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Season 4 | PAC-12 Team Previews

Discussion in 'Pushing for Paydirt' started by Bulldog, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Bulldog

    Bulldog Coach Richt is my Dawg!

    Jul 1, 2010
  2. Bulldog

    Bulldog Coach Richt is my Dawg!

    Jul 1, 2010
    The Trojans had a very successful season last year and hope to do the same this year. Our goal is another PAC-12 title and to win the National Championship this season. We have alot of new starters but no one that didn't get alot of playing time last season so we feel good about our chances.

    We are stacked at quarterback, Cody Kessler returns for his senior seasons after sitting out most of last year with an injury we hope he stays healthy and helps us win it all this year. The backup will be Max Wittek who is also a senior, Wittek proved his talent last year and has a hell of an arm. And finally Heinz is 3rd string simply because his accuracy is not good at all but look for him to start next year.

    We lost Farmer and Morgan this year but have 3 very good running backs to take over. Alec Jaffe will start and will get most of the snaps but Javorious Allen to get a few snaps every ball game. If Jaffe went down Allen is perfectly capable of taking over as he is only rated 1 point lower overall.

    We have two very talented seniors returning for their final season. Soma Vainuka will start but Charles Burks is very good also.

    Wide Receivers
    All-American Victor Blackwell will return for his senior season and hopes to help his team back to the National Championship game. Other at wide receiver are JR Drew Davis(89), SR Darreus Rogers(87), JR Nelson Agholor(85) and JR Kevon Seymour(83). We also have a true freshman Anthony Joseph who is rated a whopping 78 overall with 94 speed and 93 acceleration.

    Tight Ends
    We have a new starter at tight end this year. Jalen C Fitzpatrick(JR) will start for us this season. He looked very good during the spring game and comes in rated 86 overall. We are excited to see what this guy can do, it's going to be hard to fill Grimble's shoes. At backup we have freshman Matt Barrow(#1 TE of 2013 class) and he is rated 82 overall.

    Offensive Line
    Our offensive line is looking pretty good this year. I am a bit concerned at left tackle but I think Zach Banner will do a good job. The only starter we return is center Cyrus Hobbi.

    Left Tackle: JR Zach Banner(85) and FR James Johnson(78)
    Left Guard: JR Jordan Simmons(89) and JR Kyle Young(89)
    Center: SR Cyrus Hobbi(93) and JR Tony Keith(91)
    Right Guard: SO Chris Sanders(85) and FR Adam Burke(74)
    Right Tackle: JR Max Tuerk(86), SO Isaiah Sherman(84) and FR Freddie Hayes(83)

    Defensive Ends
    Our defensive ends are looking pretty good this year but we only return one starter and that is senior Greg Townsend(88).

    Left End: SR Greg Townsend(88), SO Cornelius Butler(84) and SO Cody Williams(82)
    Right End: JR Leonard Williams(83) and FR Chad Bush(79)

    Defensive Tackles
    We only return one starter senior Antwaun Woods(88) but our defensive tackles are looking very good. We have SO Drew Hopper(87), SR Christian Heyward(85) and FR Joe Hicks(84)

    Left Outside Linebackers
    Senior Tre Madden(87) will start at LOLB this year and will be taking over for Hayes Pullard(beast). We have JR Scott Star(84) and FR Kyle Faulk(84) as backups. Those other two will get plenty of playing time as well.

    Middle Linebackers
    Sophomore Terry Holmes(88) will be starting at middle linebacker this year we hope he performs like he did this spring. We have SR Brett Spence(86) and FR Jeremy Fontenot(81) as backups. Look for Brett Spence to get plenty of playing time as he contributed alot to our defense last season.

    Right Outside Linebackers
    Senior Anthony Sarao(89) will start for us at ROLB. He was a beast last season and should be this season. His backups are JR Jabari Ruffin(86) and FR Xavier Cannon(85). Those two backups will also get alot of playing time.

    Senior Ryan Henderson(92) will start this year along with Sophomore Jason Washington(86). SO Reginald Cook(84) and SO Jeff Thompson(78) will be the backups but will see the field alot as well.

    Junior Adam Hale(82) returns to start at free safety and Sophomore J.D. Greene(83) will start at strong safety. The free safety backup will be FR Isaac Scott(76) and at strong safety FR Ron Herman(78).

    A new kicker this year, redshirt freshman Brett Hunter(89) will start. This kid has a LEG, he was seen kicking 60 yarders during the spring game. With 99 kick power and 93 kick accuracy we are excited to see if he can fill the shoes of Heidari.

