happens in the final season preperations.

    Alot of pressure for a Freshman, but Applewhite knows a few things about playing early in your college career in big games and his experience is definitely going to help Overstreet get over some of those humps.


    The RB position is talented, but lacks leadership with two Sophomore's expected to see the majority of the carries this year. Johnathan Gray will be the thunder and Daje Johnson will be the lightning. Gray is a grinder with break away ability in the hole. Johnson is a burner in the mold of Jamaal Charles and will see alot of action as the HB in 4 WR sets. The combination could be a handful for a defense that lacks top end speed.


    Overstreet's youth could be offset by the veteran leadership in this WR core. Led by Senior All-American Mike Davis and stand out Junior Jaxon Shipley, the Horns will be dangerous in the short to mid range passing game. They are not the fastest duo in the Big 12, but they make up for a lot of that with their intelligence and experience. Both are very adept in the open field and have a knack for making that spectacular catch in the big moment.

    Sophomore Kendall Sanders has been very impressive in game type situations this offseason and has the edge for the starting slot recevier position. His quickness gives the 'Horns another dimension when gameplanning their passing attack. He's a legitimate deep threat who can get separation on routes with his lightning acceleration.

    Caleb Jones leads the remaining solid and capable, if not flashy, Texas Longhorn receiving core for 2013-14.


    The Offensive line is one of the best in the big 12. With veteran Leadership across the board, they should open some holes for this spread running attack. 3 Seniors spearhead the attack, all over 300 pounds. Their cohesion and awareness are what set them apart and make this group special. There is some question at RT and the Horn's will need a big year out of Junior RT Josh Cochburn.

    "The Coch", as they call him around campus, is the team clown and is routinely targeted for hazing by the rest of the lineman and team in general. He gets blamed for everything that goes wrong on any play regardless of his involvement. It's been entertaining watching the abuse during practices... but he seems to take it in stride. He could be the key to the Longhorns season though.


    Defense tomorrow.
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  5. Mike E

    Mike E Earth Rocker

    Dec 30, 2009

    2013 Baylor Football​
    Coming off a 2nd consecutive bowl season the 2013 Baylor Bears look to make the leap this season. Coach Art Briles stepped down this off-season, giving way to the unproven Mike Erickson. Erickson is best known for tipping cows and stealing mailboxes as a child in his hometown of Burton, Ohio. However since moving to Texas almost a decade ago, Erickson has become one of the hottest names amongst middle school football coaches. Clearly, this was the next logical step for Coach Erickson. The Baylor Faithful have high hopes for the future of this (proud?) program moving forward.​
    Offensive Philosophy : Coach Erickson will employ the exact same spread offense he ran as a middle school coach. Hell, if it works with 13-14 year olds, it has to work with college athletes. Right?

    Defensive Philosophy : Throwing conventional wisdom (and wisdom in general) aside, the Bears will run with the vaunted 4-2-5 defense moving forward.

    QB: Junior Bryce Petty and his 10 career passing attempts will step under center this season, and barring any major issues will be the QB taking every snap this season. Seth Russell is the backup and may see mop up duty at times.

    HB/FB: All everything Lache Seastrunk will be the workhorse this season. After predicting 2,000 yards and a Heisman trophy in February, expectations could not be higher for this junior speedster out of Temple. Glasco Martin and his 5.5 ypc last season will be the back that spells Seastrunk when needed.

    WR: Terrence Williams is not walking through that door...however this is a unit that could surprise this season. Senior Tevin Reese will be the main threat here, and Levi Norwood is a talented kid. Do not be surprised if highly rated freshman Robbie Rhodes puts up big numbers as well.

    TE: Jordan Najvar will be used mainly as a blocker but possesses nice hands.

    Offensive Line: 2nd team all Big 12 LG Cyril Richardson leads a quality offensive line in 2013. If this group can hold together and be dominant, a serious run at the conference will ensue.

    DL: After generating one of the nation's worst pass rushes last season, things can only go up. Chris McCallister is the leader of this group, but Penn State (and 6'9") transfer Shawn Oakman and 4* recruit Brian Nance are waiting in the wings if things go south early...and they may...

