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Season 3 (W6)

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by majesty95, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. majesty95

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    Jun 5, 2012
    Gentlemen. Going forward we are going to REQUIRE game recap from ALL user games and ALL games vs Top 25. Also, ALL conference championship games and bowl games will require a recap. We don't want to make the league a burden on anyone, but we do want to make it fun and entertaining for those who are in it ;)

    Here are some tools to help you out:
    Post away!

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    NUCMANDON Program Builder

    Oct 1, 2010

    Tulane takes first win a conference upset of #16 UCF. When we watched Tulane get off the bus you knew they were here for business. UCF took the opening possession inside the 10 yard line before Tulane's defense would know what hit them. But they would tighten down and make UCF settle for a field goal. That was UCF's final scoring opportunity of the half. Tulane Drove down the field and scored a TD with 1:29 left in the half. UCF went a fast 3 and out which gave Tulane a chance to score again and drove 80 yards in 42 seconds to score again before the half to take a 14-3 lead into half time. UCF drove 80 yards in under 30 seconds to open the 3rd quarter with a 64 yard TD run. Tulane went back to work with the running game and short passing game and drove down for a 42 yard FG to go up 7. UCF went a quick 3 and out and Tulane milked more time off and scored another FG to make it 10 points and seal the win. UCF scored again but to little to late. We spoke with coach after the game " You could see it coming together week after week. Each game less turnovers while finding an offense and defense. When ever you have a new coach come in it takes a little while for everyone to get adjusted. All I asked was for my guys to play hard and they have done that every week. Today it has paid off. we are 1-3 with 1-1 in the conference. We are going to be here and continue to fight week after week."
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  3. BigTexas18

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    Jul 12, 2013
    It just keeps getting worse week by week for Coach Gump and his rebels. The were out 2 of their main offensive players and it showed as they only scored 7 points. The only touchdown accounted for was a 10 yard pass from SR QB Nick Sherry to SO WR Nick Armstrong. The big dagger for UNLV was 6, yes, 6 turnovers. Nick Sherry throws 4 INT with his lone touchdown, and 1 fumble. Backup QB Jared Lebowitz had 3 fumbles, 2 of which were lost. 3 Rebels finish with negative rushing yards on the day. Yes it wasn't pretty. Coach Gump has to turn right around and play Colorado State. If the 1-4 Rebels want any shot at salvaging the season they must, I repeat, MUST beat the rams. If they lose week 7 they might as well just pack it in. Definantly not the season we were expecting from Coach Gump. It seems changing the offensive scheme was one of the worst coaching decisions he has ever made. The rebels coming off their best season of 10-3 and ranked #22 are heading for their worst season. Coach Gump commented after the game and said their gonna try to win a few games this year and in the offseason go back to their roots which worked so well last year, because this option offense just isn't working. With this loss, 13 recruits decided to look elsewhere to go play college football. Yes the atmosphere is not good in Las Vegas right now. Can Coach Gump turn it around. It's going to start week 7 with Colorado State. Only time will tell.
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