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Season 3 Team Previews

Discussion in 'The Final Countdown' started by Bucs, May 10, 2014.

  1. Bucs

    Bucs GT: ThruTheSmoke47

    Jun 30, 2010
  2. Baron

    Baron "I'm PFP's reckoning."

    Jul 5, 2011
    Oklahoma Sooners 2016 Campaign
    After their worst season since 1997, the Oklahoma Sooners brought in Coach Baron to revitalize the program. A complete overhaul of the team on both sides of the ball from a conventional, multiple offense to a Spread Option and a 4-3 to a 3-4 will hopefully bring one of College Football's storied programs back to the pinnacle.

    Offense: Wooo boy, the Sooners better make a move offensively this season as they'll lose 6 starters including 4 along the offensive line. There's talent here to be sure, but Trevor Knight's startling inaccuracy (79 THA) could be a problem if teams stack the box.

    Defense: With the switch to the 3-4, the Sooners still get to take advantage of one of the best DTs in the game with DT Jordan Phillips (94 OVR, 98 STR). The Sooners also have LE Charles Tapper (94 OVR).
  3. Bucs

    Bucs GT: ThruTheSmoke47

    Jun 30, 2010

    This version of the Baylor Bears is alot different than some recent Bear fans are used to. There is no Lache Seastrunk walking through that door. There is no Robert Griffin III walking through that door. A new playmaker will have to step up this season if this team is to continue to prosper and return to a BCS game, get over the hump of winning the Big 12 and possibly competing for a national title. Let's take a look at the team and see if we can find somebody.

    QB: Coach Buc's has decided to put the ball in the hands of a true freshman in J.J. Williams . Williams is gifted athletically and a tad more accurate than the other two QB's we have on campus. Right on his coat tails is Sophmore Chris Johnson at 6'4 223 he is a phyical presence and quite gifted athletically but not as accurate with the ball as Williams.

    HB: This will be a year of RB by committee. Shock Linwood is next in line and has great vision despite his 5'8 frame he averaged 6.6 YPC and had 10 TDs behind Lache Seastrunk. Eric Rust is the RS Freshman former 5 star back of the future. 5'10 230 pounds of muscle with 96 Trucking 92 stiff arm and 92 Agility. We also have two other backs who are just as good so its a plethora of talent in the backfield.

    WR: Senior Clay Fuller has some of the best hands in the country with 99 Catch, While JR Corey Coleman is a deep threat that the offense missed last season with 95 speed and 96 ACC. Jay Lee excelled in the slot last season and was a security blanket for then QB Bryce Petty. He returns his 42 Catches for 500-600 yards and 8 TDs.

    Offensive Line : Spencer Drango 95 OVR 6'5 320 and Pat Colbert 82 OVR 6'5 315 are the Tackles. Tyler Edwards 89 OVR 6'5 304 and Desmine Hillard 92 OVR 6'4 333 are the guards. Kyle Fuller 88 OVR 6'4 303 is the center.

    Defensive Line : 6'9 275 Senior Shawn Oakman returns his 11 sacks and 20 TFL to the LE spot, while 6'5 242 senior Sam Ukwuachu returns 8 sacks at the RE spot. Inside will be home grown Senior Beau Blackshear 6'4 305 out of Waco, Texas.

    OLB: Kiante Griffin was a force at the LOLB spot last season and one of the bright spots for the team. Opposite him will be another sophomore in Joe Cole, a bit undersized but proved he could hang in the Big 12.

    MLB: Sophomore Xavier Phillips takes over for leader of last year's defense Bryce Hager. While True Freshman Aaron Patterson will get the nod next to him over JR Avion Edwards.

    CB: A bunch of low 80's guys here that aren't too different from each other. They struggled last season to stop anybody, but they are a bit better so we will see what happens.

    FS: Orion Stewart had 53 tackles, 2 interceptions 4 pass break ups and 2 defensive TDs last season, he looks to improve on those numbers and continue to be a bright spot in the secondary.

