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Season 2 Team Previews

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Kapono, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Kapono

    Kapono Walk On

    Jun 28, 2010
    Indianapolis Colts:
    We have about $21 million in cap space, and 5 draft picks, including our 17th overall selection.
    Our main team needs are at WR, DL, S, OL, HB, MLB. We'll most likely draft at MLB, WR, and OL, and go to the free agent market for a few mid-sized contracts.

    QB: Andrew Luck (84) returns, I'm hoping that overall rating is deceiving. He missed a few games due to injury last season, which probably cost us a playoff berth.
    HB: The Colts expect to cut Trent Richardson, and will start Ahmad Bradshaw (83) at HB. We'll look to add a backup RB in the draft.
    FB/TE: Stanley Havili (84) was re-signed in the offseason for cheap. Coby Fleener (79) and Dwayne Allen (80) return, but did not do too much last season.
    WR: TY Hilton (86) returns after a big 2014, and should improve with a healthy Andrew Luck. We wavered on Reggie Wayne (83) this offseason, but offered him a 1-year contract. Hakeem Nicks was let go. We expect to take a WR in the draft to be our #3 guy.
    O-Line: We lost some talent, but signed RG Carl Nicks (85) in the offseason. This is the weak spot on our team, and we will most likely use some of our cap space on a lineman.

    Defense: 3-4
    DE: Arthur Jones (84) is good, but we don't really have a strong #2 DE. We may draft here for depth or sign a decent free agent.
    DT: Jerel Worthy (76) will start here. Not the best D-Line, but Robert Mathis will do a lot of the pass rushing.
    OLB: Robert Mathis (91) was injured for most of last season, and was still able to get double digit sacks. He's a star, and is pretty much our entire pass rush. We expect to cut Eric Walden, and move Bjoern Werner (74) to starter at OLB. We're going to work on his zone coverage skills.
    CB: Our trade with New Orleans turned this group from a question mark to the strength of the team. Vontae Davis (94) is back and we just acquired Keenan Lewis (90) to lock down the other side. The Texans are our biggest competition, and this should help us against them.
    Safety: Colt Anderson (75) was a huge surprise last year, he started at 67 overall. He will remain our starting SS after improving his tackling and zone coverage. Laron Landry (80) is a hard hitter and will start at FS. We will need to use some of our cap space or a draft pick on a 3rd safety.
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  2. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012

    Draft Selections:

    1st Rd. Dakota Stewart (MLB) 6'0 238lb Texas
    85 SPD / 85 TAK / 89 POW / 80 PUR FAST Progression

    2nd Rd. Darby Cousins (MLB) 6'2" 243lb Georgia
    78 SPD / 82 TAK / 891 POW / 80 PUR

    3rd Rd. Skylar Reeves (LT) 6'5" 302lb UCF
    91 STR / 90 RBK / 82 IMP / 73 PBK

    4th Rd. Santario Shuler (FS) 6'2" 210lb Alabama
    89 SPD / 90 ACC / 75 ZCV / 91 HPW

    5th Rd. Raymond Rock (MLB) 6'1" 236lb Temple
    90 SPD / 82 PUR / 76 TAK

    6th Rd. Timmy Taylor (WR) 6'2" 214lb UNLV
    95 SPD / 95 ACC / 76 CTH

    Free Agency
    RB - Roy Helu Jr
    WR - Da'Rick Rogers
    TE - Jermaine Gresham
    DT - Stephen Paea
    DT - Ishmaa'ily Kitchen
    CB - Chris Culliver

    QB: Nick Foles enters the season on a contract year, the Eagles have all the intentions of getting this contract knocked out ASAP. Foles looks to rebound from a mediocre season which was filled with interceptions and injuries. Matt Barkley will serve as the teams back up and played outstanding in the absence of Foles last year.

    RB: Shady McCoy is back with his Robin "Sproles" ... The Eagles brought in Roy Helu who will split back up touches with tough man Marcus Lattimore. Helu is a fast back with hands and can do all the things Sproles can while also being an excellent pass blocker. McCoy will be looking for another rushing title, as he's having a war of words on twitter with Redskins RB A. Morris, last years runner up.

    FB: HBack James Casey will be the teams fullback this year but will see most of his snaps out of a tightend set. He will start until Jermaine Gresham learns the ropes.

    WR: The addition of 6'3" Da'Rick Rogers made Jeremy Maclin expendable and Mac has took his talents to Denver. Rogers adds another big body with a run blocking skill set to the threats of Cooper and Matthews. Rookie Timmy Taylor will serve as the teams return specialist with his 95 speed. And will see some time in the roles once filled by Maclin working the deep end of the field. Josh Huff is coming along nicely and looks to bounce back after being on IR most of the year.

    TE: Jermaine Gresham is the big addition here with work horse Zach Ertz still serving as the teams first option. In the Eagles twin TE sets these two guys will pose a problem for linebackers, drawing corners or safeties they will exploit them on the ground with the running attack.

    OL: Reid Fragel and Skylar Reeves both at the tackle positions look to get some heavy experience under their belts this year in anticipation of taking the roles of Jason Peters the Pro Bowl LT. Getting these two guys seasoned is a high priority with Lane Johnson looking to move left creating a vacancy at RT. The Eagles line is getting a little long in the tooth but these guys still have plenty of fight in them. 3 of 5 were pro bowlers last year and look to repeat last years performance.

    DL: Logan / Cox / Thornton return as the same crew as last year. Stephen Paea was added in the off season with his 98 STR and high BSH, he will be the first man in to spell any of the 3 listed. Also fat boy I. Kitchen is 340+ and will play plug on some obvious situations.

