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Season 3 *Poll Included*

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Lee.Flex, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Lee.Flex

    Lee.Flex Ducks Fan

    Sep 18, 2009
    Season 3 *Poll Included*

    x3b Season 3

    As many of you have been reading... myself and Season 3 commish EmmDotFrisk are considering some changes for Season 3 of x3b. I am writing this to give a rough layout, and then answer questions that have came up in the discussion.


    1 : x3b will be restarting for Season 3. We will be starting with the latest NCAA 09-10 Roster’s. As of Yesterday, the best, most current roster was updated on Nov 23rd.

    2 : x3b will flip the script on conference’s for Season 3. We will edit the conference’s as need. Each conference will have 2 user’s. The only exception is C-USA and MAC. Both those conference will house 4 users, 2 in each division. All other conference’s will have at least 2, but no more than 3 users.

    3 : x3b will allow users (In Order of Coaching Points) to switch team for the beginning of Season 3. You may switch to a team within the 6 non-BCS conference’s as long as -
    a. Another User does not control that team as of right now.
    b. The team you are switching to does not have a prestige ranking above the one you have now.

    4 : Because of the team layout and switching.... some user may find themselves in another conference. As of right now, we have 5 teams in the C-USA. To begin season 3 (If all the users keep there teams), Houston will move to the East, and UAB will move out to the Sun Belt conference.

    Question’s and Answers

    Q : Are you leaving x3b?

    A : I am not leaving. I simply will need some time off in late January and February. I am currently clearing from the US Army and my Family is re-locating to Syracuse NY next spring. I will need time to house hunt and move. Emmdot has been very active and helpful in all things x3b and TF related. He will be the lead commish of x3b while I am away. While I am here, he and I will split the duties. I believe that in the long run this will benefit the league. No one person will be able to make changes without consent. Every change will be discussed by both of us, and no changes will be made unless we both agree, and then every user in the Dynasty submits approval.

    Q : Why are we changing and how will it benefit every user in x3b?

    A : We are changing for a couple different reason.
    1. New, Updated Roster’s with corrections to all teams and Freshman classes that will benefit all users down the road.
    2. Balance. Need I say more? We are balancing the conferences and game to put everyone in x3b on an equal playing field. Everyone will have the same strength schedule, and will play the exact same amount of user game.
    3. Recruiting last year was a disaster. We got to week 3 in the off-season, and then it skipped us forward to position change. There are a couple user teams that are losing more players this year than they will be able to gain in the off-season. If we continued to go without the change, 2 Season’s from now, every team would have a very weak Senior Class... and every team would still be catching up on recruiting because of what happened.
    4. There have been several rule changes and slider changes that have taken place since the beginning of x3b. The one’s we start season 3 with will stick. What slider will we use? I don’t know yet. I currently like the ones we have, but if the league could agree on another slider that is friendlier to bkhog’s QB, we can try them and vote on them before the start of season 3.

    Q : Will I get to keep the team I have now?

    A : Most likely, YES! I have free range with setting up the conference’s. If you want to keep your team, you can keep them.... if you want to move to a suitable program that meets the requirements, you can do that to.

    Q : What is the order for selecting teams?

    A : The Order will be determined using points from the coaching carousel. Most points gets first pick.. on in order from there.

    Q : I want to select a team another user is using. If he switches, can I have his?

    A : If he selects ahead of you and select’s another team than yes. If he selects after your turn, you may skip your turn and wait until the selections are complete. We will (in Order), go through all users that skipped there turn and let them select.
    *You can only skip once.
    ** By skipping your turn, you are placing your current team in the pool to be selected.
    *** After this selection process, the conference’s will be put in order and Finalized.

    Q : Will coaching points still carryover even though I am switching teams?

    A : Yes. All the points you have earned will carry over.

    Q : How many users game will each team have?

    A : It depends on the C-USA and MAC teams schedule. If one of there users has 3 user games, we will all have 3 user games. If they only have 1 or 2, we will all have 1 or 2. We will stay consistent and level throughout the Dynasty.

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