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Season 1 WK 4 Coach Interview (Green Bay Packers)

Discussion in '4th and Long' started by XWarriorMonk, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. XWarriorMonk

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    Sep 18, 2012
    This week we will be interviewing Packers headcoach BLACKJ414 who has the Packers off to a great start this season. The Packers who are 4-0 sit atop the NFC North and are ranked #1 overall in the NFL.
    Coach, you have had a great start to the season, what has been the secret to your teams success this season?:"I think having a balanced attack on offense and making defensive stops when we need them the most have been the two main factors in our great start this season. Tramon Williams is off to an excellent start for us this season on defense. I also think that I've been very lucky to have this team performing at a high standard this early in the season. The important thing will be to keep playing at this high of a level so that we can make it to the Super Bowl."

    The Packers have three big home victories against some serious NFC oppononents. Do you feel more comfortable playing at Lambeau Field? Is there an obvious homefield advantage?:
    "I love playing at Lambeau field, but I feel that my team is capable of winning at any stadium no matter what the circumstances. I've made it my personal goal though this year for us to do a better job of protecting our home field advantage. I feel that some teams over the past few years do not view Lambeau as what it once was in terms of home field advantage."

    You guys added running back Jonathan Stewart to your roster. What impact does he have on your team?:
    "I love Jonathan Stewart. He is a well rounded running back which impacts our offense in such a positive way. He catches out of the backfield for us, is good in his blitz pickups, and is a decisive runner in between the tackles, which is something we lacked a little bit with James Starks, no disrespect to him. I feel that this is even better than our trade that has brought us Leon Hall."

    Aaron Rodgers is on of the NFL's best quarterbacks, after you have been through four games with him leading the team, can you see a favorite target starting to emerge for him?:
    "The thing about A-Rod is that he is so good at spreading the ball around to all of his receivers and keeping them happy. I think that he has a great relationship with Gresham, Jennings, and Nelson, but really I feel that A-Rod as a new favorite target each and every week."

    Starting the season, what are the Packers biggest strengths as a team?:
    "Our biggest strength as a team is how balanced of an attack we can bring to the table. It helps us keep teams guessing on what to do next. I also think a big strength of ours is the combination of verterans and young players on our team. I feel this team has a bright present and future ahead of us."

    Biggest weaknesses?:
    "Our biggest weakness I feel maybe be ourselves. We need to make sure that we take each opponent seriously, prevent costly mistakes such as fumbles and penalties, and overall just respect our opponent. If we do that, then the sky is the limit for us."

    In one word or phrase describe each topic.

    The Packers Defense: Aggressive.

    Aaron Rodgers: Monster.

    The NFC North: Underrated
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