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Season 2 Team Previews

Discussion in 'The Tradition' started by Mogriffjr, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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  2. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    Coach Moreecemos and his staff was rather taken aback by last season's schedule and play of their team. It was said to be a uphill battle because this BC team was unlike previous teams led by Coach Moreecemos in that, he's taken a more upstart then before. But after a 5-0 start last year, everything seemed to be coming into place...until 4 straight losses not only knocked them out of the top 25, but gave fans some questions about the early success. Nonetheless, the Golden Eagles would bounce back to finish with an 8-5 record. Which by BC standards is not bad, but by the standards set down by coach, isn't acceptable.

    The 2013 version of the Golden Eagles is better than last year's version in key areas. Returning to the team to start at QB is Chase Rettig (83), who was in the top 10 in passing yardage last year. Rettig is a senior and is looking to post better stats, and to also mainly cut down on his turnovers (23 INT's last year). RB's Rolandan Finch (92) and Tahj Kimble (87) return for one last hurrah as a tandem and they rushed for over 1800 yards and 20TD's total last year. This year they will be leaned on even more, due in large part to the loss of WR Colin Larmond Jr to graduation. The BC WR corps is rather lacking in playmakers and SR Bobby Swigert (79)hopes to become the #1 target at wide out not to mention SO-TE Brian Miller (78), who has big time potential to be a GOOD TE. Nonetheless, this team is going to pound the rock a lot more than many think despite coach's desires to play more of an air raid type offense. The offensive line is a bit better, especially with the emergence of C Ian White (90) who had a strong spring practice and headlines a solid offensive line.

    The defense will once again be led by the trio at LB in Sean Devito (91), Sean Duggan (89) and Kevin Pierre-Louis (93). This trio was running amok and was responsible for over 14 sacks, and 5INT's, not to mention keying in on the run and being able to run down WR's, TE's and RB's all over the field. They will be asked again to carry the load. JR-DT Dominic Appiah (87) is one kid we are excited about, being as he had 7.5 sacks and improved a lot in spring. He will be asked to take on a bigger role in the hopes of becoming a dominant DT in the trenches. The other kid we want to see the next level taken is in JR-FS Sean Sylvia (87). Sylvia possesses great speed and was a very solid run stuffer last year but we want him to become more of a playmaker and ball-hawk at FS. We gave him tape of the FS's coach Moreecemos has coached up in previous coaching stops and Sylvia is more determined than ever to round out his game.

    This team should be better coached the 2nd time around and should not fall victim to a 4 game losing streak like they did last year. This is a better team on paper but games are played on the gridiron. It's up to the folks in BC to show that they are done being 2nd fiddle to the other ACC schools.
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  3. MaxATX34

    MaxATX34 Texas Football

    Feb 17, 2009

    Fresh off one of the best seasons in school history and SEC/Sugar Bowl Championships, the Texum A&M Bulldogs are riding high and ready to get back on the field. Coach Max has invigorated a stagnant football program and elevated them to heights that were unattainable in the Big12, mainly due to the Longhorns/Sooners having much better teams, players, coaches, and facilities (although the Aggies did lose a number of games to some of the worst teams in the Big12 as well). All that is behind them now, as the Ags are looking forward to the rest of the "Coach Max Era."



    Jameill Showers returns after a successful season and unsuccessful Heisman campaign to try and make it rain once again in his (RS)Junior year. Showers will look to improve upon his impressive stats from last year (2,700yd 32TD 14INT 977yd Rushing). Coaches would like him to join the 3,000/1,000 yard club and halve his INTs. Those type of numbers would put him into a very exclusive QB club. Johnny Manziel looks good as a backup and has secured that role indefinitely due to the transfer of QB Matt Davis.


    Christine Michael broke the Single Season school rushing record with his first full, injury-free, season and replacing him will be a tall-order. The 5ft 8in "Big" Ben Malena looks up to the task, though. By all accounts, Malena had the best offseason of any offensive player and is approaching that elite status. He isnt as big as Michael, but he is still a bruiser capable of carrying the ball as many times as necessary. Behind him are two of the most dynamic RBs in the country. Brandon Williams and Trey Williams are both speed-demons who will both spell Malena and return Punts/Kicks.


