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Season 4 ACC Team Previews

Discussion in 'Pushing for Paydirt' started by I Peench, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
  2. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010

    2015 UNC TAR HEELS

    The Heels have cemented themselves as a premier program, winning consecutive national championships and 3 straight conference titles. This year, UNC looks to build upon all that momentum, as they field arguably their most talented team in school history. The target will be on their backs however, as they look to stave off some hungry user teams.

    Offensive scheme: Spread, Oregon base
    Defensive scheme: 4-2-5

    Offensive question mark: The biggest offensive question is whether or not Steve Dunlap or Tyrone Spurlock are ready to assume the role as #1 WR. Dunlap certainly has the skills, but TJ Thorpe was as clutch as it got, with gamebreaking speed and an ability to come up huge in pivotal situations. Losing him might be a big loss.

    Defensive question mark: The LB position, which was strength last year, loses both starters. 2x All American MLB Travis Hughes is really going to be tough to replace.

    Circled game: Bucs and his Hurricanes look the most threatening to the Heels in their bid to get a 4th consecutive conference title. That game will be huge.

    Offense-returning starters 5

    QB-All Everything QB Bernard Berg returns for his senior year, and should make a run at the Heisman a year after getting robbed of it last year. The biggest upgrade here is at backup, as we’ve always relied on a backup that didn’t fit our scheme. Though Marquise Williams still returns, Brent Davis will assume the back up role, and can provide the offense a #2 who can still run the offense like Berg.

    HB-99 overall Gio Bernard has departed for the NFL, but he’s been injured so much, that Romar Morris has gotten plenty of experience. Morris is now a seasoned veteran, who should have a big year if he can stay healthy.

    FB-SR Monte Taylor replaces Jack Tabb at the fullback position, but he’s shown himself capable of taking over
    WR-The WR haul I pulled in my first year was outstanding, and now I realize just how important it was. WR Steve Dunlap is a STUD, so stealing him from FSU was big. He’s a polished route runner with exceptional pass catching ability. Tyrone Spurlock and Quinshad Davis will battle it out for the #2 position, and both are big bodied and athletic. Junior Tavares Pollard is a poor man’s Wes Welker, who, if he can polished up his catching ability, will be a monster. He should start in the slot. A very experienced a deep group here.

    TE-Last year, I had to replace everyone and build from scratch. True Freshman Ethan Johnson got the start, and was extremely impressive as a frist year (minus a BIG drop against Mike E that cost me the game). He returns, much improved, and backing him up is Chris Jones. Jones, a freshman out of Pennsylvania, is as much of an athletic freak as we’ve seen in Chapel Hill. Despite being 6’7 and an excellent blocker, he has 82 speed and great hands. He will certainly see some action year one.

    OL: While I lost my starting RT and C, their backups seem fully capable. Senior RT Ed Johnson, a former JUCO transfer, will assume the RT position at a very respectable 86 overall. Johnson is very strong with long arms, and an experienced pass blocker. At C, we have sophomore Mike Berry, from Coach Peench’s home of Philadelphia. Berry was a stud 4* G that transitioned to C year 1, and he’s come a long way since first arriving on campus. The G duo should be one of the strongest in the country, as Landon Turner and Jay Jay Patterson bring a wealth of experience to the position. LT Jermaine Hobbs did a nice job last season, and returns to protect Berg’s blind side.

    Defense-returning starters 5

    DL: The DE position is a real strength of this defense, as both starters return after great performances last season. True SO Oliver Dennis is coming off the single most impressive freshman campaign in Tar Heel history. The DE from Oak Forest IL led the nation in sacks, racking up 1st team All American honors, defensive lineman of the year honors, while being named 1st team freshman All American as well. SR Tyler Alberts will hold down the other DE position, and brings much needed leadership and intensity to the table. At DT, Devonte Brown and Anthony Nash take over, replacing two starting seniors. Nash had a killer spring, and progressed really well. Brown can hold his own, and is experienced as a RS Senior.

    LB: Losing Travis Hughes is a big loss, but Coach Peench assures the media JR Justin Wilson is a capable replacement. Shakeel Rashad should win the lone starting OLB position, but true freshman Matt Coles is pushing for that spot after dropping jaws all spring long.

    CB: Tim Scott was an incredible talent for UNC last season, so graduating the #1 CB will be tough. However, this unit has so much more depth than it had last year. Senior Todd Stevenson will assume the #1 role, as this former JUCO transfer had an impressive campaign last season, snatching 6 interceptions. Sophomore AJ Williams will be the #2 CB, while SOPH Anthony Bradley will start the year in the nickel. Though this unit is young, their depth cannot be overlooked.

    FS: JR Ryan Powell returns as the starter, and is arguably the best FS in college football. He has it all: speed, size, athleticism, and skill. Senior Tyrell Jones gives some nice depth here as well.

    SS: Losing 2X AA Jeff Schoemetter will be a difficult thing to overcome, but the Heels feel really good about Dominic Lawson taking over that #1 position. The second starter at SS has yet to be determined, though it looks like RS Sophomore Clint Terry will win out. Terry is a hard hitter, but coaches worry he might not have the speed necessary to excel.

    Special Teams: I feel great about my kick returning situation, with Tavares Pollard, the Wes Welker clone, looking explosive as all hell. Losing K Tim Morris will be tough, but we have a great true freshman we brought in, as well as our returning punter.