    SS: Terrell Burt played nearly as well with 56 tackles 2 interceptions a 1 Defensive TD.

    K/P : Who cares.
  4. Todd Ramsey

    Todd Ramsey Walk On

    Sep 18, 2012
    The Arkansas Razorbacks look to rebound from a 5-7 record with the leadership of new HC Bret Bielema. The offense has several playmakers with Heisman candidate HB Alex Collins (91 OVR, +2,500 yds last 2 seasons) leading the ground based attack. The OL is experienced with all 5 starters over 80 OVR.

    The defense will be running a new 4-2-5 defense and is looking to bring multiple defenders in the box in an attempt to force pressure. The key cogs in the new scheme will be FS-SR Will Hines (92 OVR), SS-SR Rohan Gaines (92 OVR) and DT-JR Darius Philon (87 OVR).
  5. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    Tuscaloosa, AL- For the last six or seven years Alabama has been one of the premier programs in college football. In Coach Stewart's first season in Tuscaloosa, the Tide slipped a little, and many fans were ready to call for his head. Last season he turned the tables and led Alabama to an SEC title and a Sugar Bowl win over Michigan. This season fans are clamoring for another SEC title, and are demanding the Tide be in the thick of the race for a national title.

    Last season Alabama redesigned their offense, "I just felt like we got a little stale and predictable. Plus running out of the shotgun theres really only one direction you can run. Away from the running back. We needed to change things up and reset our tendencies." Alabama jettisoned the shotgun option game and moved to a pistol offense and the Tide lit up opposing defenses all season long. Now after a season in the system the players are excited to add some new wrinkles and see how much more explosive the offense can be.
    For the past 2 seasons Alabama has had a seasoned veteran under center. This season that will change when redshirt freshman Chester Ingram takes the reins of the offense. The Tide coaching staff struggled with where to play the athlete out of Pleasanton, CA. Ingram has running back skills (88 speed, 91 acceleration, 80 break tackle, 86 elusiveness, 80 spin, 87 juke) inside a big frame (6'3" 225 pounds) with an excellent arm (88 throwing power, 85 accuracy.) "We are very excited to see Chester get on the field. He made some plays last year on the scout team that wowed us. We made a very good decision to move him to QB when he got to campus." Ingram will undoubtedly go through some growing pains, but he does have a teammate that will help make those growing pains a little easier to get past.

    TJ Yeldon is the grizzled vet and he hopes to make a case to be a first round pick in the NFL draft next season. Yeldon is the #2 returning rusher from last season when he ran for 1635 yards and scored 15 TD's. Yeldon could lay claim to the title of best running back in the country if it wasn't for the conference opponent Todd Gurley. Yeldon does everything well, but Gurley does it all just a smidge better. But with the emphasis Alabama puts on the running game Yeldon could very well outrush Gurley and lead the SEC in rushing yards. Yeldon has put on some weight (6'2" 221 pounds)this past offseason, but it didn't affect his speed (94 speed 91 acceleration.) Yeldon is first and foremost a power back, and he should still be able to flatten defenders that get in his way (98 break tackle, 89 trucking, 95 stiff arm.) TJ has worked hard the past few seasons to add more finesse to his game and he has largely succeeded (88 spin, 88 juke, 95 elusiveness.)

    Kenyan Drake and Altee Tenpenny will will provide the depth this season. Drake is the closest thing to a scat back Alabama has (94 speed, 98 acceleration, 93 juke, 87 spin, 93 elusiveness.) And Tenpenny is a very well balanced back who as yet doesn't set the world on fire with any one skill, but when put all together Tenpenny looks like he will be a fantastic back down the road.

