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Season 4 Team Expectations/Preview

Discussion in 'The Experience' started by Masler, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    He everyone I thought it would be cool if we all posted a quick overview of our teams and what we expect for the 2013 Season.

    Alabama Crimson Tide


    AJ McCarron comes back to the field at a whopping 96 overall (89 power, 98 accuracy) and has several options to throw to. None of our starting 4 receivers are under 90 speed, which we hope this year provides us with the deep threat we lacked in 2012. Next up, Eddie Lacy, he is now the new starting Tide HB and all the pressure is on his shoulder to live up to his predecessors title. He has improved greatly since last season and shows quite a bit of promise. The Alabama Offensive Line once again looks impressive, we have one guy at 99 overall, one at 95, two at 85 and then there is finally a weak link in there at 75 overall. The 95 overall guy is Jeff Wilcox, if any remember he was recruited in our first season and he has surpassed all expectations. The other weak links in this offense are the FB and the TE's, apparently I did not pick up on them leaving and we have some pretty low rated Freshmen, this may take away my liking to throw to the TE.

    Overall grade by Masler: A-


    The D line and linebackers look solid as usual but the story today is the Crimson Tide secondary. We lost our gems as expected and have some major work to do. This season will be all about making the defense click, if they cannot work together, this will be a long year. And yes, the rumors are true, Freshmen SS Adam Gant will be starting for the Crimson Tide, he brings in some good coverage skills and looks to have the ability to make a play. By the time this kid is a Junior/Senior I believe he will
    be a force to be reckoned with.

    Overall grade by Masler: B

    Overall Expectations this season;

    I see alot of close games only because my offense has quite a few weapons. After this season we will have none of our original players so this HAS to be a good year played and recruited or we will be hurting in 2014. I see alot of promise in our young players though. I see us going 8-4 (5-3). Big losses I believe will come to Auburn and other user players, but you never know, I have hope in these guys.

    Overall Team Grade: B+
  2. PAgamer07

    PAgamer07 We're the ship without a storm

    Nov 11, 2009

    #9 Texas Longhorns
    New Coach Pagamer07 takes over the Texas Longhorns in our first full season. We only played one game as coach of the team last year, an Alamo Bowl dismantling of Arizona State. The coach will be keeping both offensive and defensive coordinators for the season and although expectations are high, questions still remain.
    3 Burning Questions for Season 4:
    1. How will the new coach handle the spread offense? "In my years of coaching, I've never been run a spread offense," says coach Pagamer. "I've always had offensive coordinators that run pro style offenses. Pitt, Miami and Penn State. We considered going very run heavy with the QB position and interviewed the Offensive Coordinator at West Virginia as well as as Auburn and Oregon's Offensive Coordinator. We decided to stick with our current staff and hope we can get results.
    2. Who will QB the team? "We are going to be starting true freshman, Mark Young. Comparisons to Vince Young are already being made, but I dont think Mark has Vince's speed. He's accurate and can take off if there is no one open," Says Pagamer. "It will be a learning curve with all of us, and with the talent we have at running back and on defense, Mark will be a game manager this season. Not a game changer."
    3. What worries you most this year? "The competition." Pagamer says." We've been given an exciting opportunity to play against the best coaches in the game. We are very lucky we were accepted for the Texas position. Although the Big 12 does not have the prestige of an SEC, PAC-10 or Big Ten, we have some of the best talent in the country here in our own back yard. We fully expect to get the Blue Chip athletes out of Texas every year. If we don't, we are doing something wrong."
    Grading the Offense:
    QB Mark Young will be leading this team this year. He has good speed, acceleration and accuracy. Expect him to hand the ball off to HB Chris Whaley, one of the country's top running backs. The Offensive Line is as good as any in football. Of huge concern is our Wide Receiver corps. Junior Darius Wright will be our playmaker on the outside, but outside of him we have a lot of holes. We are looking for someone to have an impact. We also are weak at fullback, but we vary rarely expect to goto a fullback formation, we don't think that is a concern. Overall, I would rate us a B+ on offense.
    Grading the Defense:​
    Our front seven is as good as any in football. 292 pound Senior DT Kevin Howell, anchors the line and is a true run stuffer. Behind him, our linebacking corps are fast and all are great tacklers. ROLB Tevin Jackson is the enforcer. He is a big, strong, and fast guy who lays a serious hit against opposing running backs. Expect him to force plenty of fumbles. Although we have two seniors as our top 2 cornerbacks, we are a little concerned if they can matchup against top WR in the Big 12. I like the depth we have, but we lack a true shut down corner. Expect doubleteams when we play the talented guys like Ryan Booker. Overall Grade: A
    Season Expectations:
    A new offense, new competition and entirely new talent will certainly take some adjusting. Our goal is to win the Big 12. Realistically? I see us finishing in the Top 10 in the country.​
  3. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009

