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Season 3 User Power Rankings

Discussion in 'Chompion's League' started by Jbek, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Jbek

    Jbek Walk On

    Oct 1, 2011
    (1)[​IMG] B1G Bucknut_419

    The Buckeyes begin the season as the #1 ranked team, and rightly so after back to back National Championships. Only one user has been able to take the juggernuts down, which was a scrappy Penn State team back in the middle of season one. Ohio State, boasting an embarrassment of riches across the roster, is looking to secure a third national championship this season as the target on their back grows larger and larger.

    notable games:
    Week 7 vs. Notre Dame (Cyhiphopp)
    Week 9 at USC (cyfanatic13
    Week 11 at Oregon (Jandyyy)
    Week 13 vs. Penn State (Jbek)

    (2) [​IMG] SEC Altony2179

    With a heartbreaking loss in the season two national championship, the Hurricanes find themselves solidly as the second best team in the land. After destroying opponents with a high octane passing attack last season, Miami could take a step back as they will be without QB and team leader Brad Kaya. The team will release a front 7 that is star studded with 6 seniors, all of whom could be NFL draftees and will surely abuse opposing offenses week in and week out.

    notable games:
    week 4 vs. LSU (quikdeath)
    week 10 at FSU (KnightNoles)
    week 11 vs. Clemson (ISUCubswin)

    (3) [​IMG] B1G Cyfanatic13

    After being left out of the title game in season two, the Trojans will be the hungriest team in Chompions League. Their schedule will be rough, and making it through the gauntlet this year will be even more impressive than last year. With insane talent all over the defense and perhaps the best Offensive line in the nation, USC could impose their will on any team, even the mightt Buckeyes. The B1G conference could experience a major shake up if all goes as planned for the Trojans in season 3.

    notable games:
    Week 4 vs. Oregon (Jandyyy)
    Week 7 at Penn State (Jbek)
    Week 8 vs. Notre Dame (cyhiphopp)
    Week 9 vs. Ohio State (Bucknut_419)
    Week 10 at Clemson (ISUCubswin)

    (4) [​IMG] SEC KnightNoles

    the Seminoles have found themselves at the top of the rankings throughout the past two seasons, but have failed to capitalize when it matters most. Could this be the year? With such an experienced team, Florida State is poised for greatness in season 3.

    notable games:
    Week 9 at LSU (quikdeath)
    Week 10 vs Miami (Altony2179)
    Week 12 at Clemson (ISUcubswin)

    (5) [​IMG] B1G Cyhiphopp

    Notre Dame underperformed last season, losing three user games and showing offensive inconsistency that could spell trouble for the program in season 3 as coach Hiphopp trys to break in young QB Noah Baker. However, given some stellar recruiting classes and a few big plays, the Fighting Irish could make a move up the rankings in the not so distant future.

    notable games:
    Week 6 at Oregon (jandyyy)
    Week 7 at Ohio State ( Bucknut_419)
    Week 8 at USC (cyfanatic13)
    Week 9 vs Penn State (Jbek)

    (6) [​IMG] B1G Jandyyy

    In what has been a noticable trend in the Big Ten, the Ducks have been serious underperfomers dating back to season one. Possessing an electric stable of playmakers on offense, Oregon is determined to resurrect their potent attack. The Ducks have one game circled with an extra extra large sharpie, and that is the week 11 matchup with Ohio State. Jandyyy has never beaten Spayer in Chompions, and that is a nasty streak going back years (actual years) and years. Could he finally take the screaming, frothing at the mouth chimpanzee off his back?

    notable games:
    Week 4 at USC (cyfanatic13)
    Week 6 vs Notre Dame (cyhiphopp)
    Week 10 at Penn State (Jbek)
    Week 11 vs Ohio State (Bucknut_419)

    (7) [​IMG] SEC ISUCubswin

    Clemson has been steady through two seasons, but haven't exactly impressed in their time in Chompions League. Led by SR dual threat quarterback Deshaun Watson, the Tigers could finally break through this season if they limit their turnovers and continue to play positively on defense.

    notable games:
    Week 3 at LSU (quikdeath)
    Week 10 vs USC (cyfanatic13)
    Week 11 at Miami (Altony2179)
    Week 12 vs FSU (KnightNoles)

    (8) [​IMG] B1G theMonkeyWrenchG

    In the midst of a major rebuild, the Nittany Lions have been able to scrap together two 9-4 seasons. Highlighted is their season one victory over eventual national champion Ohio State. Even though they are reaching a point where the roster is finally healthy, they still have some glaring inexperience at key positions (OL, LB ). Perhaps this could be the year they finally string together enough wins for a double digit season total, but don't hold your breath.

    notable games:
    Week 7 vs USC (cyfanatic13)
    Week 9 at Notre Dame (cyhiphopp)
    Week 10 vs Oregon (Jandyyy)
    Week 13 at Ohio State (Bucknut_419)

    (9) [​IMG] SEC quikdeath

    As the newest user in Chompions, quikdeath has been able to show some ability and moxxy in relatively few games. Being ranked last can be directly contributed to this, but more will be known by the end of their first full season in the league. With the easiest user schedule in the entire league, it could be a golden opportunity to earn their stripes.

    notable games:
    Week 3 vs Clemson (ISUCubswin)
    Week 4 at Miami (Altony2179)
    Week 9 vs FSU (KnightNoles)
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