    LB: With the new 4-2-5 scheme in place, the Bears will not be relying solely on the backers this season. Bryce Hager and Eddie Lackey will get the starts and after combining for 24 tackles for loss last season, these two will be charged with leadership roles.

    CB: Joe Williams and RSFr Xavier Howard will get the starts here and they are expected to produce and shut down some of the nations best WRs this year.

    S: Now the focal point of the defense, this unit will be pressed to take control. Ahmad Dixon will be the deep safety and we are still working on the other guys...it may be a bumpy season until the Bears can find good fits for this defense.

    K/P : Spencer Roth and A-A-ron Jones. Yep...​
    Expectations. With a few years of consistent success in Waco, this program is headed in the right direction. With Texas, Kansas, TCU, OU, and OKst in the conference however, it is always an uphill battle for the Bears. An above .500 record and a bowl win with a new Coach and QB would certainly keep things moving for the 2013 Baylor Bears.​
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  6. Bulldog

    Bulldog Coach Richt is my Dawg!

    Jul 1, 2010
    A new season approaches with a new face at head coach for the Cowboys. Coach Zach Davis(OKST Alumni) lands a dream head coaching job at his Alma Mater. After many seasons in the MAC conference coaching the Bowling Green State Falcons coach Zach Davis accepted the head coaching job without a second glance at the contract. When we asked coach Davis about getting the head coaching job at his Alma Mater he had this to say, "It's been a dream of mine since graduating from Oklahoma State to come back here and coach this team, I have big plans for this organization and WILL bring a National Championship to Stillwater, OK".​
    The Oklahoma State Cowboys start the season with a roster loaded with seniors, 22 to be exact. Next season will definitely be a rebuilding year and we will probably hurt but the Cowboys should be back on track in a season or two. We hope to at least make a BCS bowl this season and hopefully win the conference. It's going to be a long year and I look forward to playing some good user games against my PFP homies.​
    Offensive PB(Base): Multiple(Louisville)​
    Defensive PB: 3-4​
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  7. gwill

    gwill Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta

    Jul 22, 2009
    Offensive Philsophy: The Buckeyes will be continuing to run a spread offense, with a priority on tempo and plays.
    QB: Heisman Trophy Cadidate Braxton Miller returns for his junior season. Expectations are high as the staff, himself, and the fans expect improvement. Should he be needed, "the old righty out of the pen" Kenny Guiton is ready to go.
    HB: The halfback position is arguably the deepest position on the roster. "The Beast" Carlos Hyde will be shouldering the load for the Buckeye ground game. Jordan Hall and freshman Dontre Wilson will also get carries as well as be flexed out and catch passes as well. Rod Smith at the fullback position will also get carries.
    WR: The receiving corps were the most scrutinized unit last year due to uncertainty, this year there is still some uncertainty, but Devin Smith and Corey "Philly" Brown will definitely ease concerns. The trio of Chris Fields, Evan Spencer, and Michael Thomas will need to step up to help Braxton and the passing game.
    O-Line: Block O is back together again, only losing right tackle Reid Fragel to the draft. Expected to fill that hole is Taylor Decker. Left Tackle Jack Mewhort has Braxton's blind side and Corey Linsley at center the offensive line is anchored.
    Defensive Philosophy: The defense will continue to a 4-3 defense, with priority on attacking and getting to the QB.
    D-Line: One the hardest hit positions with graduation, all four starters from last year's team are gone. But the guys stepping into starter roles all played significant time. Sophomores Adolpus "Diesel" Washington and Noah Spence anchoring the end spots while Joel Hale and Michael Bennett handle inside. freshmen Joey Bosa is expected to get some playing time as well.
    LB: The linebackers are led by All-B1G LB Ryan Shazier. Opposite of him is Josh Perry. In the middle is Camren Williams and freshmen Mike Mitchell and Trey Johnson will see time.
    Secondary: The secondary is led by All-American and all All-B1G corner Bradley Roby. Opposite of him is Doran Grant and Armani Reeves will be in the slot. At the safeties position C.J. Barnett and Christian Bryant will be enforcers. Also coming into the mix will be highly touted recruit Vonn Bell.
    Special Teams: As of right now Drew Basil will be handling kicking and punting duties.
    Expectations: After going 12-0 last year, there is only one thing fans, players, and coaches can expect: A National Title.​
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  8. Gravity

