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Season 3 Team Previews

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by mmullen8, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. mmullen8

    mmullen8 Walk On

    Jul 12, 2010
    Please fill out the following (makes my job on who to spotlight easier)

    Freshman Starting:

    Guys you have recruited that are making a splash:

    Risers in the system: i.e. after two seasons, my second string HB has passed TJ Moon in progression, thus surplanting him as starter

    Suprise Player:

    Guy you hate to see go:
  2. Brettmonty

    Brettmonty Walk On

    Jun 5, 2012
    Middle Tennessee State

    Freshman Starting:
    (The next coming of Cam Newton minus NCAA infractions)- QB Terrance Goode (6'3 225)
    LG- Tony Thomas
    LOLB- Jayson Anderson
    P- Warren Barrett

    Recruited Splashes
    Gotta be the Freshman Qb Terrance Goode, he's has some good speed and the exact same throwing power and acc as my qb last year so he will be in good shape.
    Also Wide receiver Tim Allen comes in as a juco and now is the starting receiver and as a Star wide out in my system you will be big time play maker.
    And on the Defense end LOLB Jayson Anderson will be the only freshman starter on the defensive end and will make big plays for us

    Dont have any risers

    Surprise Player:
    Going Bill Belichick on you and I have no one dont even worry about it they all suck! lol

    Guys you hate to see go:
    My Qb L. Kilgore and Wideout K. Griswould were both beast for me and sucks that I didn't even get to play with L. Kilgore that much since he got hurt in week 4 and didn't come back till the bowl game
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