    LBS: A key focus for the Eagles, moving up to grab Dakota Stewart the combine superstar from Texas will be a project. Stewart will take the role of DeMeco Ryans as #2 MLB behind M. Kendricks. Stewart has all the physical tools to be great, game experience and game prep will get him mentally ready! Trent Cole and Connor Barwin are back on the edges with last years 1st rd pick Marcus Smith. Smith will be getting groomed to one day take the aging Cole's job which hopefully isn't soon! Raymond Rock (R) and Brandon Graham will be the first guys in and have big roles on special teams.

    DB: The Eagles decided to part ways Cary Williams; while Williams had a solid year he left a lot of big plays on the field. His speed and acceleration just weren't #1 CB material getting murdered by Hilton, Austin, Britt and Terrence Williams to name a few these games echo'd in coach Jowers' ear all year long. Nolan Carroll who played outstanding and recived a lot of attention in practice will now see all the #1 WRs on the opposing team. CB Chris Culliver signed from the 49ers will move to #2 with Boykin playing Nickle. Shuler the rookie from Bama will see some time with his solid speed and crushing hit power. The Eagles D finished 31st last year and plans to turn it around w/ these cover guys.

    ST: Kicker G. Hartley was signed in the off season to replace the retired D. Akers and B. Wing was brought in to punt.
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  3. jay2149

    jay2149 Walk On

    Aug 17, 2012
    Freaking 3 yards man
  4. Star Athlete

    Star Athlete Walk On

    Jul 14, 2013
    New Orleans Saints:
    After the saints fired Dusty McDonald and Replaced him with the former XFL head coach Leap Hardimon. Many NFL fans found the move puzzling and put a lot of the players in the saints organization in shock. But after his first completed off season with the team, he already has shown he is here to change the saints culture from a Pass heavy, Swiss cheese defense, bounty scandal team to a more hard nose, physical, Defense first team. He earned all the players respect in his first team meeting by walking strait into the saints meeting room and pulling down his pants and standing in front of the whole team in his boxers Drew Brees said. Coach Hardimon was quoted saying "If we want to continue playing defense the way McDonald had yall playin' the past few years, then go ahead and pull your pants down now and let em get you..." he followed up by saying "But if we want to Play hard and do the hitting, go ahead and put your big boy pants on and lets go put in the hard work in training camp and not get caught with our pants down!" Very unorthadox coaching style but you have to wonder if this approach is what this team needed...After drafting 11 players in this years draft, the make of this team is clearly "rebuild". But The saints still expect to win games...lets review some of the Upgrades and changes to this team.

    Major Changes and Questions coming into the season
    1. The saints have moved from a 3-4 to 4-3 per head coach Hardimon. Interesting to see how this turns out giving the fact that most of these players are built for the 3-4 defense

    2. The emergence of CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste as the #1 Corner for the saints. At 6,3 218 lbs, SJB had a solid rookie year and it earned him this spot and made Kennan Lewis expendable(look for him to be in the Expendables 4) who was dealt to the Colts this off season. Its going to be very interesting to see if SJB size and athletic talents will be enough to stop some of the Top receivers in the game...

    3. Brees is still around, and i bet to win a superbowl. He must believe in the talent here in Naulins...can they win a super bowl? Somebody ask Brees...

    4. The 2 stud rookies picked up in the draft. Starting RB from Texas A&M Russ Dennard and Freak 6'7 268 lbs OLB Grant Adams from Nebraska. Both of these guys look to upgrade there respective positions. RD was quoted saying "this offense will be as good as i can be. We all know what Brees can do..." As far as Grant Adams goes, he been pretty quiet...but many of his teammates refer to him as "The Beast Incarnate", a rip off nickname from Brock Lesnar of WWE and UFC. Jimmy Graham said being tackled by him is like being F-5'd by Brock Lesnar...

    5. Jimmy Graham is Healthy again. Will he last the whole year? probably not...but playing only 3 games this year is unacceptable for him again...

    Closing comments- Overall, its safe to say that the saint is still a good football team. But its also safe to say that they are officially rebuilding this team and moving on from 2009 super bowl winning team. With Brees career coming to and end soon, Health question marks, Young players developing, and a rookie head coach who has not coached a NFL game in his life. I 'd say if i had to pick a end game record based off of what we know today...i say saints end season NOT in the playoffs and show a decline.

    2015-2016 New Orleans Saints
    Off rank 13
    Deff rank 23

    John B. Fisher ESPN Analyst (my made up Saints analyst)
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  5. nellycuz

    nellycuz I'm an educated fool w/ $$ on my mind.

    Jul 24, 2012
    Pittsburgh Steelers 2015

    QB: All about the Benjamin. Big Ben is in his final year of his contract. We will have to make a decision in the off-season if we want to bring him back, but until then he's the man.

    HB: Le'veon Bell will get the starting nod again, however look for Blount and Archer to get a little more action this year. Blount does a great job getting an extra yard or 2 on a run and Archer is the joker who will line up as WR more this year as well as in the backfield. We need to get him the ball more.

    WR/TE: Antonio Brown had a career year last year and will look to build upon it this year. 3rd year WR Wheaton stepped up in Brown's absence in the off-season but not in an AB-type way. Bryant is in his 2nd year and is ready to take on the slot role Lance Moore occupied for most of the year last year. Some youth in the starting lineup while the 4th and 5th (Moore and Heyward-bey) have the experience, it's a good mix.

    OLine: Same guys as last year, nothing new. Got to get some momentum with the run game going early in the season to get their stats better. Heading this group is veteran center Maurkice Pouncey.

    DLine: Same guys as last year as well. Drafted a new LE and a new DT to give breathers and keep this group fresh. Look for them to play every 2 or 3 series. Heading this group is former Buckeye Cam Heyward.

    LB: Same starters as last year as well. Worilds, Timmons, Shazier, Jones. Most of these guys will be around together for another year or 2, get used to it.