    Gravity Hey, I'm Batman

    Jun 22, 2011
    2013-2014 University of Illinois Fighting Illini
    Coming off of a 2-10 season in 2012 Illinois is looking to rebound under new coach Nick Loconsole. Expectations are high for the young coach as he implements his new power run oriented spread option attack. Leading the team onto the field is veteran quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase. Scheelhaase is capable of making quick accurate throws, or taking off down field with his feet. He is poised to be a under the radar heisman hopeful. Two running backs will be making some noise on the field this year, RB's Josh Ferguson and Donovonn Young will be splitting carries. Sr Ryan Lankford is the best WR on the team and came up with some big catches in his first game against Baylor. The offensive line sucks cock and does not deserve to be mentioned. Same goes for the defense aside from MLB Mason Monheim who will anchor the proposed Tampa 2 scheme Loconsole intends to run. We look to go 9-3 and potentially play for the conference title. Recruiting wise we don't have many needs so we are free to make some runs for some top players, hopefully we can snag a couple of big names.
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  9. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009

    Spartans Ready To Roll

    Coach Trey Era Begins[​IMG]

    QB: Youth will be served in East Lansing this season as true freshman Damion Terry out played Andrew Maxwell throughout the spring and summer. With Sparty moving to a spread option attack this season Terry's athleticism a should help him shine. He's got decent wheels, and will hurt defenses in the run game if given the chance.

    RB: 2 Juniors will lead the rushing attack for MSU this season; Nick Hill and Jeremy Langford. Hill will be the starter and get the bulk of the carries but Langford will see his share of touches as well. Both RB have excellent speed and Hill is a shifty scat back who excels at making defenders miss. Langford has more top end speed, but isn't anywhere near as shifty, or elusive.

    WR: MSU has a deep corps of WR. Jr. Tony Lippett, Bennie Fowler, and Keith Mumphrey will be the starters. But Aaron Burbridge, Andre Sims, and Monty Madaris will see plenty of action as well.

    TE: Andrew Gleichert and Paul Lang will see the most action here. There both well balanced, they block and catch well. MSU will use a lot of 2 TE sets so they will be on the field together a lot. But don't be surprised is 6'7" 270 pound Derek Hoebing gets in on obvious run situations.

    OL: This is an old unit, starting 3 Juniors and 2 Seniors. There is some youn depth behind the starters. But ther aren't quite B1G ready. Senior Fou Fonuti will anchor the unit at LT. He's the offensive captain and he should be able to lock down pass rushers all season. His mirror will be Junior Skyler Burkland. Burkland is 6'7" and his long arms help him keep pass rushers off his QB. Blake Treadwell and Connor Kruse will man the LG and RG spots respectively. Treadwell is the second Senior in the unit. The center will be Travis Jackson;he is very solid up the middle and does a great job making the calls for the OL.


    The Spartans will only go as far as Terry can carry them. He will need to be excellent all year long for them to compete for a national title. He has the raw talent but he needs some conditioning. He has plenty of weapons and a solid OL to keep him off his back. It may never get easier for him.


    DE: Junior Marcus Rush and Sophomore Joel Heath will bookend the DL. Both look like they should be solid, and Heath is a physical specimen standing 6'6" an weighing in close to 270 pounds. Their ability should allow the LB to run free on running plays and both of them will be threat in the pass rush also.

    DT: James Kittredge and Tyler Hoover will be responsible for the interior of the DL. Kittredge excels in the pass rush and Hoover's size and strength make him tough to move on run plays. Micjah Reynolds and Damon Knox will be their backups and see plenty of reps as well.

