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Season 2 Team Previews

Discussion in 'The Final Countdown' started by Papa Perry, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Papa Perry

    Papa Perry Leeroy Jenkins!!!

    Jul 1, 2009
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  2. Bucs

    Bucs GT: ThruTheSmoke47

    Jun 30, 2010

    QB: Sophmore Asiantii Woulard (83) takes over for the departed Brett Hundley. Woulard nearly transferred to Alabama but when Hundley declared he decided to stick it out in LA. Woulard isn't as accurate as Hundley was but is a much better athlete. Behind him are JR Jerry Neuheisel (81) and FR Aaron Sharp. Folks are hoping Woulard doesn't go down because the staff well most likely skip over them and go with true freshamn Chris James (73) a 6'3 225 pocket passer who is already the best pure passer on the team.

    HB: Paul Perkins (88) is a bruiser and saw 95 carries last season. Now he will carry the load with Steven Manfro (86) coming in behind im to help out. RS Sophomore Craig Lee (80) will be the third back in certain pistol formations.

    WR: All 4 wideouts return from the previous season. Hundley did a good job of spreading the ball around to these 4 guys and they each were in the 40-50 range for receptions. No real standout playmaker among the bunch but they are solid. Devin Fuller (90) , Jordan Payton (89), Devin Lucien ( 85) , Thomas Duarte (82)

    OL: 6'7 320 Simon Goines (92) LT, 6'4 293 Ben Wysocki (89) LG , 6'4 287 Jake Brendel (94) , 6'5 304 Alex Redmond (90), 6'5 315 Caleb Benenoch (85) RT.

    Defensive Line: Eddie Vanderdoes (90) returns his 8.5 sacks and 22 TFL to the LE spot. Eli Ankou (76) takes over at RE. RS FR Matt Dickerson will rotate in and out. Inside 6'5 332 Ellis McCarthy (92) will help clog up the middle .

    Linebackers: Myles Jack (91) returns as the leader of the defense at the LOLB Spot, Opposite him Deon Hollins (81) beat out Kenny Orijoke( 82) for the starting spot. Inside linebackers will be Zach Whitley (82) and Isaac Savaiinaea (82) .

    Cornerback: Looks much the same as last year. Fabian Moreau (92) , Ishamel Adams (91) and Priest Willis (83) in the slot.

    Safety: Tahaan Goodman (84) will play FS and Randall Goforth (88) will play strong.

    Keys to the season: On offense the play of Woulard will be key. Hundley made some big time throws for us last year .. I don't think Woulard can do the same, but hopefully he athleticism off sets some of that. On defense we are a much better squad this year with only 2 new starters from what I can tell.
  3. Walter323

    Walter323 Walk On

    Jun 18, 2014
    QB: the biggest loss to the Sundevils from last year will be Taylor Kelly. Mike Bercovici (85) takes the rains. He's not as good of a passers-by as Kelly but looks to use his speed to run a little more option. If he goes down for an extended period look for the redshirt to get pulled on Khalif High (79). High was the #1 QB recruit and looks to be the future face of ASU.

    HB: ASU returns senior DJ Foster (92) after a 1000 yard season. Foster is an over stud back who looks to move his draft stock up to the first round this year.

    WR: All starting wr's return including last year's freshman standout Tyler Whiley (158/2429/28), speedster Jalen Strong (77/937/7), and many others competing for starting time.

    TE: juco transfer Stephen Chavez looks to step right into the starting role. His balance of blocking and catching have the coaching staff excited to utilize him in all sorts of ways.

    OL: the OL will lean on senior William McGehe (84) and Christian Westerman (89) to pull together the rag tag crew.

    DL: the defensive line is still in transition from a 3-4 to a 4-3 so many guys are playing out of position. Look for Demetrius Cherry to flurrish in his second year as a DT.

    LB: the LB crew is young, but fast. Sophomore leader DJ Calhoun has bought in to being a tackle machine and playing a little more coverage than pass rushing.

    DB: with 4 of the 5 starters (base nickel coverage) being seniors the sun devils look to lean on their db's to be much improved from last year's pitiful performances. All have already graduated so they have all dedicated themselves to football and only football.

    K/P: hahaha we'Lloyd find a soccer player if we have to. We don't plan on having to punt or kick too many field

    Overall the team Need's to improve on the 7-6 record from last year. Alot will be riding on the new QB and how he handles the offence.
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  4. RamesuThe1

    RamesuThe1 Walk On

    Aug 3, 2014
    Oregon State University

    The Beaver offense will be a work in progress this season, with a new first year starter at QB - Soph (r) - Luke Del Rio. Del Rio posseses enough of the qualitites (84 thpw, 86 thacc) to be a serviceable starter but he isn't a program savior. The offense for OSU will no doubt, rely heavily upon the SR from Texas, Storm Woods, he's by far the best skill player on the team and his health and production will ultimately determine the fate of the Beavers' offensive attack. If he's healthy and getting 20+ touches per game, expect the Beavers to compete, if either of those things don't happen, it could be an ugly year in Corvallis. The WR duo of SR (r) - Richard Mullaney and JR - Victor Bolden is decent, not spectacular, if they had a better QB, then more could be expected out of them but for now, we expect the running game to be what moves this team.

    Player to watch: JR - WR - Victor Bolden - has the talent and skill to be a great player for the next two seasons, production will depend on QB play. The engine of the offense will be Woods but Bolden's production could be the X-factor.


