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Season 3: Week 3 Summaries

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by controllerabuser, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. controllerabuser

    controllerabuser Purple People Eaters

    Jul 6, 2009
  2. controllerabuser

    controllerabuser Purple People Eaters

    Jul 6, 2009
    Spikes' World
    Patriots Hang On To Win, 28-16.
    The Patriots got up to a 21-0 lead and felt comfortable. Too comfortable as the Arizona Cardinals mounted a comeback to bring it within 21-16 with 4:00 minutes to play. The Cardinals would throw a costly interception that was tipped in the air by a CB and picked up right near the ground by Brandon Spikes. Tom Brady would hook up with Robby G. to put the game out of reach, 28-16.
    Offensively, Tom Brady ran a quiet but efficient offense, throwing for 258 yards and 2 TD but 1 INT. Stevan Ridley carried 18 times for 55 yards. In absence of Hernandez, rookie TE Dominique Johnson caught 4 balls for 49 yards and Gronkowski caught 6 passes for 92 yards and a TD.
    Brandon Spikes led the way defensively with 6 tackles, 1 sack and the interception. Dont'a Hightower played brilliant with 4 tackles as he stopped runs from reaching outside of him.
  3. biggcoug65

    biggcoug65 49er for Life

    Aug 30, 2011
    [​IMG] at [​IMG]
    35 - 10
    The Lions played host to the 49ers on Monday night for the first time since Handshake Gate, and just like that game, the Lions dominated early but the 49ers would come away with the victory. The Lions held the 49ers to three first downs until there were a few minutes left in the 2nd quarter, and with the Lions leading 7-0, Kaepernick put a good throw on Vernon Davis on a corner route and he beat everyone to the endzone for a 56 yard TD catch to tie it up at 7 right around the 2 minute warning. The Lions then went 3-and-out on three incomplete passes, leaving the 49ers with 2 timeouts and about 1:30 left in the half. Kaepernick would lead the Niners down the field and hit AJ Jenkins in the endzone with 15 seconds left to put the Niners up 14-7. On the very next play, the Lions fumbled the kickoff and the 49ers would return it for a TD, giving them 21 points in less than 2 minutes and would drastically swing the game. Frank Gore had a long run of 63 yards on the day but would get caught from behind as he topped 100 yards rushing for the first time on the season. LaMichael James would break a 65 yard run and get the TD just to 1-up Gore. For the Lions, they were doing well early, mixing up the run and the pass keeping the 49ers off balance. But soon the 49er defense would stiffen, forcing 3 Orton INT's, one returned for a TD. Calvin Johnson was targeted often but only came away with 2 catches for 23 yards, Brandon Pettigrew caught 5 balls for 91 yards, and Justin Durant had a nice INT for the Lions.
  4. OMlawdog

    OMlawdog Going full Cheeze

    Feb 10, 2009
    Rams - 24
    Seahawks - 21

    St Louis Rams escaped with a big win against Seattle led by Sam Jackson with 6 catches and 160 yards and 2 tds. Defensively the Rams were able to hold Seattle to under 250 yards and really contained Russell Wilson.

    This was a really hard fought game with both teams unable to run the ball.
  5. pitt4life21

    pitt4life21 RTJR!

    Jul 16, 2010
    Texans Knock Off Jags In OT

    The Texans knew they would have to put up a fight to knock off the Super Bowl champions. The Jags would come out hot, as Mapa would find Blackmon for a 39 yard TD. On the next drive for the Jags Mapa would run a play action and then he would throw it deep to Fitzgerald for a 61 yard TD. 14-0 Jags at the end of 1 quarter. They Texans would respond in the second half with the aid of some INTs from Mapa. The Texans first score would come on a 8 yard TD from Rivers to Johnson. The next drive for the Texans would end on a short curl route to Johnson and he would break it for a 28 yard TD. The Jags would break a 41-yard TD run to give them their 7-point lead back. On a late drive before halftime, Mapa would throw his second INT of the game, which would set up a 47 yard FG by Novak. 21-17 Jags at half. The Texans were able to get the only score of the 3rd quarter, as Rivers would find Bess for a 22 yard TD. The Jags would end up tying the game with 41 seconds left on the clock. In overtime, it felt like the Jags would find a way to win the game as the Texans could not move the ball at all but on 3rd and 3 Merclius would pick it off and take it all the way for the Texans touchdown and the W.

    Final Score:
    [​IMG] 30

    [​IMG] 24
  6. woodsmall

    woodsmall Walk On

    Jun 17, 2012
    Packers throttle Vikings 57 to 41
    Maybe I am the last one to the party but Jaquizz Rodgers is monster and you can throw Mark Ingram into that same category ... These guys ran all over my defense ... everyone of my players have tread marks from this duo ... I cannot tell you how many times Rodgers was bent over and heading to the ground and he would just power through and run on down the field ... and throw in All World QB Aaron Rodgers who was clutch when the Packers needed him to be and the game was over ... Minnesota got off to an early lead at 14 to 3 in the first quarter led behind the rushing attack of Adrian Peterson but after that it all went down hill ... GB would then score 17 straight points as we went to halftime GB 20 and Minn 14 ... GB would get the second half kickoff and convert a FG ... shortly after that, AP would fumble the ball and give it right back to GB ... Jaquizz would scamper for a 8 yd td run with 2:17 left in the 3rd qtr ... Minnesota was now buried 31 to 14 and would start to move towards their passing attack ... Romo led his team down the field and handed off to AP for a 3 yd td run pulling the team to within 10 pts ... score 31 to 21 to start the 4th ... let the fireworks begin ... The Vikings would hold GB to a FG and would then answer on a 45 second scoring drive as Romo hit TE Rudolph on a 35 yd td pass and were now within 6 pts ... Minnesota would then hold GB on 3 and out and decided to go back to their ground attack and rely on AP to gash the Packer defense ... that however would the wrong decision to make ... AP fumbled the ball and GB ran it back 54 yds for a td ... on the very next series, Romo would be picked off by AJ Hawk, essentially putting the game out of reach ... Minnesota would mount a late rally but Green Bay always had an answer ... both teams combined for 46 points in the 4th qtr and it was pretty evident that today was not the Vikings day ... ugh ... such an ugly game ... ready to trade AP after his two costly fumbles
    Tony Romo 24 / 39 for 496 yds 5 tds 3 ints
    Aaron Rodgers 14 / 19 for 159 yds 2 tds 1 int
    Adrian Peteron 11 for 36 yds 1 td 2 fum
    Jaquizz Rodgers 19 for 140 yds 2 tds
    Mark Ingram 6 for 58 yds 1 td
    Lee Evans 6 for 110 yds
    Kyle Rudolph 5 for 119 2 tds
    Greg Childs 4 for 140 1 td
    Jordy Nelson 4 for 46 1 td
    Greg Jennings 3 for 33 1 td
    Jermichael Finley 2 for 55
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  7. fordtuff504

    fordtuff504 Walk On

    Jan 7, 2010
    wk 3.png wk 3 st.png
    Saints earn another victory this time over divisional rival panthers, the saints defense played a major roll in this victory, makng up for last week's horrible performance, holding the panthers under 200 yards of total offense [​IMG] panthers will look to improve on catchng th ball on offense and defense to improve their chances of winnng throughout the season, seven drops will cost any team gg Blackattack87

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