    LB: The Spartans have a very good group of LB. Taiwan Jones will man LOLB, and Max Bullogh will be in the middle. But the star of the unit is Denicos Allen. Allen will be counted on to be a vocal leader for the defense he could be the key to an exciting season for the Spartan defense.

    CB: Darqueze Dennard, Trae Waynes, and Ezra Robinson will be the main CB this season. Waynes is a sophomore and Robinson is a freshman so senior Dennard will be looked to to provide some senior leadership. This is a solid if unspectacular group, and they should be able to hold up long enough to let he Spartan pas rush get to the QB.

    FS: RJ Williamson will get the start over the more seasoned Kurtis Drummond. Williamson has blinding speed that allows him to make up for his mistakes, and allows him to take away passes all over the field.

    SS: Isiah Lewis will man the other safety slot and the senior wants to leve East Lansing a winner. He isn't the best player on the field but he leaves everything on the field everytime he gets on it.
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  10. Baron

    Baron "I'm PFP's reckoning."

    Jul 5, 2011
    2013 Nebraska Football​

    After having their shit pushed in by a bunch of cheese-eating badgers, the Cornhuskers swiftly moved to secure a premier coach in Frank Bumb. That all other candidates for the job had articles written in their local papers accusing them of various personal, ethical, professional and sexual improprieties is mere coincidence.

    Offensive Philosophy : Coach Bumb's spread option is well known in the seedy underbelly that is PFP. Based off a base zone read, coupled with constraint plays of counters, play-action and quick screens, the offense is simple but with wrinkles to keep the defense honest.

    Defensive Philosophy : A long-time believer in the 3-4, Bumb has stressed the importance of athletic linebackers to combat other spread teams while mixing up the pressures and blitzes the D brings to deal with more traditional drop back attacks.

    QB: Taylor Martinez is perfect for this offense. Incredibly quick for a QB and possessing a solid arm, Martinez is no Peyton Manning but he need to be. The Cornhuskers also have a solid QB of the future in RS freshman Tommy Armstrong with 87 speed, 86 ACC and an 82-82 split on THP and THA, the Huskers are set at this position for the foreseeable future.

    HB/FB: If you can't have an Adrian Peterson-type back, then a thunder and lightning combo will certainly do the trick. Ameer Abdullah is an explosive back with the speed (90) and quickness (84) to stretch a defense. Imani Cross is the goalline and power option (225 lbs) for the Huskers. Andy Janovich is a great all-around fullback that can sub as a wing back to provide depth.

    WR: Again, Bumb has an excellent roster situation, this time at WR. Kenny Bell is solid, multi-dimensional WR with speed over the top and great catching abilities (89 SPC). But where this group shines is with Quincy Enunwa and Jamal Turner. Both are fast and have excellent elusiveness (80 and 91 respectively) to get them involved in the option game.

    TE: Jake Long has the size (6-4, 240 lbs) to body up to linebackers and get those second-level blocks that this offense needs to be successful. And just when the linebackers and safeties have gotten tired, Long has the hands (81 catching) to make plays in the passing game.

    Offensive Line: With four seniors, this offensive line has to perform now. 90 OVR. Senior RG Spencer Long leads the group while Brent Qvale is the weak link at 80 OVR.

    DL: This group is definitely feast or famine. Thad Randle (87 DT) and Jason Ankrah (85 LE) are definitely the feast. But Randy Gregory (77 RE) is the famine. Look for Sophomore DT Kevin Williams (82 OVR) to make an appearance in sub packages for Gregory to get the Cornhuskers talent on the field.

    LB: Randle will have to be a beast up front as the Cornhuskers are young and raw at MLB this year. Led by RS Freshman Michael Rose (78 OVR), he and Courtney Love will need to play with speed to be effective. Thankfully, the critical OLB positions will be manned by two solid starters in David Santos and Zaire Anderson (85 and 84 OVR).