    Expectations: This team is going to be really fun to play with, as they are by far the most talented I’ve fielded thus far. The expectations are nothing short of another conference championship, as that’s all we focus on. Anything else is gravy. This is far from guaranteed, as I’ll have some tough competition. Plus, we all know talent on paper doesn’t always translate onto the field.

    Recruiting needs: Desperately need some help at DT. Would also like to add a DE and some depth on the OL.
  3. Bucs

    Bucs GT: ThruTheSmoke47

    Jun 30, 2010
    2015 University of Miami Hurricanes

    The Hurricanes are coming off their best season in over a decade as they finished #2 but they lost a ton of talent over the summer in 3 Year Starting QB Ryan Williams and LB Denzel Perryman as well as some key seniors at other positions. The team was young to begin with so the guys this year have plenty of game experience and the team can still turn some heads. The question will be how do they fare in the ACC.

    Offensive scheme: Pro, Stanford Base
    Defensive scheme: 3-4

    Offensive question mark: The biggest offensive question is who will be the QB , and can they succeed? Ryan Williams is gone, Two QBs with no experience and very different play styles leave Coach Bucs with a big decision to make.

    Defensive question mark: Consistency. They lost Perryman but there is still a plethora of talent and the coaches believe this group can perform, can they keep it together and perform for all 4 quarters throughout the season though?

    Circled game: I Peench , Mike E , DerekC, Ghost ... Put on something sexy because your about to get FUCKED!!! Seriously though, every game is key this season, especially in the ACC. The Best damn conference in the land.

    Offense-returning starters 5

    QB- Ryan Williams is out, the two contenders take over for him are Preston Dewey, the Balanced passer out of Texas who has sat and learned the system for 3 years or Barry Young, the RS Freshman with the legs who can create plays. The Staff is leaning towards Dewey, but Young has had a very good spring and they are intrigued by his ability to keep plays alive.

    HB- Thunder and Lightning are back, as we have the Bruising Ken Woodward and the Speedy Randy "Duke" Jonhson. Both backs split carries last season pretty evenly, Johnson finished with 978 yards and 9 TDs , while Woodward finished with 792 yards and 7 TDs, these two are the life blood of the offense and will be relied upon even more to keep the young QBs in favorable situations. SR Dallas Crawford rounds out the group, while he is the most talented on paper he has been in the coaches doghouse for a couple seasons after he helped up one of Mike E 's players instead of jamming a cleat into his neck.

    FB- Scott Powers steps in to take over the FB position. This kid brings some speed to the FB Position and will be an asset as a target out of the backfield. He is 253 pounds of playmaking ability.

    WR- A bit of inexperience at this position but these guys can all play, dont be fooled. SR Garrett Kidd is the main guy, 98 speed and 97 acceleration make him a constant deep threat. Malcolm Lewis is opposite him, nearly just as fast he has shown the ability to make big time plays since his freshman season. Angelo Jean Lewis will be the slot man , while Converted Athlete D.D. Clark is the 4th WR, he isnt as fast as the rest of the group but has the best hands.

    TE- Eek, all three tight ends return a total of 1 reception and 11 yards of production . Freshman Jamal McClain is the head of the group right now, nice speed and size, but stones for hands, definately more of a blocker.

    OL: We return 4 of 5 on the offensive line which is a good thing. The consistency here will help the running game remain potent. 6'6 327 Ereck Flower returns at LT, 6'3 354 Daniel Isidora is LG,6'5 325 Kyle Johnson replaces Shane McDermott, best lineman award winner and best center award winner from last season. 6'5 287 Patrick Harris keeps his RG Spot and 6'8 323 Taylor Gadbois is the RT.

    Defense-returning starters 7

    DL: Kyle King is the LE, he had 6 sacks last season in his first year out of Junior College and was a nice surprise. Ricardo Williams is the speed rushing finesse end on the Right side. Big 6'4 375 pound Olsen Pierre will cause havoc in the middle of the line.

    LB: Eddie Johnson returns at LOLB, he made some nice plays last year and looks to keep it up. Jawand Blue the career special teams guy had a great spring and will get a crack at the ROLB position. His 99 acceleration will be nice. Rapahel Kirby plays his 4th year in the middle, but his first without Perryman, he will tutor RS FR Shane Johnson who will play next to him.

    CB: Tracy Howard is the #1 CB , he had 5 INTs last season and a couple of defensive TDs to go along with em. Nate Dortch is along the opposite side and Leon Smith will be the man in the nickel.

    FS: Sr Marquice McNeal will hold onto the FS spot but RS FR Kenneth Everett was the #1 FS coming out and will push him for the job if he doesnt perform.

    SS: Chase Holmes performed great for us as Freshman and the spot is his for the forseeable future. His only competition Deon Bush was moved to CB so that should tell you how the staff feels about this kid. Don't count out Jason Walker though ,this kid is fast and has made a name for himself on special teams. He can step in at any point.

    Special Teams: Scott McKinney will handle both kicking and punting. Returning duties remain in the hands of Duke Johnson and Malcolm Lewis, Both guys took returns back to the house last year.

    Expectations: I'm really unsure. We will need some luck to get to the ACC Championship but i feel we can compete with anybody in the nation.

    Recruiting needs: Going to look to add some linebackers , RBs and the next great Miami QB.
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  4. HarkTheSound

    HarkTheSound Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
    Damn, you guys need some need blood in the ACC to dethrone the Heels. ;)
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