    Amari Cooper is now a senior and he will be the star of the WR corps. He isn't the fastest player (91 speed, 94 acceleration) but he might be the most sure handed WR in the country (99 catching, 99 spectacular catch, 97 catch in traffic) and he does an excellent job shedding tackles once he makes the catch (90 break tackle, 90 elusiveness, 85 juke.) Chris Black and Robert Foster will be the #2 and #3 WR. But the coaches haven't made a decision on who will go where. Foster will likely go to the outside where his larger frame will be a matchup problem for smaller corners. And Black will move to the slot where his quickness and elusiveness will help him elude larger players. Right now the coaches are struggling with playing senor WR Pedro Green as the #4 wideout, or playing incoming freshman Kris Walker at the #4 slot.

    The line between TE and FB is very blurred in Alabama's offense, sometimes the FB will line up in a TE alignment and sometimes the TE will slide into the fullback role. Derrick Henry and OJ Howard will fill those roles this season. Henry is a converted running back, but the 6'3" 246 pounder should have no trouble acclimating to his new role. Howard is the lone remaining TE from last season and the redshirt sophomore will be a very big weapon in the passing game. For the record, Henry is classified as a FB on my roster, but when I go with a multiple TE look he will be lined up on the line. When the formation has a FB he will be lined up in the backfield. I'm trying to figure out who the third TE will be when I go jumbo. I may have to yank that formation from my playbook this year.

    It has been a long time since college football had a player who could tip the scales at close to 400 pounds. The last player who came close was Aaron Gibson who played between 370 and 390. Brandon Hill will take the field this season for Alabama at 6'6" 390 pounds. Hill will be the starting left guard and is a true road grader in the run game (80 pass block, 93 run block, 92 impact.) The opposite guard will also be super sized, but 6'5" Alphonse Taylor is outweighed by 50 pounds. Taylor is more well balanced (89 pass, 90 run, 87 impact) and the two of them should be able to hold down the interior. Lined up between the 2 monsters will be Ryan Kelly, and despite being near 300 pounds he looks like a midget next to Hill and Taylor. Kelly is a very solid blocker (90 pass, 93 run, 89 impact.) The two outside linemen are Brandon Greene and Grant Hill who will play left and right tackle respectively. Greene is the lone offensive lineman who excels in pass protection (92 pass, 84 run, 90 impact) and Hill is similar to the other 3 linemen (83 pass, 90 run, 89 impact.) Alabama's offensive line will be very big this year with an average weight of 330 pounds. The o line will be very young this year with a junior and a sophomore starting at both tackle and guard with Kelly at center being the lone senior.

    Alabama has experimented the past few seasons with some exotic looks on defense. Alabama lined up in the 425 and the 335 for the first time since Joe Kines roamed the sidelines as Mike Shula's defensive coordinator. Alabama will be making the shift back to a more traditional alignment of the 43. "I just felt like we were trying to be too cute. If you look at somewhere like Iowa and Kirk Ferentz all they run is the 43, but they do what they do better than anyone else in the country, and I think we can do the same down here."

    The defensive line will start 3 sophomores and a senior. Dee Liner, and Johnathan Allen will line up on the outside while A'Shawn Robinson will line up on the interior. The lone senior is defensive tackle LaMichael Fanning. And much like the offensive line the defensive line will be very big with a 294 pound average.

    Dee Liner will line up at the right defensive end spot and the 6'3" 294 pound end should be able to both hold the edge and get after the passer (80 speed, 78 power moves, 85 finesse moves, 80 tackle, 86 ht power.) His counter part will be Johnathan Allen who goes 6'3" 279 pounds and has the skills to be a dominant pass rusher (82 speed, 82 power moves, 89 finesse, 81 tackle, 83 hit power.) Redshirt freshman Travis Morris and junior Dalvin Tomlinson will be the backups.

