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Season 4: Fact or Fiction Episode 1 of 3

Discussion in 'Pushing for Paydirt' started by sawemoff, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011
    Rece Davis: Welcome everyone as we kickoff the new season with a little Fact or Fiction. I am your host Rece Davis and with me is Lou Holtz and Mark May. We had an interesting close to season 3 as we saw Coach I Peench win another National Title and Coach Bucs Miami squad just missing out. Today we talk about the teams that are on the brink of "breaking out." Without further a do lets dive in to today's show.​
    Rece: As mentioned before this Miami squad almost made its way into the National Title game in Season 3. They definitely showed the country what they are capable of and is at the top of my list of breaking out this season. Will the Hurricanes dethrone UNC and play for that coveted BSC trophy?​
    Lou Holtz: This is as fact as fact can be. I am not sure about them winning a title just yet but they have been nipping at the heels of UNC for awhile now. To have a magical season you need a couple of things to happen. First and foremost you have to catch breaks and get lucky. That is why I see them making a good run. Their bad luck will eventually turn good. Secondly, well you just need to get lucky! *laughs* But seriously this is their time to shine and let the ACC know there is a new sheriff in town.​
    Mark May: To each of its own this is a fact. Now I know what you are thinking Lou. I am trying to do what you do to me last time but I am not. This is their time to get into the lime light and start overpowering the other ACC teams. Their out of conference schedule is not the easiest but they should build upon their mistakes and be ready for ACC play. I have them winning the ACC this year but like you said Lou they will need to get lucky to get into the National Title picture. And as you saw last year, luck was just not on their side.​
    *Lou and Mary fist bump*​
    Rece: I am not sure what that is all about but it looks to be you two have gotten past your differences and will finally work as a team instead of an old married couple. Only time will tell as the season goes on for the Hurricanes but we wish them the best of luck.​
    Rece: Coach DerekC got a new title this year as Mr. Silent. Last year we did not hear a peep from him and it could possibly be that he is hiding something from the rest of us. The silence will hopefully be broken as he unleashes another fierce team in Season 4. Will the coach succeed in making some noise this year?​
    Mark: To be honest these next two seasons maybe the only chance he has in breaking the silence unless his recruiting is phenomenal. I will go fiction on this one. He has failed to do much in the past seasons with a great team so I just do not see him doing much with a good team. He just cannot seem to get past the important games and until he starts winning them I will say fiction to this for the rest of my time on this show.​
    Lou: You are such a negative Nancy on things. Look at the positives in this situation, sure he has a lot of Juniors and Seniors but I can guarantee that they are preparing the youngsters every day at practice. Virginia Tech's schedule is not looking too promising but these kind of schedules get you ready for conference play. They start out with playing Oregon away, then Alabama at home, and right before conference games start they go to Louisville. I think the country will be able to see what this team is made of after they get done with their OOC schedule. This team will be either battle tested or just worn out, and I believe they will be battle tested and ready. Fact!​
    Rece: I'm beginning to feel that this will not last much longer. Onto the last part of the show!​
    Rece: Low and behold we finally get to talk about the Oregon State Beavers. Their Coach really believes this is their time to break the wall down and continue the divine path. Coach sawemoff keeps bringing in talent and is finally positioned himself to get some respect. Guys will his confidence be enough to get the Beavers over the hill?​
    Lou: I like spunk and I like confidence but this is fiction. Too many teams are jockeying for position out in the PAC 12 and no one has been able to take down the Trojans. Sure the Beavers have almost trapped the Trojans. *:rolleyes:*​
    *Mark and Rece busts with laughter*​
    But you have to think that until they bring in higher rated recruits Oregon State will sit in 3rd place in the North for a long time. Not to take away what Coach Saw has done but it is hard being the Beaver that gets beat up all the time.​
    *Mark and Rece continue to laugh*​
    Mark: I have got to say you must have been wanting to say that for long time. Coach Saw and Oregon State Football will be taking that step over the hump, fact. People will have to take them Beavers seriously. *pauses to check and see if anyone laughed*​
    *Rece fiddles with paperwork and Lou is just staring at Mark*​
    Lou: I definitely would be keeping my day job if I was you Mark.​
    Mark: Yea well some people just have a different sense of humor old man.​
    *Rece rolls his eyes*​
    Lou: Old man? At least this old man is funny, whippersnapper! ​
    Mark: Now let me tell you something, OLE BALL COACH. If it was not for young whippersnappers like me your coaching career would have ended before it even began.​
    Lou: You obviously made no sense in that remark. *Looks at camera* See folks I guess you can we are back to square one in our Fact or Fiction marriage.​
    Rece: And to think we were minutes away from getting through a show without anyone getting mad. This will conclude our show for today but look out as we will be right back midseason to get give you more of Fact or Fiction. Good night and God bless! ​

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  2. Bucs

    Bucs GT: ThruTheSmoke47

    Jun 30, 2010
    Good Stuff saw, but im not gonna sniff an ACC Title this season. Lost so many starters and including my QB and best LB.
  3. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011
    Don't doubt yourself just yet
  4. Gyrene76

    Gyrene76 What does the fox say?

    Sep 29, 2010
    Nice write up

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