Season 4 Info

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    Season 4 Info

    Here is some stuff you guys should know about next season. 'm gonna ask for a little more activity from you guys and I will be paying more attention to this OD than I have in the past.

    Sub-Forums - Please use these. They are here for a reason and it doesn't take 2 minutes to make a post.

    Game Scheduling Sub-Forum
    Each week that we have user games I will make a post for that week and you can schedule your games that way. It will be a little easier to keep up with things that way.

    Game Summaries Sub-Forum
    Each team needs to make a 2012 (School Name) (School Mascot) thread for summaries. These are for summaries ONLY.

    Scouting Reports Sub-Forum
    Post a 2012 (School Name) (School Mascot) Scouting Report thread with your offensive and defensive playbooks. After each user game opponents are REQUIRED to post a scouting report about their offense and defense.

    Recruiting Round-up Sub-Forum
    Post a 2012 (School Name) (School Mascot) Recruiting thread and post when your commitments here. When brave makes the Top 15 list I'll sticky it along with a big board with everyone's commitments.

    I'm gonna make a new rules thread. it will basically be the same as before except recruiting which I'm still working on.

    I'll post updates when I change anything on this post. Post any questions you may have.

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