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Season 3 Conference Outlook

Discussion in 'The Deuce' started by Timpegoose, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Timpegoose

    Timpegoose Walk On

    Jul 17, 2010
    Big XII North
    Team Record Conference Record
    Kansas State 4-1 1-0
    Oklahoma 3-0 1-0
    Kansas 2-2 1-0
    Iowa State 3-1 0-0
    Oklahoma State 1-2 0-0
    West Virginia 2-2 0-1

    Big XII South
    Team Record Conference Record
    Houston 4-1 1-0
    TCU 3-0 1-0
    Baylor 2-2 1-0
    Texas 3-1 0-0
    Texas Tech 1-2 0-0
    SMU 2-2 0-1

    SEC West
    Team Record Conference Record
    Alabama 4-1 3-1
    LSU 4-1 1-1
    Missouri 4-1 1-1
    Ole Miss 3-2 1-1
    Mississippi State 4-2 1-2
    Texas A&M 4-2 1-2
    Arkansas 1-4 0-3

    SEC East
    Team Record Conference Record
    Georgia 4-1 3-1
    Kentucky 4-2 3-2
    South Carolina 4-2 3-2
    Florida 4-1 2-1
    Tennessee 3-3 2-3
    Auburn 4-1 1-1
    Vanderbilt 2-3 1-2
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  2. Timpegoose

    Timpegoose Walk On

    Jul 17, 2010
    Who's everyone got as the division champs now that we're about halfway into the season. I just can't see Georgia losing in the SEC East, that running game is absolutely sick. Although Flo or Khaalis could make a run. The West will be really interesting this year. If I can beat Shaun, Drifter, and Khaalis (unlikely) then I'll be a week 13 win over LSU away from the division title, but that remaining schedule is just too brutal to expect that. My pick to come out of the West is Shaun.

    The Big XII hasn't really started conference play yet, but K-State has to be the favorite in the North if Kansas can't figure the defense out and continues to be hit by the injury bug. Iowa State and Oklahoma are obviously always threats too, but I think K-State takes it this year. Houston is probably the favorite coming out of the south with the high powered offense out there. Texas and Texas Tech already having conference losses plays a key factor in that decision as well. It appears that TCU will put up the biggest fight between Houston and the division title.

    Early Conference Championship Game Predictions:
    Georgia over Missouri 42-38
    Houston over Kansas State 35-31
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  3. bringbackjimmy

    bringbackjimmy WTFWTTD

    Feb 10, 2009
    i have games against TCU, OSU, OU, and WVU that make up the rest of my cpu games. Sprinkle in User games of Frisk, JR, and OM I will be surprised to make it out. This might be the year OU makes a revival.
  4. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    Gonna be tough sledding for Kansas this year... I'm at Kansas State @ iowa State and @Houston not to mention I have to figure out how to beat fuckin West Virginia...
  5. BobJr

    BobJr To each their own

    Jun 3, 2010
    Featured Threads:
    It's gonna be hard to even be top 3 for me. My defense is awful this year, they are extremely young. That and I can't catch a break with the stuck in the mud players

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