    DB: Troy has taken a back seat to Shamarko Thomas who will now start at SS opposite Mike Mitchell. Troy will come in to give breathers and in pass rushing situations. Cortez Allen remains the #1 CB along with rookie Toliver. Looking forward to see what these guys can do this year. Long time Steeler Ike Taylor has hit free agency and probably will stay there.

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  6. hskr8128

    hskr8128 Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
    Featured Threads:
    2015-16 Buffalo Bills
    Draft Picks:
    2nd Round-C Ron Little (79 OVR) AVG DEV
    2nd Round-RG Morgan Looney (75 OVR) STAR DEV
    3rd Round-MLB Tom Landrum (68 OVR) AVG DEV
    4th Round-S Jaelin Dansby (74 OVR) STAR DEV
    4th Round-TE Nick Topa (73 OVR) AVG DEV
    5th Round-WR Shalon Morrison (72 OVR) STAR DEV
    5th Round-QB Zachary Witten (69 OVR) AVG DEV
    6th Round-DE Marquess Hall (74 OVR) AVG DEV
    7th Round-LT Hayden Ware (63 OVR) AVG DEV

    Key Additions: FS Charles Woodson (81 OVR), CB Tramon Williams (87 OVR), RT Brandon Fusco (77 OVR), C Ron Little (79 OVR)
    Key Losses: QB Kyle Orton (75 OVR), TE L.J. Smith (78 OVR), T Erik Pears (74 OVR),

    The Bills return much of the same team that surprised people by earning a playoff berth last year. With the increased chemistry from a solid season, coaches decided to build on that success and not make wholesale changed this offseason. Here is a position by position breakdown of what to expect from your 2015 Buffalo Bills

    QB-Grade C-
    EJ Manuel didn't exactly look polished last year, throwing 16 TD's and 20 INT. Coaches expect him to improve this season as his O-line has gotten better which should help not only with his time in the pocket but they also hope to open up more holes in the running game to take pressure off EJ

    RB: Grade B-
    The Good news; all three of the top running backs from last season return
    The Bad news; they only combined for 1,327 yards last season

    C.J. Spiller missed time and was involved in trade rumors this off-season, however he will return and be the featured back in Buffalo in a contract year. Fred Jackson has begun to show his age and many expect that Bryce Brown will supplant him as the backup running back this season.

    Former RB Boobie Dixon will make the move to FB this season and should be an upgrade from Summers last year

    WR: Grade-B
    If we were grading on potential, this group could be an A. Sammy Watkins showed flashes of why the Bills gave up so much last draft to get him, recording 817 yards and 7 TD's as one of the top rookie wideouts. Mike Williams will always be a red-zone and jump ball threat who makes defenses second-guess double teaming Watkins. Robert Woods and rookie Shalon Morrison will battle for the slot position. Morrison looks to have huge upside but Woods is a bit more polished. This will be a battle to watch through pre-season

    TE: Grade-C+
    This was one position the Bills desperately wanted to upgrade in the off-season but were unable to make any big moves. Scott Chandler is steady and reliable but he does not provide a big play threat. Coaches are excited about the potential of rookie Nick Topa

    O-Line: Grade-B
    Probably the biggest improvements the Bills made this offseason were on the OL, LT Cordy Glenn is one of the NFL's absolute best tackles and will continue to protect Manuel's blind side. Brandon Fusco, who played G last season, was signed as a FA and moved to RT to bolster that side of the line. C Ron Little was drafted early in the 2nd round this year and the former Sooner will look to start immediately on the inside. This allowed the Bills to move last years starting C, Eric Wood to LG where he will start opposite the always steady Kraig Urbik

    DE: Grade-B+
    The departure of Jerry Hughes last season definetly hurt this unit but it still remains a strength. Mario Williams had 12 sacks last season and has recorded triple digit sacks for the past 3 seasons. Manny Lawson will start opposite Williams, although coaches are said to be dissapointed with his play last season. After taking over for Hughes about midway through the season, Lawson was unable to record any sacks, even while M. Williams and Marcel Dareus were constantly drawing double teams. Look for rookie DE Marquesse Hull to push Lawson this season

    DT: Grade-A+
    The undoubted strength of this team yet again, coaches were sweating it out when DT Dareus was unsure of re-signing with Buffalo. Looking to play for a winner, Dareus was happy with how last season went and agreed to a franchise tag to see if the franchise can continue in the right direction. He, along with Kyle Williams, will again make up the most ferocious front duo this side of Detroit. If these two can stay healthy, opposing QB's beware.

    OLB: Grade-B
    On paper, the Bills outside backers don't appear to be anything special. However, they possess tons of potential among Kiko Alonso and Nigel Bradham. Bradham had a stellar offseason and coaches say he has the inside track against last years starter, Keith Rivers. Look for the Rivers-Bradham battle to continue on through the pre-season.

    MLB: Grade-B-
    Brandon Spikes had a career year last season, recording 94 tackles, 5 sacks, and 1 INT which led to him getting paid this off-season with a 3 year, 20.1M deal. Spikes is well known as a player who goes hot and cold so coaches are really hoping he can repeat the results of last year's performance. The Bills are comfortable with his backups, rookie Tom Landrum and 2nd year player Preston Brown

    CB: Grade-A-
    The Bills got torn apart in the passing game last season and they looked to address it this offseason. They signed former Packer's CB Tramon Williams who will look to compete with Corey Graham for the starting spot opposite Stephon Gilmore. The loser of that battle will slide to nickel back which see's alot of work in the Bill's defense anyways.

    FS: Grade-B
    Many expected Charles Woodson to retire as a Raider, however he insisted on playing another year and Oakland just didn't see the upside to bringing him back. Enter Buffalo, who has decent players at the S spot but lacks that veteran leadership and savvy. Woodson will split time with last years starter, Da'Norris Searcy, at the FS spot

    SS: Grade-B
    Aaron Williams returns after a solid season last year and looks to build on his momentum. Look for rookie SS Jaelin Dansby to attempt to steal some reps at this spot.