    Sophomore Sam Pratt did an excellent job last year and will this year. He has 99 kick power and 91 kick accuracy.

    Kick/Punt Returners
    CB Reginald Cook will return kickoffs and his backup will be WR Kevon Seymour, both have very good speed. Our punt returner will be WR Victor Blackwell and his backup will be WR Kevon Seymour, both have very good speed and carry.
  3. MartyWebb

    MartyWebb C.R.E.A.M.

    Jul 25, 2010
    UCLA Season 4 Team Preview

    After a dissapointing Season 3, Jim Mora Jr and the UCLA Bruins look towards Season 4 as a turning point for the program. "This year is going to be a big one for the program," spoke Mora at PAC-12 Media Day, "we've got all the leadership we need, Brett (Hundley) has made excellent strides over his career and we need to capitalize on that." Though Hundley has racked the numbers up over his career, in possibly his most prepared for season, he'll be asked to do less with a change in offensive strategy. "Coach decided to go to a Singleback system, which means more running for those guys," spoke Hundley, "I know they're excited, and we're still keeping a spread mentality when we need to pass." For those of you not following along, yes the Bruins are changing offenses. The Singleback spread will be new territory for the program, but not for the college football landscape. Multiple receiver sets combined with tight ends being more heavily involved should provide mismatches, and also a running start for the HB when given the chance to pound the ball.

    Offensive Player to Watch

    Junior(RS) Tight End Ian Taubler
    Taubler has some large shoes to fill, but not in a way you'd expect. The last three seasons have given UCLA good passing targets from the TE position in the Air Raid, something that won't change with a move to the Singleback Spread. What will change is that Taubler will have to lead a Tight End core in run blocking, something that isn't too familiar with this offensive group. Taubler thinks that it's a good thing to be in unfamiliar territory, "It's just going to be another way for me to prove my worth here at UCLA, and I think alot of the other guys feel the same way. We want to be successful, we'll do what is asked of us to get there.

    Offensive Question Mark

    Sophomore(RS) Halfback Jason Smith
    Smith will be leading the Three J attack(RBs Jacob Riley, James Smith and Jason Smith) out of the backfield for the first time in a long time. Smith is no stranger to playing time, but is new to the system; "I get to run it more, ain't nothin' wrong with that," Smith says. He'll have to make sure and buy the big uglies up front some dinner, as they'll be stepping forward opposed to stepping back more often than not. The 5'9" 222lb bowling ball from Covina, CA has a heavy influence on the success this year for the Bruins.

    Defensive Player to Watch

    Senior(RS) Left OLB Aaron Wallace
    Aaron steps into the starting roll for the first time in his career, but what makes him interesting is his speed. From a sometimes unsignificant pass rush, Wallace looks to add outside speed to confuse opposing quarterbacks in both the passing game and the pass rush. The Westminster, CA native also stands out as a 6'4", long defender. The LOLB position has been a quiet one in years past for the Bruins, and Wallace will play loud and proud to put that position back on the map.

    Defensive Question Mark

    Sophomore(RS) Free Safety Pete Swan
    Swan takes over the free safety position as All-American Tevin McDonald left for the NFL Draft. McDonald made plays all over the field, for Swan to do so he'll have to improve his strength as the season goes along, as his 170lb frame leans him into a pass coverage position. He plays faster than his measurables, with his makeup speed, something the coaching staff hopes that he won't have to use because he'll be in the right position.

    Season Predicition

    UCLA will start the season with Virginia, at preseason #8 Iowa and Navy. They avoid playing Oregon State for the second year in a row, but will take on Washington in Washington, followed by Washington State at home. Hopefully going 4-1 in that stretch, they'll start a three week road stretch starting with Utah, then Cal then Colorado. Home against Arizona State, followed by Arizona in Arizona, followed by their last two games at home against USC and Stanford. UCLA behind their new offense, and with Hundley hope to go 9-3 in this stretch with a bowl bid.
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  4. MartyWebb

    MartyWebb C.R.E.A.M.

    Jul 25, 2010
  5. Baron

    Baron "I'm PFP's reckoning."

    Jul 5, 2011
    2015 Utah Utes
    The Utes had a good, but by no means great, season last year. They had a top-shelf win over Oregon and their three losses (to 12-1 Miami, and the two PAC-12 division winners) were all by a touchdown or less. But Coach Baron doesn't believe in moral victories and wants his team in the PAC-12 title game every year. And that'll be another tall order with USC as Utah's perpetual boogie man.

