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    The Top 25

    1. PENN ST - Gross.
    2. Wiscy - Expect them to underachieve...Again.
    3. Auburn - They felt slighted last year as a 1 loss SEC team that was ranked below SMU and USF. I expect them to be very good.
    4. Clemson - Last year's title was a shock. This year, they still have weapons, but D appears weaker. They may win the ACC, but won't play for the title this year.
    5. Nebraska - Way too much B10 love in the polls.
    6. Oklahoma - With a weaker B12, I see them playing for a title.
    7. Michigan - 4 B10 teams in the top 7. Please tell me this is a joke!
    8. Ok. St. - Like them alot, they were in the BCS discussion until the final week last year. Will be the same this year and then lose to OU.
    9. TCU - Amazing the recruiting that they. They are winning Texas now. But they still lost 4 games last year.
    10. USF - I have no idea who their coach is, if they even have one anymore. I believe someone named Bulldog coached them.
    11. Florida - The tandem of Muschamp and Jabba the Hut (Charlie Weiss) won't work.
    12. Georgia - Mark Richt always gets preseason love and then chokes.
    13. ND - Brian Kelly will NOT fix this program, not even touchdown Jesus can. I was surprised he got renewed.
    14. USC - Lane Kiffin is quiet these days. Expect them to move up the polls.
    15. Baylor - The second Texas team in the top 15 and neither of them wear burnt orange.
    16. WVU - Gives OU and Ok. St. a chance at a quality win.
    17. VT - This is my sleeper. Logan Thomas was hurt last year and the Hokies struggled, expect better results this year.
    18. KSU - I like them, don't love them.
    19. Arkansas - Razorbacks will challenge Auburn for SEC West.
    20. Iowa - Who in the B10 isn't ranked?
    21. MSU - Seriously? They lost 4 games last year and ended up in the top 15.
    22. UCF - Move to Big East certainly raises their profile.
    23. SMU - Miracle run came to a crashing halt vs. Clemson. They lose their QB and top WR. Good team, won't play for a title this year.
    24. BC - Stout D last year. Not sure what to expect.
    25. Illinois - 5 loss team. Won't be ranked for long.

    Outside looking in (teams that should be ranked): Stanford, Pitt, Ole Miss, South Carolina


    National Title Game: Oklahoma 27 vs. Nebraska 23 (Barry Switzer and Tom Osbourne will return to coach in classic 80's rivalry.

    ACC - VT
    Big East - USF
    B10 - Nebraska
    B12 - OU
    Pac 12 - Stanford
    SEC - Auburn

    SLEEPER MID MAJOR: I love Wyoming!
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    Awesome write up Weave! Love it!

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