    Special Teams-C+
    K Dan Carpenter struggled mightily last season and looks to still be a little unsure of himself (10 confidence, you'd think they'd get a little boost over off-season!). Coaches are looking to give him another chance but don't be surprised if another K is brought in before pre-season is over.
    Rookie WR Shalon Morrison and Marquise Goodwin will handle return duties. Both are absolutely lightning fast players who can change direction in the blink of an eye.

    Bills Season outlook
    The Bills look to have a much tougher schedule this season while they try to fight back to the playoffs. With the team returning mostly intact, we are predicting another middle of the pack performance by Buffalo as the young team continues to gel. Prediction 8-8
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  7. The Prudent

    The Prudent Walk On

    Jun 22, 2011
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Draft Picks:
    1st Round- LOLB Victor Powell (82 OVR) Star Dev
    2nd Round- QB Kevin Bloom (85 OVR) Star Dev
    3rd Round- CB Demarco Stevenson (68 OVR) Avg Dev

    4th Round- LG Bryant Boone (68 OVR) Avg Dev
    5th Round- MLB Keland Pugh (70 OVR) Star Dev
    6th Round- TE Charles Bridges (68 OVR) Avg Dev
    7th Round- DT Francis Hagon (63 OVR) CUT

    Key Additions: FB Lonnie Pryor (79 OVR), WR Santonio Holmes (79 OVR), DT Tony McDaniel (78 OVR), CB Bradley Fletcher (79 OVR)
    Key Losses: QB Josh McCown, MLB Dane Fletcher, TE Luke Stocker, MLB Mason Foster,

    After a dreadful season, that saw Tampa Bay win only 3 games, the Buccaneers rebounded with a well thought out draft. They built in the draft and added a few more key pieces in free agency. The Buccaneers are banking that their 2nd round QB will be the future franchise QB and look to improve on their record from last season. The good news....they can only get better.

    QB-Grade B
    Last year McCown was supposed to be the answer. He was overpaid and never managed to surpass Glennon on the depth chart. Glennon was no stud either and struggled to find the end zone. This season it is rookie Kevin Bloom's job to lose. Glennon is back at the #2 spot where he belongs. Bloom has great arm strength and can make most of the throws. If he can find the end zone more than Glennon and keep the turn overs down the sky is the limit for this kid.

    RB: Grade C+
    Three of the four RBs from last season return. One time stud, Doug Martin looks to rebound from last years avg season. Part of last seasons woes could be pinned on the O-line, but the bad thing for Martin is the O-line hasn't improved a lot this offseason. New head coach, Charles Green, promises to feature Bobby Rainey (who at times looked better than Martin) and Mike James more this season. The once feed Doug Martin philosophy will now be a time share between the three RBs.
    FB Lonnie Pryor was added to help open up some holes for the talented RBs. He looks the part and is a very solid addition.

    WR: Grade- B+
    Louis Murphy was let go this offseason in favor of veteran Santonio Holmes. This addition should only improve a very talented receiving core. Vincent Jackson is older, but can still catch about anything if you get the ball near him and Mike Evans is a budding star. This could be Evans breakout year. These WRs were talented last year and were only hindered by the two QBs throwing them the ball. Jerome Simpson was also added for depth.
    TE: Grade- C+
    Don't let the grade fool you, this TE group is as talented as any in the league. They just have not lived up to the hype yet. Brandon Myers is formidable and consistent, Seferian-Jenkins is a star waiting to happen, and rookie Charles Bridges is well balanced at blocking and receiving.

    O-Line: Grade- C-
    The O-line looks just as bad as it did last year. Tampa wasn't able to really improve the line in the offseason, but they were able to add some quality depth.
    DE: Grade-B+
    Michael Johnson will move from RE to the left to try and increase pressure into the faces of QBs. HC Green wants QBs to see a force like Johnson coming, so they can see his pressure. An undrafted rookie, Tavadis Alexander, will get the early start at RE bc he has looked great during training camp. If Alexander starts to falter it could be anyone of the other three defensive ends. The most likely candidate would be Steven Means.

    DT: Grade-A-
    It took a franchise tag, but Tampa was able to bring back Gerald McCoy. Eight sacks last season, a disappointment to McCoy by his own admission, should be a thing from the past. McCoy should be able to get a lot more pressure on opposing QBs with the addition of FA Tony Mcdaniel. Teams were able to focus on McCoy last season and double team him. With Mcdaniel in the lineup the coaching staff is hoping that will change.

    OLB: Grade- A
    At OLB we return LaVonte David. He is the rock of this defense and the team will continue to lead on his leadership and freakish ability. Opposite him will be the Buccaneers 1st round draft pick, Victor Powell. Powell is very talented and the coaching staff will start him with confidence. Powell will only get better throughout the season.

    MLB: Grade-C
    MLB is a young and inexperienced group. Jamar Chaney, who tested free agency, was resigned and has moved from OLB to MLB. He will keep the job as long as he can hold off raw, but talented rookie, Keland Pugh. Look for Pugh to eventually take over as the starter if he can learn the playbook and improve in a couple of areas.

    CB: Grade-B
    Alterraun Verner returns and was solid last year, but needs to improve on creating turnovers. Bradley Fletcher was brought over from San Francisco. The coaching staff is putting the pressure on him this season and making him the #2 CB. Hopefully the new scenery and increased role in the defense can help him shine. Rookie, Demarco Stevenson, will be our nickel corner and give our other two CBs breathers throughout the year as he developes.