    CB: Three seniors lead this group. Ciante Evans (88 OVR) has the skills to compete with top-tier WRs. Andrew Green and Mohammad Seisay (82 and 81 OVR) can hold down the 2 and nickel spots.
    S: FS Corey Cooper has adequate speed but takes great angles (90 pursuit) to head off long plays. Harvey Jackson has excellent cover skills for a safety, which will allow the Cornhuskers to bring pressure.

    K/P : Who?

    Expectations: With 7 seniors on Offense and 5 seniors on defense, the Cornhuskers need to make a move now. Nebraska will need to unseat Michigan from the Legends division in order to make the Big Ten title game. That game will have enormous repercussions for both teams.
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  11. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011

    Northwestern's football team will go as QB Kain Colter goes for the 2013 season
    Preview Index


    Northwestern's football team has been quietly on the rise over the past few seasons. Coach Pat Fitzgerald's success since his arrival was exactly what the Wildcats needed. His unexpected resignation led to the hiring of Coach IrishBearcat. Near the end of the 2012 season Northwestern became a team that nobody wanted to play and ended up finishing with an impressive 10-3 record.

    The new regime inherits some very talented pieces, but ultimately the roster still has much to be desired in order to compete with the best in the conference. With several new hirings in the B1G Conference this will be an interesting season as many new coaches will look to establish a great first year campaign. Only one thing is absolutely certain; competition should be at its highest for the B1G in quite some time.


    (Click image to enlarge)

    vs KANSAS / PhilStyle3005 *

    vs OHIO STATE / GWill

    @ Nebraska / Baron

    vs Michigan / Bucs

    vs Michigan State / hornfaninbamafan

    @ Illinois / Gravity ^

    * = OOC
    ^ = Rivalry Game

    Despite coming off a 10 win season and defeating an SEC team in the bowl game Northwestern will have a lot to overcome from a talent and competition standpoint. The offense and defensive lines will have their hands full, but if they can hold up this offense can be special. Colter will be relied upon heavily and will have to extend plays with his feet and keep the chains moving.

    Defensively, the peices are in place for a decent unit. They're young but quite athletic. The upper echelon of the B1G will dominate Northwestern's big uglies. If Coach IrishBearcat can find a way to mask the team's weaknesses, play to their strengths, and get the most out of the quarterback position they could be up for a solid season.

    The schedule is tough, but I will predict Northwestern will go 8-4 during the regular season with a chance to win game #9 with their bowl bid.

    Pushing for Paydirt
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  12. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    Texas Christian University

    QB: SR Casey Pachall has all the tools and SO Trevone Boykin is a more than capable backup and future star.

    RB: Nebraska transfer Aaron Green leads the way at 84 ovr with SR Wymon James stepping in with 82 ovr. Sophomore 82 ovr BJ Catalon is redshirting.

    FB: Turrible. 69 ovr JR.

    WR: Brandon Carter is the standout at 90 ovr w 92 speed and 94 spectacular catch. The rest of the group is average.

    TE: Weak. 76 and 73 overalls. Finding a stud TE will be one of my first major goals in recruiting.

    OL: All starters average out to about 80 ovr. Not great but a lot better than I'm used to starting with.

    DL: Led by 86 ovr true sophomore DE Devonte Fields with a solid DT corpse. DL should handle things on their own for a few years.

    LB: TCU runs a 4-2-5 so their LB corpse is understandably weak. 81 ovr MLB Joel Hasley and 80 ovr OLB Marcus Mallett are the only backers rated above a 72. Luckily, I get both for another year.

    CB: SR Jason Verrett (89 ovr) leads the way. 85 ovr JR Kevin White and 79 ovr SO Derrick Kindred join him.

    S: SR FS Elisha Olabode is our defensive captain. Sadly, FS is a no-mans land after him. JR SS Sam Carter (81 ovr) holds down the starting spot while SS Anderson and CB Kindred compete for the Nickel/SS2 spot.

    Special Teams: Good kickers. Brandon Carter is a pretty good return man if I want to risk injury.

    Prediction: Big XII South Division Championship is not without of reach.
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