    Nehemiah Hicks will start and is the best TE on the team. Despite his proficiency as a pass-catcher, he absolutely destroyed defenders as a run-blocker last season. This offseason though, the story at the position has been all about Freshman Michael Robbins. At 6'3 255lb, he looks like an over-sized WR and plays like one too. Robbins' blocking ability isnt where it needs to be, but A&M is happy about his future.
    Freshman Fullback Joe Parrish is a big man. At 6'1 and 263lb, it should be physically impossible for him to move like he does. He carries his weight extremely well (77 SPD) and has a very quick first step for a big boy (87 Accel). Anything can happen when the lights come on, but Parrish has some real potential.


    The Aggies just got young at WR. They lost their top 3 WRs either to the draft or graduation and have a little experience coupled with a lot of youth left. Mike Evans will be the #1 and is able to score from anywhere on the field. With his size and speed, he is a RZ target as well as a downfield threat. (RS)Junior Malcolme Kennedy and (RS)Freshman Thomas Johnson will rotate between the #2 and slot positions. Johnson, the one-time Longhorn commit, made a name for himself during his redshirt season and is ready to do the same on the field. Behind him, a (RS)Senior and two true Freshman are still battling for the #4 and #5 spots. Nate Askew is big and has the inside track, but the two Fish are really pushing him. Jaron Brown and David Walker ( :4stars: and :5stars: respectively) got themselves in the mix for two very different reasons. Brown has gamebreaking speed, and Walker is an elite rote-runner who is very quick in a Jordan Shipley/Wes Welker kind of way (except Walker is 6'2 200lb).


    The starting offensive line goes (OVR from LT to RT) 95-86-80-89-88

    The weakest link is obviously at Center, where A&M is starting little brother (RS)Freshman Mike Matthews. LT Luke Joeckel is a beast destined for a Pro-Bowl type career in the NFL. He will anchor the line while Guards Ogbuehi and Harrison tear it up on pulls. The unit as a whole should be enough to power the offense once again.



    The Aggies lost a great DE this year and will be hard-pressed to find a replacement. Senior RE Damontre Moore leads the pack and can get it done (87OVR). The drop-off after him is pretty steep though. Gavin Stansbury and Brandon Alexander are still fighting for the starting LE position while (RS)Freshman Polo Manukainiu and true Freshman Eric Howard will provide depth.


    No one has really stepped up inside yet, and coaches have seen this coming. TAMU brought in two DTs this class, and will be bringing in more every year until the position is solidified. SR Kirby Ennis is decent. He is strong and a good tackler, but isnt much more than a gap-filler. Starting beside him will be true Freshman Roderick Thomas (78OVR). He has the frame and skillset to be a complete DT and star in this league, and by starting as a Freshman he will have a lot of experience by his Junior year. (RS)Freshman All-American Michael Owens and (RS)Junior Ivan Robinson will come off the bench as the DC wants to keep everyone as fresh as possible.


    TAMU is young at LB too. They will be starting a true Freshman MLB and ROLB. Donnie Watkins was flipped as signing day approached by the prospect of coming in and starting right away. The :4stars: recruit is 6'5 224lb, very fast, and a good tackler. He excells at dropping back into a zone and is rangy enough to make plays anywhere on the field. At LOLB is the only experienced member of the LB corps in Junior Tyrell Taylor. Taylor saw limited minutes last year and still an unknown. The defense was a sieve last year and no one is sure that fact will change.


    A :5stars: recruit came into a wide-open position battle with a lot of hype surrounding him and won the spot outright. A 3-year starter that looks like a future-phenom, Brad Harper is a key cog in the creation of a great defense. Behind him is Richmond, who played well last year. Him backing up Harper is more of a testament to Harper's skill than a knock on Richmond (who coaches know and can trust to make a play).


    The lineup remains the same except for the unexpected emergence of Joe Huffman. Huffman came in as an "athlete" with Safety size, but his lack of tackling prowess and lock-down man coverage ability made his natural position CB (78OVR). He will play in Dime sets and in mop-up duty. His future is bright though, as he can use his 6'3 201lb frame to matchup with some of the bigger SEC WRs, and is already as skilled as some of the Seniors on this team.