    FS: Grade-B
    Dashon Goldson and back up Keith Tandy bot return. Goldson was solid last season, but was forced to save the day way too often. He had 76 tackles last season. The new coaching staff wants to relieve some of that work load, so the FS can focus on creating turnovers and direct traffic.

    SS: Grade-A
    Mark Barron and Major Wright both return. Mark Barron was a stud last season. Last season the do everything SS had 95 tackles, 2 sacks, 3 FF, and 4 Ints. If he can have a season like that again and this defense improves just a little bit the defensive unit as a whole is going to be great this season.

    Buccaneers season outlook
    Tampa Bay can only get better after last season’s terrible outcome. This year’s schedule looks somewhat tougher, but the team seems more confident. There are going to be some growing pains with a rookie QB and a young defense, so the prediction is going to be a 6-10 season.

    liked your format hskr8128 had to steal it.
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  8. Cheez

    Cheez TSO's 1,000,000th Poster

    Oct 21, 2010
    2015 New England Patriots

    New England is coming off of a disappointing 2014 campaign which saw them finish at 7-9 after a 6-3 start. Despite the tumble at the end of the season, New England still had a chance to win the division in both weeks 16 and 17, but fell to the Jets and Bills respectively to end their season.

    Nonetheless, the management team in New England felt that they had the talent to win the division, but lacked in execution. This can be evidenced by the number of close games that were lost by the Patriots last year. Much time was spent on re-signing current players, namely Darrelle Revis and Dexter McCourty. However, there have been minor tweaks on both sides of the ball that could be instrumental to the Patriots success.

    Tom Brady is back once again (god damn it), leading a Patriots offense that will look rather similar to that of last year. Shane Vereen was let go in the offseason, but DuJuan Harris was resigned after the draft to hopefully complement Stevan Ridley's power attack. In the receiving corps, the names are mostly the same but the responsibilities have changed. Brandon LaFell has moved up to the #1 spot on the depth chart, with 6th round rookie Laquan Nelson lining up on the opposite side. Julian Edelman will move to the slot, where his smaller frame might be a benefit to speed past corners over the middle of the field.

    In what was largely a salary cap move, Vince Wilfork was dealt just before the draft to Chicago for a future draft pick. However, the Patriots wasted little time finding his replacement in Wendell Oliver, a 1st round pick out of Miami. Oliver is expected to step right in and fill the void left by Wilfork. He will still have some veteran leadership with him, as the Patriots signed Justin Babineaux off of the waiver wire before the season opener. Outside of the interior line moves, the Patriots top 10 defense of last year remains intact

    Special Teams
    As a coach, I firmly believe that special teams are just as vital as the other two phases of the game. The Patriots were good in the special teams department last year, but they looked to improve. This was accomplished by signing Andy Lee - the big legged punter from San Francisco. Gostkowski was signed to a long term deal prior to the offseason, and the Patriots still expect Danny Amendola to handle return duties.

    The schedule for the Patriots is not nearly as daunting as that of last year. AFC East teams will be paired up against the AFC North (rather than AFC West) and NFC East (rather than NFC Central), which should provide more opportunities to win. However, the most important facet starts within the division, for which the Patriots went 4-2 last year. If the Patriots can get 4 wins in the division again, I do not see a reason that they cannot get 10 wins on the sesaon and earn a postseason berth. To do this, they will either need to rack up wins early or win on the road late, as the home/road balance is very skewed. After starting on the road for the first two weeks, the Patriots will host 6 straight games. Looking at the end of the season, the last 4 games for New England are on the road (including Week 17 at Buffalo).
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  9. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011

    After Jeff Fisher went 4-12 the team elected to fire both him and the GM and bring in head coach and general manager Neal Hennessy to try and right the ship in the unforgiving NFC West. Coach Hennessy coached the the local Missouri Tigers to a national championship before being offered the job.

    Offense: Coach Hennessy is well known for giving a spread option look and brings those concepts with him to the TMFL (Philly playbook). Look for the team to try and get as many people as possible involved on offense.

    QB: After years of being injury riddled and inconsistent, Sam Bradford was looking at a $20 million salary this season but he was instead shown the door. After some offseason jockeying, the team ends up with two QBs on the roster. Josh Freeman, who looked solid for a little while in Tampa before imploding, is likely to start with BJ Daniels backing him up. Freeman has a lot to prove in what is likely his last shot at being a starting TMFL quarterback.

    HB: Zac Stacy is back after two consecutive years of just under 1000 yards rushing. Backing up Stacy and sharing some of the load is second year player Tre Mason. Look for Stacy and Mason to get plenty of opportunities to run in the new look attack. Behind them is rookie Richie Hartman who coaches believe can be very good in the long run and versatile FB Dorin Dickerson who can serve as HB if need be.

    FB/TE: The fullback position is rarely used in this offense, but Dorin Dickerson is a versatile athlete who could see time at both FB and TE in pretty regular intervals. Starting TE Jared Cook is coming off of the best season in his career and is a serious weapon in the vertical passing game with his combination of size and speed. Between Cook and Dickerson this group has the potential to change games.

    WR: The Rams made one of the biggest trades in the TMFL so far when they went out and acquired Calvin Johnson from the Lions. If Megatron wasnt enough to keep opposing defensive coordinators up at night, Kenny Britt and Tavon Austin are both coming off of 1000 yard seasons giving the club an impressive trio of talented playmakers. The surprise of training camp so far has been undrafted free agent Lewellyn Ashley. A speed demon, Ashley will get a chance in the slot in 4WR sets opposite Austin with Johnson and Britt on the outside.

    OL: Veteran Jake long and second year player Greg Robinson are absolute studs on the left side of the line. Rodger Saffold and Joe Barksdale are serviceable players on the right side leaving the center as the weak spot. The eam plans to give embattled veteran Jonathon Martin a look in the middle, transitioning him from tackle.