    National Champions
  4. Shaun Mason

    Shaun Mason Somebody you used to know.

    Feb 9, 2009
    Featured Threads:

    Overall Team Expectation
    Like every year, our team goal first and foremost is to win The Big Ten. We feel if we do that, we will always put our team into a good situation on the national stage. With 19 seniors on this years team, we have a lot of experience coming back and hopefully we can build on the success of last year. We were a few minutes away from bringing home the National Championship Trophy, and hopefully a year makes us that much better.

    Senior quarterback Kenny Guiton is back looking to improve his draft stock. He had a solid if not spectacular year last season and can only get better. He has a very capable backup in Taylor Graham and we brought in two of the best quarterback prospects in the country. Both Watson and Grant should redshirt this season and learn the offense. At half back, the dynamic duo of Jaamal Berry and Roderick Smith is back for another year. Combined they ran for 2,000 yards last season and look to punish opposing teams. At fullback, senior Adam Homan should open holes in front of them.

    All Buckeye receivers are back for another year, with true sophomore Chris Bennett making huge strides in the off season to make him the #1 receiver. Fields, Louis and Brown should all have solid seasons. Across the receiving corp, we have speed and athleticism. Our one weak point is tight end, where we are only two deep. On the line, we are huge and talented all the way across the line.

    This should be a different and maybe better defensive unit this season. Our young secondary had a chance to grow up a year, and we got even more speed at the linebacker positions. On the defensive line, seniors Walter Marshall, Adam Bellamy, and Melvin Fowler Anchor the 3-4 attack of the Buckeyes. They go 260, 300, 260 across the front. Behind them are a solid group of linebackers, with seniors Jordan Whiting, Dorien Bell and Emmanuel Ford make up three of the four spots, with redshirt freshman Michael Jones heading up the middle linebacker position.

    In the secondary, speedy corners Christian Bryant, Kenny Watkins and Richard Roberts are going to give opposing receivers fits and they all are sub 4.4 guys. At the ever important safety position, senior CJ Barnett is a rangy cover free safety and senior Jamie Wood fills the strong safety spot. With 9/11 seniors starting on defense, this should be the heart of the team. Considering they gave up less than 400 yards of rushing all season last year, it could be a scary experience for other teams.

    Special Teams
    This is the weak spot of the Buckeyes, with a freshman kicker and a walk on punter. The return game should be well off considering how much speed is at the skill positions. Corner Corey Wood, who played wide out last season may see return duties.
  5. JCspartan2

    JCspartan2 Sparty Party

    Feb 21, 2009
    #22 Michigan State Spartans
    Offensive Outlook:​
    MSU lost almost every component of their running game from the last few seasons so they may look to the air a bit more often this season. With the graduation of 4/5 lineman, TE, and top two HBs, it's time for the young guys to step up. (RS) Junior HB Nick Hill will tote the rock exclusively for MSU. An injury to him would be devastating after MSU was unable to sign any HBs in the offseason (god damn CPU). QB Joe Boisture returns after a decent first year as starter, as do most of his weapons in the passing game. Speedy WR Keith Mumphery looks to have a breakout season in his second year as starter as well after a great offseason.​
    Defensive Outlook:​
    The defense lost some pieces from last year but none that will hamper a solid unit. Key replacements will be at DE and OLB. At DE true freshman Braylon Stephens will get the start while the OLB position is still up for grabs and may go to #2 MLB Max Bullough. Senior DE William Gholston and SS Jairus Jones both decided to return for their final year, a huge boost to MSU's conference championship hopes.​
    Season Outlook:​
    MSU will hope that the defense can carry a young offense for the beginning of the season. The Spartans have a enough talent to compete with most teams, but the looming battle with OSU may be a bit too much talent to overcome. A new years day bowl is a solid goal for this years Spartans.​

  6. GoGators

    GoGators GT: KSherm

    May 19, 2009

    The defending champion Florida Gators head into the 2014 season with high expectations as always in Gainesville. There's some key players gone from last years championship team so there will be new names scattered about the depth chart this season, but the performance level shouldn't fall off much.


