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Season 3 Offseason (Sunday, 9 CST)

Discussion in 'Chompion's League' started by Spayer419, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. Spayer419

    Spayer419 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2012
    Please keep the players leaving guidelines in mind. I will be watching these closely.

    Players that must leave (or be cut)
    Derwin James (Florida State)
    Trey Marshall (Florida State)
    DeMarcus Christmas (Florida State)
    George Campbell (Florida State)

    Torrance Gibson (Ohio State)
    Joey Burrow (Ohio State)
    Johnny Dixon (Ohio State)

    Canton Kaumatule (Oregon)

    Jerome Washington (Miami)

    And of course...
    • Players projected to be drafted in rounds 1-5 cannot be swayed to return unless...
      • Five-star programs can convince one player projected in rounds 3-5 to return
      • Four-star programs can convince two players projected in rounds 3-5 to return
    *** The players listed above cannot be on roster next year, regardless of where they're projected in the draft

    ***** I have updated this with a list of guys that are currently declaring who cannot be swayed
    J.J. Cosentino (Florida State)
    Jacques Patrick (Florida State)
    Corey Martinez (Florida State)

    Maea Teuhema (LSU)

    Jerome Washington (Miami)

    Brandon Wimbush (ND)
    Alize'E Jones (ND)

    Travis Jonsen (Oregon)

    John Reid (Penn State)

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