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Season 11 Team Previews

Discussion in 'The Experience' started by jello1717, May 30, 2012.

  1. jello1717

    jello1717 "Those who stay will be champions." -- Bo

    Jun 21, 2009
    The 2021 Sun Devils Preview
    Offense (99):
    We lost 80% of our starting O-line and, sadly, don't have the hosses to replace them. We went from the best O-line in the country to having to start 3 guys rated under 90 (88, 88, 87). This is the biggest weak spot of the team. We lost our 2 best receivers as well as our #1 HB (and only speed back) who rushed for more yards than any other player under coach Jello's tenure. The receivers aren't as deep as I'd like as I only have 6 guys, but the top 3 are all excellent. Despite the loss of Richardson in the backfield, the stable of backs is very solid and ready to lead the nation in rushing yards once again. QB Ken Hall returns for his 4th season as a starter. After 2 very strong seasons to begin his career Hall shit the bed last season and will be looking to rebound in a big way. This team can go as far as he's capable of taking us.
    Defense (99):
    ASU lost 18 seniors from last year's squad and this is most obvious on the defensive side of the ball. We lost all 3 D-linemen, half of our starting LBs and our top corner. The line may be all new, but the guys are very solid and look to have huge years now that they've finally gotten a chance to start. The linebacking corps is very, very good even without last year's leader Lenny Wilkinson as the worst starter is an 89 OVR. The secondary returns the most starters and should be even better than last year.

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  2. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    2021 Stanford Cardinal Preview
    Offense (97)
    QB: Cody Morris is the undisputed starting QB of this final Stanford team of the '12 release. He is probably better than Andrew Luck himself. Morris has never been much of scrambler, though he has shown bursts of speed in key moments. He boasts a 96 overall rating with 98 Throw Power and 99 Throw Accuracy. Expectations are high for him.
    HB: Frank Jackson gets the starting nod and boasts all the skills of a speedy HB. 96 Speed, 96 Accel, 99 Elusiveness, and 91 Spin will make this kid a terror between the tackles.
    FB: Baker has left us and we sit decently with a 76 overall Clifford Gilmore. He can block decently and should be able a handoff if it comes his way.
    WR: And now the two gems Morris will have his eyes on. First we have David Smith at 92 overall, he is mostly possession that it backed up by 93 Catching, 97 Route Running and 92 Jump. In the #2 slot is Marcus Robinson with 97 acceleration and 99 Route Running. He can also catch the ball well with 91 Catching, making him very dangerous. The remainder of the WR will do their job nicely as well.
    TE: Both TE are 90 overall and will provide a huge assest in the passing game with Scott Daniels having 91 Acceleration and 99 Catching while Osborn has 94 Awareness and 95 Catching.
    Offensive Line: The Tackles are good, the Freshmen Centers both came in a 78 overall but the real gem of this O Line is JR(R) Cornelius Bailey at 95 overall. He will be perfect for our passing game this season with 92 Pass Block Footwork, 95 Strength and 98 Acceleration. I expect him to protect Morris with his life.
    Defense (97)
    Defensive Line: DE Fred Adams is our best guy on the line at 93 overall and should take Todd Smiths place as the terror of our line. He boasts 96 Finesse Moves, 98 Block Shed, 92 Pursuit, and 93 Play Recognition. The DTs are good but I will miss Smith, neither of them will be able to shed the block and plant the QB on the ground like he could.
    OLB: Andrew Watson (94) and Corey Heath (90) are going to cover the outside well. Watson looks to be able to cover the run like a Pro and will even make a play or two in the Coverage game this season. Watch our for his 97 Accel, 91 Tackle, 91 Pursuit, 93 Hit Power, and 93 Block Shed.
    MLB: Senior Andre Duckett returns and will, along with Watson, be the staple of the Front Seven that should pick up right where they left off.
    CB: The first five CB on the depth chart are 88 overall+. Our starters both sit at 94 overall and it looks like both should be avoided when passing. Pope has the speed (96, 97 Accel) and the best coverage ability since Jamie Ford with 99 Play Recognition, 99 Man Coverage, 99 Zone, and 94 Press. Frye isn't too far behind as he also has some speed and great coverage skills, the only difference is his 97 Man, which I am not disappointed.
    S: On the FS side Jason Kirkpatrick comes in at a 78 ovr FR and has a lot of work to do. He isn't the best in coverage but should be able to lay a hit. And on the Strong side, Yates gets the starting position after long last and he will live up to the name of Strong Safety (89 tackles, 85 Hit Power, 93 Zone, 89 Man).
    Special Teams
    Jay Mackey (K) is now 91 overall and may have finally overcome his Accuracy issues. It now sits at 86 while his Kick Power is 99. Expect some 55+ yarders. Punter Jamaal Smith is the highest rated player on the team at 98 overall only due to his perfect 99 kicking stats.
    Team Overall = 97​
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