    Notable returnees: JR QB Tom Richardson, SR WR Andre Debose, SR TE Gerald Christen

    Key losses: HB Mike Gillislee, WR Omarius Hines

    The fans are anxious for what could be one of the most potent offenses the Gators have ever put on the field. Led by the notable returnees mentioned above and #1 HB recruit SO Lionel Fields in the backfield and speed upon speed and playmakers upon playmakers at the WR position, this will be a tough unit to stop. The #1 and 2 WR recruits from the 11 class are fresh off their redshirt seasons and ready to take on the SECs elite. Add to that athletic JUCO recruit Adam Sands who switched to WR this offseason is one of the fastest guys in the nation and will strike fear in opposing teams defenses every time he touches the ball. The offensive line is solid albeit a little younger than last season, but they should hold up just fine as they develop. There's also been rumors coming out of G-ville that freshman QB Nick Dickens may push Richardson for some snaps this season. Should be interesting to see what this unit is capable of.


    Notable returnees: DT Sheriff Floyd, DEs Dominque Easley and Ronald Powell, SS Matt Elam

    Key losses: LBs Jon Bostic, Jelani Jenkins, Dee Finley

    We've lost our entire starting LB corp from last season and we didn't have the depth built up behind them to replace the production of that unit. Thankfully our front 4 is a very experienced grouping and should be able to take some of the pressure off the young LBs. The secondary is back intact returning playmakers at both CB positions and Matt Elam will return from injury to man the SS spot. The only newbie in the secondary is FS Kyle Harris, a 5 star recruit who already has very high expectations from the coaches.

    Special Teams:

    All American Kicker Jackson returns and should be one of the best in the game this season. The return game should be amazing as well as we have two potentially the most dangerous return men in the nation in CB Marques Smart and Wr Adam Sands. We'll expect great field position and big plays from the special teams unit all season.


    This years team will undoubtedly have some let downs as it's extremely difficult to make a run at back to back championships. With that said though, if the LBs can come together, with the firepower we'll have on offense we should be a difficult matchup for anyone. Our first goal will be to get to Atlanta and hopefully take home another SEC trophy. If we can do that, it'll be a successful season.
  7. gowazzucougs

    gowazzucougs WSU is better than UCLA

    Jul 18, 2010
    Nebraska Cornhuskers 2013 Season Preview

    The Cornhuskers will be lead by their senior QB Taylor Martinez. He is the team's Heisman hopeful. Martinez has several weapons to help him out this year other than his speedy legs. The starting running back is Braylon Heard who only has an 87 overall rating, but has 98 speed rating. Martinez other weapons include true freshman Anthony McClellan, and Sophomore Josh Gore.

    On the defensive side of the ball, the Huskers will be employing a 3-4 defensive scheme, with Isaac Harvey and Dylan Hill playing the middle linebacker position. The secondary will be anchor by FS Jordan Hale, a junior. The secondary is very young with the only senior being strong safety Corey Cooper.

    The team has high expectations as defending Big 12 Champions and coming off a Fiesta Bowl victory over Alabama. Their first game of the season is a tough one as the Cornhuskers travel to Athens to take on Georgia. The Cornhuskers other non conference games include Oregon State, Michigan State, and Miami. The Cornhuskers conference schedule includes games Texas Tech, and Oklahoma, one of the greatest rivaliries to be destroyed by conference expansion, but avoids Texas.
  8. dakota7

    dakota7 Former Blue Chip Recruit

    Sep 23, 2009
    2013 Florida State Seminoles

    Overall -- This figures to be a rebuilding year for the Noles. A number of multi-year starters graduated, leaving talented, inexperienced players to assume starting roles.

