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Season 2 Changes

Discussion in 'The Experience' started by JCspartan2, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. JCspartan2

    JCspartan2 Sparty Party

    Feb 21, 2009
    Here are the changes for season 2:

    1) Sliders:

    Just a couple slight mods to correct some stats but not alter gameplay too much:

    - I bumped CPU rush defense up 5 points to make the running game slightly less effective and curb some of the numbers a bit. I don't think this will kill the shotgun running like in years past and it shouldn't have a drastic effect, especially since I did not tone down the human rushing sliders at the same time.

    -I bumped CPU pass block up 5 points. Again, I want to try to correct this problem without toning down user sliders to keep gameplay the same but make the CPU more competitive. If sacks are still happening at an alarming rate I will then decrease the Human pass rush slider 5 points.

    2) Schedules:

    I will be making schedules a little more difficult for everyone, especially early. I gave everyone a warm up game or two last season to get used to the game, but I want some marquee CPU games early. NW and Washington probably won't be getting difficult schedules though so they can get their school prestige up.

    3) Content

    I'd like to see some more content/interaction from us this season, myself included. This season was tough with all of the EA issues, people on vacation, and my accelerated schedule, but all that should be behind us now for the most part.

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