    David Craig, the :3stars: out of Highland, CA will start for the Texas A&M Aggies next year. He is a great athlete with marginal coverage abilities. At 6'2 201lb he has legit 4.3/4.4 speed (93SPD 92AGI 92ACC) and is a willing tackler (83). :4stars: recruit Jacob Marshall switched sides of the field and will back up Craig for the next 2 seasons at least.


    Another group of under-achieving upperclassmen from the previous regime on defense. They are serviceable, but will most likely give up a ton of big plays once again this season. Coach Max will have to allot several scholarships to DB positions in the coming years


    (RS)Sophomore Drew Kaser will handle punts, while fellow (RS)Sophomore Taylor Bertolet will handle the kicking duties.


    RBs Brandon and Trey Williams will assume all PR/KR going forward. They are both electric, poor-man's-Barry-Sanders-type athletes that can house it any given return.


    The Offense will make up for a lot weaknesses on the other side of the ball, but the schedule looks too rough to predict a repeat. I'm thinking a 9-3 season with a small chance of making it back to the CCG.
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  4. Ceewo

    Ceewo Walk On

    Mar 5, 2010

    Last year was a decent year for NC State. The Wolfpack finished 10-3 and a bowl win over Rutgers. This was good enough for a 2nd place finish in the ACC Atlantic division, finishing behind National Champion Maryland (never thought I would say that). The upcoming year looks to be challenging. We lost 11 starters, 7 offensive and 5 defensive. Our season depends on how we replace those players.

    Out – Mike Glennon 90 ovr – 3214 yards 69% 27TD 28INT
    IN – Tyler Brosius (jr) 85 ovr
    Tyler has good THP(89) and THA(89) and appears poised to pick up where Glennon left off. My hope is that he can reduce the turnovers and make the big plays when needed.

    Out – James Washington 90 ovr – 1254 yards 5.0 avg 13TD
    IN – Tony Creecy (jr) 94 ovr
    As solid as Washington was for us, Tony appears to be even better. He has enough speed and power to be an everydown back, and could be the center piece of the offense if the OLine is able to open up any holes.

    Out – Tobias Palmer 85ovr – 42 rec 991 yards 9 TD 2 Return TDs
    Out – Mario Carter 84 ovr – 43 rec 720 yards 7 TD
    IN – Bryan Underwood (jr) 84ovr
    IN – Asa Watson (sr) 81 ovr
    Tobias Palmer was a clutch performer and the spark for our offense. He had a pair of GW TD receptions against FSU and Clemson. Bryan Underwood is the same style of speedy, under-sized receiver. We hope he has that same big play ability. Watson is more of a receiver than a blocker and should be able to stretch the middle of the field.

    Out – RJ Mattes(79ovr), Camden Wentz(77ovr), Zach Allen(85ovr)
    IN – TBD
    O-Line is the biggest question mark on the team. The loan bright spot is LG Duran Christophe who has good size is equally good at run and pass blocking. The rest of the line could be a work in progress until we come up with a combination that works.

    Out – DE Brian Slay 79 ovr – 13 tak 1 sack 1 INT 1 FF 2 FR 1 TD
    In- Darryl Cato Bishop 79 ovr
    The defensive front could be the strength of our team. Bishop should not have any problems replacing Slay. The other DE start is incumbent Art Norman (jr 86ovr). Art had a solid sophomore campaign with 10 sacks and 2 FF, we look for more of the same from him. A pair of big junior clogs the middle. Returning starters Thomas Teal and TY McGill can rush the QB and slow the run.

    Out – Sterling Lucas 81 ovr – 73 tak 2 INT 2 sacks 1 INT
    In – Ryan Cheek 83 ovr
    Sterling was a tackling machine and leader of the defense. Senior Ryan Cheek gets the opportunity to replace him. Starting on the outside will be Michael Peak and Robert Caldwell. None are superstars, but they are a solid group who doesn’t make too many mistakes.