    Offense -- This group will be led by Soph QB David Lucas. Lucas played well last year as a true freshman and figures to have the talent to lead the Noles to great things. He is raw and inexperienced. Soph HB Will Washington is the starter, but Fresh Jason Wright will see plenty of action, particularly in short yardage situations. The backbone of this group will be the offensive line, where 4 starters return. WR Greg Dent is a pre-season all-american.

    Defense -- This is a young group. Extremely talented, but very inexperienced. Led by Sophmores Kelechi Givens and Kurt Wright, the defensive line will set the tone. The ability of this group to get pressure on the QB without blitizing will hide some deficiencies in the secondary.

    The Noles have made 3 consecutive BCS bowls. They hope to keep their streak alive, while realizing that they are truly building something special for 2014 and 2015.
  9. Basis4aDay56

    Basis4aDay56 Walk On

    Feb 22, 2009
    2013 Auburn Tigers

    Youth, youth, youth. This season's Auburn team has underclassmen starting at almost every single position. This is both good and bad. The good is that these youngsters are mostly better than those that came before them. The bad is that they are inexperienced and not quite as well rounded at this point in their football careers. After having a look at the schedule, Auburn looks to have a chance at Florida in the SEC Championship game if they can do something they haven't since 2010; beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl. The conference schedule is easier this season than in years past as the Tigers will host Tennessee and play at Vanderbilt, and does not include Florida. It DOES feature difficult ROAD CPU games at Arkansas, at LSU, and at Georgia, but will get Alabama at home. Looking at the national picture, Auburn will either be a big-time player or a middle of the road team (15-25 rank). Both Ohio State and Clemson will come to the Tigers' home field in games that could vault Auburn towards the top of the BCS.

    My expectation is to win the SEC West this season and give my young players something to build on. To me, anything after that is a bonus, and anything less is a slight disappointment.

    The offense features a newly instituted spread passing attack. Travis Estes has won the starting job over Travis Williams, but don't think that Williams will be relegated to the backup role; they'll both see playing time with Estes being the mainstay behind Center. The offensive line is improved over last season and the fact that we'll mostly be in the shotgun should help hide their weaknesses. Both halfbacks are great, especially 99 ovr Washaun Ealey, who will be the every-down back. Backing him up will be Michael Dyer, who is capable of starting but will only be used to spell Ealey. Receivers Antonio Goodwin (91 ovr, 98 spd) and Trovon Reed (89 ovr, 90 spd) are big play threats on every down, while 6'4" Robert Cooper is a steady third receiver with good hands and route running ability. A-rated overall, the offense should display some firepower this season.

    The defensive unit for Auburn is going to yet again be a question mark. It is improved at nearly every position over last season, which is not saying too much with how badly the defense played in 2012. True sophomore cornerbacks Brian Maxey (85 ovr, 98 spd) and Cornelius Ramsey (84 ovr, 96 spd) will anchor a secondary with a lot to prove. True freshman Paul Davis (75 ovr, 90 spd) won the starting free safety job in spring ball and will need to hit the ground running. While we wait out the transfer season for SS Nick Perry, nickle corner Jonathan Mincy (82 ovr SS) will see most of the time at strong safety. Up front, the defensive line is anchored by senior LE Nosa Eguae (96 ovr) and has mid-80s ovr support and depth. Auburn's outside linebackers have the athleticism to play in the SEC, and middle backer Harris Gaston looks to have a big year. We expect that the defense will get better as the season goes on and they start growing up together.

    Special Teams
    The Auburn special teams could be the unit that surprises people this season. True sophomore kicker Mike Jefferson (84 kpw, 83 kac) should provide a good option for field goals. The return game will feature two explosive players in Michael Dyer and Brian Maxey. We expect that there will be multiple special teams touchdowns scored this season.

    After going 8-5 (5-3) a season ago, including losing 4 straight before a win over Baylor in the Cotton Bowl, Auburn looks to rebound. We think the Tigers shock the SEC and upset Alabama at home, earning a trip to Atlanta for the first time since 2010.

    Record: 10-3 (7-1), SEC West Champs

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