    Defense: Coach Hennessy is moving the team out of a 4-3 and into a 3-4 including a number of position changes. There could be some growing pains as players accustom themselves to new spots on the field and new responsibilities, but the unit has enough talent to make it work if they are well coached.

    D-Line: Michael Brockers will be on the nose. While Michael isnt the prototypical nose guard, he has the size and skill to be effective. Veteran Chris Long will hold down one DE spot and his skill set should translate well from a 4-3 to a 3-4. Opposite him is rising star Aaron Donald. Donald played DT last season but looks comfortable at end in the 3-4. Veteran Free Agent Jason Jones will be a quality player in substitutions who can step in full time in case of injury.

    OLB: Both Robert Quinn and Jerry Hughes are moving from DE to OLB in the new scheme. Both of these guys have the necessary skills, the only question is whether or not they can pick up the playbook quickly enough to be effective.

    MLB: James Laurinaitus is back after leading the TMFL in tackles last season. In the new defensive scheme he will be paired with free agency acquisition Rey Maualuga. This duo should be effective in the 3-4. Youngster Alec Ogletree moves from OLB to MLB though with his versatility he is likely to see time both inside and outside.

    CB: Janoris Jenkins is a star in the making. He is the teams top cover guy and just inked a huge extension prior to week one. Chris Cook was signed in FA to start opposite Jenkins with Trumaine Johnson in the nickel. Cook and Johnson are nice players, but neither is a star.

    FS: Lamarcus Joyner had a tremendous rookie campaign and looks to follow that up this year. He is one of the best defensive players on the team and will need to make an impact if this team wants to get on the right side of a winning record.

    SS: TJ McDonald showed flashes when healthy. He has great size and leaping abity to make plays for this team if he can manage to stay out of the training office all year long.

    VERDICT: On offense the team has plenty of weapons so the only real questions are on how well coached they will be and whether or not Josh Freeman can regain his form of a few years ago when he was a hot commodity. On defense the team has solid players everywhere, but lacks depth which could be problematic if the injury bug bitex.
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  10. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    2015 Cleveland Browns Outlook

    The Browns are worse than last year. Thats right, the team has gotten worse on purpose. The new coach let go of the player not within his team vision and replaced them with 13 rookies on the opening day roster. What is the coach vision? Having young, physical players that can be developed over time. Thankfully, the 2015 Draft was deep, strong, and fast... not a good sign for aging, expensive veterans.

    Offensive Outlook:
    QB Johnny Manziel returns as the starter and will look to improve upon an up and down rookie campaign. He has all the tools, but his performance will come down to decision making ont he field. The Browns are limited outside of the QB position... Star WR Josh Gordon and TE Jordan Cameron will be the go to players, but outside of these two a handful on young players will look to make an impact. The OL is under construction as well, with LT Joe Thomas and C Alex Mack being the anchors.


    Defensive Outlook:
    The defense is the strength of this team. The Browns added two highly touted playmakers in the draft in pass rusher Ontarius Barksdale and DE Gianni Lockett. In the defensive backfield, CB Joe Haden and SS Donte Whitner are the playmakers and will cause problems for opposing WRs. The measuring stick this season will be the growth of the young guys and big names delivering on their paychecks.

    download (1).png
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  11. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    Ebner is definitely a Homer pickup haha. .
  12. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    nope, go blue.
    Just grabbed him for his PHY rating
  13. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    Crazy looking at the differences in your roster vs mine in R2C as Cleveland
  14. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    How so? DId you make big moves?

    I released Kruger in the offseason because we were owners at that time. Wish I still had him now that I dont have to make any decisions about money. I also lost Gibson because I was trying to resign him for cheap.
  15. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    I lost Cameron because I couldn't get a deal worked with him or Gipson and I chose to tag Gipson (have him up to an 84 OVR, plus TE's aren't too hard to replace I am hoping). It sucked to lose Cameron.

    Other differences I noticed:
    - Joel Bitonio is sick for me, low 80's by year 2 and starting RG.
    - I traded Sheard.
    - Also traded for Justin Blackmon - Miles Austin, Blackmon, and Gordon are my 3 WR's (unless Miles got super slow)
    - I kept Craig Robertson (I think is his name) at MLB and he is almost to 80 OVR for when Dansby retires.
    - Schwartz is solid for me at RT (almost 80 OVR)

    It's pretty obvious we used different roster files :) haha. It helps all my guys ratings that I won the SB though so there was a ton of XP to dish out.
  16. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    ahh... yes the old Super Bowl run helps... i was 4-12.
  17. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    15-1 :D

    A lot of luck for me though this year- dropped picks, my guys catching them, etc.
  18. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    And I think these ratings are based on my scheme... so Botino for instance isnt that high because I have balanced for all my OL.
  19. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    True. I thought I had balance too but it could be rbk
  20. UniQue2Three

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    Jul 12, 2011
    Seattle Seahawks were your 2014 and 2015 Super Bowl Champions and look to be the only team ever to 3-peat. When you hear the expression offense wins games, defense wins Championships, well the 2015 Seattle Seahawks showed that. They ranks 1st in pass defense, #2 in points allowed. Seattle has most of their core players from last year and hope to continue their defensive dominance.

    Russell Wilson(99), Terrelle Pryor(72) - Russell Wilson was great last year and will be the teams captain for years to come. Russell threw for over 3,700 and had a plus touchdown:interception ratio. Russell had to learn the playbook all over again and made some poor decisions that lead to 21 interceptions. Russell will look to get that number down and his touchdown number up and will look to get more involved with the running game as well this year. Wilson scored 4 times with a career low 4.3 ypc and will hopefully improve. Backup Terrell was picked up in waivers this year to back up Russell if anything goes bad. Throughout the year Terrelle will be trickled in the offense in certain packages. Coach Dan Swoboda expressed how fond he is of the quarterback in a press conference at training camp after his signing, saying "Terrelle has tremendous amount of talent and hopefully we can keep him here for a long time".

