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Season #3 Bowl Summaries.

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by soxandgators, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. soxandgators

    soxandgators The Gator Nation

    Jul 16, 2010
    [​IMG] VS[​IMG]
    Going into the game both teams were riding high and something had to give. Both teams came out early focused and the defenses came to play.Was a field position battle when Woods got loose on a few big runs to finish off a long drive wearing the Sun Devils down for a 7-0 lead. After two great stands on D Boyle added a field Goal to end the quarter 10-0.​
    The second quarter had all the fireworks.After trading touchdowns the Knights got a huge special teams play with a 91 yard return and a late field goal to go into half 27-7.The second half was quite for the most part as the D's held firm. With only a handful of opportunities the Knights looked to mostly play safe and pound away at the Sun Devils using field position to keep them pinned down. Winning the Rose Bowl 30-20 the Knights look forward to some time off and enjoy a successful season​

  2. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
    Hawaii Wins the New Mexico Bowl for the Outgoing Coach.

    N.M.- Hawaii and Wyoming provided a Fantastic New Mexico Bowl for the Ages, The Bowl over the Years had struggled in Getting decent attendence since it started in 2006. But this Game was a sellout as Hawaii Bought out their share and more as Many People from Hawaii wanted to see their Coaches Last Game for the Warriors. Wyoming came into the Matchup 8-4 and had assisstants with their Coaches gameplan as ND delt with Family at Home. Hawaii Came in also 8-4 riding a 2 Bowl Game losing streak. CoachGrad told his players before the Game to Play 60 Min and leave everything on the Field and remember this Game.

    Hawaii lost the Toss and Wyoming took the ball 1st half. Wyoming went 3 and out on the 1st drive and punted, Then the Cowboys got their 1st break as Spain threw into double coverage and picked it off in great field postion. Then Wyoming drove it down thanks to their No Huddle Offense and Hawaii stiffened in the red zone and Wyoming kicked a fg and a 3-0 lead. Hawaii Not to be Outdone Passed their way down the Field and as Spain Found his Fab Freshman Johnson and a Td pass for a 7-3 Hawaii lead as the 1st quarter ended. Then Wyoming continued to flash their No-huddle offense as they moved the ball at will and scored on a td pass and a 10-7 Cowboys lead. Hawaii took the ball and drove it to mid-field and then Lau fumbled the ball and Wyoming recovered. Wyoming went for the Throat on the 1st play as they tried a long pass into the end zone and Missed as their WR dropped the Ball, then Wyoming ran & passed their way into the red zone and then had to settle for another fg and a 13-7 lead. Hawaii then Passed their way again down the field and Spain found Lau for a td pass and a 14-13 Hawaii lead. Then on the next possession Wyoming's rb fumbled the ball and Hawaii recovered and New Life for the Warriors. Hawaii then drove it down chewing up the 1st half clock and then the Cowboys sacked spain for a major loss and Duncan kicked a fg and a 17-13 Hawaii lead. Then Wyoming flashed the Minute offense as they drove it down and Kicked a fg with seconds remaining and Hawaii held a slim 17-16 HT Lead. CoachGrad said it was a very tough Game and the 2nd Half should be no different.

    2nd Half started with Hawaii getting the Ball and for most of the 3rd quarter both defenses held each offense with consecutive 3 and outs. then only scoring came on a TD Run by Wyomings rb as the Cowboys retook the lead and tried to go for 2 and the run was stuffed as Wyoming held a 22-17 lead.

    The 4th quarter started Hawaii driving down the field with a little bit of run and mostly pass as Spain then handed off to Foster on the option and Foster took it in from 10 yrds out and a TD Warriors, Then Spain found Johnson for the 2 point conversion and a 25-22 lead. Then Wyoming drove it down the field again with ease and then Hawaii forced them to a Fg and the Game was Tied at 25 all. Then with time getting short Hawaii tried a drive and got 1st down then got nothing else and punted the ball, Then Wyoming's return man was then smacked and coughed up the ball and Hawaii revovered and returned it for a Td and then CG went for the Win and called for the 2 point conversion. Johnson was the original target but Spain threw it over his head and Bright caught it for the 2 points in the endline of the end zone and a 33-25 lead with 1:12 left in the game. Then Wyoming took the KO and with absolute ease got behind the defense the entire drive and scored with 42 seconds left in the game. Wyoming had to go for 2 and failed as Hawaii's defense sacked the qb on the play. Then Wyoming tried the onside kick and recovered but they touched the ball early and Hawaii escaped with a 33-31 win as they kneeled down the ball the rest of the way. CoachGrad got 3 gatorade baths as he carried off the field as the Team gave him the New Mexico Bowl Trophy to hold up to everyone.

    CoachGrad had a very steller career at Hawaii in 3 years He Brought Back Respect to the University and Stellar recruiting classes. His 2 Biggest recruits was Rosehill who rushed for over 400 yards and 3 100 yrd rushing games in his 1st year, Rosehill was lost in the 2nd game of the year for the season and is returning. and next was Johnson the stud reciever who led the Warriors with 1,248 yrds and 10 Td's.

    Spain had a Great Year in his 1st yr starting He threw for 3,905 yrds and 30 td's but 21 int's. He should have a good year next year with it being his 2nd year starting. Foster led the rushing attack with 525 yrds rushing and 13 td's & Johnson also chipped in with 153 yrds and 1 td as Rosehill and Booker were lost for the year due to injuries as Hawaii started with 4 rb's to start and ended with 2. The Defense was very steller as Friel in his 1st yr starting led the team with 7 sacks and Correa was second in 6.5 sacks. The Defense loses 4 seniors on the front line mostly in the DT position.

    CoachGrad leaves Hawaii with a 24-15 record all successful and 3 straight bowl appearances going 1-2. CG was 3-3 vs rivals. CG said this at the postgame. " I can't believe its over it was a very challenging year with the new guys and we learned through each game, we got better as the year went on as we started off on the wrong foot, but this team didn't throw in the Towel and we came out with another great year, my highest as Hawaii's Coach. I bid everyone good luck and who ever takes over next U have a great team here. we have proven to everyone that Hawaii is Back and plans on staying competing for the WAC Title". With That CG left the podieum without taking any questions.

    Hawaii will miss this great Coach and The AD hopes on landing another stellar coach to succeed CG.
  3. Diddy81

    Diddy81 Walk On

    Jul 11, 2009
    Farewell Bama

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