    The defense for the Beavers will rely on scheme execution to compete. Currently, the athletes just aren't there on defense to line up and beat people. Expect coach Graham to manufacture pressure with creative blitzes and to rely heavily on SR leader, MLB - Joel Skotte to get the defense in position to defend the run adequately. Don't expect the Beavers to run a lot of man or many base coverages at all, they simply don't have the firepower. They'll have to rely on creativity to get stops until some more talent arrives.

    Player to watch: SO (r) - FS - Brandon Arnold - Graham's defensive approach puts a ton on the shoulders of the FS. If Arnold plays well, the OSU defense could be tough.
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  5. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    Ducks Disappoint in Jenkins' 1st Season

    Oregon Looks to Rebound

    Eugene, OR- After a dismal first season performance that saw Oregon fall from a top 5 ranking all the way out of the Top 25, the Ducks are ready to rebound and show what they can do. They will start the season in the Top 10, but for them to stay there they will have to play much better than they did last season.

    Offensively the team will be led by Marcus Mariotta, who is back for his final season in Eugene. Mariotta still has the athleticism that allowed him to be a proific offensive star in his first few seasons, but he has steadily improved as a passer and despite the Ducks struggles he posted solid numbers. Byron Marshall and Thomas Tyner will be his mates in the backfield. Looking at Tyner's 5'11" 217 pound frame you would think he's a bruising power back. He isn't. He is very nimble, and has the speed to outrun almost anyone. This will be the last season Mariotta, Tyner, and Marshall are together in the backfield. Mariotta and Marshall will both likely move on to the NFL next season.

    Outside Mariotta has one of the fastest players in college football to throw to in Devon Allen. Allen improved his speed even more
    this offseason and the speedster will be taking over the #2 role instead of the slot this season. Bralon Addison is the #1 WR, and has grown into a very good target for the Oregon QBs. Dwayne Stanford will be the #3 WR, but in three and four wide sets will move to the flanker position and let Allen slide inside to the slot. Stanford has good size at 6'5". BJ Kelly will enter the game in 4 wide sets and join Allen as the additional slot man. He's got good speed, and at 6'2" has excellent size as well.

    Oregon likes to use the TE's to create mismatches in the passing game. Oftentimes they're too big for DB's to cover, and too fast to be held in check by LBs. Oregon will have two good ones to use this season: Johnny Mundt and Pharoah Brown. Mundt is a solid blocker, and Brown excels in the passing game, together they should be able to cobble together a very good unit. Oregon will use a lot of 2 TE sets this season, and the coaches hope recruiting falls into place to allow them to keep doing it for the forseeable future.

    The Oregon line is very experienced with 4 senior starters and one redshirt sophomore. Tyler Johnstone and Matt Pierson will hold down the tackle positions while Andre Yruretagoyena, Jamal Prater, and redshirt sophomore Evan Voeller will lock down the guard spots and center respectively. Oregon will only go as far as this unit will take them. The big uglies are always the most important part of any team and if this unit comes together the Ducks could be tough to stop.

    Oregon's offense will have speed in the backfield, speed on the outside and tough matchups at the TE positions. This unit should be very fun to watch.

    Defense has never been a hallmark of the Ducks. The last time Oregon fielded a top flight defense was back in 1994 when the Gang Green defense was roaming the Autzen Zoo. This season the Ducks look to be tough in the front seven, but weak in the backfield.

    The front four will be manned by four tall seniors. DeForest Buckner (6'7") Christian French (6'5") Arik Armstead (6'8") and Alex Balducci (6'4") will be the pass rushers. Their height should also allow them to swat balls at the LOS when facing smaller QB's. Buckner is the star of the unit, but Armstead gives the Ducks a good presence on the inside and a big body that can both stop the run and collapse the pocket. French will be making his first start at DE, but has been in the program a long time and knows the ins and outs of how Oregon likes their ends to play.

    Rodney Hardrick, Rahim Cassell, and Torrodney Prevot will line up as the linebackers in the 43. Hardrick and Cassell are both seniors and bring excellent speed to the field. Prevot is just a junior and the only non-senior in the front 7. Hardrick has good speed, and on top of his athleticism he is very good dropping into coverage whether he is asked to play man to man or zone. Cassell has good athleticism and speed, but is more of a run stopper than a coverage linebacker. Prevot is similar in makeup to Cassell, but he is very good at getting off blocks and chasing the ball carrier. All told the front seven will have to be the backbone of the Oregon defense. If they are solid they can take pressure off a group of defensive backs who could be over matched at times this season.

    Redshirt freshman Arrion Springs will get to start his first game for Oregon this season. The Ducks were able to keep him redshirted last season and the decision paid off well enough for him to mature into the unquestioned #1 CB the Ducks would need this year. Chris Seisay gets to take the #2 role and the redshirt sophomore will need to improve quickly. He brings good size to the position, and like to thump the receiver when he gets beat.

    The safety positions will be manned by junior Reggie Daniels and senior Issac Dixon. Dixon has been a depth piece his entire career at Oregon, and will finally get to show what he can do week in and week out. They both have solid, if unspectacular, speed and decen cover skills. In fairness they are safeties, there isn't one strong safety who thrives coming up in the run game and one free safety who will be able to take everything away over the top. Together they form a solid tandem of safeties who are interchangeable in their roles on the field.

    Oregon has the talent to stand up against anyone this coming season. Last season they came out on the short end of the stick against Pac 12 and Rose Bowl champ Stanford. Oregon took an early lead and let Stanford claw their way back to a come from behind last minute win. Oregon lost on a last second Hail Mary to eventual National Champion Michigan State. And the Ducks choked away several games last season by simply not showing up. If they can manage to take care of business week in and week out the Ducks could be near the top of the dog pile when the season is over. If not they could fall all the way out of theTop 25 again.
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