    Marshawn Lynch (95), Christine Michael(81), Robert Turbin(77) - Marshawn "Beastmode" Lynch was the bellcow last year and rushed for over 1,500 yards for his 2nd time in his career. Marshawn at the age of 29 and on his last year of his contract have been talked about all off season. Beast mode showed no signs of depleting skills in spring training and looked just as strong as ever. Coach Dan Swoboda and coaches have talked about Marshawn and Christine Michael sharing time as the season goes along so Marshawn's bellcow status remains up in the air. Christine Michael looks to be the heir apparent to Lynch. Michael is built like Lynch and has the same run style, a bruiser back and in this system will look to duplicate what Marshawn has done in the past. Robert Turbin - 3rd on the depth chart but not forgotten. Turbin has showed the coach he can ball in the offseason and in the playoffs last year. Turbin has better catching ability then the other backs and looks to be a possible 3rd down back as the season rolls along.

    Derrick Coleman(85) - Derrick has great speed and he has a been more than a solid fullback for the Seahawks. He has been a good part of why Seattle had the 2nd most rushing yards last year. Derrick looks to keep up the solid blocking and will look to extend his contract this year.

    Percy Harvin(91), Doug Baldwin(80), Jermaine Kearse(78), Danario Alexander(73), Jacoby Ford(70), Chris Matthews(64) *Trindon Holliday* - Percy Harvin and Danario Alexander will be the starters with Doug Baldwin will man the slot, alltho Seattle moves their receivers around alot and they will be all over the field. Percy is Seattle's most electric WR and hopefully stay healthy all year and post career numbers. Newly acquired WR Danario Alexander was brought in to be the big body(6'5") WR Seattle has been looking for. Like Percy, Danario is injury prone and will probably get injured at some point in the season. When healthy these 2 can be a dangerous duo for Russell Wilson. Doug Baldwin is a complete WR, he has the best hands on the team and runs the best routes. If either Percy or Danario get hurt Baldwin will step in and Seattle shouldn't miss a beat. Jermaine Kearse is like Doug Baldwin as he has great hands but just a tad slower and will get the 4 WR set formations. Jacoby Ford was brought in as a returner as a late offseason add due to Trindon getting released due to his off field domestic issues. Chris Matthews has great size(6'5") and speed combo but hasn't got a grasp on the playbook and having a hard time getting used to the NFL speed.

    Jermichael Finley(83), Rob Housler(78), Luke WIllson(74) - Jermichael Finley was added as Seattle let Zach Miller go due to salary issues. Jermichael like Percy and Danario is also injury prone but when healthy he is a absolute beast. Finley has great speed(85) and size(6'5") combo and looks to be a weapon for Russell across the middle and will also line up as WR in different sets. Rob Housler was added before Jermichael to be the starter but since the addition he has been moved to the #2 TE spot. Rob also has great speed(85) and size(6'5") combo but doesn't have the best hands and will work on them as the season moves along. Luke Willson has been the odd man out as the 2 newly additions pushed Luke down the depth chart. Luke has the best size(6'5") and speed(88) combo on the team but has the worst hands out of the bunch.

    LT David Stewart(80), LG Alvin Bailey(74), C Max Unger(83), LG J.R. Sweezy(79), LT Russell Okung(91) - This Crew was alot better than their ratings show. With this line the Seahawks managed to be a top 3 rushing team in the TFML and they are only getting better. In the draft the Seahawks drafted LT Arthur Burrell(83) out of The U with their 1st round pick. Burrell will be the 6th man on the line and will learn alot from David Stewart. Throughout the year may end up being the starting LT as Stewart is 33 and nearing his end of his career.

    LE Bruce Irvin(95), RE Dwight Freeney(92) - Bruce Irvin and newly acquired Dwight Freeney both LB's last year moved to their original positions. Seattle had Cliff Avril but at the age of 29 and had to renew his contract but Seattle felt it was in the best interest to part ways and let him earn his money in free agency. Bruce and Dwight as a combo are one of the fastest combo's in the league and look to wreak havoc on quarterbacks. Backups - LE Branch Mullins(58), RE Martez Wilson(69), RE Geneo Doyle(71) This bunch will only come in if Bruce and Dwight get tired and all three have very good speed to rush off the edge.

    Brandon Mebane(89), Michael Bennett(88), Jesse William(70) - Mebane and Bennett are 2 of the better 4-3 duo's in the league. Bennett slid over to DT as Irvin moved to end and the signing of Freeney. Bennett and Mebane have great run stopping abilities so hopefully teams have a hard time running up to middle. Jesse Williams is the next in line guy incase one of them goes down.

    K.J. Wright(89), Bobby Wagner(95), Malcolm Smith(84) - This unit is lead by Bobby Wagner who was Seattle's best player on this side of the ball. Wagner had over 100 tackles and 3 sacks and 6 interceptions and also 24 pass deflections as he controlled the middle of the field. He looks to be the "quarterback" on the defense again. K.J. Wright was in trade talks last year but that was stopped as his play on field helped him get a new contract. K.J. Wright has the skills to be a excellent run stopper and run sideline to sideline and cover. Malcolm Smith also got a new contract as his play stepped up as the season progressed. Malcolm has great speed(88) to cover TE's and very good run stopping skills. All 3 LB's have over 80 zone skills which is up at the tops for LB unit as a whole and will help the "LOB" in pass defense.