    Moving inside, LaMichael Fanning and A'Shawn Robinson will provide an interior presence. Both are converted defensive ends and show the necessary skills to get after the passer. Fanning is very tall, but plays much lower than his 6'7" frame (78 power moves, 80 finesse, 86 shedding.) Robinson is likely the next star lineman like Terrence Cody and Jesse Willams. An oversized defensive tackle, who can hold the line, and rush the passer. Robinson came into the program as a defensive end and he shows excellent hand skills and the strength and quickness to collapse the pocket from the inside (73 speed, 86 power moves, 82 finesse, 83 shedding, 83 tackle, 91 ht power.) The defensive line should be a stregth for Alabama despite having 4 new starters. They have all been in the program for several years, and most of them will be back next season.

    Reggie Ragland will be the star linebacker this season, and will lead a linebacking corps that was built to run the 34. Ragland is a junior out of Madison, AL and has grown to 6'2" 264 pounds. He's and excellent tackler and gets off blocks very well (89 tackle, 88 hit power, 94 shedding.) Ragland shouldn't have any trouble making tackles in the middle of the field and with Fanning and Robinson in front to keep offensive linemen off him could be a force in the middle. Ryan Anderson will man one outside linebacker spot and Denzel Devall will get to start at the other one. The both tip the scales at close to 260 pounds to give Alabama a second level of oversized players. Anderson (80 speed, 87 tackle, 90 hit power, 91 block shed) is the better pass rusher, but Devall is the better run stopper (82 speed, 86 tackle, 87 hit power, 85 shed.)

    The defensive backfield is the most senior laden unit on the team. Both starters at corner as well as the nickel back are seniors, and Landon Collins returns and makes a move to free safety. Jabriel Washington and Geno Smith will be the #1 and #2 corners with Bradley Sylve sliding in as the slot corner. Last season Washington (92 speed, 92 man, 93 zone) picked off 6 passes to lead the team and Smith (93 speed, 92 man, 88 zone) pulled in 5 interceptions. Sylve (95 speed, 90 man, 88 zone) didn't play as much as the other two, but still managed to haul in 2 interceptions on his own.

    Landon Collins will make the change from free safety to strong this season. He is excellent in coverage and has good speed (86 man, 95 zone, 91 speed, 86 tackle), he could end up being the star of the defense this season. Collins lack of top end speed will be mitigated by Guy Hines manning the strong safety Hines is a little smaller, at 6' 175 pounds, but he makes up for his stature by being very fast, solid in coverage and tackling well (95 speed, 84 tackle, 80 hit power, 74 man, 77 zone.)

    The special teams units are headlined by sophomores Josh Starks (94 kicking power, 76 accuracy) and Mark Gatewood (91 power, 76 accuracy.) Gatewood will handle the punting duties while Starks will do kickoffs and field goals. Neither one of them is particularly accurate, but both of them have strong legs, and should help Alabama win the field position battle.

    Alabama looks to be a very strong squad this season with a good mix of upperclassmen leadership and underclassmen stepping into new roles. The talent is on campus to lead Alabama to a second consecutive SEC title, but a new coach at division rival Arkansas and a very stout Georgia team in the SEC east will be standing in their way. The Crimson Tide should at minimum win 10 games and finish second in the SEC West. Anything less would be considered a disappointment. Anything above 11 wins and an SEC title game berth would qualify as an excellent season.
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  6. Austin1990

    Austin1990 Walk On

    Jun 13, 2012
    Three in a Row?

    After back-to-back national championships, the bar is set very high for this UVA Cavaliers squad. The leadership of David Watford returns and he will be the anchor that holds this team together as they try to defend both their ACC and National Championship crowns. The coaching staff is led by Austin Powers, who has yet to lose a game as a collegiate coach, with the defense headed by veteran Jim Grobe and the offense led by Doc Holliday. Although Grobe is not known as a 3-3-5 specialist, Powers likes to bring in guys with slightly different philosophies and integrate their views into that side of the ball. On offense, there is a similar approach from the coaching staff. Powers is known for his flex option attack, while Holliday is known for his knowledge as a receivers coach, and this will help UVAs passing attack become that much more effective. By integrating different ideas into his sets on both sides of the ball, Powers will hope to keep opponents off guard while still keeping the same skeleton that has brought him success in the past.