    Offensive scheme: Spread Option

    Defensive scheme: 3-4

    Offensive question mark: Can Luke Dunn carry the load with his arm and not his legs? The jig has been up on Coach Baron's spread-to-run scheme for awhile now. Teams have started to load the box to keep Dunn from burning defenses off the read option. Now he needs to make the reads and the throws to beat teams through the air.

    Defensive question mark: Can a young, inexperienced secondary make the key plays to keep Utah from having to score 40+ each game? With Barrow being the only returning starter, Utah will have to have some DBs man up and fast if they want to give their offense a chance.

    Circled game: @Bulldog's USC Trojans in Week 12. The PAC-12 South title goes through Bulldog's squad. And even if the Utes slip up against other PAC-12 teams, they need to be able to show USC they can beat them if they have any hope of being the sort of team Baron wants them to be.

    Offense - 10 returning starters

    QB- Luke Dunn was everything Baron hoped he could be last year and more. With over 3600 yards of total offense and 37 TD's, he ran the offense as well, if not better than any of his predecessors. Dunn was as clutch as could be, leading the Utes to a 10-3 record. He returns "immensely improved as a passer. His decision making is the only thing keeping him from being a great QB. He's got the arm and the legs, he just needs to make better reads.".​

    HB- Harvey Langi is back after a 1,000 yard campaign. A great combination of speed and power, Langi has also shown great promise on screens and may even be split out wide to give offenses a different look. "Very much the unsung part of this team. Had one of the most quiet 1,000 yard seasons ever. Harvey is just a solid workhorse."​

    FB- Junior PJ Seals really played above his billing last year as a blocker and even as a pass catcher. He'll continue fulfilling the H-back role for the Utes.​

    WR- Young, fast, and talented, the Ute receiving corps is everything Coach Baron wants for his offense. Luke Williams returns after a ridiculous 15 TD campaign, despite being injured half the season. Look for him and fellow sophomore Darius Harrington to spread the defense vertically to give Dunn and Langi space in the box. "If Williams has anywhere near the season this year that he did last year, he could put up some insane numbers."​

    TE- Sophomore Adam Bell gets his turn as starting TE and will likely split time with PJ Seals as the H-back. ​

    OL: Last year's growing pains have paid dividends as the entire Ute offensive line returns much improved.​

    Defense - 4 returning starters

    DL: Utah returns two out of three starters here and they will definitely need to up their play. DT Seni Fauonuku need to get off blocks more consistently, and quickly before offenses have a chance to shred a very inexperienced Ute secondary. "Defensive line has, consistently, been the most disappointing spot for my defense. Something's got to give here if we ever want to be able to play with the big boys."​

    LB: The Linebacking corps for the Utes is a mixture of young highly rated talent, with old war horse, veteran leadership. With two freshman starters (redshirt ROLB, John Pearson, and true freshman ILB Harvey White) the senior ILB Jared Norris and OLB Jason Whittingham will have to teach both how to play tough defense. ​

    CB: The Utes are incredibly young at this position with true freshmen at the nickel and dime CB spots. But both Mike Haynes and Ian Davis are highly rated and fast, but need to get the mental aspects of the game down. The Utes benefited enormously by Juco transfer Brian Nelson. "He's incredibly undersold, I think as a CB. He's got the speed and coverage skills of a great corner, in my opinion."​

    FS: All-world freshman Andre Barrow makes the shift over from SS. Barrow relied on his freak athleticism last year but needs to be better with his reads this year at the FS spot. "Barrow was everything we needed him to be. And we hope that he will be this year as well."​

    SS: Shifting Barrow over to the FS spot is true freshman Tyjuan Herring. "It's strange thing. Tyjuan played FS in highschool but man, he hits like a ton of bricks. We like the switch we made with him and Barrow to have a very fast pair of safeties."​

    Expectations: Yet another mixed bag season for the Utes. If the offense is as explosive as Baron hopes and the defense just good enough, there's no reason the Utes can't make a run at the PAC-12 title. If not, they could have to settle for another 4 loss season.​