    Richard Sherman(99), Byron Maxwell(94), Jeremy Lane(83), Earl Thomas III(99), Kam Chancello(99) - Deemed as the LOB is one of the main reasons why the Seahawks won their way into the Super Bowl. This unit lead by Richard Sherman wasn't tested on his side of the field much all year, but when he was he made them pay by having 8 interceptions for his 3rd consecutive year. Byron Maxwell had a huge jump from 2 years ago to last as he was put in the #2 spot due to the departure of Brandon Browner. Maxwell turned in a good year and he was tested alot, only with 2 picks but in the playoffs he was much better. Earl Thomas III is the best safety in the game as he is the Seahawks "centerfielder" as he flies from sideline to sideline. Hurt for most of the second half of the year, still played a big role in the run defense. He only had 1 pick and he will be much more
    aggressive as a ball hawking safety. "Killa" Kam Chancellor hasn't been too huge on pass defense simply because of Sherman being on his side of the field, but in the run game Chancellor is a monster. Not the fastest safety but packs the biggest punch(97 HP) he has hurt many players last year and again got the green light on the missile attack on players. Back ups Tharold Simon(77), Eric Pinkins(61) - Simon is the teams dime back and Pinkins is only when absolutely needed.

    Special Teams:
    K Steven Hauschka(85), P T.J. Conley(76) - Both had contributed very well when their number was called and will plan on doing the same this year.

    Seattle's season outlook: Seattle has the toughest division in TMFL so every year is gonna be a tough one. Seattle seems to come into the new season confident but they know they have a huge target on them, so the prediction is going 12-4 as they did last year and heading in the playoffs either leading division or as a wildcard team.
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    Jul 18, 2010
    Who let you have seattle? this is redonk
  22. UniQue2Three

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    Jul 12, 2011
    Some awesome guy ;)
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  23. Cheez

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    Oct 21, 2010
    you dont have to kiss his ass anymore. He's not commish :p
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    Jul 12, 2011
    Cheez u were awesome til u said that...
  25. bringbackjimmy

    bringbackjimmy WTFWTTD

    Feb 10, 2009
    LE Max Stumph 76 Star
    CB Doran Lindley 80 Fast
    OLB Quay Rodriguez 72 Avg
    LG Joesph Pleasant 58 Avg
    WR Carlo Ashley 70 Avg
    RB Dakieston Swope 71 Star

    RE Adam Carriker 80

    Position Changes
    Demarcus Ware RE to ROLB
    Danny Trevathan ROLB to MLB
    Virgil Green FB to TE
    Manny Ramierez C to LG
    Max Stumph DT to LE
    Joeseph Pleasant C to LG

    The Broncos bring back Manning after what can only be described as a terrible season following the super bowl loss. Manning did show he could still be counted on when defeated the rival Oakland Raiders in a upset to end the season on a high note. Brock Osweiler will again sit behind him hopefully learning to take over whenever Manning or Bronco management feel the time is right. Brandon Weeden will be the emergency QB. Grade-A

    Monte Ball showed last year that he is capable of being a workhorse running for what i think would be a career high for a madden team coached by BBJ(mind you i took with 4 weeks left, but hey who's counting). Ball will team up with Swope to make defenders run for the ice bath's after every game. Swope comes in a 5'9" at a whopping 243 lbs making him a load to bring down and certainly not someone wants to deal with after Ball has them tired. Ronnie Hillman will come in as a change of pace back. Grade B

    Demaryius Thomas makes this wr corp go from average to really good. With the loss of Wes Welker Coach/GM BBJ got on the phone with Black Republican and ended up swapping a 4th round pick for Jeremy Maclin. With Maclin taking over Welker's Slot role with Sanders and Latimer sharing time as the the #2 the broncos will have a a few good options. Coach BBJ has told reporters that even though Ashley is on the bottom of the chart he will make sure the rookie see's some reps through out the game as he could be a x-factor. Grade B

    If the Broncos feel they are missing a real #2 WR the 2nd Thomas is the solution to that problem. With Great speed and hands for a TE the broncos have a mismatch on basically any defender that trys to cover him. The Broncos also brought back Jacob Tamme who did well when his number was called last yr. Virgil Green has been moved over to the 3rd TE spot. Grade-B

    Are line is anchored by 2 studs in Ryan Clady and Louis Vasquez which both will be needed to make this oline work. This oline wont be considered on the levels of the 90' cowboys oline, but they should be able to create holes and hopefully keep manning upright this yr. Grade-B

    With the move to the 3-4 coach bbj went to work on finding pieces to make it work. He already had Knighton who should be a terror in the middle. He brought in veteran Adam Carriker to take over for Ware vacated spot at RE and found a gem in the 1st rd in Max Stumph. The Broncos feel this 3 will do a great job keeping the oline busy while their LB run around doing damage. The Broncos also have really good depth with Derek Wolfe and Malik Jackson able to fill in. grade- B

    With the move from RE back to ROLB Demarcus Ware joins Von Miller in what should be one of the best pass rushing duo's league wide. Sliding inside with the move to the 3-4 Danny Trevathan will have the responsibility of running this defense. He has become one of the better lb's in coverage and that will help a lot with the super duo focused on getting to the QB. Nate Irving will be the 2nd MLB who also is a really good cover guy. Hopefully the move will allow Irving and Trevathan to be able to run around and make the plays they are capable of. Grade-A

    The Broncos feel that this is the best unit the team has on the field. With Rookie CB Doran Lindley coming in as the nickel back joining Chris Harris Jr and Aqib Talib should make it hard for Wr's to get open. On the Back end we have Safeties T.J Ward and Rahim Moore who will put the hurt on anyone who enters their zone that should keep wr's heads on a swivel. Grade- A

    Prater enters what appears to be his last yr as the Kicker for the broncos as the boroncos can't fathom paying a K 3m per yr. His Cannon of the leg will be missed next yr, but this yr he will make it easier knowing we just need to get it inside the 40 to come away with points. His side kick Britton Colquitt returns as punter. Grade A
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