    Out – CB CJ Wilson 86ovr – 34 tackles 3 INT 10 PDEF 1 TD
    Out – FS Branden Bishop 87ovr – 52 tackles 1 sack 3 INT 5 PDEF
    Out – SS Earl Wolff 91ovr – 41 tackles 3 sacks 1 INT 6 PDEF
    IN – CB Jarvis Byrd(sr) 84ovr, FS Dontae Johnson(sr) 88 ovr, SS Hakim Jones(so) 77 ovr
    I could talk about the players that left, but one guy decided to stay and that makes all the difference. CB Dave Amerson decided, to the shock of myself, to return for his senior year. Amerson had a stellar junior campaign when he totaled 7 INTs and returned 3 of those for TD’s. Another player to watch is Sophomore Tyrell Burriss. As a freshman Burriss totaled 4 INT as the Dime CB. This year he moves up to the Nickel spot and hopes to improve on those numbers.
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  5. Twister18

    Twister18 I aint got time to bleed!

    Oct 26, 2009
    2013 Arkansas Razorbacks
    The 2012 Arkansas team underachieved under new Coach Twist and settled for a 9-4 record. They are looking to avenge some losses this year, particularly to Texas A & M, USC, and MSU. The Hawgs will have to do it without the services of three top playmakers in QB Tyler Wilson, WR Cobi Hamilton, and TE Chris Gregg. So here's the way the shape up for the 2013 season:​
    QB: The starting QB will be RS SR Brandon Marshall, who will provide a more mobile option to the statue like Tyler Wilson. Marshall is 90 OVR with 90 throw power and 85 accuracy. The backups will be RS SO Brandon Allen (83) and RS SO Dane McElroy.​
    RB: The starting RB will be AA candidate RS SR Knile Davis who is a 97 OVR with 92 speed and 91 Break tackle rating. He is a load to bring down and will be a workhorse for the Hawgs in his last season. His backups will be RS SR Ronnie Wingo (94) who also will add KR duties as well and JR Kody Walker will come in at the goalline to punch it in. The starting FB will be RS JR Morgan Linton.​
    WR: The WR corp will be senior laden with the trio of Julian Horton (89), Javontee Herndon (85), and Demetrius Wilson (79) getting a bulk of the duty. There will be an influx of young receivers thrown in as FR Kelvin Price (75), FR Matt Stevens (78), and FR Arnold Alexander (77) adding in 5 receiver sets and ST duty. The starting TE will be RS SR Austin Tate (80) and his backup will be SO Demetrius Dean (78).​
    OL: The Hawgs will line up with JR Brian Cook (86) at LT and SR Corey Stringer (86) at RT. Their main backup is RS SO Austin Beck. The LG position will be manned by RS SR Aaron Bailey (89) and the RG spot will be JR Mitch Smothers (85). The main backup at OG will be RS JR Luke Charpentier. The C position is led by AA and Remington candidate SR Travis Swanson (96). His backup is FR Aaron Bailey (70). Very solid run blocking line which will be a key to the season.​
    DL: The DE's will feature LE Chuck Smith SR (88) and RE Trey Flowers JR (80). Their main backup is FR Steven Duckett (76). The DT spots will feature a rotating trio of SRs in Bryan Jones (88), Rob Thomas (86) and DaQuinta Jones (86). Very solid group that will create havoc in the backfield.​
    LB: This group was hit hard with the graduation of Alonzo Highsmith, Ross Rasner, and Terrell Williams. The LOLB will be SR Jarrett Lake (76). The MLB will be RS JR Braylon Mitchell (76) and the ROLB will be shared by JR Chris Holmes (74) and backup MLB Rufus Stewart.​
    DB: The loss of Dennis Winston will hurt this group as a shutdown CB but they have some great athletes on the squad. The CBs will be JR Tevin Mitchell (85) and RS SO Davyon McKinney (80). True FR Thomas Martin (78) will be their NB and back the starting duo. The FS will be RS SR Jerry Mitchell (86) and the SS will be SR Eric Bennett. This is an experienced group that will knock your block off if you go in their area.​
    ST: SR K Zach Hocker and his 96 KPower leg will anchor the ST position. FR Jamall Glover (81) will handle the punting duties. RB Rich Wingo will be the primary KR and FR Matt Stevens and Arnold Alexander will lend him help in the KR and PR spots as well.​
    Outlook: the Hawgs will go 10-3 and miss the CC game with a fluky loss to one of their arch-rivals.​
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