    The offensive side of the ball will have no questions of who the leader will be. QB David Watford has earned the respect of his teammates and the entire nation. He will be a contender for the Heisman and will look to improve his passing numbers this season with a more athletic receiving core. As a rusher, Watford will look to manage the game and make smart decisions while running the option. He is just enough of a threat with his legs that the defense has to pay attention to him, but UVA hopes to keep him healthy by making him more of a transition guy than a leading rusher. The other leader on offense is B-Back Kyle Dockins, who had an explosive year last year. He is a pounder with the athleticism to make teams pay when he gets into the open field. UVA hopes to get him the ball as much as possible as he is by far the best runner on the team. The offensive line for UVA is well suited with solid leaders at the tackles and experienced juniors inside. These upperclassmen have all proven to be consistent and work well as a group together. The best player on the line will be Junior Center Sean Karl (91 OVR). With him taking on the DTs inside, B-Back Dockins should be able to burst through for 5+ yards on most carries, which would create some serious problems for any defense.

    There are two question marks for the UVA offense, but both should be adequate to get the job done if the D is forced to commit more men to Dockins and Watford. The first is at the two A-Back spots. Redshirt Eric Singleton came in as a WR out of High School and was expected to be a threat on the outside with his 94 speed, but the coaching staff signed some highly-touted WRs the last two recruiting cycles and it looked as if he may not see the field at that position. Out of curiosity, the coaching staff decided to give him a shot at A-Back, and he surprised everyone with his electrifying abilities. His speed on the edge is exactly what is needed to make an overly aggressive defense pay on outside runs and his experience as a WR makes him the ideal player to run the routes as a slot receiver, as is often asked of the A-Backs in the flex. On the opposite side, Redshirt Sophomore Taquan Mizzell has patiently waited for his shot to start as A-Back. When the coaching regime changed his freshman year, he was concerned that he would get overlooked as Powers brought in his new recruits to fit his system. He stuck it out, however, and he looks to be rewarded for his patience this season. Perhaps the best quality Mizzell brings to the Cavs is his Run Block ability, which is at 58. This is an often overlooked skill in the A-Back, but it is extremely important as he becomes the lead blocker when the option is run to his side. He is an adequate receiver and should fit in nicely this year as a role-playing starter. Both of these guys have not yet been tested, but they have big shoes to fill with the departure of 2-time Heisman finalist Kevin Parks. The other question on the UVA offense is at WR. Coach Powers seems to think the team has improved at this position, however. With a true freshman and a true sophomore earning the outside spots this fall, the WR core may become one of the best in the nation over the next 3 years.

    It is no shock that the Cavaliers will be sticking to their 3-3-5 defense this season. Their strong defense is probably the single most important factor in their title runs over the last two years. Their best position will be the LB core. Junior Max Valles will continue to lead, as he has from his freshman year on. The All-American will continue to play hard and fast as he begins to show the pro scouts what he can do. Powers believes he can be the best LB in the country if he continues to develop and does not let his success get to his head. The biggest hole left on defense was in the secondary. A very experienced group graduated last spring and they will be turning to some freshman to step up. True freshman Rob Moore did not disappoint when he arrived on campus and will be the starting corner along with junior CJ Moore. The best player in the secondary will be Senior Maurice Canady. The All-American will continue to play down near the line as a run-enforcer, but his 93 SPD and 91 Man Coverage allow him to remove the slot receiver from the offensive game plan almost entirely.

    Overall, UVA hopes to continue their success this season. They will know by the end of Week 1 whether or not they are the real deal, as they face the #1 Crimson Tide. This game has the potential to either make or break their season. The ACC will be tough this year with the new coaching staff at UNC and ND will always be a huge roadblock on their way to the ACC title. UVA has high hopes with a chance at a three-peat on the line, but this is considered by most to be the most difficult road to a National Championship yet.
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