    Recruiting needs: More linebackers and help along the defensive line. Seemingly every offensive position is set for the foreseeable future, so defense will be the key this year with a limited scholarship amount.​
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  6. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011
    Team Motto: "Beat Cal Again"
    Coming off a stellar come from behind victory in the Sun Bowl the Beavers look to improve on their 9-4 record. Losing QB Sean Mannion is huge but Coach Saw is confident in his squad this year and knows the once backups are ready to shine.​
    Offensive Style: Pro Style​
    Defensive Style: 3-4​
    Offensive Question Mark: With the loss of Mannion will Richie Harrington step it up and possibly take the Beavers to a PAC 12 Title? He has the skill set but will his OL give him the time to be effective?​
    Defensive Question Mark: The Corners. They are horrendous and while Coach Saw has tried year after year to get the elusive "lock down" corner he has failed. If the corners can somewhat cover they have a chance to do big things but if they cannot it is going to be a very long season.​
    Circled Game: California of course.​
    QB: Senior(RS) Richie Harrington- He had been behind Sean Mannion for the past three years and has been a phenomenal backup, now is his time to shine. His arm is average but he can pinpoint the ball just about anywhere he wants too.​
    RB: Senior(RS) Storm Woods & Senior(RS) Terron Ward- Even though these guys have not been officially "seasonal starters" they have had a lot of in game experience. Malcolm Agnew continued to get hurt year in and year out so these guys should not be considered as backups. The one-two punch looks to confuse and wear down opposing defenses.​
    FB: Sophomore(RS) Markus Hall- The once TE in high school has been huge for the Beavers at FB. After his redshirt last year Hall is eager to get back out their and pave the way for Woods and Ward.​
    WR: Senior(RS) Obum Gwacham, Senior(RS) Richard Mullaney, Sophomore(RS) Willie Manning- Gwacham has made an impact since his Sophomore year and continues to be the clear go to guy. Mullaney has always been in the mix but his counterpart Willie Manning made such a huge impact last year that he will be in the mix more. If Mullaney struggles on the outside Coach Saw will pull the trigger on the Senior and replace him with the Sophomore.​
    TE: Senior(RS) Caleb Smith, Sophomore(RS) Randy Tate- Both of these guys are monsters, in there own way of course. Smith is 6'7" receiver out on the ball field and Tate is a 273lb blocker. They bring a mix of talent to the Beavers and if used right they could be unstoppable.​
    OL: Senior(RS) Darryl Jackson, Junior(RS) Issac Seumalo, Sophomore(RS) Billy Brown, Freshman(RS) Shawn Small, Sophomore(RS) Thomas Hawkins- The OL brings back 3 starters and is a mix of vets and young talent. There will be situations where backup lineman will come into the game but for right now these are the starters. These hog miley's are huge and quick which will bring success to the running game. The biggest impact will be how well they will be able to block in passing situations if they give up a lot of sacks there may be a shuffling around of players.​
    DL: Sophomore(RS) Joel Duncan/Freshman Mark Kelly, Sophomore(RS) Travis Edwards, Sophomore(RS) Wallace Taylor- A very young DL is hoping to control the LOS week in and week out. Edwards started his Freshman but took a redshirt so Eric McCoy could get some game experience as well. Other than that Duncan, Kelly and Taylor are all first time starters. OSU Alumni Scott Crichton and Dylan Wynn set the bar for these guys to excel and by the time they are Seniors opposing teams will hate playing them.​
    LB: Senior(RS) Micah Seau, Junior Jason Vaughn, Sophomore(RS) Keith Freeman, Sophomore(RS) Blake Hill- These are half of the returning starters and are one of the best LBing corp in the nation. The monster Jason Vaughn has improved year after year and has a nose for the football. Seau moves back to his natural of OLB and his coverage skills are unreal. He will be able to keep up with the TEs/Slot guys until safety or corner help arrives. Freeman is coming off a redshirt and is excited about getting back into the battle with his fellow teammates. Blake Hill is definitely not a house hold name but he likes it like that. ​
    CB: Junior Bryan Fields, Junior Chris King, Sophomore(RS) Derrick Clayton, Sophomore(RS) Steven Sharpe- The weakest part of this Beaver defense is the corners. Not very talented but very scrappy and tough. They make some wonderful plays but turn around and make some terrible, terrible, terrible plays. Hit or miss is not what Coach Saw wants and he is not scared to replace them.​
    S: Senior(RS) Peter Ashton, Freshman Aaron Tolbert- A seasoned vet on his way out and a young, up and coming Freshman will be patrolling the secondary. Ashton is a big hitter who is not scared to come up in run support and Tolbert specializes more in coverage. These guys will be setting the tone game in and game out.​
    This year is probably the most talented all around than the past three years. Look for the Beavers to make a lot more noise in the recruiting trail and try to catch up with Oregon, Washington and USC.​
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