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Season 2 Conference Championship Round

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by thebouncer24, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. thebouncer24

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    Jul 1, 2011
    ok so I was 2-2 this week making me 3-5. NOT good. Oh well, I do this for fun and that's the bottom line.



    Jacksonville came into the game vs Jets looking run with 27 rushing attempts to 17 passing but essentially it was the passing that won the game. Jordan Mapa went 15/17 242 yards and 3 TDs and playing a team that averages 214 yards passing given up and fresh off of giving up 300+ yards with 4 TDs. This could be another opportunity for Mapa to prove to his coach who the true MVP for Jacksonville is.

    New England is a surprise team in the playoffs so far. They have made it this far through the air and I don’t see this being any different facing a team that simply won’t allow very many rushing yards. Jaguars have a stout defense and won’t allow too much but in order for New England to put up any points they will need to look to some passing routes.

    These two teams are surprise teams of the year for different reasons. Jacksonville had a high draft pick last year and Patriots changed coaches mid season. I will say I am shocked to see both these teams in the Championship game but nonetheless these two teams are great this year and it should be a battle.

    JAX 27 - NE 21


    St. Louis comes in off of a blasting on Atlanta. In a game that was just piled full of runs. Isaiah Pead and Steven Jackson. This dual back system is going to be hard to beat as they can run clock and not have a fear of losing the ball in the air. The thing is they are playing a defense that can stop the run but are vulnerable to the pass, but don’t count the Rams out, you remember Sam Bradford right, an MVP candidate, well yeah he can throw the ball and when they do he will be looking for WR’s Sam Jackson or Devery Henderson good receivers.

    Packers have the MVP winner Aaron Rodgers and well yeah they are going to pass. Rodgers seems to be able to do what he wants and fit it in anywhere. How do you stop him? Well i’m not sure how to stop him but maybe Rams have something for him. They only allow an average of 155 yards per game. Gave up 200 to Matt Ryan, who has become somewhat an elite QB in HK, but picked him off twice and sacked 3 times. Maybe Rams have something for Rodgers.

    Well the top 2 teams in the NFC have made their way here. One side is a rushing juggernaut and the other is a passing juggernaut. Seems a lot like the situation the Rams were in last week vs Falcons. Rodgers is better than Ryan will that be the difference this time?

    STL 31 - GB 24
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