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Season 10 Team Previews

Discussion in 'The Experience' started by Masler, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    2020 Stanford Cardinal (Overall Rating: 99)
    Offense (Rating: 99)
    Morris is the obvious starter but as he has proven in the past, ratings aren't everything. But for now with 96 Thp and 98 Tha he is the undisputed starter. Behind him HB Will Howard finally gets the starting position and he is well known around campus as often being more explosive than now departed HB Marcus Stewart. We have a beast between the QB and HB with SR FB Joe Baker who boasts a 95 Overall rating and shows superb run blocking skills (99 Impact Blk, 91 RBS, 93 RBF) and can even break a big run if he has the room. On the outside the receiver look good but aren't the fastest bunch around, don't expect too many big plays from them this year. I was very impressed when it came to the Offensive Line and saw everyone was 90 overall or better, giving Morris and Howard the blocking they need.
    Defense (Rating: 94)
    The Front Seven looks promising to me, lead by Linebackers Andre Duckett and Kevin Davis. I expect them to be a force, especially in stopping the run. But Duckett and Davis have both proven in the past to be formidable when it comes to defending the short-medium range passes. The secondary also looks very well with our CB position being very talented all the way to the #6 spot as they are all 88+ Overall. Should we lose a starter there shouldn't be any noticeable difference. I am a little anxious about FS Lewis getting the start as he is our lowest rated defensive player but as I said before, ratings don't always matter. It was nice to see SS Douglas reach 90 overall, the kid has made huge plays before for us and should be a head hunter this season.
    I want it all, we getting slim on seasons and I have a team that can for sure get it done. I have had close game after close game vs users in the past couple of seasons and it is time I can out on top. I know jello1717 said I have the easiest schedule but even so the users make it a challenge for me. I can't see myself finishing less than 10-2 with another CCG Appearance and BCS Bowl Victory. The Cardinal are back and I'm here to prove it.

  2. jello1717

    jello1717 "Those who stay will be champions." -- Bo

    Jun 21, 2009
    2020 Arizona State University Football Preview
    Offense (99)
    The offensive unit will need to replace 5 starters from last year's team but they should not skip a beat. QB Ken Hall returns and hopes to recover from his sophomore slump of last season. He completed 5% fewer passes and threw 50% more INTs compared to his FR campaign so he needs to get much more accurate. Just as importantly his rushing yards went from 587 down to only 91 as a SO. He is still the focal point of the offense and everyone expects him to have a monster year. The stable of backs looks vastly different than in years past when it was nothing but speed. SR Brandon Richardson will start and has extremely dangerous breakaway speed. Surrounding him are 3 very capable young power backs who will be looking to run through opponents rather than running around them. The receivers are very good and fast. Once again the Devils boast the best O-line in the country with an average rating of 96.4 for the starters. With these cogs in place you can expect the Devils' offense to once again be a nearly unstoppable force.
    Defense (99)
    The defense only lost 2 starters, but one of those was superstar FS Bill Williams. Given the returning experience one should expect a killer defense, but last year's defense performed the worst of any in recent memory. The D-line returns all 3 starters, all of whom had good years. On top of this, all 3 are SRs who know this will be their last season for the maroon and gold and will want to put an exclamation point on their very solid careers. On top of that, all 4 LBs return as well. It's a veteran group of 2 SRs and 2 JRs and there are some extremely talented (and fast) youngsters waiting in the wings as well). This group will be led by ROLB Lenny Wilkinson and MLB Claude Bower and will create havoc for opposing offenses all year long. The secondary lost 2 starters, but they're very, very fast and talented. Last year's team had by far the fewest INTs of any team under coach Jello and this team looks to rectify that statistic this year.
    Overall (99)
    This is the best team to ever suit up in the history of the Sun Devils. There are 19 SRs on the team (compared to only 8 last year), 13 of whom start. Everything with ASU begins with the lines and 7 of 8 starters on the O and D lines are SRs. Because of the seniority on this team, this has to be their year as they will be significantly less talented next year. Like last year ASU has a brutal schedule as they face #5 Ole Miss and #1 Georgia in weeks 2 and 3. Last year it was losses to Wisconsin and Georgia in games 2 and 3 that ruined their season. ASU MUST win 1 of these 2 games this year, otherwise their season will be over before it starts once again.
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